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Old 10-03-2001, 08:52 PM   #61  
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Just a quickie...

Just got home, not time to post, have to run in the kitchen, just wanted you to know I was alive-will probably not post til later tonight, or tomorrow morning.


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Hope you've had a good arse is better, wasn't even sore this morning...of course...Deb might have to run over and pull me out of the bed in the morning....DEBBIE Tha'ts a good idea....come on over and help me out of bed...THEN I'LL TAKE YOU OUT TO BREAKFAST FOR YOUR "OLD" BIRTHDAY!

I'm so glad you were the stronger of the two!
Have a good time on your trip...AND GO AHEAD AND KISS ALL THE MEN.....I [email protected]!!

LIZ I actually do not feel satisfied if I don't get enough protein...I'm a BIG chicken eater....can and have eaten it every day and DON'T EVEN get tired of it! It's a GODSEND

T.V. Don't miss ER...I just saw another commercial...looks
REALLY good!! Hope your guys win their games...I'll be cheering for them down here....

MEL I agree WHOLE HEARTEDLY I couldn't survive without my buds on this board... DEFINATELY HOOKED ON EVERYONE!!!!

MARIE I'll check that out...THANKS...I just loved the recipes in that book..did you try any of them?

CHICKIES I gotta go...have to get everything done before WEST WING comes on....You all know how I've got to have my TV fix....

DEB RUNNING IN THE KITCHEN???? I bet that's a sight to see!!![/b]

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Talking Do not adjust your monitor, this really is a post from Frog!

Hey Everyone!

I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth or anything like that. But I have been having a busy time and a bit of a struggle with my mood and my weight. Good ol' Deb checked in on me and I felt the need to let everyone else know what is up with Froggie!

I have not lost any weight in months! My lowest was 146 somewhere around June 1. Today I am at 154. Last week was 151. TOM this week, hope that is the culprit for the 3 pounds that appeared today. With Deb's help I discovered that the medicine I am taking has the side-effect of slowing metabolism. GREAT! But I have been OP like a good little girl. I do think that I may not been eating enough and that I may still be eating too much fat. I am still running, ran 4 miles tonight. But you'd never know it to see the scales. I can tell that I've gained slightly in some of my clothes too. But I am NOT throwing in the towel! I am not going to give up!!

I need to revisit Fitday and look at my numbers. I think some of my issues may have been compounded by being out of town 4 of the last seven weekends. I am sooo glad that I have nothing planned that will require me to be away from home for several months! Last weekend I was in my hometown for the weeding of a young woman that I used to babysit for!!! How dare she make me feel old! I was pretty good while I was away, but so sick of eating 4 meals of chicken nuggets in 3 days that I think I've grown a beak! I only had one nibble, a quarter-sized piece of the bride's and groom's cake.

DH is doing great. He has lost some weight this fall and looks great. Thank heavens he has decided not to volunteer himself for the Army (former military officer and the son of the same. Safe to say it's in his genes!).

Now to try to catch up and say my hellos:

DEB - 121 WOW I like the My Story idea. Could it be part of the bio board rather than a seperate board? You have peeked my interest about dairy products. Perhaps I need to consider that a culprit due to the fat.

How to Avoid Halloween Candy H*ll Halloween will be my one year SB anniversary. I had already purchased my Halloween candy when I started on SB, but I never ate a piece of it. This is what has worked for me for the 11 months that I have been on SB... I view it as poison, because that is what it does to my body, poisons it! I also try to get rid of it that night! It is a little easier for me than people with children who come in the door with a big ol' bag full. I have an idea for those of you who feel that you will be too tempted to eat the candy you give away, but still want to participate in "Trick or Treating." Give away those cheap plastic spider rings or pencils with a theme like sports or Barbie on them. You can get really good deals on these at Oriental Trading Company (link for rings) $4.00 plus shipping for 144 rings!! That's cheaper than candy and the kids love this stuff! Our town also has a unique holiday celebration. We have fireworks on Halloween and I take whatever treats I have left and get rid of them there. Hope that is helpful.


ROSALIE - Sorry to hear about your bike accident. Hope you aren't too bruised.

WELCOME to the following chicks who are new to me!! Zanne, BusDeb, JRed, Lizery, TvthatsMe, ChunkyBarbie, CJane, and Jmuir!!

Lizery - I liked your story, thanks for sharing. Your pic is cute! Love those long locks.

JMuir - I am originally from Columbus, GA. Now live in NC. Atlanta is a great place. My sister lives in Stone Mtn area (Loganville).

Fillise - A kitty! I love one that purrs, makes kitty biscuits and is snuggly. War Eagle. Grad to hear that your garage sale went well. I know what you mean about the things that people will buy. I have sold many bras at sales!

MELF - Glad to hear that your BIL is better. I love your attitude. Go for 135!

