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Cool Sugarbusters Weekly Support Board 2/6 - 2/12

Welcome to Sugarbusters!

This is the Sugarbusters support board, where anyone following, or interested in following, Sugarbusters is welcome to come for discussion, and support. We hope you will become a part of our great group!

We try to have different themes for different days of the week.

MONDAY: MMM, or Metal Monster Monday, is when we weigh in, and post our progress. This is voluntary.

TUESDAY: Is tip day- we try to share a tip, or two to help each other.

WEDNESDAY: Is Wonderful Wednesday. On Wednesdays, we share something wonderful about our selves, or our lives.

THURSDAY: Is Thirst Day! A reminder to drink your water! Its a good day to share a recipe too!

FRIDAY: Is FF, for Friday funnies. Everyone needs a laugh on Friday!

You are welcome to post questions, vent frustrations, whatever, but please be respectful of others and their beliefs.

Please take some time to check out our extensive recipe boards. Our RECIPE BOARDS can be located at the link below:

Look for our QUARTERLY RECIPE BOARDS to post your favorite recipes and to see the most recently posted recipes. Recipes from the quarterly boards will be archived in proper categories at some point.

We have FIVE INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! The boards are listed below as well as the link that will take you to the boards:


We also have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on which is located on our weekly support board:

NEWBIES: To post a reply, please hit reply and NOT new thread
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Lightbulb Challenges!


Try a new recipe, and post it on the recipe board! SB is NOT a boring program! Enjoy!

Find a new legal food this week, and try it. Share what you try and your review of it.

Get in at least three days of exercise, and POST it on the exercise board!!! (Cindy is going to get lonely over there, my friends....lets give her some company!)

Post something on Wonderful Wednesday...loving yourself can only enhance your success.
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I actually got to post before there were 3 pages .
Good morning everyone. Brisky 31 here today. But maybe we will see the sun!
Heading to work but I will be back later today.
Get in at least three days of exercise, and POST it on the exercise board!!! (Cindy is going to get lonely over there, my friends....lets give her some company!)
Yes please.. come keep me company... plus you know its really good for you too !
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Well, I'm the dork that exercises and never thinks to post it on the exercise board. I'll post after the Y today.

Just have a minute to post because I need to get there for class. I think I may jsut do cardio since I feel especially pukey this morning. Already lost my fiber shake. I don't feel brave enough to swallow anything else just yet.

I like the challenges, and I already know what I'll be posting for Wonderful Wednesday. My uptrasound results!!!!!

The scale is not being very friendly again. Says I'm back to 195, but I can't believe that since I was 189 on Saturday!! I really don't htink about it that much anyway. I'm jsut keeping an eye to see what range I am in and I'll go by what the OB says I've gained, which is still -5lbs (190). Everyone always freaks out at how good I look pregnant. I had 2 people ask me if I was losing too much weight at church yesterday. It was nice :-). And my belly totally popped last week. A little earlier than the others, but there is no questioning my 'physical state'. Now I'm waiting for people to ask if I'm due any day...sigh....

Ok, off to the YMCA...
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WoooHooo! I'm excited! I lost 5 lbs last week! I feel like something finally clicked last week, I drank more water and ate better, apparantly enough to get going!

I updated my tickers to reflect my new scale and I didn't want to lose track of the pounds I've lost, so it looks a little different. I would rather be close to what my doctor's scale says though, and feel like I'm more accurate now! Maybe I can keep it up!

NO snow last night! My dreams of a day off started falling apart last night when the weather men started second guessing the forecast and changing their predictions. I so wanted another morning in bed! we still have two months of winter left though, so anything could happen!
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Good Morning! MMM was not an exciting one for me. I was up 1/2 a pound. I am sure I deserved it, so I am not going to whine about it.

For breakfast, I had whole grain spelt crust quiche, and a cup of espresso with cream and a squirt of agave. I took my vitamins and my Carlson's cod liver oil and I theoretically, am ready to face the day. Except that it is raining, and its kind of freezing rain. I may go back to bed.

James put my computer on his router last night, and now it is working the problem is in the other line. We are also having issues with the telephone on that line, so I am going to call the phone company and get them to check it. We are thinking very hard about changing to a cable modem anyway...

THIN: Congrats on the loss! I am glad it is finally working for you! Just keep at it, and you will be at goal before you know it!

