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Double time! April 10, 2013

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So yesterday I was meant to walk with my friend ( the one who is getting married in Oct) at 17h30, but she let me know that she will only be able to be at my place by 6pm, so i thought AWESOME..let me relax a little…

And then I did something that I would have NEVER done before….I though…well I have time on my hands….let me do my Taebo DVD and walk with her (cos the walk is more of a bitching session than anything else. We just like to think we are working out) So I got up and I put on my workout clothes again and I did my teabo, and when she arrived at 6 we went for our walk, but we couldnt walk for too lang as the Winter is starting in SA and it is getting dark sooner.

It was so fantastic walking with her and us just venting about whatever is happening in our lives, but most of all I am SUPER proud of myself for actually working out when I had some time to spare…Normally I would have never done that!


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  1. kisskiss Says:

    Good for you!

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