Gator - Your Halloween Candy idea is good. I like it all except black licorice whips. YUCK! No temptations there!

BOB - The gym. Ahhnald says, "I vant to pump..YOU up!"

SOL - Your posts make the laugh. The name of your MSU football coach sounds like one of those 2-part southern first names, like he should have a name tacked on to the end of Jackie Wayne.

SEF - There are some sites that have instructions regarding "proper display of the flag." I suggest ask jeeves or I found mine on an MSN site a few weeks ago. I hope you will be able to find what you are looking for.

Thunderwoman and idblond - HEY to you too.

MELIRIS - Your story about a big cheat story made me laugh!

CATLOVER - Sorry your kids have been sick. Hope they are all on the road to recovery soon.

Well, I guess that does it! I tried sooo hard to say something to everyone who've posted this week. Here's an extra HEY to anyone I've missed!

Look forward to hearing from you guys!

Pray for PEACE,


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Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday DEAR DEBBIE
Happy Birthday to you!!!

and many more !!


ps be glad you can't actually hear me singing this
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Default happy hump day!

Well, I'm still at 182, my body seems to let go of two pounds, then takes it back for a few days, then finally decides it doesn't really need it. At least I'm steady. Two pounds a week is average and I never was a quick loser.

Sorry I can't respond to everyone. My life is so busy right now, by the time I can sit down and read the posts, it's bed time. Know that I keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers.

Fly: Hope everythings okay. Let us know how you're doing. Still praying for ya!

Happy Birthday, Rhoo!!!!

And a big happy 4-0 to our fearless mentor,Debbie!!!!!

I must get to bed. Two more days of early morning duty!

Take care everybody.

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Boy do i FEEL THE LOVE!!!!!! You are all so great! I did end up having a half decent day. I dropped my daughter off at school still a bit peeved at hubby! Then i went for my 4 mile walk (which i was going to nix and go to breakfast) I got home he was all dressed and ready to go. We went to a local place instead of where he wanted! After having a little chat with him i went to get my daughter at school and we went with my mom shopping! yeah!!! I love to go with her i get what I WANT! We skipped the lunch (they ate i didn't!) So now i get to go out with her on Monday for a meal! woo hoo!!!! Before i left to go shopping i told hubby I DO NOT want a cake when i get back here! (got one Mon. night with sis in laws and his mom Gee thanks huh?-also my middle sons bday is Fri and he will have some kind of junk cake!) So when we got home the kids made some blueberry muffins and they sang to me and they proceede to eat the muffins yeah!
I am going away for Sat and over night wooo hooo thats a gift!

Froggie-glad your back with us!!! stick with it you know this works right!!!!

BOB-you crack me up!!! glad the glutes are better!!! I didn't get a cake today! if i did you are right i would be in it!

Tv-woooo hooo on the 1/2lb! there are more lbs to come!

fillise- yeah for the tape measure! kill that scale!!! what a difference in pant size! just think of next year girl!!

cjane-thanks for the bday wish! Don't ya hate when you go out and get dissapointed with what you get??? my hubby is in a band also he plays bass! thats cool yours is a drummer!

idblond-thanks for the bday wish. Hope the kids feel better! keep going after those lbs! you can do it!!!

zanne- hope you feel better

DEB-happy birthday to you! early but don't know if i will make it on tomorrow!!!!! I went to trader joes today too for my bday!! just got some ww bread. Hard to control yourself in there!!! I wish we could spend our bdays together that sounds fun!!!! we should have met half way!!!! I am looking forward to this week end with the girls. We always have a ton of fun.

I know i missed a bunch of you but thinking of you and wish you all luck with your weigh ins (NO i didn't weigh to much against me! LOL)


201.2/100 something!/135
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Happy Birthday Rhoo!! sorry this is so late (technically it's still your birthday!) but I just didn't get on earlier. Glad to hear that your special day ended better than it started! Have a great weekend and treat yourself to something special.

DEB - Happy birthday to our fearless leader! You don't look a day over 37!!! Hope that Eli treats you like a queen and you have a very special day!

Gotta go - it's getting late here! Hi to everyone - sorry I'm not very good at responding to everyone lately. I try to keep up on the reading but it has been hectic here lately. It will get better soon and then I can get on the board more!

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Red face Good Evening!

Another long day--and tomorrow I leave for NC. I just had a former graduate student over to show her where all the kitty stuff is. She is going to Cat and house sit while I am away. I hate leaving so soon after she got here--but I can't take her with me and I'd rather she spend more time getting used to this as her home. When I am at the computer she seems to want to be in my lap or right at me feet. I will miss her while I am gone!

Deb--Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!! The big 40 huh? Gosh it liked to have killed me--but I have to admit the 40s are turning out pretty well! I hope they do for you as well--especially since you are starting them so thin and gorgeous!!!!!

