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Old 10-06-2001, 10:56 AM   #106  
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Ah me! If it's not one thing it's another!

The last couple of days my sciatica has been acting up! Because when I move I favor it, it causes my back to act up! Then to top it off the last couple of days "arthur" has been complaining and today he was right because it's raining!!

Wednesday, because of insurance, I am going to a new doctor. I know how you can forget things when talking to a doctor, so I've set down everything on paper. He can put it in my chart.

Then it dawned on me, I live with family. I doubt very much that they know what meds I am on, my medical history, and other than arthritis my current complaints. If there was an emergency and they had to speak for me they wouldn't be able to give a concise explanation.

So I am giving them a copy of the report I made for the doctor. Basically, the only things that might change now is meds, and that's easy to fix.

I know I'm the old lady here, but there are a couple of younger "seniors". Even if you don't live with your children, do they know what's what if you had an emergency? I think they should and that's my hint for the day. I know, I know, booooooooooooooring!

Well, now that I've had my coffee with you all, think I will go get some breakfast. Can't sit here too long anyway.

My little bluebird of happiness is flying with a broken wing today!!

Take care, sef
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Hey, all you gals! I'm sorry I have not been on this week, but it has been a hectic work week & also had major problems with my computer. I was getting ready to post Thursday when everything went haywire! Still not sure what happened, but it took me till late Thursday night before it was back to normal & by then I just wasn't up to it.

Did get back into my walking routine this week. Did a total of 8 miles this week. Hey Debbie, it looks like you have plenty company on the exercise board now hehehe

As far as my weight, I am afraid that I didn't stay at my lowest weight of 140 for more than a few days. It is coming back down, I'm at 141.5 this morning. I am sticking to this & know that it will get back down sooner or later.

Haven't read all the board, but am starting at page 3 & will try to catch up to what's going on with all of you.

RHOO, Glad you had a good BD! Enjoy your week end. You deserve it.

Zanne Good to hear that you're beginning to feel better.Yikes! A leak in the basement doesn't sound too good. Hope the rain stops soon to allow the repairs needed. The swimming sounds like fun. I wish I knew how to swim. Also would help if we had a public pool, but we don't. We are limited to things like that in small towns like where I live.

FILLISE, Congrats on the 1 pound!! that's so exciting after your plateau!! I'm excited for you. I'm sure the is more to come. Enjoy your reunion!

Cjane Sometimes it hard to not just give in to the desire to eat, eat, eat, but you are heading in the right direction in that even though you gave into it the other night, you know that you need to leave that behind & get back to what works to lose this weight. Even though you were weak & gave in that time doesn't mean that you have lost the battle. Try to stay focused on the plan & do whatever you need to do to stay on it. If you need to count calories or points, then do it if it works for you. Hang in there & you'll make it.

Solshine, WooHoo girl, that scale is coming on down!! That's great. How's the job hunting going? That sounds like a great interview you had this week. Hope & pray that it will be a positive outcome for you.

Gatorgal A nurse friend of mine that I worked with yesterday is an avid LSU fan & is going to the game today. Have been thinking about you knowing that you usually attend that game. Sorry that you are going to miss it today. I'm not a sports minded person, but I love the passion that I hear you & Missey as well as my friend here have as you talk about the games. And of course, BOB!!

Debbie Congrats on the new low weight on your special day!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful BD. I have looked for the Tahini & have not been able to find any. Where should I be able to find it? Maybe the HFS? I didn't look there yet. Gee, I don't know why you feel short compared to Nance & Lara? Thanks for posting those great pics!

lizery I read your post to CJane & really love your attitude about losing. You are really doing well! Also saw your reply to my exercise post that you have a friend in Abbeville? What a small world, huh? Actually, I live 11 miles from there. Only my address is Abbeville. I actually live in a rural area just 3 miles outside of a small town called Kaplan. Why my address is Abbeville, I will NEVER UNDERSTAND! I have fought with the post office over this, but it didn't help a bit. Anyway, about your does not sound familiar, but will keep it in mine incase I run across her.

Meliris I at your description of your tennis match. You have a great sense of humor.Hang in there girl, it will get easier for you. Hey, I like your running dog! Congrats on becoming a "memeber". About the scale... I find that it keeps me accountable. I weight everyday! If I'm not staying the same or lossing, then I know that I probably didn't do my best the day before & I try harder. If it is going up, then I truely have blown it & I know that I have to turn the pattern around before it gets out of hand. My scale is important to me & we are daily buds. That's what works for me. Think abou it.

