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BRAND new member here. I just went to a free intro to bariatric surgery class at a local hospital on Tuesday night, after waffling on the idea of surgery for a long time. I know two people who have done it and had great success.

I haven't told anyone that I even went to this class let alone told them I've decided to have surgery. I haven't told my husband or my mom even. My husband in the past has been dead set against the idea, and I'm afraid of what he'll say. We're both in the mid 300-lbs range, but he keeps saying all we have to do is buckle down. We have an almost-4-year-old daughter. I need to be able to do things with her, I want to run and play with her. And even after semi-successful attempts at losing weight, I can't actually picture myself healthy. This is my last resort.

I have an appointment with a bariatric nurse to get the ball rolling on the 25th of this month. I've called my insurance and they require 6 months supervised weightloss before they'll approve surgery. I need that time to build up some cash reserve and some PTO for work anyway. And to work up the courage to tell people who I'll need to have support me. Wish me luck.
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