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Jamie Oliver And Victoria Government Announce Partnership To Tackle Obesity

5 Most Common Bad Eating Habits

Bad eating habits are common. It is easy to operate on automatic when it comes to food. Living in a fast-paced society often makes it so you have to eat on the run, skip meals, eat whatever is fast and easy or use food to relieve stress. 1. Eating on the Run If you live […]

4 Foods that Boost Energy Intake

Since your body requires food to give you energy to carry out your daily activities, you need to make sure you eat foods that boost your energy intake. Greasy and sugar-laden treats may seem very appetizing, but they will leave you with low levels of energy and a craving for more food. To eat right […]

Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge Diet has been around since the 1960s. This diet was created by Dr. Alan Howard, who was a researcher at the University of Cambridge. Later, Dr. Howard joined forces with Dr Ian McLean-Baird, and the two set out to study the effects of a well-balanced diet. The Premise: The Cambridge Diet is based […]

Vegetable fiber, Corn tortillas, Better salads

Q: Is fiber content reduced when vegetables are cooked? Q: Are corn tortillas a healthier choice than flour tortillas? Q: How do you keep from getting bored with salad? The only things I can think of to make salad exciting are things that make it less healthy! Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN American Institute for […]

Probiotics, Tahini, Quercetin

Q: Are probiotics really helpful in treating constipation? Q: What is tahini and is it healthy? Q: I am told that quercetin is a compound that helps prevent cancer. What foods can I find it in if I don’t want to take it as a supplement? Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN American Institute for Cancer […]

Healthy Choice New Natural Frozen Meals

The frozen diet dinner market is filled with McProcessed foods that barely pass as edible, and low calorie counts take priority over the quality of ingredients. We haven’t had much luck with Healthy Choice dinners in the past, with experiences ranging from off flavors to chunks of plastic hidden under the pasta. Could their new […]

Goat meat, Shelf life of spices, Pedometers

Q: Is goat meat a healthier choice than other meats? Q: Can I keep my jarred spices indefinitely? Q: Are pedometers all the same, or what should someone look for before making a purchase? Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN American Institute for Cancer Research Q: Is goat meat a healthier choice than other meats? A: […]

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