TALITHA: You are not the only dork who exercises and does not post it. Don't think I was pointing a finger at you! (there would be three more pointing back at me if I did! ) I am sorry the scale is giving you grief. Just ignore it. Call me at home sometime if you have a few minutes and want to chat. I can't wait to hear what the ultrasound shows, by the way!

CINDY: Lucky you with the sunshine! We have gray and rain....
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Default I'm BAAACK!

Hi everyone- I got back last night from my vacation in Florida!!! I want to go back now!!! It's like 20 degrees here and gray (usual). The sun in Florida was soooo good for my soul!! My hubby and I are seriously contemplating moving there sometime in the future-I have been down there in the summer and know I could handle the heat. Well.... we'll see......

Anyhow- I didn't post before we left b/c we all had the dreaded tummy bug! And that thing hung on until the day we left for FL. Yuck. Good news is we were all better by the time we actually got on the plane.

I am not weighing in this am- I was down a couple more last week with the bug, but think I made up for it over vacation. We were staying with family near Tampa and basically had to eat what was served- and it was NOT SB frriendly!!! So... I am back on track this week and will see what next MMM brings...

Well, I have lots to do to unpack- we got back late last night and had to jump right into the old routine today (ick..). So I'll write more later. Missed you all!

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MUNCH: Good to see you back! My husband wants to move to Florida too...he says it is too cold in Atlanta! I am glad you had a good time, and some good weather.
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Default Hi everyone

Well the metal monster wasn't nice to me I am up 1 lb. But I drank a diet Dr. Pepper last nite and ate some non-legal onion rings so thats most probably the reason. Yes I cheated and I am not proud of it. No more cheating!!! No one to blame but myself. I have lost inches I'm not sure how many but I am now able to wear a suit of clothes that I haven't been able to wear in 2 years. Now that I'm so proud of. Hope everyone has a great day!!!! Congratulations Thin.

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Height: 5'6"


Happy Monday,

I'm actually glad to be back to work today. it was a busy, busy weekend. We raised over $7,000 for our friend at our dance. It wasn't sold out, but still profitable. I danced all night hoping that would count as my exercise for the day and work off my grilled chicken salad I had a dinner.

Yesterday was grocerys hopping and super bowl party. I guess I'm getting old, I would have rather stayed at home and watched it where I could hear it and not be tempted with all the food. I will say no more on that point.

Tonight we are taking my DD out for her birthday. It was Friday but this is our first opportunity to get together. I so hope I can stay legal.

I won't be able to get to the gym as much as last week, but will get there at least 2 times. I will try to get on the at home some.

Teensy, if you are lurking, hoping you are feeling better and will come back soon.

Bob, did you get any sleep this weekend?

Monet, I ususally don't have time to post both places. But I will try. On the invitation list for rehearsal dinner. Of course the wedding party, their spouses/dates, parents/grandparents of both bride and groom,siblings, parents of any young children in the wedding. Readers, or other participants in the ceremony. I invited both of my sisters as they would have been the only ones left out. I beleive etiquette calls for out of town guests to be invited, but I would leave that up to discretion.

Cindy, I'll try to keep you company this week. this week won't be as good as last.

Talitha, you are going to show quicker on your 3rd. I know with my first, I couldn't wait to show, then came the 2nd one and it wasn't a big deal that time and it happened a lot sooner.

Thin, Congrats on the big loss. I knew you were do for a big one.

KayeC, looking forward to some of your recipes.

Munch, glad you had a great trip. I always wanted to live in Florida as I hate cold weather, but now with all the hurricanes, I don't think I want to deal with all that.

thunder, isn't it exciting to be able to get into old clothes? Congrats. That should be good motivation for you and keep you from cheating.

Have a great OP Day!
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Just a quick this am, as I'm off to the dentist! Then I have to bring GS #3 to his dentist appt at 1pm so I'll be on the go most of the day again. Will try to get to the NH to see DM in between appts.

MMM, well let me just say that I'm not happy & that it's my own fault. Had a really poor pitiful me weekend & ate everything in site. But trust me, I'm back on track today. Also I had quit reading my dieter's devotional which was helping me to stay focused, but I'm starting back in it today also.

Will check in later.
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Children still sick, Momma still sick. Jake had to miss being a ringbearer in a wedding sat. And he was so cute in his tux... No way he could have done it. He could barely catch his breath between coughs. His tonsils are coming out Friday.

Gained a lb. or as I like to look at it, lost that lb I gained last week

I have heard some things on this board about diet coke being really bad. Well, as I've said on this board before. I'm a DC-holic! My goal this week is to cut out diet cokes and see how that affects my weight
Good luck to all this week
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One of the most effective ways to create a happier, less stressed, and more balanced life is to remember that there is far more to life than winning and losing.

