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Good Thursday Morning Everyone!

I HAVE ARRIVED!!!!! Okay, so it doesn't feel any differently than it did yesterday. At the least, I hoped all the hype I've heard about women reaching their sexual peak at 40 would of kicked in at midnight, but I was dead to the world then! Eli said as for me, I was an early bloomer and must of peaked in my 30's-I told him he better be careful if I hadn't!LOL!!

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!! I appreciate each and every one of them, and each and every one of you!!! You truly make me feel so special

Woke up to find red roses, 2 balloons and cards in the kitchen. I think he has plans for us and the kids to go to dinner because he said he didn't want me to take anything out for tonight. Either that, or he's going to cook tonight, which I doubt. He did ask me if I wanted to go to Naples on Sunday for the day, and then to dinner at Marco Island-haven't decided as of yet.

Was going to try and get in a really long walk today, but Eli had to be at work early and I have to take Lauren, so that nixed that idea, but I got out and did my 4.5 miles in 50 minutes, not my best time, but not too shabby for an elderly woman!

Wanted to share something interesting, at least to me on a personal level. Actually, two things. One, last month on my Weight Commander Program, on Sept. 3, I wrote down the predictions it gives for the next 90 days, in 30 day increments. The next incremint was Oct. 2nd, which predicted I would be 122-and that's exactly what I was on Oct. 2nd! THEN, this morning when I opened up the WCP it said HAPPY BIRTHDAY, then it asked me what I would predict my weight to be on my birthday NEXT year. I hadn't remembered doing this last year, but I must of because it said that last year on my birthday I had predicted that I would be 125lbs-not too far off, but thank goodness it's under what I predicted, not over. I think I predicted 123 for next year, I've forgotten already-you know, it's the age thing!!! Something new to blame things on!!! At least the scale is kind to me for my birthday, 121.5 today. TOM is actually due today, and I thought I'd be up, but I think my body is holding out, at least til tomorrow, nice bday present NOT to get it today!

So yesterday, we had a nice day out. Eli has a wonderful elderly couple (both in their mid 80's) that comes in to Starbucks every day and they just love him. They're names are Minnie and Morris. Anyhow, we invited them to spend the day with us up in Broward and took them to lunch at Ole Ole (yes, I went there 2 days in a row!) then we took them to the indoor flea market (more like little stores, no old junk) and they had a ball there. Afterwards, we went to Carbolite (and yes, two days in a row there as well). They really enjoyed the day out and we promised we'd take them again-they really were a joy to be around.

I have a bunch of things to do today, lots of little errands. One is to get my rear to KMART and pick up my pictures-so I will have some to be posted tonight

TODAY IS RECIPE DAY so if you have any good SB LEGAL RECIPES you'd like to share with the board, please, try to post them today.

So, I'm going to try to catch up with all the posts from yesterday, at least until CROSSING OVER comes on

ZANNE, sorry to hear you're not feeling well-hope by today you are better. Ditch those BITS & BITES, think of them more as BITES & POUNDS! Thanks for the bday wish, and for being so nice to think I can still pass for 37-it's a believable age-I'd be pushing it trying to go lower than 35, I think. Good going on the swimming classes!! Great exercise!

BUSDEB, how'd you do with the water and walking yesterday??

LDBLOND, glad t see your post on the board! You are not far above your low, and I know you will get there again, soon. Sorry to hear all the kids are not feeling well in one way or another, hope everyone feels better soon. Let us know how your visit goes-hope you too are feeling better as well. Hey, have you heard from NANCE? We haven't heard from her!!!

CJANE, thanks for the birthday wishes! Hmmm, about last night, well, it gets hard when you are looking at losing 100 pounds, but if you don't stay focused, it's harder to look at losing 125, or 150 pounds. It is EASIER to make excuses than to find the willpower to not give in to temptation. We want everything NOW and we don't like waiting. I know how it feels to have so much to lose, remember, I was once 284lbs! A 10lb loss doesn't show on someone who's 284lbs, no one could even notice, but you keep on moving in the right direction, and even though you may not see those results others will. The thing is, if you don't do it now, with this WOE that doesn't restrict you and is healthy, what's the next thing you're going to try? What happened last night, what made you REALLY go hog wild? Think about this. Then, think about how you felt when you did well at lunch the other day, with not giving in to temptation-I bet you felt good then! Remember, it's only a temporary high when you eat crap and then you get pissed right afterwards for eating whatever it is. What kind of band is hubby in? Looking forward to having you on this weekend while he's away.

