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Hi Friends! So . . . anybody want to tell me where this week has gone!!! Whew it seems like I was just watching football on Sunday. Anyways, wanted to check in and report. My eating is going pretty well. I am slowly buy surely getting myself back on track. Feels good! That heavy bloated feeling is going away. Still haven't weighed because I'm just too nervous about it.

I wanted to tell you all about an interersting book I'm reading. It's called Strong Women Stay Slim. At first I thought they were talking about "inner" strength. But what they mean is physically strong. It's about how key weigh training is to getting and staying slim. Have any of you read it? The author gives six simple (or at least I thought they were simple until I did them on Wednesday night!) exercises to do three days a week. She tells you to start out small and build. Yes, for many of you who are already lifting, this will probably be too simple for you. But then in week three she says to add aerobics and do that up to 6 times a week. I haven't gotten to the part about the eating. But it will be interesting to see what she says.

So that's it for me. Went back to work this week and feel GREAT! Thanks again for all the kind words and prayers and good thoughts you sent my way while I was laid up. You all are the best. Sorry I can't respond to everyone right now. Take care.
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Red face Friday Morning Note

I slept late this morning! I am usually really tired the week I start my period! I also took my meds last night a little late which is a

Have decided not to run this morning because I'm not properly hydrated for a run like that. Will spend much of today with a water bottle in my hand and hope to go this evening or first thing in the a.m. I'm a little sore from the gym last night.

I want to busy myself today planting my mums and decorating for Halloween and doing the basic cleaning. I bought some FUN Halloween stuff at Target. Maybe some of you have seen it. One is a Frankenstein head that's motion activated. When you walked by him he sings "Who can it be now?" I also have a motion activated shrunken head that says several phrases like "Did I scare you?" and "I want candy!" One of my favorites is a skeleton that's about 4 feet tall that has all these sarcastic phrases like "Can somebody get me a drink please?" and "Heeey! Nice costume, what are you supposed to be?" I really love Halloween and dressing up (remember my Marilyn Monroe appearance?

Beautiful day here today! Dixie Dog is on the backporch sunning her sweet self.

DEB - Are you sleeping in the day after your birthday?

BOB - Regarding "Friends," I was glad he was the dad too. I missed it last week when I was in Atlanta. Completely forgot about the Thursday night line up. I don't know if I will be able to do the BBQ outing or not. I'll have to see what we do about our travel plans. I've just begun to feel like I still want to run this thing; world events and the WTC attacks have really shaken me. I guess that means the terrorists have won (to a point) with me. But I am starting to fight back! Do you have a movie line-up this weekend? Or are you gonna be busy watching football? I love football too! My friends that joined us and aren't here anymore are as follows: 1) Blenda Wannabe is without computer right now. She is doing GREAT and is staying OP and losing. Her mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's in addition to Alzheimer's. They have also discovered a pea-sized brain tumor (in her Mom) that they don't plan on operating on at this time. I am so proud of her for tackling this diet in addition to all that she has going on in her life. 2) Grinchy and her husband gave SB about 2 weeks then quit. They call themselves "SB Flunkies" or some such. I don't think they were ready. Thanks for asking.

NANCE - What will Dan teach? I hope that things end up the way they're meant to. You're right, in my opinion, to let God be in control. I hate that there are feeling sick. Rest, relax and recoup.

TREE - Have your tried Splenda? It's an artificial sweetener made from sugar. I really like it.

ROSALIE - Thanks for your honesty about the avatar. I am going to eventually try to piece together the whole thing and post it. I think that I will keep it for a little while. I still have the Kermit on standby.

SPARKLE - Nice to see you. I have adjusted the meds all I can for right now. I 'm just hoping that my body will adjust. Adding weight training to try to assist in boosting my metabolism as well as for strength.

QUILTER - Glad that you are getting back to your old self and back on track. Your book sounds interesting. What are the 6 simple exercises they recommend.

Well, that's all for now folks! Will check back in again later. Have a happy Friday!