BOB--I will be sure to kiss all the boys! My first love was my high school sweetheart. I have no idea whether he will be there or not. I hope your arse is feeling better! I thought working it off was --ahem--the idea!

Frog--So glad to see you back on the board. You and I are in the "stuck" brigade. Medication will sure do it to you--but hang in there because it will eventually pay off!

Rhoo--so glad the birthday was at least half decent! It sounds like the shopping was fun!

jred--two pounds a week is great progress! I'd kill to see my scale go down two pounds!

Congrats to all the losers on the board!

I've got to go to bed--I see you in the morning before I leave.

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Old 10-04-2001, 07:43 AM   #69  
"I'm working on it!"
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Talking Good Thursday Morning!

Morning All. Still dark here while I type away.

DEBBIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY! By looking at your pictures, you could easily pass for 37!!! Jeeze, I'm 37 and I try to get away with telling people I'm 26 You're only as old as you feel! Hope you have a wonderful day.

I didn't remember till late yesterday afternoon that I had signed up for swimming classes--and they started last night! After all the chaos was sorted out, we got in about 30 minutes (out of 45) of swimming. It's been almost 30 years!!! since I've taken swimming, but I think I did pretty good. I actually surprised myself that I could do as much as I did!

The scale actually went down a pound today, but I'll wait till next week to see what it says "officially"

Fillise Your kitty sounds so sweet. I'm sure you'll miss her.

Rhoo Glad to hear that your day turned out pretty good

jred 2 lbs a week is a great loss! Keep up the good work.

Frog Lover Nice to meet you!

BOB Your posts make me laugh. Glad your backside isn't hurting.

Well, gotta go and pack a couple of lunches. I'm going with my son's class to a farm. Whoo- hoo

Have a great day every one!
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Happy Birthday DEB!!!

That's all for now! Time to get in the shower!

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Congratulations on starting your next decade at (below!) goal, in great shape, and meaning so much to so many people. I'm singing happy birthday to you right now. Can you hear my screech down there?

Will post more later,

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Talking The Big 4-0!

Deb, I hope you enjoy your day--especially in light of the fact that you have exceeded your goal before your birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Are you ready for this?

I stepped on the scale this morning. . .

fully expecting it to say what it has said every morning for 2 months. . .

When I peered through the fingers covering my eyes. . .

I lost a whole friggin pound!!!!!!

This is the first time the scale has budged in MONTHS! WoooHooo!

I hope this is a sign of more losses to come!

July 10, 2000

I'll talk to everyone when I get to NC this weekend--yes BOB--I'm going to smooch ALL the boys!
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Default Happy Birthday to Deb!! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEB!!! Hope you have a GREAT day!!

Okay...confession time. I TOTALLY screwed up last night. Had beer and everything!! Here's my deal...and I think those of you struggling (or that have made it through) with trying to lose MANY pounds (+100) will understand:

I have been "searching" for some way to lose this weight. Weight watchers, calorie counting, whatever. No pills or drugs, but just a good "plan." Mainly it's been weight watchers. When I was thin (and I was for most of life up until 5 years ago when I had my daughter) was easy not to "cheat" or eat wrong because I would gain weight and get "fat." But now that I'm already fat, my mentality has changed to "whatever...i'm already fat, so what's the difference." It's hard to shake that. It's hard to look in the mirror and see what I eat up!! Does that make sense???

So...even though I know this way of eating is waaaay right, it's still hard to believe that without weighing my food, or counting points, or doing tons of work, that I will actually lose weight. I still have this "need" to count points or SOMETHING, and I still have my doubts that it will work...for me.

All I know is I NEED to lose this weight. It is covering up so many aspects of my self-confidence mainly. I hate to see people who might either remember me thin, or not know that I have gained sooooo much weight!! I embarrass myself, and I don't want to be the "fat mom."

So....last night was a setback ... but today I will try to move forward.

Thanks for letting me just think "out loud." You all are an inspiration!!!!

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aka Zippy LiverFace
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Yesterday was a full day for me. Weighed in at 196. That’s a loss and I’ll gladly take it, but I REALLY wanted to be at 194.5 – the low I had on Saturday. Oh well, it will come. I had a great interview yesterday. I’m so tickled – it’s a company atmosphere very similar to what I had at my last job. Everyone there seemed to be in their 20’s and 30’s – a very young looking company and they mentioned several times that their name stands for CHANGE and that it’s the place where you can be innovative and put your ideas into action. They like trying new things that make the company money and/or more productive. I also would be getting a laptop if I got hired. I LOVE laptops! Best thing is they are going to make a decision THIS WEEK – so I won’t have to wait forever to find out. I had applied for another position at the company also, but hadn’t heard from that HR contact my application went to. I told the supervisor and director I interviewed with and the girl who would be my supervisor said, “Well, we called you first!” That sounds good, right?