FILLISE, thank you for such a nice e-card and the great bday wish on the board! CONGRATS!!! What a wonderful birthday present you just gave me-to see that you lost a pound, I couldn't ask for anything better!! You most definitely made my day! I knew that scale was going to move in the right direction for you!!! WOW, look at the big difference a year makes, from a 30 to a 20! That's wonderful! Can't help you with ordering unfortunately, I never order clothes from catalogues, it's hard enough for me to find clothes on the racks! These petite pants are 4" too long on me-don't they make petite short? Sounds like you went to a very interesting and uplifting meeting and I must say, you went away with an understanding of more than the meaning of a word. Good for you for resisting indulging on the ice cream-you wouldn't of liked it afterwards anyhow, but you surely must of liked yourself a whole lot more for walking away empty handed! Have a safe trip!!!! When are you coming home??

MEL, thanks for the nice birthday wish, and the song you sang, I thought it was someone throwing a cat by it's tail out there! LOL! After last weeks big drop, your body is probably trying to play catch up a little bit. You'll be dropping soon, I'm sure. Hey, you're less than 20lbs from goal! Good going on the jury duty, sorry, I'd get out of it any way I could! Have I ever figured out how many miles I've walked, not exactly, but I average about 27 miles a week, and in the last year and a half, I'd guesstimate I've done about 1900-2000 miles. I know I've gone through 2 pairs of sneaks in just the past year and I'm about ready to break in another pair! Actually, in Prevention I read about this lady who joined their walking club when it started. She walks 7 days a week and figured in the last 15 years she's walked 20,100 miles - 25,000 miles is around the world-but the best part was, she's 77 years old! I'm sure you've logged at least that in your 25 years!!!

THUNDER, one day, you'll be able to do the jogging I've been able to do, you start out small-I couldn't do but a few feet when I started! I've definitely come a long way, but a marathon runner, I'll NEVER be!!! The miles you are logging are great-keep up the great work-I love your enthusiasm!

MUSIC, CONGRATS on being down a pound. Don't worry about posting daily, post when you can, we all know how hectic life can get at times.

ROSALIE, thank you for such a sweet e-card! Hmmm, you are now sounding like me when I have things I've baked in the house! It's hard to control eating too many. Try sticking them in the freezer, that helps me sometimes. All the carob cake I baked is gone-after the initial pigging out, I cut the rest in 2oz pieces and stuck them in the fridge, then just once a day did I have a piece-I must admit, it's even better right out of the freezer!!! Tahini doesn't go bad, it's good for a couple years, but I'll get you some recipes for other stuff. If you make hummus, you use that too, so there's another use for it. WOW, you did falafel from scratch, you're better than I am-the mix I got is too good to bother with doing it from scratch. How'd the boobie squishing go? They don't have to squish mine, they're pre-squished!! LOL!!

TV, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT WONDERFUL POEM!!!! That meant so much to me, you could never know! I'm printing it out and showing it to my family-THANK YOU!!!! CONGRATS on that 1/2lb loss-every little bit counts! Pinto beans for lunch, sounds good, as long as you don't get gassey, then, you may have some trouble!! If you like beans, I posted a wonderful bean salad long ago that is delicious! Good luck tonight splitting yourself between the games-you need to be cloned!! Isn't it amazing how sweet things can taste? Your tastes do change when you detox from the sugars!

BOB, thanks for that "interesting" e-card-I know a mushy one would never come from you! LOL! Actually, thought I'd get a grosser one! Hmm, pulling your arse out of bed, going to breakfast, hmmm, I may lose my appetite if I was pulling just your arse out of there! Okay, I couldn't resist! Yes, after I posted that I was running to the kitchen I too thought that would be a true sight to see-of course it wasn't to cook, well, I did make rice, but Eli was really cooking in there-unfortunately, the cooking stopped there, it didn't migrate into the bedroom! Girl, you MUST get down here soon-just for a visit, don't worry about doing major shopping!!!!