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Good Friday Morning All

Sorry I was MIA yesterday. By the time I got the kids from school, I had to hop in the shower and get ready to go out to dinner. As I suspected, we ended up at Outback. Eli invited my parents and my sister and her kids for dinner (sis's hubby was working OT). It was a nice evening. I had the usual-salmon, sweet potato and salad. Afterwards, Michael had a ton of AP EURO homework to do-when I woke up at 1am, he was still on the computer!

My Mother gave me a generous gift. I am going to get some new tires on my car, try to get my a/c fixed and pay some bills. I feel guilty wanting to use it for something frivolous, but I've decided once I see what's left over, if any, if there would be enough to cover getting one of those terrible body parts done. I haven't a clue what something like getting my arms would cost, but I guess I will start to look around and see.

I got in my walk today, but just walked. It was gloomy outside, so instead of my water bottle, I put my umbrella in it's place-came in handy as I got closer to home and it started to sprinkle.

TODAY IS FRIDAY FACTS and I found this site last week that I thought was worth sharing:

Glycemic Load, Diet, and Health

Until recently, there was little question that the best approach to healthy eating was to follow official guidelines — such as the USDA Food Guide Pyramid — which emphasize carbohydrates as a way to discourage fat consumption. But this view of carbohydrates and fats is too simplistic. It might even contribute to the very conditions that we hope to avoid by eating a good diet in the first place, such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

For one, not all fats are bad. In fact, certain fats are heart-healthy. In addition, not all carbohydrates act the same. Some are quickly broken down in the intestine, causing the blood sugar level to rise rapidly. Such carbohydrates have a high glycemic index (GI).

Because rapidly rising blood sugar levels have various adverse effects, we advise eating plenty of fruits and non-starchy vegetables and few high-GI carbohydrates, such as refined grains and starches. We also favor a food pyramid where fruits and nonstarchy vegetables, not refined grains, occupy the bottom tier. The purpose of this advice is to reduce overall glycemic load (GL). GL is a relatively new way to assess the impact of carbohydrate consumption that takes GI into account but gives a fuller picture than does GI alone.

GL Reflects Actual Carbohydrate Burden

A GI value tells you only how rapidly a particular carbohydrate turns into sugar. It doesn’t tell you how much of that carbohydrate is in a serving of a particular food. You would need to know both things to understand a food’s effect on blood sugar. That is where GL comes in. The carbohydrate in a carrot, for example, has a high GI. But there isn’t a lot of it, so a carrot’s glycemic load is relatively low. Calculating GL allows researchers to better relate carbohydrate intake to its health effects.

Researchers at Harvard, including Harvard Women’s Health Watch advisory board member JoAnn E. Manson, M.D., have closely examined the relationships among carbohydrates and heart disease and diabetes in women. The Nurses’ Health Study, for example, found that women with the highest dietary GL have double the risk for heart disease when compared to those with the lowest GL.

Why It’s Not As Simple as GI

The glycemic index originated as a research tool. It assigns a numerical value to a food indicating how much and how rapidly 50 grams of its carbohydrate content will raise blood-sugar levels, compared to 50 grams of a reference food (glucose or white bread). The reference food is given an arbitrary value of 100, and the GI value of a particular food is expressed as a percentage of that value. Many things contribute to the GI of a given food, including its fat and fiber content and how much it’s been processed.

But carbohydrates differ in quantity, as well as in GI ranking, from one kind of food to another. The shortcoming of GI values is evident when you compare foods of different carbohydrate densities. For example, the GI of a baked potato is 121% (assuming white bread is the standard reference food). This has earned the potato, which is largely carbohydrate, a place on the “avoid” list in publications and on Web sites promoting the GI approach to food choices.

The GI of carrots, as noted earlier, is also high: 131%. But this unfavorable GI rating is based on the blood-sugar effect of eating 50 grams of carbohydrate from carrots — the amount contained in a pound and a half of them — which few people would consume in one sitting. A serving of carrots, therefore, just doesn’t have much carbohydrate, so its impact on blood sugar is much less than that of a serving of potato.

Avoiding carrots because of their GI ranking would be a big mistake, particularly given all the vitamins and minerals they contain and the low GL of each serving (see “How to Calculate GL,” below). The GI of potatoes, on the other hand, is not a misleading measure because potatoes are carbohydrate-dense. Their GL is also fairly high.

