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Default Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 4/1-4/7

where all of you who are following this WOE, or are
thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our
wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do
something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please visit our NEW 2002 BIO BOARD where you can learn more about
everyone who is on this board:

Please make sure you post your BIO on the LATEST VERSION of our BIO BOARD

the link below:

We have NINE INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to
visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure
you visit them often!!!





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

Want to post your weigh in results, we have a MONTHLY WEIGH IN BOARD
at the link below:

We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your
daily/weekly exercises on:

DO YOU HAVE A MONTHLY GOAL? Post your End of Month Goal on our new GOAL
at the link below:

at the link below. You can upload pictures or post links
to pictures on this board

Visit our monthly FOOD FOR THOUGHT BOARD were you can post a daily
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make changes as you need to, then hit SUBMIT NOW.


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Here's your


Whatever you desire to do, it's important to start somewhere, and the best
somewhere is exactly where you are. If you feel overwhelmed by the task,
release that feeling and just get started. When you feel outnumbered or
overpowered, choose to let go of that feeling and simply get started. If you
think you're unworthy or unable, leave that thinking behind and set about to
start where you are. Then work to move yourself steadily toward where you
intend to go.

Some days you'll make more progress, and some days you'll make less that
you'd like. Let the victories and the disappointments all serve to push you
continually forward.

Circumstances will never be perfect -- just get started anyway. Things will
never work out exactly as you anticipated -- just keep going anyway. What
matters is that you start, and then that you persist. The twists and turns
and bumps along the way can all end up working in your favor. Start
somewhere, right where you are, and work your way toward whatever you can
dare to dream.

-- Ralph Marston


Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!
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Talking Monday morning post

Way to go Rosalie!
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Hope everyone had a nice Easter - Its been days since I posted and with all the messages I read through it would be just too hard to catch up - sorry I promise to try and stay a little more ontop of things.

We had a huge storm roll through yesterday - quite the lightning show and my whole family was having withdrawals from the computer being off. My daughter and I passed the evening watching Pearl Harbor (again) and I still cried all the way through it.

The kids just started spring break and as a surprise in their Easter baskets I got them season passes to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA (they are only 20 minutes from us). I figure it will help pass the time this summer since DH (dad) will still be out to sea. BG opens this week so I'm sure we'll hit it once or twice.

I am so proud that so many of you didn't cheat yesterday. I had no problem staying away from the candy but I took the boys to see Ice Age and got a small popcorn That is what I miss the most. The movie was very cute and we laughed a lot - if you have kids go see it.

Great news - my DS got selected to go to our city's technology magnet school He was so excited when we got the acceptance letter - we were in the driveway when I opened it and he started jumping up and down and shouting yahoo - I got teary-eyed. He will start in the fall.

Talk to everyone later
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My first morning to sleep late now that I'm off of school and I'm up at 5:00!!! I hate when that happens!!

POOCH: Congrats to your son! I know that y'all are very happy about that!! I've never been to BG but I've heard it's lots of fun! Enjoy your week!

BETH: Good luck with everything - the job hunt and all. You know they say things work in threes - was that the third or do you still have one to go?!? I hope that was the 3rd!!

ROSALIE: Great job with getting the new thread done! You are a computer genius!!

Well, I go to the dentist this morning and to the grocery store! I have one of my nieces coming today to spend a few days with me so I've got to get some food for her skinny butt to eat!! I'll have her until Thursday and then her sister on Thursday and Friday. I wish they could have both come together but the other one has track practice all week - track meet Friday night - and it happens to be here in my town! So, I'll exchange kids Thursday that way I get to spend some quality time with both! I just love those girls! OK - see y'all later today!

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Default Monday's Here :)

Well... it sure was nice not to have to get my kids up at 5am to leave the house and get to daycare at 6am..LOL!! We all woke up at 6:15 and have 45 minutes to get the oldest ready for school... heck I can even go in sweats if I want...LOL!

I'm putting in an application for another dispatch this week (Last one was for the county, this one is for the city) just to cover my bases... Still haven't heard anything about the first one.