FROG, glad to see your post on the board. Thanks for the nice bday wish!! I was thinking about you yesterday! I saw something frog related that made me have that thought I think keeping better track will let you see how you are really doing with your food. Don't hesitate to ask me to give my input on it, you know I'll help in any way I can . This is just a plateau, and it WILL pass. I think the STORY BOARD will be seperate from the BIO BOARD, it would get too long and too much for that board-any good names you'd like to input for the new board??

JRED, thanks for the bday wish! Two pounds a week is really good, so don't worry if you get stuck and don't lose for a week, your body is probably adjusting to the past losses.

RHROO-glad to hear you had a nice day yesterday! Thanks for the wishes as well. Control, in TJ's-NEVER! I wish I could spend some time with all of you at one point or another, hey, one never knows!!! Enjoy your weekend away!!!

DRAGON, thanks for the bday song! I'm sure your singing voice can't be any worse than what I've already heard today!!!

KAREN, thanks for the bday wishes! I don't feel a day over 37!!!

SOL, thanks for the nice birthday wishes. Hope you get this job! Tell Vince, sure he can come, but where does he think we're going to actually do any sleeping? I thought we'd have a gabfest! Nope, no marathon for this old bag, I'm leaving that all up to FROG!!

Want to also thank SEF, MELF and CAT for the nice e-cards you sent me!

Okay, I MUST get in the shower, would you all believe I've been working on this post since 8am, and here it is, after 11am already! UGH. Where does the time go???

I'll check in with you all tonight and I'll try to get a recipe posted on the board sometime later as well.

Once again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making me feel so special on this birthday!!!

Have a wonderful day!

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Hello all,
Happy Birthday DEB!!! I told you 40 is not so bad....LOL I am glad you had such a good day yesterday.

My water and walking was good yesterday and today so good so far. Thanks so much for asking.

I invited a new gal who posts a lot over on sugarbuster site to join us. You all may have seen some of her posts. She is Laura fr Canada.....Please make her feel welcome....but of course I know you all will.

TV---I still can not get your email at work to go thru.....oh well. LOL

I will try to post more later tonight. You all have a good day.

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Default Re: Happy Birthday to Deb!! :)

Originally posted by Cjane ->So...even though I know this way of eating is waaaay right, it's still hard to believe that without weighing my food, or counting points, or doing tons of work, that I will actually lose weight. I still have this "need" to count points or SOMETHING, and I still have my doubts that it will work...for me.

You know what, that is a lot of what I thought. But I was on the opposite side. I could NEVER stick with WW or anything else. Tried Nutri system YUCK! I have to say to myself all the time, yea,bread tastes good, but guess what girlfriend, bread makes you FAT! I do not feel like a fat person so when I get a glimpse in the mirror I think, ACCCCCCK how did I get that way? But I just have to take one day at a time and this WOE *is* working for me. I know it will work for you too. Maybe you are setting too long term of goals for yourself? Maybe make a goal of 5 lbs. Then 10.
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Default Re: The Big 4-0!

Originally posted by Fillise I lost a whole friggin pound!!!!!!

This is the first time the scale has budged in MONTHS! WoooHooo!

That is great!!!! WTG Fillise
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Default Why do I do this department

Just got back from playing probably theWORST tennis my life. I felt like I was sleepwalking out there and hauling around an extra 100 pounds. I keep thinking if there's less of me and more of it's muscle I should be running faster, jumping higher, leaping tall buildings, etc. But nooo....not the case. I might as well have brought an air mattress and just lay down on the court.

The scale went up another pound. I was horrified this am. I'm staying 100% OP, drinking water so much that I'm keeping scott paper in business and exercising my butt off. Whats going on here?

Rosalie- Great you got back on the bike and feel good enough to do it. I agree, go alone!

Solshine-Sounds like you're getting real close on a good job. I'm crossing my fingers for you! Not so good for me. I don't know what I'm going to do- dh did have a good first round of interviews this week at one place, and is hoping to hear something soon, too.

TV- You remind me of a Volvo ad that runs here- a dad frantically driving between son's baseball game and daughter's soccer game. Manages to see all the goals and hits so that both kids think he's only at their game. Good Luck!

Fillise- Congrats on the long anticipated pound! I wish I could say the same, but I know I haven't been staring at the same number as long as you, so I shouldn't complain. Kudo's to you for sticking with it!