How to Calculate GL

GL is the amount of carbohydrate in a serving of food multiplied by that food’s GI. Thus, a 12 cup serving of carrots (which has 8 grams of carbohydrate) has a glycemic load of about 10 (8 * 131%, or 1.31 = 10.48).

As reported recently in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (March 2001), Nurses’ Health Study researchers — aided by blood samples and a food-frequency questionnaire — used GL measures to assess the impact of carbohydrate consumption on 280 postmenopausal women. They found that high-GL diets (and, by extension, high GI foods and greater total carbohydrate intake), correlated with lower HDL concentrations and higher triglyceride levels, a marker for heart disease. The strongest association was in overweight women, i.e., those whose body mass index (BMI) was over 25. Increased risk started, on average, at a daily GL of 161.

Calculating overall dietary GL is difficult outside a research setting. But knowing a food’s GL can help you make comparisons that can improve the quality of your carbohydrate choices. In general, it’s a good idea to replace processed and refined-grain carbohydrates, such as those found in many snacks and desserts, with fruits and non-starchy vegetables. These foods, as well as whole grains and beans, are rich in nutrients and contain fiber, which slows digestion and moderates blood sugar levels. Also, try substituting, for example, whole grain bread for white bread; wild rice for white rice; and beans or lentils for potatoes.

Dietary GL may not become an everyday calculation, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see labels that exclaim “Low Glycemic Load!” — like “Low Cholesterol!” — beckoning from grocery shelves in the near future.

The Glycemic Index for 100 Foods

The glycemic index (GI) number is a relative not an absolute number. In effect, it is the blood sugar response to ingestion of a given food compared with the blood sugar response to another standardized food. Researchers have used both glucose and bread as this standardized, or reference, food.

Sometimes test results have yielded a range of values, which we show with a plus or minus sign, ±. So, for example, the GI value for a croissant using bread as the reference number is 96± 6 means test results ranged from 90 to 102.

One way to think about the glycemic index number is to picture it as fraction. The blood sugar blood response to a food is the numerator. The blood sugar response of the reference food is the denominator. Therefore, index number for same food will vary depending on whether you put glucose or bread in the denominator.

Because glucose quickly becomes blood sugar, the GI numbers based on glucose result in a lower number than do the GI numbers that use bread. Again, if you envision the GI number for a food as a fraction, or ratio, the glucose-based index has a larger denominator: you’re dividing by a bigger number. But the numerator doesn’t change, so the GI number gets smaller.

A word of warning about applying the GI to your diet. It is a carbohydrate-to-carbohydrate comparison. It doesn’t say anything about how much carbohydrate a food contains. So, for example, while the carbohydrates contained in carrots may have a relative high GI index, carrots contain relatively few carbohydrates compared with corn chips. Therefore, the net effect of carrots on blood sugar levels is considerably less than corn chips, even though their GI index numbers are similar.

You can view the entire article at the link below:

BUSDEB, thanks for the bday wishes Glad to hear your did well with the water and walking, hope today is the same. I see a big difference when I don't drink enough water, and as much as I don't like water, I try to get it down just because I know I need to to help me along in this WOE.

MEL, so you didn't have a good tennis game-at least you got out there and got some exercise-that's really what matters! Not every day can be a good one, just like me today, I went out and did my walk, no jogging at all, and it took me over 1hr 6 minutes-but at least I got out there Playing with an 84yr old-I just hope to be alive at that age! Just think about her when you have an off day, think about her not being able to see the ball so well, yet, she gets out there!! You comment about the scale going up, you being OP, etc., etc. could of been written by me numerous times in the past. Actually, if you did a search, you could probably find me posting that quite a bit in past posts-it happens, and just as mysterious as it happens, mysteriously the scale will drop-as I always say-PATIENCE!!!!

SEF, you are too funny! Thanks again for the bday wishes. Now, I may not have much control over turning 40, but damn it if I'm going to grow gray gracefully! As long as there's hair dye, I ain't going there!!!! How's your BIL doing today? Don't worry about the scale Shirley, it WILL move downward soon.