SEF, Were you having a senior moment when you sent Rhoo that BD card? LOL Girl, that sounds like something I would have done...LOL One year not too long ago, I called to wish a friend of mine Happy Birthday a month early. I think it was the same year that I called my Nannie to wish her the same a month late! LOL On a more serious note, good to hear that your bil is doing ok after his surgery. My bil went home! I am still amazed! God has really worked in that situation. One thing does concern me though. They had talked about sending him to cardiac rehab which is the thing to do after this type of surgery, but they decided against it. I can't help but think it's because the dr didn't feel like he could tolerate it with his decreased heart function. Only has 25% ejection fraction. Instead, he sent him home on 5 new meds & encouraged him to try to walk at least 4 times aday. Can only walk for short distances. But hey, who knows??? He made it through all this, he might improve enough to make it a few more years.

Girl, I sure did enjoy the chat with you & Thunder the other day! That was great. Sorry to hear that "Arthur" is visiting again. Must be this beautiful LA weather that is getting you down. Feel better girl! Good idea about giving your family a copy of that health report! So often I have to get info from family members to do my nursing admit summary & sometimes they just don't know. It is invaluable info for you to share with them.

FROG, It's a wonder that you are not losing with all that running you do. But hey, hang in there. It will come. Love your new avatar! Can understand your hesitance about the flying. I'm not real sure if I would or not. I'd like to think that I would cause I love to fly. I'm with the mind set that there is too much media hype about everything that has happened & it is making people afraid to live their normal lives. I believe if it is my time to go, it doesn't matter where I am & what I'm doing, it will happen. But I can't just put everthing on hold with a fear that it could happen. I live each day to the best of my ability & thank God for each & every day.

ROSALIE, Didn't read the post in question, but I understand you had a fall while bike riding? Is that correct? Loved the gif you posted on the exercise board.. I see you talking about the chanadal. I came across the recipe you had sent me a few months ago, but have not found the chanadal to try it. Can I use lentils in it's place?

j red, Hey girl, a 2 lb loss it great! Loved your pic you posted. So are you a natural red head too??? So am I!!!

Nance, Loved the pics that Deb posted of all of you! So sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather with this cold. Sure hope you feel better soon. I can understand why you think you may have picked it up from a patient. That definitely is a draw back about working with sick people, but I find that I am more apt to catch something from the other nurses before I get it from a patient when it comes to cold/flu. Just an observation through the years.

SPARKLESCAMP, Great to see you posting again & to hear that you're still hanging in there. Why did you quit going to the gym? Just wondering.

QUILTER/Kim, Good to hear that you are getting back to normal. The book you described does sound interesting. I wish I could be more disciplined about exerciseing. I seem to do good when I'm off, but on work days I just am not up to it.

TVthatsME Sounds like a great baseball game for your son & his team! You really sound like a proud mom

jmuir Sorry to hear about your loss. Hang in there, you'll soon be back OP. Don't let this comfort food get to you for too long.

Bob Glad to see that you are becoming a regular at the gym! You go girl!!! I when I read about you going out to eat at the ME place & of course, what else would you have except CHICKEN! I thought about you yesterday when I looked at a sale paper & found that the leg quarters were on sale for 15 cents/pound. LOL

AMSERAPHIM, Hope things are better for your GM. Keeping both of you in prayer. Enjoyed the chat a few days ago.

Thunder, Sure have enjoyed chatting with you & getting to know you better this past week. Hope that weather didn't effect you too bad last night. It didn't get here till about 3am. I was planning to go walking this am, but it's still too windy so I decided to catch up on the board instead.

Well Gals, hope all of you have a good week end. I'm off this week end, so I guess now that I've caught up here, I need to get to work on house cleaning...Yuck! Hoping that dh will take me out to eat tonight. It has been a while since that has happened. I hope I didn't miss anyone. If I did, it was not intentional. Haven't seen BUTTERFLY, VIV, IDBLOND, Karen, LAMAP, or Bee post lately. Hi Girls, Hope all is ok with you. Maybe I just missed your posts since I started with Thursday posts. See ya!!
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Happy Saturday everyone! I've been trying to catch up on all the posts. I know there's no way to reply to everyone, so a blanket hello and keep up the good work to all.