BOB-Way to go at the gym! You'll turn into a gym rat yet! It gets so addictive, all those endorphins running around in your system. Course I read somewhere that about 2 pounds of chocolate produces the same amount of endorphins as 45 minutes of exercise, but I don't think even I could swallow 2 pounds in one sitting. The exercise is MUCH better!

Frog-Glad to see you back. People really bought bras at garage sales??? I don't think I'd have the nerve to put them out.

Zanne- Hope your cold's better or gone.

Deb- Your outing yesterday sounds lovely. Hope today is as nice or better. Red Roses- wow! I haven't seen those in years. Eli's a keeper. Again, have a great birthday. Your 77 year old lady story was inspiring. I hope I'm still walking at all at that point. I play tennis with an 84 year old. She doesn't run for the ball real well, but when it comes near her, boy does she ever connect. When you see people like that, 40 is just a drop in the bucket.

All you other ER fans will have to keep me informed. ICE HOCKEY season started, and my True North Proud and Free Canadian husband watches ALL 80 Flyers games of the season. Ok- I can hear the hissing from the Ontario gals- we were Leafs fans for years. I get the TV back next June after play-offs.

Hello to everyone I've missed,

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HA PP YB IR TH DA Y, D EB OU RG IR L !!!!!!!!!!

It's not the end of the world, you know! Just think, Looky. looky who's turned forty! At least they can't say she's porty! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, sholdn't that ne portly?!? Just turn gray gracefully!

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Okay! How embarassed am I? Rhroo did you like the nirthday card I sent you? You didn't get it? Hmmmmmm, I wonder why? Could it be that I didn't recheck the Board and thought it was Susan's birthday? My heart was in the right place even if my brain wasn't!!!!! I hope you had a lovely day!!! 37 eh? Just think what you have to look forward to in three more years!

FILLISE - Did you enjoy the card? Does this mean I don't owe you one for your bithday? Did you think when you read it, "What's with that senile old lady?!?" Your meeting sounded so interesting, we need understanding of other belifs now. Glad you won your personal hijad.

SOL - never gave it a thought about protocol of using flag, As I said the problem was solved when I found the regular flag! But will be interesting to look up info.

Thanx to those who asked about my bil, he had the surgery yesterday, will be in ICU a couple of days and then transferred to another section of the hospital....sis said he's doing fine!

TV - I remember those kids sports days!! The kids want to participate even when they are dying. My ds swam with a swollen hand she jammed on the side of the pool making a turn. She still won the race!! But she was in pain, just wouldn't give ine. Others wouod do the same thing. I used to time, they didn't have electric timers then, and thought I'd fall in the pool someday leaning over the edge watching for the touches. It is all a winderful exoperience.

MUSIC TEACH - Welcome to the Board. If you read this post, I want you to know the people on this Board and smart and funny. Not like me!

Want you all to know I didn't desert the Board the last couple of days. I was just very busy! My WIW was lousy, I think the scale is broke and just sits there at that same number week after week to torment me! But I will stick to the plan!!!! I will NOT wallow in self pity!

Sorry I missed the chat but gd was hit with a lot of homeowrk and needed puter! But earlier in the day Melf, Thunder and I had our very own little chat! We LA girls have to stick together.

Senile sef
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Happy Birthday Deb. As to being the big 4-0, just consider that it is better than the alternative!!

Now, about Vince. You all will be very happy that he will be with us. He’s a looker! Right, SolShine. And---very nice, also.

Sol, your parents must be a little like my DH and I. Although we are not big baseball fans. But we do have season tickets to the football games and even go to most of the out of town games. This year may be a little different. But we do have reservations for a B & B in Atlanta in case the Gators should get lucky enough to play there the second Sat. in Dec. My DH is talking about getting reservations in Pasadena. Now THAT would be sumptin’ to get to go out there to watch the Gators. That would take MAJOR luck. But I DO know how much fun it is to party before the games, no matter what the sport!

CJane--I understand completely. I still have those kind of thoughts every so often.

Well, we have company coming. They will be with us for the next 4 days. They should be arriving any time, so I will get off the board and start folding the clothes. Have a great evening, y'all.
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Evening all

Deb - Hope you enjoyed your birthday. Why are you worried about reaching 40? When you reach my age then you will have something to worry about I finished off the falafels to-day. I had them on a bed of lettuce and topped with taratour sauce. As a side dish I had tabouli. Would Eli approve of this combination?