Good morning! I am dragging this morning. I went to bed around 11 p.m., and Lane woke up at 3 a.m. complaining of a runny nose, and she was coughing; looks like she caught Britt's cold. She couldn't get to sleep, so I was up from 3 a.m. on. She fell back to sleep at 5:30, and slept until 8:30, but I had to get Britt up and ready for school. AND, Bachelor is on tonight, and I wanted to stay up to watch it...we'll see. I certainly can't complain. There is a mom with triplets in Lane's class, and they have been sick; she hasn't had any sleep in over two weeks.

My face (around my nose) has been breaking out a lot lately, so I made an appt. to see my dermatologist today; that is the only thing I have planned. So, I can keep Lane home and resting. She is supposed to go to the zoo with her class tomorrow, and I'm supposed to aide, but we will see how she is feeling.

My weekend was busy doing stuff around the house (12 loads of laundry). I washed everyone's bedding, in addition to regular laundry. I also made a trip to Whole Foods with Britt on Saturday, and spent way tooo much money; I only go there once every 2-3 months. They are supposed to build one closer to me in the next year, but it will still be quite a drive.

It is really windy here today, which is good. It will clean out the air, since we still have no rain in sight. We are at 108 days now. We are in such a drought already.

MMM: I was at 122.5# this morning, not enough to change my ticker. Hopefully next week.

I will do my best at posting my exercise this week. So far, if kids are well enough, I plan to go to the gym on Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat. We will be going to the zoo and walking around all day tomorrow, so that should count for something.

Melf: Howdy!

Solly: Sounds like a busy weekend. Two days at the gym is still great! Happy Belated Birthday to your DD; enjoy your dinner.

Thunder: Hang in there woman. There will always be times when we have something we shouldn't, we just have to make sure not to use it as an excuse to keep eating bad. If you are back on track today, you'll do fine this week.

Muncher: Welcome home. I am glad you are all feeling better. Florida is beautiful. My DH's parents lived in the midwest all their lives, and retired to Florida a few years back.

Monet: I saw on the weater channel that you were having some bad weather...try to stay in out of it. I still haven't been able to find the spelt pie crust at Whole Foods; what a bummer. I hope you get your phone line taken care of. 1/2 pound....could have been worse, it s/b off again in no time.

Thin: Sorry you didn't get the snow you were expecting. But, just are going to work 5 pounds lighter this morning!!! Congrats; that is wonderful .

Talitha: I am so excited to hear the results of your ultrasound on Wednesday. That is a really busy day for me, but I will make sure to check in and read your post even if I'm not able to post at that time. Enjoy your workout. I was never able to work out during my pregnancies; I was too high risk. I had always planned on that being part of my pregnancy, but wasn't able to do it.

Cindy: I'll do my best posting my exercise this week. I used to not do it because my internet connection was too slow, but it is much faster now, and not an excuse anymore.

I better go get a few things done around here.

Have a great OP Day!!!
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Rosanne: We were posting at the same time. Baby steps....if you drink several DC's a day, don't cut them all out at once, you will have withdrawals. Start cutting one out a day, and replacing with Iced Tea or something, and then gradually get them out of your diet. You will be healthier without the artificial sweeteners in your system, and you will lose more; it has been documented on MANY occastions that the sweet aspartame sends confusing signals to your brain and causes sweet cravings. There have been many studies following diet coke drinkers and regular coke drinkers, who basically have the same diet otherwise, and the diet coke drinkers gain the most weight. I now buy a six-pack of the little 8 oz regular Dr. Peppers, and if I get a little bit of a craving, I'll drink half of one of those on some ice. I only have one or two a week. I wanted to get away from the artificial sweeteners.

So sorry Jake had to miss the wedding; I'm sure he would have been an adorable ring bearer. Has this tonsilectomy been scheduled for long? I don't want to try to change your mind, because you have probably already decided to do it. But, when you lose your tonsils, it can affect your immunity and cause you to be sicker. It is one of the last filtering agents to help get rid of the virus before entering the system. Jake may have sleep apnea or something that I am not aware of, and Mom knows best. Good luck to him and I hope he has a wonderful, easy recovery. Can they operate if he is still sick?

Have a great OP day, and get to feeling better!
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Hey Monet:

How come our # of posts aren't changing? Just noticed, and was curious!

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