GATOR, thanks for the bday wishes.

ROSALIE, yes, Eli would approve your falafel now I probably will make one again this morning. Just give me a little time to get some recipes to use the tahini in, geez, I haven't even fixed the recipe boards you pointed out to me yet-seems I think about it and then things slip my mind just as quick-guess it's the age thing! Marie, you have to post one of your picks on the PHOTO BOARD! I keep meaning to remind you to do that. How are your aches from the bike fiasco? I think I will try your CRISP RECIPE. I have a can of SF cherries and another of SF Apple, like pie filling, and it sounds like it would go well with that! I may make the buckle recipe today, instead though, will use rapsberries instead of blueberries, as I have some I have to use.

FROG, I wanted to tell you in this months REDBOOK MAGAZINE (the one with Kelly Rippa on the front cover), there is an article about VULVADYNIA in there I wanted to tell you, just so you could read it, if you didn't see it already. I can say, at this time, I do plan on coming up to WDW area to see you if you make it down. Just need enough planning time, that's all. Personally, I would say to drive down-I just like having my car at my disposal, and really, it's not that far. My Grandparents drove from Hendersonville all the way home to Miami in 1 day-and they're in their 80's! It's not anywhere as far from where you are. So take a couple extra days off-you surely must deserve it! Sounds like you'll have a festive house for Halloween!

BOB, I can ONLY IMAGINE what card you must of had in mind for me! Really didn't recieve much else. Lauren bought me a frame. People tell me I'm very hard to buy a present for, since I never ask for anything. Actually, I don't think I'm hard to buy for at all, if people would only take notice of what I look at or mention, they'd find it quite easy-which is what I do with others-but really, I guess when you are the "MoM" you don't expect much more than a clean bedroom and no aggrivation for a day or two-which unfortunately, I didn't get once again this year!

NANCE! Finally, you're back on the board-was almost ready to call you on the phone! Sorry to hear you're feeling icky! {{{HUGS}}} Two days being OP AND walking? You make me proud! Okay girl, I got the pictures back!!!! I'll be posting some later on sometime, so be on the look out-there are som great ones in there!!! There's a great restaurant in Marco called the VOYAGER, it's a little less than 2 hours from home, on the West Coast of Fl. We go there for special occasions. Both QUILTER & BOB have gone there as well, when we all got to meet-they can vouch for it being good!

TREE, WELCOME TO THE BOARD! Glad you have joined us-your lingo is just fine I have seen brew places advertise the agave syrup, but I honestly don't know what the difference is between what they sell and what we find bottled. I will do my best to get an answer for you though I'm sure someone must carry it is Arizona though. What larger HFS (health food stores) do you have in your area? Lucky you-Trader Joes-anyone on this board can tell you how much I love that store!! Alas, we don't have any down here in Fl. Please, don't hesitate to ask any other questions you may have, we're always willing to try and help. Again, welcome!

SPARKLE, thanks for the bday wishes-at least I didn't fall under the death watch! Deliciously thin, lol, I think NOT. But it's a nice thought. You've come a long way baby! From MuMu's (I wore those too) to wearing shirts tucked in and belts with pants-that's a major and worthwhile accomplishment you should be proud of. Not even at this weight would I wear tucked in shirts! Your head is definitely on straighter than mine. Thanks for your input on the story board!

QUILTER, glad to see you are feeling better. Haven't heard of that book, you'll have to give us your review when you're done.

Okay gals, I've got to run-time for CROSSING OVER, than I have a few errands to run. I'll check in sometime later.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Default Friday - Yeah!!

