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Hey Y'All!

Got a few things accomplished today, nothing exciting, bank, Kmart, pita bread, Wild Oats, etc.

Lauren was so excited to find that she won a script from some movie called SUMMER CATCH that starred Freddie Prinz Jr., which he had signed, she is tickled pink-not to mention hogging the phone to call all her friends

NANCE, first, you best send me your new e-mail addy! Second, I dropped the film off at KMART today and they should be back on Wednesday, so be prepared! Aren't you proud of me, it only took me a month to get them in!!! LOL!!!

MEL, I'm CERTAIN you must of burned a few calories yapping today Of course, not quite as many as you would of if you'd of run, but there's always tomorrow. Im ignoring the bday comment like I'm ignoring the bday-I'm not one to lie, but darned, it sure is inviting to start. I think 37 is a good believable lie

LIZ, I think you are probably at least 10 degrees cooler than us down here-push it a little south, would you? You can post your story on this baord if you'd like, but then we will archive all the stories together on one board-thanks again for bringing that up! I'll have to make my nutshell story a little bigger-not that it's anything exciting. I second ROSALIES post about your daughter-she's adorable! I love seeing pics of all the gals on the board-and it's fun to see the families as well! Hmm, maybe I'll post a pic of me and the kids

FILLISE, glad to see you had a great sale this weekend-now that the closet is empty, you slowly need to add things to fill in the gaps now. I love finding great clothes at garage sales - sometimes I buy things that aren't even my size because I know SOMEONE will be able to use them-quality name brands like Claiborne, Jones NY, Dockers, etc-some still new! And where did you bring Miss Belle home from? Is she getting more use to her new environment?

MELF, good to hear the news about your BIL. Hope he continues on his road to recovery well. Don't worry about that one day you had, you're right back on track. I'm sure that if I started on just one thing, I'd do the same thing-a reason I won't cheat, because once I start, there's no turning back for me, and I know it. I thank my lucky stars that I found SB LEGAL desserts to have once in a while, otherwise, I don't know what I'd do in the long run. Had a piece of carob cake this afternoon, just 2oz., and I savored every bite! You'll surely make your goal of 135!!!

JMUIR, glad to see you back. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. What's with BBQ and everyone? I guess it must be something we all love! Hope you enjoyed the walk, I just realized, those of you who are in hilly terrain must have nice tight butts-no wonder mine is flabby living in flat land terrain!!!

TV, thanks for posting your BIO on the BIO BOARD - always nice to learn more about each of the wonderful people who make up our great board!!!

RHROO, so what's on the birthday agenda for you on Wednesday??? Definitely take off from WIW this week, that is if you think you're going to be up on the scale, why ruin a perfectly good birthday

ROSALIE, don't like hearing you're not up to par, that really must of been some nasty fall. Broken glasses, sore knee, sore hand - I hope you prop yourself up on the couch for a little bit and pretend to be Queen so others do for you for a little bit Play it up for all it's worth is my motto!!! LOL!! Thanks for posting that recipe, sounds like a good one, one I'll have to try. Never heard of the Sprouted Almond Bread, but it sure sounds delicious! When I make the falafel, I make it into a 3oz patty and use a small 6" pan, put a 1/2tsp of oil and fry one side, then add the other 1/2tsp of oil and flip it over on the other side. I'm so ridiculously hooked on them, I've been having them every day for the past week or so! Do you know how to make the taratour (sauce) for them???

Okay gals, I'm outta here for now-I'll check in with you all before I go to bed if the computer is free!


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Deb - A board for MY STORY sounds like a good idea. No, I've never heard of TARATOUR sauce but I was just checking the web and saw some recipes. I've never tried the Tahini either. I'll have to put it on my shopping list.