OH, YEAH…..Vince put a caveat on the slumber party in January……He HAS GOT to be able to come eat BBQ with us at Uncle Jones!

MARIE I would love to know which recipes you recommend. I haven’t had time to check out Medosa’s site, but I certainly will! I made the Lentil Sausage Soup in the SugarBusters for Kids book and it was yummy! We also made the pasta with peppers in the book, too. The UPS lady came by while it was cooking and I could see her mouth watering when I opened the door. She commented several times how great it smelled. Being slow……after she was gone I realized I could and should have offered to fix her a quick tupperware bowl to take with her. Maybe next time. She’s very nice. I’ll post the recipes today in case you want to check them out. I’m looking for those recipes using the tahini, too. I love the hummus, but haven’t ventured into the falafal ring yet. I should buy some mix or get my fingers moving to find one of those recipes.

TV The game sounds fun! I’ll be going to a friend’s son’s game on Saturday. He loves it when Vince and I come watch him play. Like having his own little fan club in the stands.

THUNDER – You go girl!!! That’s awesome progress!!

MEL Isn’t it wonderful how our bodies take care of that “taste” for illegal foods sometimes? I had to laugh at your rationalization! Sadly, chocolate does not EVER taste bad in my book. Some things don’t change. How did your interview go? And Hubby’s? I’m continuing to believe for y’all to find the perfect job for each one of you.

GATOR I’m always proud to be a DAWG!! Just bruised a little from the pounding. They were so bad for so long that it was a joke hoping they would win, but we have ALWAYS enjoyed the games and the fellowship before and after. I vividly remember many many ESPN sports broadcasters talking about how much fun they have at MSU home games. (I think everyone brings them plates of food from their parties.) They REALLY like baseball at MSU and you always see news people en masse in the Left Field Lounge when we’re on TV. My parents have 3 – count ‘em THREE sets of season tickets to MSU games. Tickets for the Left Field Lounge trailer they have with friends. Tickets for the grandstand. Tickets for the skybox seats. They can sit anywhere they want and frequently visit each spot during a game. I go to The Fitness Coach pretty much every other day. I do my weight training there, but walk in the neighborhood here. The weather has been so nice that it’s been a joy to walk outside as the sun is coming up. When it was really hot and when it gets really cold out I’ll probably go back to the TM.

BOB – WAY TO GO HITTING THE GYM!!! It DOES get better, easier and addictive! I never thought it would, but now I can’t imagine missing my work outs. (The ONLY good thing that has come from being laid off. ) Meister was actually born and raised here in O-Town. In fact his parents live on a dirt road that used to be in the middle of thousands of acres of orange groves that are now apartment complexes and gated communities (Metro West). It’s funny driving down this totally urban road and off to the side, tucked away is this little gravel road with houses that are 40-50 years old that you KNOW used to be in the middle of nowhere. His uncle went to school at USC and Vince was going to major in aerospace engineering so that’s why he went there. WHY OH WHY ARE SO MANY GOOD SHOWS ON TONIGHT!?!?! I can't wait to find out who the daddy is on Friends, but I am also VERY addicted to Survivor and CSI. We're going to try the show that comes on after CSI one more time - it wasn't all that impressive last week. Alias on Sundays looks like it's going to be a good one.

RHOO – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I hope it turned out to be a very nice day for you!! You can get that scale in the downward trend and reach your goal.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! You are kicking a** and taking names on those walk/runs!! I think you may be a contender for the marathon in January if you keep that up!

CJ – Way to go at the restaurant! You’re definitely getting the hang of things and that weight will be melting off quickly! What kind of band is Hubby in?

FILLISE I’m sorry that the scale isn’t moving for you, but I really think you’re replacing your fat with muscle since you’re so faithful to do your workouts (not size, obviously since the tape measure is going down). You’re making tremendously wonderful progress! AND it’s inspiring!! That scale will follow soon and when it does it’ll be a kamikaze fall! Way to go not giving into that jihad at the ice cream cooler, too! Very interesting information on that word – thanks for sharing it.

MUSIC Just post when you can. We love to hear from everyone and share victories and words of encouragement when needed.

FROG Keep on keeping on, Girlfriend! Fitday will help “tweak” you food intake and your running will help offset that medicine messing with your metabolism. We’re looking forward to meeting you in January and setting up camp as your official ‘FROG FAN CLUB’!

Have a great day everyone!!

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Default Just for Deb!

Happy Birthday Debbie!
You are always so much fun!
Don't fret now that you are 40,
Life has only just begun!

You are such an inspiration
To me and all the gals,
We are all just proud to know you
And call ourselves your pals!

So here are my BEST WISHES
I'm sending you today
No moaning now, put on a smile
And have a wonderful day!!!!

Just for you - from TVthatsME
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