Stayed away from everything but the cheesecake I made (Deb's version!) this weekend! I was a good girl! I now have plenty of egg-salad, and boiled egg for tuna salad, and deviled egg... Hmmm, I might need to borrow BOB's nose plugs :x Went to my dad's for Easter... I found $45 worth of eggs, DH found $15..LOL. We left with enough $$ to go to dinner on tonight! Dad gave me my birthday present... it was a $100 gift card for TJMaxx (don't know if all of you have one or not... they sell name brand stuff pretty cheap). It was so AWESOME to have him realize I didn't need a Lane Bryant one!!!!!!! I've been getting ones from Lane Bryant for years... and he didn't get me one cause he didn't figure I could wear that anymore! It was wonderful!!!

FRUIT - Lousy Haircut Sunday, Lousier Birthday Monday, Lost Job Thursday... that's 3!!! I'm due for a serious change in luck! Maybe it will pan out in the form of a NEW job this week

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!
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Default I'm Baaaaack!

Hi everyone, I'm back from 4 days in Florida where I metour fearless leader Deb, and then 3 days at a lacrosse tournament at University of Maryland. I haven't read last week's board at all, so I hope you all had great weeks, and good SB Easters, or found whole wheat matzoh (Viv, are you still out there?)!

First, I'll give you a brief synopsis of my day with Deb. So many of you have already met her that you know how great she is, and that you feel like you're just picking up with a friend you haven't seen in ages. Actually, I think I found my long lost cousin. So what did we do, you ask? We ate and shopped our way through Broward County! First we exchanged food (ancient Jewish ritual), I got coffee and a walker t-shirt, and she got a bag of goodies from Trader Joes. Then we headed out and hit the undies outlet where I got a few much needed smaller bras and undies, and Deb spread the SB gospel. Then we went to (surprise) Ole Ole where every waiter knows her and I ate way too much of a delicious salad. But we were good and sent the corn chips back! Then we went to a BIG HF store, where they know her too. Then we hit Carbolite hard (mint carob chip- yum!), by which time my shorts could barely zip. Then we retrieved my ds from my brother's house and wandered through Saw Grass Outlet Mall, quite an experience. Deb had to leave us from there to get to a Passover dinner, so she missed playing video games for an hour and a half in Gameworks (licky Deb). Anyway, I had a great time with her, and hope next time I'm in Fla it will be a longer trip and I can meet the rest of you Fla ladies!

The only downside was I discovered Carbolite does NOT agree with me, so I didn't have to worry that my day of eating would have a lasting effect .

Then back from Florida for 12 hours, and I left for U of MD, and met dd and her team. The lost to UNC in a heartbreaker game Friday night, but beat Maryland on Sunday in a stunning upset. At least Maryland was stunned! They hadn't been beaten by an ou of conference team in 79 straight games. Our girls were ecstatic, and hope to move up significantly in the national rankings. We celebrated in style with a huge Easter tailgate party where I cheated with lemon bars that kept leaping into my mouth and way too much ham. I refuse to weigh until Wednesday!!!

Finally home again, I'm starting day 1 of my second BFL challenge today, and can't wait to get back to the gym, eat clean, drop some more fat, maybe (please, please) see some abs by the end of the next 12 weeks.

Whew- almost time to head for the schoolbus.

Beth- I take it you did not have a good week! Sorry to hear you lost your job, bad birthday, bad hair. But congrats on your family noticing you didn't need to shop at Lane Bryant. I love TJMax! Most everything I own comes from there, Marshalls (same thing) or Value City. Hope this week is better for you.

Well, mine is back to school today! so adios for now,

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Thumbs down Good Monday Morning!

I hope everyone had a happy Easter--or a joyous Passover!

Toni or BOB if either of you looks at my fitday entry for yesterday you will find that I was a very bad girl. Over 2400 calories consumed--and yes that includes the dreaded Easter candy. I also went out to a chinese buffet--usually I can manage that--but I didn't yesterday.

So today is a brand new day right? I did notice that I *still* didn't eat more calories than my body is allegedly burning--but the fat calories were through the roof--and the carbs were bad ones!