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My story:

I was always a very thin child and teenager. I weighed about 135 lbs when I was 18. I had a boyfriend then who was extremely critical of the way I looked. I didn't have the right shaped body, needed to build my legs etc. I gained about 17 lbs in a few years and would up going to WW. I thought I was HUGE at 152 lbs. I didn't even last one day on WW. I felt completely out of control with that way of eating. So I just gave up. I exercised like crazy, every day for at least an hour at aerobics,then jogging,then weight training. I got back down to 136 lbs. But my eating habits were nuts!I would eat 1/2 a pizza, then go run! Go to the story and buy a bag of candy then feel horrible and sleep all day. Once I got a real job in a restaurant I was so excited. Fried this and that! I lived to eat! Still exercising all the time just so I could pig out. Then I got a job at a retail store and even at 140 lbs or so I could not wear hardly any of the clothes there because I had big breasts. It totally depressed me to have to buy the men's shirts there. Over that time I broke up with my boyfriend ( good riddance ) and started going out all the time. I loved that!!! I could eat almost what I wanted because I was out almost all night 4 nights a week dancing!! Then I decided to go back to school and moved back in the my parents. I was 21. Well ,then I started drinking beer almost every day. I gained 30 lbs in about 18 months. I was about 170 lbs and still was not really fat but the only excercise I was really getting was waiting tables and walking a few days out of the week. I then started dating a new guy. And before I knew it, I got PREGNANT! AHhhh. We were planning on getting married anyway but for some reason being pregnant at 22 threw me into a horrible depression. I gained 13 lbs in my first trimester. I stopped MOVING. I sat on the couch,went out to lunch etc. I weighed 232 lbs the day I delivered. After I had my son, I was breastfeeding and still felt ravenous all the time. I lost 30 lbs right away and then gained it right back. I felt horrible all the time. I knew that the key for me was walking and excercising but I just could not get going. Finally I got on the move and started walking again. When my son was 18 months old I started taking an anti-depressant. It helped me so much, helped me to not think so negatively about everything. I started my walking again and got down to 190 lbs. I gained about 10 lbs back and settled at 200. I was happy with that. I needed to lost a little more but I really started feeling better about myself. Then I got pregnant again. Oh boy, I was so sick. I didn't gain any weight for 5 months because I was so sick.Then I gained 47 lbs in 4 months!!! UGHHH! So I was 247 when I delivered my 2nd son. After much hard work and a few months of diet pills ( shame on me!!) I got down to 207. Then, you guessed it, I got pregnant again!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL my first dr appt I weighed 215. I was 267 when I delivered. I lost down to 240 then I have had some major things happen right after I had her. My little baby brother got sentenced to 5 yr 10 months in prison, I broke my ankle in 3 spots and my leg in one. Dislocated my foot. It took me 6 months to feel *normal* again. Of course when I got on the scale I weighed 263 I was so upset, I just cried and cried. I felt so out of control, like, WHY BOTHER??? I just ate what I wanted but I was still feeling horrible. I then talked to a lady at the park who had lost 55 lbs and went from a size 16 to a size 4! All doing SB! I thought "Well, it is certainly worth a try". I already had the book, I had snagged it from my mom ( who has since snagged it back LOL ) and I read it in one day and it was like this BIG light bulb went off. I took a look at what I was eating. Stuffing myself with bread,stuffing, rice,pasta--all packaged foods and straches. I was craving sugar in an outrageous way. So, I quit. Cold turkey. I have had a couple of relapses but nothing to worry about. I honestly *feel* better than I have in years. I find myself looking at what others eat. All the bread and potatoes and pasta. Restaurants will sabotage you with the huge portions they give out. I am for sure doing this long term and will tell everyone who wants to listen about it.My first goal is 180 which was my weight right before my first child. In the long run I think 150 is a reasonable weight for me but I will jump for joy the day I hit 200. Thanks for reading!!!!!

263 ( should I post my starting weight with SB! ? )
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Happy Birthday to all the Birthday Girls this month. Rhoo, SEF, and SolShine--I hope this month is especially good for you.