We celebrated Sarah's (my oldest) birthday today. We entertained 12 7 and 8 year olds at the park. It's a beautiful day here, a little windy. but the rained stopped so it wasn't too bad. Both grannys came so the kids were happy I wasn't toooo bad. Only a bite of bday cake. After the party, my mom took us to eat, but I kept it legal for lunch.

To really make my day great I got into some jeans that I couldn't breath in a couple of weeks ago

and I was quite comfy.

Hope everybody has a great weekend.
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OF COURSE.....GATOR is over at MISSY'S WHOOPING up on her team......GO TIGERS!!!! ....

It's just not been a good day in PIGSKIN LAND

WHERE'S DEBBIE TODAY??? THE board seems very quiet today.... WHERE IS EVERYONE????

MELF Nice to know you think about me...even if it is in the same breath as chicken...I'm off to buy some tomorrow myself...

Hope everyone has had a better day than us out here on the
ORANGE PONDEROSA loosing is ****!!!

ZANE Glad to hear your feeling better....[/b]SEF[/b] Sorry ARTHUR is visiting again...feel better little chickies!!!

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Ummm, yum, mmmfph, chomp, chomp. Them cajun snacks are mighty good!

Missy--Yes, I remember that Sabin was good looking. I noticed him last year.

BOB--Boy, that was a shocking ending. What excitement. Hopefully, we'll take care of those bad ole dawgs for you when we meet them in Jacksonville in a couple of weeks.

SolShine. C'mon, Pull for those Bulldogs. They can do better!! I know they can. I can pull for the maroon and white for a couple of hours.

Right now I am kneeling in front of my 'puter because my chair is piled high with stuff. We have 4 people staying with us for a few days, and my study is now taken over by guests. They are out for a couple of hours, so I popped in here to say "hi."
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Evening All

Kids aren't here, so have a few minutes to post. My day was very uneventful, garage sales sucked-been the trend lately around here.

BOB, I'm loving you're loving the gym! That's great!!! I wish you were closer, I'd go with you Yummy, chicken kabob at the ME place? Is that right in Sarasota? Baked feta, was called SHANKLISH? Now THAT sounds delicious!

ZANNE, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hope you are feeling better. Let us know how you faired with your Thanksgiving feast!

SEF, you are very smart to write down your medical info. I wouldn't have a clue if or what my parents would be taking. My Mom always trys to tell me about business affairs, but never health affairs, which I believe are far more important! Sooo, what are your plans for the up-coming BIG birthday this week? Do me a favor, don't invite Arthur to your party!!!!

MELF, glad to see you back posting I'm loving the company on the EXERCISE BOARD! Keep me company like this more often! With us both being at goal, we just should try to stay within that 5lb cushion once you get there-there's no way anyone can stay in that one place they want, unfortunately. Tahini, if you don't have a Middle Eastern grocery store, then a HFS should definitely have it, though it probably would cost more, just because it's in the HFS. Do you have a ME grocer in your area?

MUSIC, glad to hear everyone had a good time for your daughters bday and you survived the gang of 7 & 8 yr olds. Congrats on the pants!!!

Well, that's it for me, for now at least. Eli and I are suppose to go to Marco for dinner tomorrow. Don't know if we will go all day or not, the kids are going to be home tomorrow, unexpectedly (their Dad has to work), and I really don't like leaving them all day, but with their rooms being pig stys, I guess I'll leave them and make them clean them up

Oh, I heard from FLY, she's been having computer problems, but vows to be back soon! She's been staying OP and is doing well. AMSER, I've heard from as well, she's been having a tough time with her GM. Hope she will be back soon as well. I too wonder where LAMAP, VIV & BEE have been-are you guys lurking??

Have a great weekend! I'll check in with you tomorrow, sometime!

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Default One down, one to go

One Thanksgiving dinner under the belt! Literally!

I actually did not too badly. One small spoon of potatoes, 2 spoons of stuffing (MIL put little pieces of bacon in it and boy was it tastey!) and a sliver of apple pie. (I forgot my home made one!) Otherwise, everything else was legal. Lots of salad and broccoli!