BOB - The only recipe I tried was Zucchini Omelet which I posted on the August Recipe Board. I've made these quite a few times already. Sometimes I will omit the onion and the parsley and have them with fruit spread likea mini pancake. They are good either way. I wasn't in much of a cooking mood when I had the book from the library. I'll have to try it again sometime.

Frog - It's good to see you posting again but I can sympathize with the problem you are having losing. Being away on weekends certainly doesn't help the situation. I hope you can hang in there and that things will improve for you soon. You certainly deserve it.

Jred - Two pounds a week is a good amount to lose. If it stays at this rate think of how much that would be in a year. If you lose any more than 2 pounds a week on a regular basis you would be losing muscle, not fat. Also when you lose slowly it is more likely to stay off.

Rhroo - Sounds like you had a pleasant day on your birthday. Hope you have a good weekend away.

Fillisse - Have a good time at the reunion. Hope to see some pics when you return. I'm so happy for you losing that pound. I'll do the HAPPY DANCE FOR YOU. I was stuck at 200 pounds for a couple of months, then 198 for a few more so I can empathise with you.

Zanne - Hope you enjoyed your swim yesterday. Glad the scale is being kind to you.

Solshine - Hope your job search is successful soon. Sounds like you had good vibes from the interview yesterday. I will post a couple of lentil recipes. I did post a couple a while ago for the chanadal (I think it was on the January Recipe Board) but I will change them to lentils and repost them. I haven't tried the Hummus yet but that will be my next project. I was surprised that the chick peas went so well in my food chopper. Just had to add a little liquid so should be o.k. for the hummus. It's also good for chopping up the parsley for the tabouli. There's a Lentil Chili that MELF posted on the March Recipe Board which is excellent. I went out to-day and bought Sugar Busters for Kids. I didn't really want to spend the money but none were available at the library. Anyway it will be a good resource for my dd and her four kids. Looks like there are lots of good recipes in there.

Someone asked for a recipe for apple crisp. This is what I used recently and it turned out very good: 1/4cup sgww pastry flour, 1/4 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup toasted wheat germ, 1/4 cup butter, sweetener ( I used fructose when I made this but next time I will try agave nectar), 1/2 tspn cinnamon, 1/4 tsp nutmeg. Mix together and sprinkle over apples. (I sprinkled a little lemon juice on the apples before the topping). Cook in 350F oven until apples are done and topping is browned.

I still have more posts to read but have to stop and get back in the kitchen and finish preparing supper. I am making Chicken Enchiladas with a recipe I got from the other SB board.

Will be back later.

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Talking I have a new avatar!

What do y'all think of my new avatar? There were some artists doing charactures (sp?) in downtown Greensboro yesterday. They were donating the money to the Red Cross so I thought, "Why not?" This is not the whole thing, it was too big to scan so I scanned a portion of it. Sorta avant garde! He really drew a great Kermit. And he made the Kermit sign "I love you!" Perfect for a frog loving speech-language pathologist!!! Thought maybe a change could spark more effort on my part.

Went to the gym tonight to lift weights. Will try to do a long run tomorrow, as it is supposed to be COLD and rainy here this weekend. BRRR running weather! GRRREAT chili and football weather.

Who all is planning on a trip to WDW in January? I haven't decided yet if I have the nerve to fly yet. Was having reservations about it before 9/11, don't know if I can do it now. We could drive, would just add an extra day or two to the trip, but that may be OK with me! Any thoughts from those of you out there on the flying topic?

DEB - Hope you are having a great birthday ! Your day with M&M sounded like a lovely gesture and a great time. Your gifts sounded so sweet. What a thoughtful family you must have. Your WCP story was a trip!

BOB - I know you're watching tv tonight aren't you? Dixie says "Hey" to Skeeter!

ROSALIE - Thanks for your vote of confidence. I'm trying to keep the faith , staying on plan hasn't been all that difficult.

SEF - Come on over and will wallow in pity together! Let's try to keep each other motivated.

MELIRIS - Hang in there! I'm happy to say that I've sold more than one bra at a garage sale. It always ends up in a box of "this-and-that" and someone picks out a lovely lacy and takes it home. My hubby is off to the Carolina Hurricanes home opener tomorrow night. He's got a buddy with season tickets who's Caniac. I'm scared already!

