I was checking my spam mail and saw an email from this blog. It’s been over 2 years since I started my weight loss journey with this blog and wow… now I’m back to where I was. And possibly even worse than then. Even my computer remembered the pw for the blog… It’s just my body that doesn’t remember.

Eating healthy. Working out. How I lost weight… I just can’t seem to get it rolling. I don’t want to go back to 3FC because I will be obsessed with it and I no longer have that luxury since Yena is older… I should/need get a scale but I’m afraid of disappointment and anger I will cause myself for letting myself go this much.

So much for life changing journey… Let me read all the posts again and here you go!

Strawberry Truffle


2 Containers Cool Whip Lite or FF/SF
2 quarts fresh strawberries
2 packages Sugar free, fat free instant vanilla pudding (prepared with fat free milk) or Chocolate
1 sugar free angel food cake


Layer each of the ingredients as follows:
1/3 Cool Whip
1/2 Angel Food cake broken into bite size pieces
1/2 vanilla pudding
1/2 cut up strawberries
1/3 cool whip
1/2 Angel Food cake
1/2 vanilla pudding
1/2 strawberries
Rest of cool whip on top
Refrigerate and serve


Has it reallly been this long? Realllly?

Well school has been crazy. I haven’t been able to log onto 3FC either. I guess I had time but I had “better” things to do. school. work. Twilight books and movie. Yeah. haha…

I’m still around 174-177ish…. which sucks. I am working out. At least running if not anything else. I started using Wii Fit again this week. So I can put in more time in working out without getting bored. I remember I used to cook a lot more healthy food at home when I lost the 30ish lbs last year but not this time. I don’t know what got to me. I just don’t feel like cooking anymore, which sucks. Maybe that’s why. All the processed food with its sodium and who knows what and what not.

Good thing: Went to Charlotte Russe. I always liked their clothing but things just never fit me. Which sucked. Well, I bought two shirts in Large without even trying bc my DD and bf were waiting for me. I tried them at home and they looked actually quite cute on me. So I went and got two more. Then I saw one cute dressy shirt and wanted Large but they didn’t have it. The girl who was helping me asked if I wanted to try Medium. I said, heck, why not– AND the Medium one is now hanging in my closet. That’s right! It fit me. Yay. Sweeeeet, huh? 😀

Well. bottom line– I need to get off of my lazy butt and start cooking some home made stuff.


Oh  I ran for an hour today. Awesome! More workout time…before my DD wakes up….because I need to make up for all the messy food I ate yesterday. heh.

victory awaits

I saw 175 yesterday morning. Ha! That’s the lowest I got since I started in January. And that’s only 2 lb away from my lowest ever since I started back in March of last year. I don’t know if it will stay and if I will see the same number tomorrow but I sure hope so.
Yeah. I didn’t do so well this weekend. I also only got to run 20 minutes yesterday and today each. I waited too long for my programming homework that I had no time to do anything else (including dishes) but homework when my DD was taking a nap. Eating out from being too lazy and just too much on my mind. Yeah. Sucked. But my tummy still feels like it has shrank. That’s good thing, I guess…although the inches hasn’t gone down.
My bf today txted me while I was at work out of nowhere and asked how much calorie he burns daily. So I got his height and weight and told him his BMR… and asked him why. He said “because I need to eat less than that.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told him how much he needs to eat per day to lose 1 lb and then to lose 2 lbs per week…and he said that was good and thanked me. Wow. Seriously. I didn’t think he really cared that much about losing weight, although he gained about 20 lbs since he moved to MI. We went shopping Saturday for his work clothes and his belt size went up and he looks like he’s got some beer gut sitting on top of the belt. I think that might have triggered it. I don’t know. Well, it will be good to have him look at calories, too… although he will take Dairy Queen Chicken Strip basket with gravy any day anytime…and that’s 1000 calories! 1000!!!!! Those chicken strips always kill… just like at Chili’s…

Ah more homework and work to do… 🙁

BTW I haven’t been drinking much water lately. Blah. At least I’m done with my TOM finally… so here comes more water!


Did well this week. Under calories with exception of yesterday. I didn’t get to work out yesterday but I’m not upset about it. I had to do homework and I have to do homework today too. Man… this sucks. Well, TGIF… and time to be SUPER carefu. Weekend is my weakness so I will be really careful.

I measured myself and still no change. Well, that’s discouraging but I’ll give myself 2 wks with the calorie counting. Maybe even a month and see how that goes.


LoseIt, I love you! iPhone, oh i LOVE YOU!

So….I was under the calorie yesterday as far as net goes. Great start!

and I’m at 176.

Still here.

Yes. I’m still here. Just haven’t been able to work out all week with my daughter being sick and for some reason, didn’t feel like going on 3FC but I’m still here….and will be back at full speed starting tomorrow!


Yena is sick. She stayed home last night. I came home from work at 530 and had to get up at 8… Now my throat is itching… it tickles. My nose is runny.

I’m so sleepy. I will end up taking a nap when she takes a nap. So much for workout…. ha….sigh…

Weekend=falling off wagon?!

All I can say is bad weekend. Did taebo on Friday. But went out drinking. Got WASTED. Hang over on Saturday, no way I could work out. Bad food choice. Went out to a Korean/Japanese place with one of my Korean friends who needed some advice…meaning, sodium, sodium, and more sodium. Sunday. Bad day due to relationship problem. I ran for 20 minutes but I feel like I didn’t work out at all.
Well… Water Water Water…Hopefully that will do something.

I kinda knew it…

I ate taco salad yesterday. and lots of it too. I figured the weight would go up. I should’ve weighed to see how well I’ve been doing before yesterday. bleh. Well, I saw 178 but that’s cool…only 1.8 lb… With all that sodium in that taco salad, it’s water weight. (at least that’s what I’m telling myself…lol)

53 minute run. I think I averaged at about 4mi/h. hehe…

So far 80 oz.

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