Well, my apple creations turned out ok. I decided to make individual pies instead of one big one. The crust was ok (I'm not a baker, so it'll take a little practice to perfect). For the filling, I took Marie's advice. I chopped up apples, sprinkled with a little lemon juice, some apple pie spice, and some agave nectar. I added little by little till I got the right taste. I made a crumb topping by mixing some agave nectar with some softened butter and then added whole wheat flour till I got a crumb mixture. I think the crumb topping was a little too much (kind of made it dry) so I don't think I'll put any top on. But overall, for a first try, I don't think the wee pies were that bad.

On a really good note, I actually was able to wear a pair of pants that I could only zip up last week. I had them on for about 6 hours but a couple of hours after dinner, I had to change. But it IS progress!!!

Rosalie How's your Thanksgiving weekend so far Marie?

Nearly time to hit the hay.

Take care Everyone!
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Hi everyone

Just a quickie before I hit the sack. Have to get up for work again in the morning.

Zanne - As you can see this is a working weekend for me. But I have got a turkey dinner planned for tomorrow with my family. I've been busy this evening making coleslaw, preparing veggies and making trifle. I've been on the go since I got home from work. I'm trusting my ds to put the turkey in the oven for me so it should be almost ready when I get home from work. My dd and 4 gs should be here before I get home and will finish getting things ready for me. Glad your pies turned out o.k. I've only once made a pie with the sgww flour. I didn't like the pastry so just don't make pies any more, but I frequently make apple crisp. The last time I made it I tried a new recipe and it turned out very good but I used fructose for the sweetener. Next time I will try it with the agave nectar and if it turns out o.k. will post the recipe on the board. My daughter really liked it, between us we wolfed down more than half of it, kept going back for more. But it was all legal

Melf - Yes I did have a spill on my bike. Last wekend when I was out with my ds and gc's the dear little five year old decided he had to be in front so he cut me off and our wheels merged and there was I on the ground. Anyway I survived the ordeal. Still have a sore hand but it is getting better. Those recipes for the chana dal can be made with any kind of lentils. I've reposted them on the current recipe board substituting lentils for the chana.

Sef - That was a good hint, making a note of medical history for the family. We just never know when it might be needed. Sorry to hear you are being troubled with sciatica and "arthur" again. Hope things improve for you soon.

Well I've really gotta go and hit the sack if I am to get up on time in the morning.

Will catch up with everyone else later.

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Hey Y'all! Hope everyone's having a great weekend. The weather has been wonderful today in North Texas. We had about an inch of rain Friday noon and then the temp dropped a whole bunch. Today is was sunny and cool. I love the fall!! Those sooners boomed up on the 'horns today, but not as bad as last year.

Melf: Yep, the red is natural, although I have had to inhance it the past couple of years. The red was turning brown, and was really becoming dull. I want it back to the shiny red of my youth, so I get help. How far are you from Erath? A college boyfriend grew up there and probably still lives there.

Music: Can't remember if I replied to you. It's good to have someone close by and in the same business, to boot. It was a wonderful day for a party outdoors. That's definitely the best place for 12 little girls!

Deb: We've got to start working on your inside, now that you've worked on the outside. Be proud of your new body. You worked very hard to get it. You can love the new you. You've got it - SHOW IT OFF!!
Thanks for the article on glycemic load. It's very interesting reading. And it does make sense.

Sef: The idea of giving your family your medical history is great. I know my parents' health issues, but not what medications they are on.

BOB: So sorry about the game. Was watching it and couldn't believe the ending. My Navy guys didn't do so well, either. Had a touchdown called back for clipping and lost by 6 points. That hurt, since they were playing Air Force. The mids play their hearts out, but can't really compete with regular colleges because of the fitness requirements. You can't weigh as much as linebackers are today and pass the physical readiness test (two minutes each of sit ups and push ups, then run a mile and a half in 10:30 min)

Nance: Good luck on the job search. Sorry work is not fun and you got sick.

Kim: Glad to hear the recovery is moving along.

Fil: Hope you had a great time this weekend. Let us know everything.

Lizery: What a great attitude. Loved your pic. Your daughter is beautiful.

Gator: Looking forward to getting to know you.

Sol: Did the phone ring, yet?

Thunder: Keep up the great work!

Scamp: Glad you posted again. May be coming your way next summer. Will let you know when we finalize our vacation plans.

Zanne and Rosalie: Happy Thanksgiving!

Jmuir: Sorry about your loss. Keep thinking positively about yourself and you'll get back OP in no time.