Solshine--Sorry I missed you today at the gym. Jim said that you came in this morning, so I figured you were still interviewing. How is the job search going? I was thinking about other options for you, trying to think if I knew of ANY place that might be a possibility. The only thing I could come up with was working with one of the big firms in town that need a computer support staff. I know that all the big law offices use computer in-house support people that teach lawyers how to use their computer, get rid of viruses, etc. I donít know if that is down your alley or not, but if so, might be a possibility. I do know that it can be a hard job.
How is Vince doing? I used to see him working out, but it has been a long time. I suspect he has been busier than a bee after Sept. 11. With those guys in FLA, our law enforcement men must be working overtime.

Debelli--I ate 1275 cals today. 30% protein, 40+ carbs, and about 28% fat. That is as close as I can get it. Thanks for your encouragement. It keeps me ďhonestĒ to what I eat. Also, I enjoyed reading your history, although I think I had read it before. It, too, reminded me that this IS a Way Of Life, and not just a passing diet. Again, I long to be experimenting with maintenance.

As far as Halloween is concerned, I use 2 methods to stay ďsafe.Ē 1. I buy only candy that I donít like. I donít tempt myself by buying plain hard candies. For some of you it may be licorice, or cinnamon candies.
And 2. I sometimes either am out of town for a game or something, or, if I am at home, I donít buy any candy at all, turn out all the lights and just donít answer the door. I know that sounds like there is a bit of Scrooge in me to do this, but I figure that if I am going to have trouble with the candy, it is better to be Scrooge for one night and protect myself, and let the kids get the candy at the other houses. I have tried to put myself first on this particular holiday, and so that is how I cope. Those of you with kids at home might try using a candy that you donít like, and just letting your kids or your husband keep you honest with the candy that they bring home. I know it is a tough holiday. I LOVE chocolates and that was always hard not to raid my kidsí haul to nibble at their miniature Snickers.

Fruit and Sef--Iím sorry. I didnít mean to sound upset. I really wasnít upset, but was just trying to answer Big Orangeís question logically and so brought out more than one point to express my point of view in response to her query. Actually, I try not to let the actions of a bunch of 19 year old boys determine my mood, because, as you said, Fruit, it is just a game. I promise that I was really calm when answering, but I apologize for coming across too strongly. Iíll try not to do that again.

BIg Orange Babe--I agree with Deb. Keep treating yourself gently. I hope it wonít be too hard or confining to give it all up at one time. Also, as she said, you wonít know if it is wheat or dairy if you stop both at once. Experiment gently, OK, girl.!

Zanne--I am probably the worst about replying to everyone. I usually just pop in here really quick, glance through all the posts as fast as I can and try to zip out a reply to hit the high spots. I often open a separate window in a word processing application and type everything in that and just copy and past onto our reply board. That way I never lose anything or have to retype, since Iím trying to be speedy. Iím taking more time tonight, tho, as my DH is at class and I have a few more minutes. So Iím scrolling down the screen and typing in the other window as I read something I can answer. But I NEVER get everyone in my posts, even though Iím crazy about all the gals and can identify with their daily challenge with food.

Lizery--Good Pix. You look glamorous.

Fillise--Iím guessing from your post that the MSU game is an away game for the Plainsmen. Looks like the western division will be a tough one. AU is still unbeaten, right. Should be a good game down there in Starksville. The Bulldogs had an off day on Saturday, but should be loaded for bear (or in this case, eagle) by Saturday. They have a very good defensive coach, so AU will have its hands full. Good luck to both you and SOLSHINE, and may the best team win.

Congrats on your new little kitty. Our cat just got home from the weekend at the vets. He was in a cat fight and got a bad abscess that wouldnít heal. So I took him to another vets that specializes in only cats, and they did some minor surgery. He is pitiful and sad and wants to go outside in the worst way.

Melf--You go, girl. You know what weight is good for you, so go for it! Iím sorry that your life has been so challenging right now, but rejoice with you over the good news about your BIL.

Lizery--Just read ďyour storyĒ and thank you for it. I, for one, will give you a great big pat on the back and {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} for hanginí in there when you had so many challenges. And youíre down to 246, almost 20 pounds lost. Thatís great.

Rosalie--How is the road rash feeling today. I hope it is clearing up quickly and youíll be back on those wheels.