No change in the scale from yesterday so if I get right back OP today, maybe the damage will be minimal. To all of you who were able to sucessfully resist the Easter candy--I'm so proud of you--you are all my heros!

This morning I've had a soft boiled egg, one slice of SGWW toast with light margerine. I may make my black bean soup for lunch and then I'm going out for catfish tonight.

I hope everyone is gearing up for a good week. Those of you who managed to stay OP over the holidays--your motivation is the momentum of success--nothing tastes better!

For those of us who slipped--today is a brand new day. Promise to stay OP for today. Today is all we need to worry about!

Have a good week everyone!

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Good morning and Happy April 1st. what a great day to start fresh oMerlis-Sounds like you had a great day in florida. oh what I wouldn't give for some of that nice warm sunshine. And then to shop, shop, shop! So glad you and Deb had a great time.

Beth2374-Sounds like you had such a nice Easter. And what a great egg hunt.. That should be a real boost getting a gift certificate from T.J.Maxx. I sure like them but they're a three and a half hour from me so only get to go once in awhile. Wow no more Lane Bryant. Wonder what that will feel like.. Hope this week goes better for you and you have luck finding a job...

Fruit- Yikes the denist. Now that strikes terror in my poor heart!!! And I have to go next Tues. Uck... You better go grocery shopping first! Lucky you getting to have your neices....Hope you have a great time with them.

Pooch-I loved that movie Pearl Harbor. I cried there. Not only was it a good love story but my Father was a Pearl Harbor survivor and my thoughts were on him as I watched it. Thinking how young he was and the fear he must have gone through... Congradulations on your son.

Guess today its getting back to normal after the GK left. All the sheets and laundry and cleaning to do... I sure am missing those little guys. What a treat to have them here for the week. Back to the treadmill and the regular stuff. We're having a beautiful spring day so guess I'll get out of the house a bit to.... You all have a great SB day.... Toni

213/200/130r add a little motivation to.... You did a great job Rosalie!
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I have to admit I cheated a bit this weekend, but my staple meals were generally SB compatible. Of course my parents had some truffles lying around and I had to have just one. It was worth it, and my calorie intake was still well below 2000.
Just when I thought I was back on track my co-worker brought in some cake. No one ate it b/c everyone is claiming to be on a diet. I felt so bad that I had the tiniest piece. Oh well, if it made her feel good then it was worth it.

Rosalie-good job with everything!

Fillise-Hang in there, holidays are the worst, especially ones that involve candy!

Beth-Looks like things are picking up on your end! Hope your luck continues to get better. And by the way, can i come over next easter? I could use a gift certificate for TJ MAXX!

Pooch-lucky kids, nothing like a season pass! Congrats to your son...I know how much weight that lifts off of your and his shoulders. As for the popcorn, I can't agree with you more. I saw Panic Room and brought some pretzels thinking that would satisfy my popcorn craving...I ended up eating to miniature crunch bars. Oh well.

Everyone...have a great week. It's a fresh start and a brand new day!
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Good Morning Everyone

I hope you all had a good Easter/Passover weekend. I am afraid I blew it yesterday and got into the Easter candies and cookies. But surprise I was down a couple of pounds this morning from what I was a couple of days ago. Maybe it hasn't caught up with me yet. We'll find out in a couple of days on WIW. With my luck it will be up again. To-day has started off o.k. I just had a late breakfast of oatbran cereal with raspberries and a slice of the cheesecake. Still have a big chunk left and I can't see it go to waste . I'm planning on having SOL's pot roast for dinner tonite with brussels sprouts and brown rice.

Gracious - WTG on resisting that candy.

Pooch - Congratrulations to your ds for getting accepted to the magnet school. You must be a very proud mommy.

Fruitloupe - Isn't that typical to wake up early when you have a chance to sleep in. Hope you have a good visit with your nieces.

Beth - I am glad you are able to look on the bright side after the catastrophic week you have had. I am sure you will enjoy spending more time with the kids while you are job hunting. Hope you get some responses from your job applications soon.