OK, I have exiting news!!! My oldest son, Justin, who has not even swung the bat in a game since early September, absolutely POUNDED THE BALL LAST NIGHT!!!! I couldn't believe it, it was the best hit he has ever had! Went in the air, all the way to the grass in center field!!! 2 runners made it home, even though he only got a single!!! With all of the family having offered him cash incentives, he ended up with $60 bucks for that hit!! I asked him if it was the cash or the new glasses he got on Wednesday that did it for him and last night, he didn't know, but this morning he said he thought it was the glasses. Did I tell you guys that I had his eyes re-checked on Wednesday and the new prescription had 2 numbers on it doubled or more??? I feel so guilty that I didn't take him before this week! I told him that I would never put anything like that off again!! Anyway, he batted again and fouled 3 off and then swung again at a bad pitch and missed. I asked him why he swung at such a junky pitch and he said "I just wanted to hit it again!" so I knew then that the slump was officially over!! We ended up winning the game by 1 run! Both Justin, DH (aka: coach) and myself are still on cloud nine this morning!!!

Little DS lost their game last night, but he got 2 good hits! They play again Sat at 10am, and if they win, they play again at 11:30 and then Justin plays at 1:30 - We're gonna be at the ballfield ALL DAY LONG Oh well, by this time next week it will all be over, even if we were to make it to final rounds of the tournament. Maybe then life can get back to normal, although I can't pretend not to love watching all the kids play. I will not, however, miss the rushing around. It took me 50 minutes yesterday to get from work to the ballfield - YUCK

Deb - glad you liked the poem. My grandmother used to write poems for relatives and friends on b-days when I was little (she died when I was 13). She lived next door so I was with her constantly and I always loved to help her write one. I have a copy of all the ones she sent one year to her 8 brothers and sisters - some of them are sooo funny (and not always very nice ). She was a great influence on me and this is one way I can carry on part of her spirit.

BOB - I missed ER, Justin wanted to go eat Mexican after the game, so we had a celebration supper late. What did I miss???


Quilter - glad you are feeling better and doing well back at work!

Nance - Yes, the best thing for an icky cold - REST - make sure you get some!

Sef - Yes, its amazing what we do for these kids. I almost lost my voice from the screams I let out when he hit the ball!! It makes me feel so good to see him do well and get past his struggles. That smile is worth much more than $60!!!!!

Mel - don't worry about that lb. It will disappear before you know it!!! I should have been doing an ad for a camcorder last night, the way I was going between the fields and trying to get their highlights recorded. Naturally, I didn't get Justin's hit (honestly I just wasn't expecting it). I'll be ready next time!!

Fillise - As Tony the tiger says "GGGRRRREEEEAAAATTTT!!!!!!" Finally, the scale moved for you, I'm doing a happy dance in your honor!!!

Sol - sounds good on the interview - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you .

Gotta go for now - See you gals later!
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Here's a pic of NANCE, DEBELLI & LDBLOND taken end of August, 2001. Hmmm, I feel a wee bit short...
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Not much time to post as I'm sitting by the phone like a desparate teenager waiting for that oh so important phone call! Got up with Meister this morning and we walked 2 miles - a bit slower than we did on Tuesday. Then I went to the gym and totally had a bad work out. I couldn't even lift the same weights the same repititions as last time I was there. I'll just walk tomorrow, take Sunday off and see if that helps.

BOB I missed Friends last night. I caught the last 3 minutes of it (WWF and the male control of the remote won the battle). We taped CSI and The Agency so we'll see. How was the 2nd try at The Agency?

DEBBIE - Thanks so much for posting those pics!! What a great group of women!! Y'all glow! As for the "slumber party".....Vince said he's already planning to make sure he's off work when everyone will be here so missing sleep won't be an issue for him. He gets up at 3:30am on his work days and no one wants a grumpy policeman on patrol. So I do my best to keep him happy for all the commuters.

FROG I can't find the dates for your marathon. Could you please re-post them? Vince really is going to ask for the time off. As for flying.....really, I think it's probably safer now than it ever has been with all the security measures they've got in place. Of course the media is going to do everything they can to expose the tiniest of errors that are made by the airlines - it's "news" to them, but really, I think, trying to make themselves seem more important and "scare" up more viewers. And, besides, today they reported that Orlando International is one of the SAFEST airports in the nation and has always done a stellar job of passing all the "official" undercover security tests done over the YEARS. And they are even tighter now.

Okay, going to try my hand at making some tabbouleh. Hopefully I'll have good news to post this afternoon......

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My o My! Where does the time go? Too fast that's for sure.