CJANE = Give it time girl! Keep positive thoughts and don't sabotage yourself! That is probably the best advice I can give you. You wouldn't sabotage a friend, so don't do it to yourself! You are an important person.

SOL - Go GIRL! Good luck with the job interview. I'll keep a good thought for you. BBQ huh? I love the stuff. No pork for me though, just chicken and turkey. Turkey is suprisingly good and tastes alot like pork. A Frog Fan Club? That sounds like fun. I've got to get my butt in gear if I'm gonna have a fan club!

FILLISE - Dress warmly this weekend! Lows in the 30's and raining here this weekend! Hope you have a great, safe trip. Interstate 85 - oh boy! If you come through Burlington give me a call.

Well I guess that does it for now. Hope that you all have a great evening. Will try to check back in tomorrow. Not going anywhere this weekend (thank Heavens) so I will be near the computer!

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SOL Did you get to see??? I'm taping the CBS shows tonight. I agree about the really didn't flutter my butt!
I will give it another try too...Have you seen the GUARDIAN? It's really good too. And I liked PASADENA (FRI) Did you catch WEST WING last night? Regular season starts next week..
Tell Vince OF COURSE he's included...all of us loose in ORLANDO at one time??? He's our CONNECTION!!

SUSAN Have a GREAT time...I know you will...We'll check in with BELLE while you're gone..

RHOO So glad you had a good day...AND I'M PROUD OF YOU....NO CAKE!!!! YOU DA BOMB GIRL!!!!!

FROGGIESo glad you found your way back....we're here for you..and can't wait to be your cheering squad in January!! What has happened to your friend who was on the board?
Are you going to be able to join us for BBQ in Orlando?

You should see the card I had picked out to begin with....SO..spill the beans....where did you go for dinner...what else did you get for your birthday???

DANGIT....I can't watch T.V. and type to you all.....HELLO to everyone I missed...not ignoring...just up to my arse in programs...

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBS!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO YOU ARE THE BOMB! What are you doing to celebrate this special occasion??? What's this dinner place in Napels (sp?) all about? I need details girlfriend, details!!!!

Sorry I've been M.I.A.....don't know where the time has gone. Seems like so much has been going on. Was out of town all weekend at homes. Dan the Man is applying for a teaching position in a school district 40 miles from here and we went looking at model homes, not once but twice. The weather is cooler, it's more out in the country, they actually get some rain, so what's there to think about???? Nothing new on my job front...if we stay in the desert I have another job lined up at a different Dr.s office. Someone is leaving but it's a "loose" notice they gave...still trying to get in at the school district with Lara, will be going through round 2 over there.....maybe nothing will happen if we're meant to move. It's all in Gods hands. I've turned my life over and he's in charge, not me. Saying lots of prayers that our path be lit bright so we know what's meant to be.

I've got an icky cold...I'm sure some patient gave me cooties, so I'm crawling in bed with my cup of lemon tea. I have been OP 100% the last two days, and have walked the last tow days, but I need to rest today, just plain worn out.

Miss all of you and will try not to disappear again for so long. Wasn't the way the new addy is "[email protected]"

p.s. BOB...didn't get to watch Friends...who knocked up Rachel?
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Question agave nectar

Forgive me if the lingo isn't correct--I'm not very chat savvy.

Where is everybody getting this agave nectar?
I've been using fructose (just recently found out it was from corn), and I don't wish to use a lot of the artificial sweeteners if I can help it.

I found a brew supply place that sells it (by the 1/2 gal!), and I've seen it online, but not at the health food store, or Trader Joe's. I'm in Arizona, is that the problem?

Thanks for the help.
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Hi again

Solshine - I forgot to congratulate you on your 1 lb loss this week. Now you have been down to 194.5 you know it will get down there again soon. I have posted a couple of lentil recipes.

Deb - I survived the boobie squishing. It really wasn't as bad as I remembered it from the last time, which was several years ago.

Meliris - Sorry you had such a yucky game to-day. We all have days like that! Playing tennis at 84!!!!!! Hope I will be that fit when (if) I reach that age.

Sef - Glad to hear your bil is doing o.k.

Frog - I liked your old avatar better than the new one (you did ask)!!!!!!