Meliris - Glad to hear you had such a great time with Deb. I agree with you wholeheartedly that meeting her was like meeting an old friend. Same goes for the other Florida ladies that I met. A great bunch of people. Congrats to your dd's team for winning the Sunday game. I'm sure they were elated. Good luck with your second BFL challenge.

Fillise - I agree with your sentiments - to-day is a brand new day. Whatever we did this past weekend is behind us and we have to be prepared to start anew, starting from NOW.

Rhroo - Where are you? We haven't heard from you lately. If you are lurking out there why don't you drop in and let us know how you are doing.

Have a good week everyone.

Bye for now.

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Happy Monday to All! Hope everyone had a great holiday. It was a nice day. Had the family (20) at my house. Spent Sat cooking all day. Made Deb's cheesecake for myself and adapted an old jello salad to sb, used the oat bran pretzels for crust and agave in the cheese. It was pretty good. I will try to post recipe. Was worn out when everyone left and didn't get to work out or walk. I have pulled something in my back. I am sitting on a heating pad hoping it will help. Don't want to miss any days of working out or walking.

Rosalie- Thanks for starting new thread. Loved your MM message. It is very true. Sometimes you just have to start somewhere and go with it. Great job!

Monet,My sister has a big tear-shaped rose garden in her front yard. Everyone in our family has given her a rosebush to represent themselves. It was very pretty. Time has passed and it has gone to weeds. But at one time it was really pretty and neat. I love roses and have 4-5 bushes beside my garage. Your, right, they are a lot of work, but worth it when they bloom.

Pooch, Congrats on your son getting into the magnet school. You must be very proud.

Fruit, have fun with your nieces this week. I have 6 great nieces and nephews and I really love to spend time with them. I guess it fun because you know they are going home sometime.

Beth, WTG on the $$ in the egg hunt. That always helps. We have a TJ Max and Marshalls in Lou too. They have some neat home stuff. I know what you mean about shopping at Lyane Bryant. It was such a joy to finally quit shopping in the plus dept. The styles are cuter.

Mel, sounds like you had a great time with Debbie. I would love to meet any of the people on the board. I bet you and your DD were excited about the Lacrosse win. WTG. Just curious, what is BFL? I have seen it in several posts.

I am really confused and devestated about something. I have read so many people use Nature's Own bread and hamburger buns. I have looked everywhere in Lou and finally got in touch with the Flowers Bakery. They don't sell them any further south than Bowling Green. So I asked one of our superintendents here at work who goes to BG every weekend to look for me some buns. I would die for a hamburger bun. He brought me bread and buns today and I was so excited, but when I read the ingredients, they say enriched wheat flour. I was soooo disappointed. Is there another kind of buns from Natures Own that you all eat? DId I get the wrong ones? HELP

Fillise, Don't be too hard on yourself about yesterday. You're right, today is a new day. Just like Rosalies' message, you have to start somewhere, start again today and go forward.

Toni, I too would love some sunshine and warm weather, I guess Ky gets your weather. It is sunny here today. It's amazing how a little sunshine perks up your spirits. Really gets you motivated. But we are expecting rain again Wed. yuk!

Got to get back to work. Don't let anyone trick you today!!!

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Wink Looks like I'm in good company....

Good morning all! Glad to see that everyone (so far) has had a pleasant holiday. Mine was good - the inlaws decided not to fix dinner and had sandwiches instead, so Adron and I just sat there hungry till we got home. Not too bad, I suppose - much better than cheating! I fixed a ham for dinner, and ate a Cadbury's egg But, I don't figure that's too bad. I got the obligatory headache to go with it and I was very content. I think I'm done withy candy until Christmas now.........

Thanks to YellowRose, Fillise, Sol, and Rosalie for the kind words about losing my job. It's great to have friends like you!!! I am working on the Mary Kay thing now - figure if it makes me feel good, then I should be sharing that!

Toni - hi right back atcha!!!

