On my way

28 May 2011 In: General

to Onederland. I am 7.4 lbs away. I am hoping to be there by my b-day which is at the end of July. I know I can do it.  This always seems to happen to me. I wake up one day and I have lost a lot of weight. Meaning it has been slow and steady and the little losses each week do add up. 


25 Apr 2011 In: General

I haven’t seen it since 2004. I began gaining my weight back once I started a new job. It hasn’t been the same since. It seems my body likes being above 200 lbs. I am determined to get to 199 by my birthday which is late July. I think it is doable. It’s what I need to remember in times like now when I am procrastinating on exercising. I will exercise but I’ve been dragging it out.

It seems

6 Apr 2011 In: General

that I have lost my Superfoods book, smh. Well good thing I started blogging about it on here. I have the list. 3FC does too so I am good.  I am being a bit hypervigilant with myself right now. It seems self sabatoge is trying to peek in. I will not allow it. I went to the grocery store to pick up a few items and did more than that. I wasn’t really feeling the fruit & veggies they had though. Maybe I should hit up the Farmer’s Market in the next few weeks. I only got bananas. I have other veggies here already so I am good. 


4 Apr 2011 In: General

I got so into deleting comments I may have deleted some I wanted to keep. Oh well nothing I can do about that now. I was looking at my weigh ins and it always seems like I come back at nearly the same weight, hmmm. It’s a good thing bc that means I have maintained a loss or at least gotten back to where I started even if I had gained. In terms of exercise, right now I have personal training 2x/wk and 2 classes. This has been working for me. Still eating mostly the whole foods/superfoods way. I am working on cooking more rather than buying processed healthy food. I would really love to get off this weight loss roller coaster this year. Oh yeah…..the best news I don’t even remember the last time I binged. 


30 Mar 2011 In: General

I have so many crazy comments on here. I had to change my settings. Once I get that taken care of I will get back to posting regularly. Lots to update :).

I am so happy…

8 Sep 2010 In: General

that my blog is still here.  I’m doing okay, not terrible. I will begin exercising again consistently in the next two weeks. I will do yoga, personal training (yep paying someone), and an abs class. I bought a system from www.kettleworx.com and I hope to incorporate that too.

Day 7–Last Day

9 Feb 2010 In: General


BF–honeydew melon, strawberries*

L–lentil soup*


D–spinach* with sauteed mushrooms

I weighed in this morning and I lost 9.4 lbs during the cleanse. I am very happy with that. I plan to continue to eat alot of fruits and veggies.  This was a jump start for that.    


Day 5 & 6

8 Feb 2010 In: General


BF–banana strawberry* smoothie,pear*, green tea*, honey*, agave nectar


L–lentil soup (green lentils*, onions*,garlic*,olive oil)

D–lentil soup*


BF–banana,honeydew melon, green tea*, honey*, agave nectar


L–strawberry* banana smoothie, pear*

D–stewed tomatoes*,onions*,green bell pepper

spinach* with sauteed mushrooms (olive oil,garlic*)


Days 3 & 4

5 Feb 2010 In: General


BF–blueberry* and pineapple* smoothie, banana, green tea* and organic honey*


L–veggie stir fry *(same as dinner from Day 2), strawberries*

D–black beans*


BF–Fruit salad (watermelon*,raspberries*, strawberries*,mango), banana, green tea* and organic honey*


L–salad (spinach*,cucumber,tomato*,chick peas*,mushroom)


D–mashed sweet potato* and asparagus*

As you can see I don’t mind eating some of the same foods consistently. I will attempt to make a bean soup this weekend. I’ve really noticed that I am not hungry in the evenings that’s why I have a lot of Ieftovers.  

Day 2

4 Feb 2010 In: General


BF–fruit salad (watermelon*, mango, strawberries*, raspberries*), green tea* with organic honey*

S–celery sticks with hummus*

L–mashed sweet potatoes* and asparagus*



D–veggie stir fry (canola oil spray*,green bell pepper, sugar snap peas*,carrots*,water chesnuts, onion*,broccoli*)

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