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Paula- Golden Girl Thread


I'm 55, married to my Jr. High sweetheart for 38 years and living in Ohio. I have 2 grown daughters and 4 grandchildren. We have 3 cats. They were all strays before we took them in. We also have 1 dog mini dachshund that was my daughters. We felt sorry for him when they got a lab so we took him in.

I am a sahw. I have a little home-based business that keeps me busy. I make Halloween costumes and Pioneer outfits. Come August I'm pretty much tied to the sewing machine. The extra money helps pay off the credit cards.

I recently had to put my dad in a rest home. He suffered a stroke in May and he need rehab. I'm hoping that he will get better and be able to return home. This has been taking up most of my spare time.


Before my dad's stroke I was following the You: On a Diet. I was losing weight and eating lots of whole foods. Since the stoke I have fallen off the diet, but have tried to keep up with eating as healthy as possible. I've been eating out a lot on the way from the hospital and now the rest home. I really miss the fruits and veggies.

I was walking everyday for 30 minutes. I haven't walked since May. I really do need to get back on that.

I am 5' 4" and weigh 176, give or take a pound or 2. Mostly give. My goal is to get down to a healthy 150. I did Weight Watchers several years ago and made it to goal and then gained it all back. How does that happen?


My goal is to have the weight gone by Christmas. This is doable is I start taking care of myself again and watch what I eat and get back to the walking. With the help from my friends on the 3 Fat Chicks forum I know I can do it.

Longterm goal

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