Zanne - Hope your cold is better. You were asking about the filling for apple pie. I would suggest trying just a sprinkling of lemon juice, some cinnamon and/or nutmeg ad some agave nectar. I think about 1/4 cup should do although I haven't had too much experience with it yet. If you think it might be too juicy and you need some kind of thickener how about trying a couple of tbs. of wheat germ. (I've not tried in a pie but it should work). I've cooked a single serving of apples in the microwave using a couple of squirts of agave and that turned out good. A quick and easy dessert.

Have to get away from here and get ready to hit the sack. Work in the morning.


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Talking For those of you who might remember me ;)

Hello ladies! I haven't had time to do more than skim for birthdays, births and deaths in the past two weeks so if I missed anything major, sorry!



Hey better late than never.

Your progress -- lowest weight, best time and RUNNING A WHOLE MILE!!!! -- is very inspiring to me. I've been trying to compose something to say to you way back during that conversation about "fat clothes" and still wearing long sleeves and long pants although you are deliciously thin now. The encouraging words don't seem to be forming but I wanted to say that I can sympathize. So maybe I'll just say this.

When I was over 215 pounds I couldn't even walk a mile without chafing. I couldn't climb a moderate hill without dying of lack of breath. I looked at my body in the mirror (NOT OFTEN) and thought of everything as a big, homogenous balloon with no details. In other words, I couldn't bear to think of my body at all. I wore long, hot polyester shirts over tight jeans because it's the only thing I could find that would fit. Or heaven forbid, MUUMUUS. (Yes, I absolutely detest muumuus and would rather die than put one on) but I got so fat that I actually got two of those shortie muumuus from the swap meet (calf length) for something like 12 dollars for both and alternated them. Disgusting.

Now. I am approximately 150 pounds but naturally, I'm not happy with my body. I have already posted about the cottage cheese belly etc. But when I get unhappy and impatient for not living up to some ideal in my head, I try to think about how things are now compared to back then -- not compared to some model who goes skiing all day and drinks champagne all night.

I never used to wear pants AT ALL. Today I wore size 10 khakis with a white shirt, tucked in, with a BELT on the second to smallest notch.

I do all kinds of athletic things when before, I barely left the house.

I don't feel like doing a complete list right now but I think you get the idea. Sure you might have some saggy skin but from the pictures I've seen, you are sexy! So expose skin and be comfortable. Oh and I'll see you at the cosmetic surgeons when we both win the lottery!

Nice to see you're still around. I might have missed it but have you adjusted your meds yet in regard to weight gain? Or is there anything you can do about it?

GREAT nutritional advice!

Did I ever mention that after my thyroid surgery, I got bored and left the hospital a day early and then went shopping at Ross downtown? So I'm on the street corner with my Sis, wearing this thing that looked like a sanitary napkin on my neck, and I hear this loud screeching, "CHRIS!!!!!!" And it's my boss driving by in her Camry. Busted!

Glad to hear you are putting your time to good use while the PERFECT JOB finds you!

Whooohoooo Bob went to the gym!



Okay I'm going to keep my update short and sweet. I have been to the gym ONCE since Sept 11th. Weight has been about the same I think. Not weighing gets easy after a while. But clothes are the same. I'm not going to talk about what I am GOING to do, but I have a plan for the rest of the year (I am dreading Christmas) that I'm very excited about. Will report progress when there is progress to report.

Work has been busy, exciting, stressful. I made a mistake back in May that cost a client $3000. My boss has an appointment with them tomorrow. So we are going to play it by ear, and I already feel like throwing up. I finally got my study materials for my CLU designation and like a good girl have been sticking to my study schedule for 2 days (normally I wait until the last minute) I feel right again moving ahead with my education.

Home life is just wonderful. My roommate/best friend and I have reached the point where we don't talk as much as before but automatically work in harmony with each other on things, especially food and cooking, which was rough at first.

Debbie, I think your idea of a "my story" thread is a wonderful one. I would like to hear others' stories and share my own. I am trying to remember if I tried that idea yet on my board and how it worked out. If not I am not above stealing the idea. I do remember that I first saw a "my story" thread on other board on @forumz and the stories I read there (it was the general recovery board) were VERY POWERFUL.

I am very much looking foward to a thread like that.

I think I shall start checking in a bit more often .... for now.



164/???/130 (I might as well be honest and say 130 instead of 139 because that's what it really is!)

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