My FIL told me yesterday that he could tell that I'm losing weight! Then while I was cooking dinner, my engagement ring fell off my hand - Adron couldn't believe it! I told him that we need to get a temprary wedding set for me while I'm losing weight, since I don't want to keep resizing my rings. Much cheaper to buy a silver band for $10 every time I lose some weight than to pay $50 for sizing the real one. I used to wear a size 7, and these rings are either 9 1/2 or 10, so I have quite a way to go. I'm thinking that an 8 will fit now How cool is that!!!!

I also bought a coverup this morning so I can start water aerobics tomorrow morning. Water aerobics starts at 9 am Monday through Saturday, so I'm going to plan on going every morning as soon as I drop Audrey off at school. I am getting so excited!

I bought a tape measure (I had lost my other one) to find out if I was an apple or a pear, and it said I was a pear (0.8 - whatever that means). I wasn't as concerned about which shape I was once I realized that in 2 months I have lost 3" in my waist and 2" in my hips. I don't know how many inches I've lost from my fat rolls, but it's gotta be more than that! Talk about a great way to start the week !

Take care everyone - I'll see ya later!
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Hi all,
Happy Monday morning.

I have been taking notes since Saturday, so, I hope what I’ve written is not out of date. The board moves sooo

Frog: It was nice to see your post on the board. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Yes, the colonoscopy went
very well and I was pronounced fine and don’t need to return for 5 years. Even that will probably come too

Fillise: Thanks for the input on the polydextrose. Where did you find the oatbran sticks. I haven’t been able to
find them yet in Dallas and I have looked at Whole Foods and the new Central Market. Sometimes you wonder if
people are listening about not wanting sugar around you. (Boy, am I being critical.)

Solshine: Thank you for the well wishes. Also, thank you for posting the recipes...I have already printed them off.
On the Unprocessed Bran, what does the package look like and where in the store did you find it? (Cereal aisle?)

Rosalie: That was so nice of you to look up that information for me. I had looked on the web but I did not run
across the information you provided. Thanks. It really doesn’t sound like very good stuff. I’d better learn to
control the amount of almonds instead. Good job on starting the board for April!

Monet: To keep track of answering posts, I open Microsoft Works (like Microsoft Word) along with the board and
switch back and forth to answer. I think it is similar to using Notepad like Rosalie.Then I copy and paste. That is
probably why my posts are so wordy, Ha! I have an awesome recipe for Game Hens in a Sherry Sauce if you are

Toni: Maybe I will try the protein in the afternoon instead of the almonds and see if I sneak past those almonds.

Gracious: I have not heard of guar gum. Where do you find it?

Beth: What nice support from your dad! The idea of having money hidden in the eggs gives the adults a nice
surprise along with the kids.

AdronsGirl: Rings falling off , huh? What a good reason to get some jewelry. Actually, I have several wedding
rings. It is fun to change around. You are doing such a good job with SB.

I hope everyone has a nice day.
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Well, being a DINK with no family members around Easter wasn't a problem for me at all this week-end……now, a couple of weeks ago when they first came out with the Easter Candy and one of my Cube Farm Friends loaded up on those chocolate malted eggs…….. ………well, we just won't go there….

You ladies can gladly have some of the heat from here! I'd even swap it for one of those awesome thunderstorms I see passing through MS, AL, GA and SC! Yesterday we left church and it was sooooo nice outside that I decided to get my walk in before lunch. Yesterday was supposed to be my long distance day (9 miles), BUT, I drank all my water before I even finished the 3.5 mile loop and about a block before I got to 4.5 miles Meister came plodding by (his ride/jog day) and told me to turn around and head back home with him. He was even too hot and tired to jog the rest of the way home….( I probably ended up just shy of 5.5 miles for the day.) We're gonna alternate our long days now and set up a "water stand" for the other person at the 1/2-way mark. I'm not gonna quit training for that marathon just cause it's 120 degrees outside - so we'll keep trying something different till we find what works.

Someone had asked about how we keep up with the different posts….I also open Word and flip back and forth between the posts. I read a post - go to Word type a response - go back and read a post - go back to Word…..etc….on really busy days I don't have the time to do that, but when I can I do…I also have skimming disease and seem to miss things sometimes. I ALWAYS type my post in Word, though. I've lost too many due to 'user error' to risk that aggravation again.