TV: Congrats on your son's hit. I remember watching my son playing ball. It's nerve wracking and exciting all at once. I remember one time watching from the bleachers behind first base and looking over to see my youngest, a toddler at the time, headed for the parking lot. She was almost to the third base dugout and I never ran so fast in all my life. She's 13 at the end of this month and I'm still chasing her down!
Tonight she had her first dance and she told me she danced with 4 different guys and had her picture made with 2 of them. And my older dd is still at her homecoming dance. No date, but she planned to have a dance at least every slow dance!

hey to everybody else. Sorry I don't have more time to respond to each of you.

Take care,
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Default Thank you for the warm welcome!

Everybody- Thank you for the warm welcome!

Quilter- I've heard the book is supposed to be good, though I haven't read it yet. I I'm still working up to exercising regularly (for me that's 3x/week ) on the treadmill.

Frog-I've tried the splenda in Torani Irish Cream SF syrup in a skinnny latte w/ cinnamon. There seems to be a coating in the mouth afterwards, but it's acceptable. I can't seem to give up the coffee habit! Does it work in baking and cooking?

Meliris- As a dog lover, I love your attached image (blond girl walking w/ dog). I have an Aussie Cattle Dog named Bandit.

Melf- I don't know if you're looking for a specific brand of Tahini, but most Oriental FS have an "ethnic selection" other than Oriental which has Indian, Mexican, and other cultural foods. Trader Joe's has tahini in the refrigerated aisles, also a wonderful eggplant hummus (not sure about the sugar load)!

Rosalie - same thing goes for chana dal, I found it in an oriental FS. There's a ton of DALS of varying sizes and colors, but I don't know if the GI is the same (8) for the different ones. The recipes all say yellow split peas can be substituted (higher GI) but the flavor is not the same. I bought the yellow chana dal, but I think I overdid it on the whole grain/high fiber intake this week, so I've been avoiding them for the last couple of days.

Debelli- The biggest HFS' here are GNC and Hi-Health. Then there are the little specialty stores, but I hate to go to each one to find the agave nectar. I usually go to Trader Joe's for low-fat, high fiber stuff. If I can't find agave nectar locally, does anyone have a favorite, reputable ONLINE health food stores? One would think agave nectar would be available in Arizona! They are all over the place (in the desert AND people's yards, even mine)!

Ok I finally got it! Thanksgiving in Canada! For me, this info will be handy come November. Any hints on SB's in camping? Thanksgiving is my retreat time. I spend a week or so in the mountains with my husband and friends. I'm so looking forward to getting away.

So as the Newbie, here's my question to everyone--
Who's on WHAT sugar diet? Is everyone a SB, or GI Revolution, or GI diet? There seems to be a lot of conflicting info between the GI, low/no sugar diets. Some say corn and carrots are ok, some even white (new) potatoes. Btw, thanks to Debelli for the GI vs. GL info. How strict is everyone being? How much is everyone cheating? Ooh, can I ask that!?

I'll readily admit that I goofed yesterday. After being vigilant for over a week (& driving my hubby crazy), I went to an open house (work related). I had a choice of beer or Margaritas. Not EVEN thinking, I got the beer (Dos Equis-one of my fav's). Later, I found the water bottles. Ugh! Starting over today.

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Good Sunday Morning!

Just got in from ym walk/jog. Was only going to do 3.5 miles and then figured since we're going out for dinner, I better go the 4.5 instead. Was hard to get in the jogs today, so hot out there-but I did 17 of them, but barely.

ZANNE, your Thanksgiving sounded nice, and the apple pies you made sound delicious, even if they came out a bit dry. You may want to try the BLUEBERRY BUCKLE RECIPE and substitute apples instead of blueberries one day.

ROSALIE, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you too! Enjoy your dinner, and time with the family today.

JRED, sunny and cool? Can you send some this way, please! Glad you liked the GL article, I thought it was interesting, and informative. On the looks, that's going to take a whole lotta help-really, I don't lie-I have bat wing arms, thighs like an elephant, etc. etc.-no one could be happy with that-it will change, somehow!!!