Well, gals. This is 2 pages on my word processing program. Have to study some French tonight, and I still have the kitchen to clean up. Take care, all, and have a great evening.
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This week, think about how you would like to live in the
future, and then do just one thing that takes you in the
direction you want to go. Highly successful people are
gentle with themselves, and we can learn from that.
Decide to do one thing different, and then follow-through.
Take action, do one thing, and then one more, and we'll
see you at the top!

by Philip E. Humbert, PhD

My one find my way back to all of you...

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Hope everyone is having a GREAT evening!! OHOH....gotta take SKEETER O...U...T I'll be right back...
OK....I'm back...

Don't ANY of you get it into your minds that GATOR and I are arguing....WE AGREE TO DISAGREE....we are just NORMAL little FLORIDA - TENNESSEE fans AVIDLY discussing the game...IF...we EVER get into a GOOD all will be the first to know....

SUSAN {{{{WELCOME}}}}} to the fold..little BELLE!!!!
Didn't you just love the ALABAMA game?? South Carolina is good....we still have to play them..
Week after next.....THIRD SATURDAY in OCTOBER....we play BAMA... GEORGIA comes to NEYLAND STADIUM's the NOON game on CBS...
Glad you had good results with the YS...I need to have one my self...

T.V. Yes, you've missed was really might look on the NBC website and the will give a far as something won't be..they did one of those really wierd shows where nothing was in the present thought...but YES...DR GREEN let that man die!!!

SOL GET THAT COW BELL OUT AND GET IT TUNED UP....SUSAN WANTS TO HEAR WHAT "KEY" IT RINGS IN!!! (sorry, this is as close to maroon I can get)
Y'all got to get up and get going...I've not seen your team like this in MANY MANY YEARS!!! Jackie needs to REV them boys up!!

MISSY YOU GOT IT RIGHT GIRL.....LSU has got ONE HOT COACH!! I found myself staring at him Saturday...How can you concentrate on the game????

LIZ thanks for the storey...I think once we get this new board in place and everyone gets their storey on, it will really get everyone REVVVVVVed up and going...



MARIE That sauce is WONDERFUL with's in that BEST OF LEBANON cook book that you have...


Gotta get reclined....HELLO TO EVERYONE....


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Hi Everyone....I just wanted to thank you all for welcoming me. I keep pretty busy, so I haven't gotten a chance to post again until now. Mostly I enjoy reading what you all have to say. I have learned a lot just from reading all of your posts. This is a very encougaging and supportive site. Thanks again...Kelli
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Default Monday Evening

Miss Belle is purring in my lap as I type. She is showing great interest in learning to type!

Sol--Keep those dadgum cowbells out of Auburn. Man those things are annoying! I guess that's the idea!

Gator--the game is in Auburn this week. It is the first home game since Sept. 11--so we'll see what the security is like. I hope they get it ironed out before ya'll came the next weekend. Just heard that game is going to be on ESPS--good--I'll be able to watch it in NC!

BOB--I'm glad we don't play SC this year--I'd just as soon meet them in Atlanta in December. Sorry.

Deb--I'm going to be very picky about the clothes I buy from now on! I'm not buying too much--just enough to get me through to the next size! Miss Belle came home from the yard sale! I didn't buy anything but fell in love with one of the kittens there to be given away.

Melf: Glad to hear that your BIL is doing better! That is rough surgery even under the best of circumstances.

Liz: Thanks for your story! I can sure identify with the up and down--and I don't even have Kids to show for it! But you are here now and that is what counts. Isn't it amazing how much better your feel?

TV--shameon hubby for not liking adorable kittens!

Marie--hope you knee and hand feel better soon. I know from the hurt knee business! It is not fun! Take care of yourself.

I did get to the gym today--60 minutes of cardio plus the strength machines. I can be so tired before I go--but it really picks me up for the rest of the day!

Have a good evening everyone!