FROG - For heaven's sake fly! Life is too short to spend being afraid of the unknown. If your time has come, that's it! You could be standing at the sink peeling potatoes (if they're white I hope it's for others)! So go, enjoy! I would! My dd just flew to HI and will be flying back next week, I know she's a swimmer but not that good!!

Now I know misery loves company, but in this case mighten our misery feed on each other. We will ignore the obvious and seek to bolster each other up!!

SCAMP - Nice to see you on Board again. My dd is in Kona for the Ironman (she volunteers as a RN), do you watch that. About 5 years ago I was there visiting my dd and we went to a mini Ironman, I think it was half the length of the present one. It was very interesting, we drove to the different venues to see the change overs, then went to the get together afterwards.

I was there bec dd had surgery and at that point she was still recuperating so couldn't volunteer as she usually did. But she wanted to see heer friends so we went.

DEB - Maybe you could save some money on surgery if you practiced the Queen's wave. Have you ever noticed how Queens wave? They never extend there arms. They keep the elbow down and close to boday, just move arm from elbow to wrist. They know that some day they are going to have dingle-dangle and don't want to knock themselves about when they wave!

So that's it for today!

Take care all! sef
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Hello ladies. Sorry I have been MIA this week. Had a lot of stuff going on.

I did WIW but hadn't lost anything, so didn't want to post. It TOM though, so hopefully next week will be better.

I've also been bad this week because I had a death in my family so I've been eating comfort food. Hopefully after TOM and starting new BCP's I can get back in the swing of things and post some losses.

I hope that you all have a great weekend. I will check back later.
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Default Friday

I hid the scale this morning (really!) and didn't weigh for the first time in 2 1/2 months. I'm going to try the once a week method cause I think the d(*&^%$m thing is making me manic-depressive.

Got in a very unspectacular walk w/ short run this morning, but nothing else today. I think I need a break, so took they day off from weights. Fell asleep on the couch in the middle of the afternoon instead. I think i've only done that maybe twice in my life before!
I noticed I've turned into a 'member' rather than a 'junior member'. I'm trying to come up with a new avatar to celebrate my new status. What do you all think of "running dog"?

TV- Great games! Must have made you so proud when he smacked that ball. I'd be afraid to offer cash incentives- my kids are so money motivated that I'm afraid that even my totally non-athletic son, who spends most of his time on the soccer field yakking to the referee, would actually start paying attention to the soccer ball and bankrupt us.

Frog- Are you actually running a MARATHON?? I guess all this happened before I joined the board! I used to run mini-marathons a looong time ago....would love to try again, this time would be happy just to finish alive with 2 functioning knees, and wouldn't care about the clock.

Kim- Glad you are feeling so much better! and that all the test came back OK.

Solshine- Did that phone ring yet? I like the analogy about the anxious teenager...very apt.

Jmuir- Sorry to hear about death in family. There's a reason comfort foods are called that. Whatever it takes to get through, do it.

I found those dinosaur egg plums that Deb talked about a couple of weeks ago. They sure look weird on the outside, but YUM on the inside. The color was so beautiful, kind of an azaelea deep pink fading to light blush that I wished I could paint. However, I can eat.

Well, I think I'll go fall asleep again. Must be getting sick. Shoot! Dh took ds to soccer practice, then McDonalds(yuck-don't miss that) then cub scouts. 3 hours alone!!


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Waiting for Eli to come home and thought I'd get in a post. I'm pooped, and would you believe, I just woke up from a nap! Guess TOM contributes to feeling blah today. As I thought, it showed up yesterday, lovely birthday present!

I've got more pics to post, just give me a little time-I haven't gotten them all loaded up on line yet

TV, your story of your son's eyes relates to my son Michael. Two years ago, he kept telling me that he couldn't see the board at school, I honestly didn't think he was serious, and would just let it go. After much complaining, I finally said, "fine, I'll take you for an eye exam!" Low and behold, his eyes were terrible! I can't see out of his prescription. I felt awful afterwards! Congrats to your son on getting that hit in, and earning $60. You may go broke soon!!! Keep writing that great poetry, I like poetry, esp. the Blue Mountain poetry of long ago, with Susan Polis Shultz (I think tha's her name). Michael loves to write as well, one day I'll have to send you a piece of his work.