TREE, GNC's, at least the ones here, don't have any health "foods". Try calling a few in your area for agave, I'm sure someone has it, or can at least order it for you. If not, I do have some places you can order it from, but the cost of agave is high as it is, and with shipping, it just doesn't pay. Camping on SB is really quite easy, actually, any traveling can be easy, esp. if you have a cooler (do you?) Whenever I travel I take my foods with me-for instance, FIBER ONE with powdered milk-just add water and viola, you've got milk with your cereal! Give me an idea what you have to work with as far as supplies go, and I'll throw you out some ideas. I'm sure the gals on the board have some good ideas as well. To answer your questions on my end. I follow SB and Montignac. After a lot of reading, I say RAW CARROTS in small amounts are considered to be okay-I know, it CAN easily get confusing at times to decipher things out, but you learn in time. How strict, lets just say I'm quite ANAL on that subject - 1 1/2 years later, I haven't cheated yet, don't feel the need to do so. PLUS, I know me, if I cheat, I keep going and can't get back on the right track, so with that in mind and years of that in experience of happening in the past, not to mention other gals telling the board how sick they feel when they do eat off plan-that keeps me on the straight and narrow!

Gotta run and get in the shower. Will check in with you all tonight.

Please remember, tomorrow starts the new weekly board and it's MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY TOMORROW! If you have any words of wisdom, quotes or stories that you feel would help us in our journey, please, try to post them tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!

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Hey Girls!

I'm having so much trouble loading up this last page! So, I just decided to give up and do my post. It's really wierd, it will only load up to a certain percentage of the page then I hit reload and it will reload even less!! I'm so aggrivated!!

GATOR, GATOR, GATOR: Ouch!! That hurt! When I tell you that the Gators looked great - they were awesome. That quarterback sure can nail them. And as for Brock Berlin - you know he's a Louisiana boy that chose not to come to LSU - well, he did good too. You know that the LSU fans actually BOOed him when he came out? I tell ya - Florida played a flawless game and what made them look even better was that LSU looked like ****! HAHA! Oh well, maybe next year! By the way - I think we are coming to The Swamp for our road trip next year! So, we'll keep you posted!

BOB: Sorry about the loss...I'm also feeling your pain! Oh well, life goes on!!!

DEBBIE: I missed your birthday - I'm so sorry!! That's what happens when you don't get on the board every day!! Hope you had a good one!! By the way - great pics - you look fabulous!

Hope everyone is doing good - sorry I couldn't read all the posts!

See yall again soon!

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Default Good Sunday Morning

Hope eveyone is having a happy Sunday.

Didn't get in a run yesterday, had a nasty headache all day! Weather induced plus dehydration. Will try again today, nice weather so I can run anytime of day.

Sorry to those football fans with teams lost yesterday. For me, I was excited. Glad to see Auburn and Georgia win. Was pulling for Texas over Oklahoma, but OK looked too good. Lots of great football on today!

I don't guess I am going to have a period this month! I wonder if I am experiencing early menopause. This is the 2nd time this year this has happened. Anyone know anything about this? I'm only 35, but who knows?! I sure don't!

Will now attempt to respond to you lovely ladies.

DEB - Sounds like your Mom did indeed give you a nice gift. I know you will put it to good use. Enjoy it! Thanks for the pics of the lovely ladies on the board. I've got to get some film developed from May, when Fillise and I met in Georgia. I am looking for the magazine that you were talking about.

TREE - I have used Splenda for baking with no problems. Even non-SB folks like the treats I've made with it. Happy Thanksgiving!

JRED - I was pullin' for your team yesterday! It was a good game.

ZANNE - Happy Thanksgiving! Way to go on the pants! That is always such a good feeling!

BOB - Sorry about your Vols. That was a close one! I pull for Tenn when they aren't playing GA and Auburn. I was surprised to see Ga win that one. Look at you gon' to the gym! "Vee vant to PUMP...(clap) up!" Will you watch the Emmy's tonight? I want to see the beginning, how they handle the security and what changes have been made in the celebs clothes.

MELF - Glad you like the avatar. It's been getting mixed reviews. I agree with you and SEF regarding when it's your time to go, God will pluck you from this Earth. I have always had those feelings, glad to have you 2 ladies put it in perspective for me. I've mentioned driving to DH and he isn't oppose to it. It will save us money but cost us time. I have to decide here pretty soon.

TV - Your son had a good day at the ball park! Hope he can keep up the momentum.

FILLISE - WAR EAGLE!! It looked like a beautiful night in Auburn! How has your trip to NC been? Weather is wonderful today here.