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Default MSU

Looks like there are some Mississippi State Fans here. I have the curious distinction of being both a Gator fan and a bulldawg fan. My father is an MSU alumni and we were at the game. Saturday was his birthday, and the dawgs had never lost a game on his birthday until Saturday. It was a real bummer. I hope things look up for the dawgs next game. I have always said that the only time I will root against the gators is when they play the dawgs. That was really hard to do Saturday, but my Dad was worth it. Kelli
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Hello all
I promised that I would try to write more this week and this is the first chance I have had today.
We had a very busy weekend and I was not good the whole time but compared to other times in my life when I would fall off the wagon so to speak, I did pretty good. At least I didn't eat while passing out food at the concession stand Friday night.

TV .....I tryed to send youj something on your work email and it would not work. Send it to me in a message here on this board and maybe I can figure out what I did wrong. glad to hear about your new is alll about numbers isn't it?

To all the rest I will try to read and post ....but I must say it is very hard for me to keep up......but I am trying.

See you all tomorrow.


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Hi all! Just got word that my bil's bypass surgery has been postponed and will be rescheduled, hopefully for Wednesday. It must be rough being psyched up for something like that and then being told oops! He was told they had a couple of emergencies.

Been a very busy day amd I am tired sp woll not really answer individual posts.

The one problem with writing and not really knowing each other,
is we miss the tone of voice and facial expression. I know the football fans weren't really fighting. I was just poking gentle fun at your ardor! Sorry about that!!

Susan, a new kitty, how sweet! My big old cat is so much company, he can be very cuddly but can't hem him in or brush him when he doesn't want it! He's my constant companion, more like a dog in that respect!

Melf, glad your bil is doing better.

Welcome to you Kelli and the other newcomers, you'll find lots of help and support and fun on this Board.

Got to go, take care, Shirley

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Good Tuesday Morning Everyone!

Don't have but a few minutes to post, have to jump in the shower and get ready to spend the day shmizing with my Mom today-don't have to p/u the kids from school, Eli's working, so figured I'd call Mom and see if she wanted to do anything.

Got in my walk today, no jogs, legs felt heavy (or is this what old gets to feeling like?) Beautiful day outside I must say, hardly sweated!

Scale is up 1lb, not complaining-I'll probably go up a bit more, TOM is due in the next day or so

ROSALIE, you CAN'T have a falafel without the taratour-it would be so dry! I made mine thinner than normal, 1 clove garlic and 1/2 tsp salt mashed together, stir in 2 tbl. tahini, then stir in 2 tbl lemon juice alternating with 4tbl of water-put in fridge to sit for a while to thicken a bit (you can add a bit more tahini or less lemon juice to thicken it a bit more). That's it!

LIZERY-thanks for sharing your story!!!! You'll make your goal!!! Yes, def. post your SB start weight.

GATOR, sounds like you are doing better with your intake, but it's still a tad too low. I would see how the scale has been for you in recent months and if it's not really going down, try to up your caloric intake some more-personally, I think it's too low. I eat more than you do.

LARA, glad to see your post! Can't wait til you are back with us a bit more-miss seeing your posts. Please let us know how you are doing!!!

BOB, don't you know that birthdays down here in Miami just don't count?

CB, glad to see your post! Just jump on whenever you are able to-we all know how hectic life can be at some times. Like I told LIZERY, I hope you will try to make our next meeting we have, which will probably be in the Orlando area after the first of the year

FILLISE, glad to hear Ms. Belle is doing better. Def. don't buy too much, I bought things and before I knew it they were too big, and I didn't even get to where them-they still have the tags on them!

BUSDEB, I guess a lot has to do with numbers, at least for me that is-but also the way I can find clothes, which is still hard even though I'm at goal-I'm short, makes it hard, even petite stuff doesn't fit me right!

SEF, are you trying to tell me you aren't going to miss the chance to rub it in that I'm 40! I'm trying to downplay this event as much as possible. I'm going to lie from here on out-I'm only going to be 37! I wonder if it's believable?? Can we just skip Thursday???? And your plans for your upcoming bday would be??? It's a biggie, isn't it!!!!