SOL, of course, I know it's WHEN we all meet, not if, and for sure, the men MUST be present. I mean, we have to have VINCE'S good looks (I take your word) and ELI'S cooking skills, as well as to be there to keep BOB in line-hmmm, on second thought, those two together could be BIG trouble! We'll have to just think about that one! LOL!! Usually, when we hit Orlando, we stay off International Drive, like last time. I'm going to leave finding out if Italiani's is still open up there when the time comes-I really would like to go there-the only other one around was down here and they closed long ago. I MAY even splurge and have a small piece of tiramisu if they are!!!

SEF, hmmm, I've never even seen the Queen's arm exposed, how do you know she didn't have bat wings long ago and that's WHY they have to wave that way??? Looked into the surgery on the web...hoping MAYBE there's a newer type of procedure than the one I keep reading about-I don't need a scar from armpit to elbow!

JMUIR, sorry to hear about the death in your family. Our thoughts are with your family. I hope things turn around for you soon, as I'm sure they will

MEL, hiding the scale, you're a better person than I-at least until after the first of the year, then I plan on doing the same as well. I'm sure you'll come up with a great avatar that ties in with your great personality Glad you liked those Dinosaur Eggs-think I'll go have one!

Well, even after this nap, I'm still pooped and ready to hit the hay. Can't though, *****ed at Eli for not coming home at a decent time, so he said he would leave and come home, so I guess after all that, I better stay up to say hello

I'll check with you all sometime tommorow-I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Me & my cousin Sheri, when we went to Calif.
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Of cource, we went out to dinner afterward...went to ME place that has wonderful food...the three of us split an order of FALAFAL but the sauce wasn't as good as I had in Miami!
Then the main course was a choice of two dishes...I chose .....AHEM.....are you ready???? CHICKEN....kabob loaded with spices....and baked feta w/sun dried tomates....YUM YUM YUM...If I can't get original ELI food, this place is second best!! .....oh yeah...and a greek salad too..

FROGGIE No movies during "premier" time...I'm a TVholic and I'm still giving everything a second chance...
I'm gonna go ahead and spill the beans to TV about the new Daddy .......AHEM.....ROSS!!!! I'm so glad, cause I actually thought it would be someone that no-one would like....
FROG You know I'm watching TENNESSEE FOOTBALL!!! ..They play early tomorrow...twelve oclock game....GO VOLS!!

SOL I hadn't thought about ELI doing any cooking, but you would sure be missing out if we can't fit in at least ONE CHICKEN DISH! And yes, I'll warn you...the two of us ARE DANGEROUS TOGETHER!!

KIM So glad you're feeling better...back to work SO SOON??
I know Maddie Girl is not liking that AT ALL

NANCY YUM YUM YUM...this place in Marco is WONDERFUL
Maybe Dan needs to teach Fla children...then you could experience eveything we already know about
I was beginning to think you had given us up for lent!

I'm off to lurk....Hello to everyone I missed....

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Default Good Morning Everybody

Looks like another "BLAH" day out there.

Gotta make this a real quick one. Lots to do today.

THANKS to all for your well wishes. I feel much better. Head is unstuffed; I'm just sniffling a bit now.

Rosalie Thanks for the help with the apple pie filling. I'm gonna try to make a couple of pies today. I'll let you know how they turn out.

Tree Welcome to the board.

jmuir I'm sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.

All you losers Way to go!!

EVERYONE ELSE I've read thru all your posts and I'm thinking of you all.

We've been having rain here and found out our basement leaks! We've been sucking up the water with the carpet cleaner and shop vac. Hopefully the rain will stop sometime in the near future so DH can try to patch up the house and eavestrough. So that's been our adventure for the past day or so.

This will be a challenging weekend. It's Thanksgiving! The menus at the parents' places sound like they'll be ok. I'm going to bring "legal" apple pies. (if they turn out ) Just have to NOT overdo it with the food.

Well, my coffee's done and it's time to get my backside moving.

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