MELIRIS - Yes I am running a marathon. This will be the 2nd time, both of them at WDW. I was tempted to run the half at WDW, but it isn't that much more of a challenge, training wise, to double the distance. I will run past the 1/2 Marathon finish-line, will be tempting to just jog on over to it and be done in 3 hours instead of 6! Last time I tried to make the marathon fun, took a camera and snapped lots of pics. Took me 6.5 hours. Hope todo it in 5 this time, no pictures.

SEF - You are soooo right about flying. I always love your frank advice. I can imagine you saying it with a smile on your face and truthness in your heart. I'll let you know what I decide. As far as bolstering each other, I didn't mean to sound like I wanted a mutual pity-party. I think this may be another case of not being able to hear and see expressions from the posters when we use this as a form of communication. Imagine that most of the time I am smiling and being somewhat fecious as I write. See, here's a smile!

SOL - The marathon is Sunday, January 6th. Thanks for the info regarding the security at OIA. I need to relax about this a little bit I know. Just gotta give it time.

Well, I guess that is everyone, or just about. Hello to everyone I missed. Later friends!

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Default Getting Cold Up Here!

Just finished my longest run in about 6 years- 5 MILES WITH ALL THE HILLS! DIDN'T THINK I'D EVERY BE ABLE TO DO THAT AGAIN but it feels so great. Cleo the wonder poodle loved it too, but promptly passed out on the floor when we got home. The leaves are starting to turn, the lawns are finally green again after summer's scorching. I tried a Sunday morning breakfast treat this am of French toast made with the orange wrapper Ezekiel Bread and SF syrup. Not much of a treat when you're used to 100% maple syrup. It was ok, but I think I'll stick to my no artificial sweetners rule from now on. Still can't find agave syrup- may have to order it.

Fruitloup- I'm having the same problem loading pages. I just keep hitting reload and eventually it all appears, or dissappears entirely and I have to go to the top of the forum and start over. Frustrating!

Zanne and Rosalie: Happy Thanksgiving! This year is one of the few that we didn't head north to St. Catharines where dh's brother lives and join them. Usually we do both US and Canadian Thanksgivings, but somehow this year it just all seemed too much.
I've definitely got to find that agave before US Thansgiving since I am the family baker! Need to test out your apple pie recipes and somehow a sweet potato one that I can convince everyone is pumpkin ( Not SB legal, I think?)

Quilter- I need to find that book- from my personal experience, strong women can assuredly be fat- I've been a weightlifter and runner for over twenty years and managed to put on 50 pounds in that time. I'd love to read it and see what she says. I can't remember whose signature has it, but someone's is "you can exercise til the cows come home but if you don't eat right you'll still be a cow coming home". That has to be the motto for the rest of my life. I'm headed to the library later today, will try to find it.

Tree- Welcome to the board. In answer to you questions ( and yes, you can ask anything you want, but we might not all answer) I'm STRICTLY SB and except for my foray into artificial sweetners this morning, everything Debbie says goes for me. I try to eat like a pre-agricultural hunter-gatherer, no processed, refined or artificial foods. Lots of protein and veggies and fruit, and some dairy. I have mostly cut out wheat except for very occaisional SGWW flatbreads. I know this is too extreme for everyone, and may be for me in the long run, but its working and sustainable for me now.

Melf- I've found Tahini in every grocery store around here, usually with the peanut butters. Maybe the Phila. area is different from where you are. Duh!

Bob- Sorry your team got beat up on- my dd called me last night to let me know that her team (Ohio State) was thrashing my team (Northwestern). OSU's first night game in their newly refurbished huge stadium with lights for the first time. Theyn were really cranked! She said to turn on ESPN and look for her- red OSU sweatshirt with a fake Buckeye tatoo on her cheek. Bright kid- saw 101,000 that looked just like her!

Deb- You are really racking up the miles! I think we need to have a virtual cross country race. I think Frog would probably win, tho. Or my dog.

Music Teach- Hi! I don't think I've welcomed you yet.

Hello to everyone else- gotta hit the shower then the library!


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Question Quick Question

I noticed that some of you use "SGWW". I figured out that the WW is whole wheat, but what do the SG stand for?????

I've tried to figure it out, but just can't. Once I see the answer, I'll probably say to myself, "oh, duh"
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