Please don't forget TONIGHT'S THE CHAT AT 9:15PM EST I'll post a direct link to the board later on when I post. And of course, I must remind you that TOMORROW IS WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!!! I wish you all good luck with the metal monster!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Sonya hangs her head in shame and vows THAT kind of loss will not happen again for a LONG TIME!!

BARBIE I was born and raised in Starkville, MS. Both parents graduated from there - my brother and I graduated from there and we've had season tickets to every Baseball, Basketball, Football season since I was born. My family BLEEDS MAROON & WHITE . Jackie Wayne has really done great things for MSU and we don't want to go back to being a losing team again. I think Saturday was a fluke. I think the Gators were still stinging from last year and had a special can of whoop a** saved up "special" for our DAWGS.

BOB & FILLISE - Meister graduated from USC and every week-end he asks how they did and then checks the scores 3 and 4 times not believing that they are really something to contend with. He's having a blast hearing about their wins. 'Bout them cowbells.......They don't call us "COW COLLEGE" for nuttin'! We practice ringing them thangs!! I'll just send some ear plugs your way, SUSAN!

GATORGAL - You made some good points there, but dadgummit, couldn't they cut us SOME slack?? It's not like we're not FSU or anything. Vince is not working out at Fitness Coach right now. He's concentrating on the SWAT team try-outs and his martial arts stuff. Sorry I missed you, though. I've been scouring every place that has job postings in print and online. Not much response even from the resumes I've sent out so I'm getting more aggressive with my follow up. I still think ORHS is my best bet - I just wish "corporate America" would creep along a little faster.

MARIE I'm soooooo glad you're okay!! When I was reading and I saw the part about the fall I thought "well, she's posting so she must be okay...." I totally know what you mean about "needing your space". When I'm roller blading don't get your butt ANYWHERE NEAR MINE!!! Vince laughs at me, but I'm serious!! I need my space on those trails! I weighed in on Saturday at 194.5, then yesterday at 197 and today at 195.5. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a good one for both of us!!

DEBBIE - CONGRATS ON THE NEW ALL TIME LOW!!!!!! 'Been thinking about your goals and I think you need to get where you're comfy. People who see you all the time - and especially at your higher weights - have trouble seeing lower weights as normal, maybe. My best friend and roomie in college was 5'2" and a size 1. She weighed 92 lbs. soaking wet. How we got to be friends I'll never know - we made a perfect 10, though. She was the 1 and I was the 0. ) Anyway, people told her she was too thin a lot. She got up to 105 lbs. one semester and it ALL went to her hips and it was obvious that she WAS right to stay around 92 lbs. for her size and very tiny frame. My point is that you should be able to decide on a safe, realistic weight for you.

"My story Board" sounds like a good idea. Oh, and I've been working out. Weights one day, walking the next. Just haven't posted on the exercise board. I haven't voted yet because I weigh anywhere from 2-5 times per week and I don't know which option that would be. I don't weigh every day and I try to only weigh on....say....Saturday and WIW, but cheat and get on maybe one or 2 more times during the week.

MELF So glad to hear from you and that things are getting better! Continuing to send prayers up for you and your family!

LIZ and JRED GREAT PICTURES!!! Thanks for posting them!

LIZ enjoyed reading your story, too! Been there done that on the up and down. I lost about 30 lbs. by working my butt off, but still eating fried mushrooms almost 3x/week. When I quit working out the weight came on at world record pace. You're right about being in the right place to get things back on track!

SEF I was thinking about the memorial flag and it seems like there's some protocol as to how those are to be handled. FROG or NANCEMEISTER may be able to provide some more information on that from their awesome military men. I don't know off the top of my head, but I'll look and see if I can find it in some of Meister's stuff.

Halloween.........I haven't passed out candy in years and decided that this year I was going to do it. I like GATORGAL's idea of buying candy that I don't particularly care fo so I'm not tempted to indulge. Candy isn't really a sore spot for me - well, maybe just a few types - but I don't think it will be too hard. My problem is more along the bread line. Now, if I was passing out donuts or muffins or cake or something - then we'd have a problem, Houston....