MARIE - GREAT JOB TODAY! Thank you for stepping up to the plate to keep us all rolling along here this week! Let me know how the roast comes out! I think I'd eat that darn cheesecake for breakfast, lunch and dinner till it was all gone! The bran muffins are soo good that Meister and I managed to finish off a whole batch of those in 2 days - no dookie howser problems in our house!

POOCH What a cool present!! I LOVE Busch Gardens!! We had annual passes to Sea World last year and are buying a dog this year. Next year if we do the annual pass thingy I want to try Islands of Adventure. That's THE pass to have this year among the locals. 'Course I also want to go to the Daytona 500 and that ain't cheap! And congrats to the MOM of a Wonderfully Bright Young Man!! Congrats to the Bright Young Man!!

FRUIT I haven't forgotten about you! Hopefully you'll have a pkg in the mail this week! Hope things go well at the Dentist. Now that we get up at 4:30am - sleeping in means getting up at 6:30 or 7am….GAWD! I sound like my grandmother, but at least she's bright enough to take a nap!

BETH Sounds like a wonderful week-end! Glad to hear things are turning around for you. You'll have that perfect job in no time!

MEL Thanks for the great play by play of your trip to Florida and the following lacrosse excitement! Sounds like a great time - but I wouldn't expect anything less from you two! Now FROG and DEBBIE together for DAYS…..that's scary!!! Those two can really cause a ruckus - I really should be there to keep my eye on them! Wish I could be!!

FILLISE I don't know if I could ever do good at a Chinese buffet! Vince found out Whole Foods carries guar gum, so that's something new for us to play with…. and I'm gonna hit MONET up for some of her Asian recipes! Maybe that'll kill the Lo Mein and other Asian cravings I get.

TONI Probably gets really quiet with the GKs gone. Good to see you're getting back on the TM. Tonight will be my heavy metal night and I'm glad they have AC in the gym or I wouldn't make it through that work out either.

QUIVONDRA I can understand wanting to keep the co-worker from feeling bad. Maybe you could give her Deb's Crustless Cheesecake recipe and tell her if she's really feeling like baking she could bake something legal for you. The cheesecake is really very good and FILLISE posted one adapted from Southern Living that is more traditional tasting and I LOVE making that one!

JACK Sorry, to hear about your disappointment. Nothing like getting your hopes up only to be brought down like that….I don't know the answer to your question, but someone will! I buy the Monk's SGWW bread and Vince prefers the Ezekiel Breads. We tried Protein Powder a few years ago and got used to eating hamburgers and hot dogs without buns and now we never use buns even when they're available. Weird - I know!

AR WHOO HOO!!!! WTG, Girlfriend on that wedding ring!!! I had to have my re-sized, but UP and that was the last straw for me to get serious about losing weight. I love my Meister and to not be able to wear his ring was really upsetting to me - and those comments about my cooking being good and how good marriage must be to me. Now mine is finally loose and I have to be careful when I wash my hands, but I ain't complaining!!

ROSE I got the unprocessed bran from Publix on the cereal isle it was at the end where they put all the 'supposed' health food cereals and the oatmeal and grits in my store. It was in a small box….brown, I think. The muffin recipe was on the back of my box. I already threw it away, but I assure you I will be buying more! I can tell you then if you can't find it in the meantime. If your regular grocery store doesn't have it, Whole Foods would surely have it, I would think. We added a bunch of frozen blueberries (unthawed) this week-end and OMG, I ate so much batter and then 2 muffins as soon as they came out of the oven and this morning I had the very last muffin. Meister and I scarfed on those!! Vince went to Whole Foods this morning and found out they carry guar gum.

Better quit so I have time to get onto Fitday. Have a great day everyone!!!
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Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 3/1-3/7 Debelli Sugar Shakers 80 03-07-2004 05:28 PM
Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 9/1-9/7 Debelli Sugar Shakers 178 09-08-2003 12:04 AM
Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 10/1-10/7 Debelli Sugar Shakers 126 10-08-2001 07:18 AM

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