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Real Name: Crystal
Geographic Location: SW Pennsylania
Age: 45
Marital Status: Very happily married (okay most of the time Happily married)
Children: Abbey-11 year old cat; Zoe-3 year old cat; Isabel-3 year old golden retriever; Baylee-1 year old retriever
Occupation: Department CoordinatorAdministrator
Hobbies-my children (see above), reading, cross stitching, surfing the web
Height: 5'9"
Weight at start 274
Surgery Date: Dec 13, 2001
Present Weight: 217

I had my WLS a year ago and I am what is considered a revision. I had a stomach stapling proceedure done approx 22 years ago and did keep off about 80# but as time passed by, I packed on a few more pounds than I care to admit and become diabetic.

I would do this surgery again in a heartbeat (and but one problem I am having is that revisions do not lose as much or as fast as a newbie (according to my surgeon). So I only want to lose another 42 pounds and it just isn't happening. I do stay positive with the fact that I am no longer considered a diabetic and am no longer on my diabetic medicine. I also feel pretty darn good.

Happy new Year
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