Still on the job hunt. MEL I hope your interviews went well for you and Hubby! Hopefully you, NANCEMEISTER and I will be doing the happy dance together soon! I'm starting to look at the cheapest way to eat on this plan. Fresh fruits and veggies can get to be expensive. Any ideas out there on that one??

for everyone else! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

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Good morning everyone

It's another nice sunny day here to-day. I just love this weather. I'm feeling a little better to-day. The hand is still sore but it is more of a nuisance than anything. I'm having trouble turning keys, opening jars etc.

Deb - It would have been nice to prop up on the couch yesterday and be waited on but nobody was around to do it for me. So I went to bed early instead as I was feeling pooped. . Thanks for the recipe for Taratour sauce. I've put tahini on my shopping list so I will be prepared when I make the falafels. The last time I had them I put them in pita bread with lettuce, tomato etc. and mayo. This is the way my dil's Mom does them in their store . They taste good this way but I am always ready for a change. I haven't decided about Halloween yet. I always used to buy stuff that I liked in case there was any left over. That definitely has to change. Although with a bit of luck I'll have to work an evening shift that day then the problem will be solved

Solshine - Glad to see that your weight has been down this week. Even below 195 - that's great. I wish you luck for tomorrow. I'm with you on the voting tbis week. I've been weighing two or three times a week. That's WIW and the weekend. So I voted 'other' as no other option was appropriate for me. Do you like lentils? This is quite a cheap item and you could make it with some veggies and serve over brown rice as a vegetarian meal. Or you could use it as a side dish with meat or chicken. There are lots of recipes on Rick Mendosa's site. They are all for CHANA DAL but they can be made with any other type of LENTIL or SPLIT PEA as most of the recipes were originally converted from other lentils to chana dal. I sometimes have them with rice, or I will have them cooked and drained and mixed with some veggies and put in pita bread with salad and top with cheese. If you are interested let me know and I can suggest some recipes for you.

BOB - I don't have THE BEST OF LEBANON cookbook anymore. I borrowed it from the library. But I've got the instructions from Deb.

Fillise - You're wise about the clothes. I had to replace most things in my wardrobe in the early spring this year. Now I don't have any nice clothes to wear for the winter. I'm still reluctant to buy too much as I was hoping to be down another size by now but I guess I will have to go and splurge soon.

Greetings to everyone I've missed and good luck with WIW tomorrow.

I won't be at chat tonite as I have to work evening shift.



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Default Tuesday!

Hi ya'll!

My oldest son won his first tournament game last night! It was a one of those games that makes your heart flutter! My guts were in a knot most of the time. I got stuck being the "official score/bookkeeper" , so I had to sit behind the plate. It is too intense back there for me. I saw one pitch coming straight at my son's head and almost had a heart attack!! Thank goodness he ducked in time! He is having a hard time batting, his instinct is to wait to be walked, but he is striking out just looking at the ball about 1/2 of the time! I can't seem to get him to understand that you must swing the bat to get a hit!! I think he has a mental block right now, just a little self esteem we need to work on.

Little one has his first tournament game tonight. I will try to make chat but no promises!!

Scale is down by 1/2 lb for me this morning! Hope it will stay down at least that much for WIW. I am drinking water like a mad woman today to help maybe get another 1/2 to subtract with it!!

BusDeb - I sent you a private message. Click on your profile button and you should be able to get to it.

Liz - enjoyed your story... will save mine for the new thread.

Rosalie - hope you heal up quickly. I had a bad bike wreck when I was young (busted my front teeth out and my face up pretty bad) and I know how sore you probably are, so hang in there.

BOB - OK, I'll have to catch up online somewhere! I'll probably miss this week too because of baseball!! I figured Dr. Green let that guy die - they'll probably find out and Dr. Green's brain tumor will be back and impairing his judgement or something. Isn't he supposed to be leaving the show? Probably preparing a good story for his going out??

Sef - hope your bil does well.

Deb - I hate TOM!

Will check in later!
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