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Old 06-11-2001, 06:33 PM   #16  
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DEBBIE : I wanted to congratulation you for reaching your goal. You are a true inspiration. I am doing FLIPS!!!!
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Default WAY TO GO DEB!!!





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Default YO....DEB



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I am so happy for you Deb!!!!


Now you can lose your scale for a week? PLEASE?

Sorry that I have been absent for a few days. I needed Thursday evening to recover from Ladies' night followed by Carowinds on Friday and miscellany on Saturday and Sunday. Glad to be checking in tonight!

Hubby just came in to give me my birthday present a day early so that I could plan my Tuesday work wardrobe around it. Pretty good for him! It is a beautiful silver bracelet from Tiffany that I have been admiring for several years. He ordered over a month ago after I admired it on a lady at the couple's weekend at the beach. He kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I kept saying, "something special that you pick out for me, not what I tell you I want you to go buy." He did great!!!

Friday I went to Carowinds (large amusement park on NC/SC border. I had never been to this one. I had a great time. Rode some C-R-A-Z-Y roller coasters No lines, little heat and humidity! FUN!

SPEWER STORY After I got home hubby was at the neighbors having a cold one on the patio. When I got there our "friend" was there so I took over a birthday gift for her. It was a humerous gift, but after she opened it she said that basically her only dilemma was trying to figure out which house she was going to put it in. Now the spouse and myself aren't exactly rolling in dough and the hosts for the evening aren't either. Just another example of the tackiness! Oh yeah, and per usual, she got another chance to mention my age again, even though she is older! After that "house thing" I came home and told DH that I had had enough of that! She makes me feel bad about myself and who needs that! I keep remembering Sparkle's quote at the end of her posts! It helps. Check it out if you are unfamiliar with what I am talking about.

I weighed at work today and got to move the "big" weight, which for me means that I am under 150. I just hope I stay that way through WIW. TOM is also coming for my b-day week!

I went to my favorite store - T.J. Maxx yesterday and got some GREAT exercise gear. I am getting in the mindset to hit the ground running. Allergies are so much better this week. Look forward to beginning running (seriously) this week.

DEB - I really enjoyed your article about the benefits of water. I hope that you are able to keep water down, rather than having to barf over it.

NANCE - I saw that you mentioned passion - you ! Stay on the wagon!!! And no I won't be using the "armpit pic" as my after pic.

ICESKATE - sorry that you have had so much rain. I feel for your crisis!

BOB - I have a WW HOODOO story too! My story is that the person who weighed members was a friend of my mothers and wanted me to be successful, so as I got on the scales (which had the weights hidden from view so that you and the person behind you couldn't see your #'s) she would lie about my actual weight! One week I KNEW I had gained and when she reported a loss I yanked that magnetized screen down and BUSTED her. I was doing a fine job lying to myself. I didn't need to go in there to have the lie perpetuated!

LISA_A_A - I enjoyed looking at your photo album. Your kids are beautiful and smart!

GATORGAL - Thanks for missing me!

SEF - I enjoyed your home imp stories! I also enjoy your approach to life. Please try to stay above ground.

BLOND - Hope that you are feeling well soon!

CATLOVER - Sorry that you have been impacted by the rains as well.

KAREN3000 - Thanks for clearing up the Oprah confusion. That was a good show wasn't it?

QUILTER - Hang in there with your job! Great that you are putting in so much time on the TM!


RHROO - Relay for Life is a great cause. How wonderful that it is televised in your community!

LAMAP - Sorry that you are feeling barfy too. You are really maintaining your loss well.

SOL - your husband is one sentimental, romantic guy isn't he?

CHERI Happy Birthday!

Well I think that is everyone. I hope you all have a great week.


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Old 06-11-2001, 10:21 PM   #20  
SUPER CHICK aka Moderator
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Evening All

Quickie before I hit the hay. Long day out with Eli tomorrow, so I probably won't have much time, if any, to post in the morning-though I will be back in time for CHAT TOMORROW NIGHT AT 9:15PM EST! Of course, you all know where I'll be eating lunch tomorrow-can't wait! Carbolite for dessert!

VIV e-mailed me, she wanted to let you know she was thinking about you all-here's most of her e-mail:

I wanted to let you know, if you could please post, that I am still down on the internet at work and that is where i get all my 3fc time - please send everyone hugs and let them know as soon as i am back up i will be back on the boards. also, I'm back down to my pre-florida weight of 135 and all it took was a week or so of being totallty OP - not even exercise. amazing!

LDBLOND, thanks for the congrats, and the Snoopy Happy Dance! How are you feeling???

CHERI, to you too, a big ol thanks-have a wonderful birthday tomorrow-just wanted to get one more Happy Birthday in just in case I don't get to do so tomorrow for any reason. What are your plans to celebrate???

BOB, you are too funny! Thanks so much for the congrats!!! Well, I told Eli when I hit goal that I wanted to go to Marco for dinner to celebrate, but that I would make it when I reached my "cushion goal", so I would EXPECT you to come meet us down there!!! So I get to steer the wagons on the right path, huh? Oh boy, are you really sure you want to trust me with those reigns?!?

FROG, thanks for the congrats-I PROMISE, I will lose the scale after next WIW. I just want to see how I do this week since I met goal. I know it will go up due to TOM due this weekend-but I WILL have it hidden from me by one of the kids after that, PROMISE!! Sounds like you received a pretty bracelet-you'll have to have a picture of yourself wearing it and post it on the board. Glad hubby got a gold star this year! Okay, how many houses does Spewer have? I'm curious just what she's going to give you for your birthday. Speaking of which, just wanted to take another opportunity to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow! Hey, and congrats to you for getting the big weight down!!!

Time for bed I'll check in with you all sometime tomorrow!

SB since 3/22/00
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FrogLover: Just wanted to say:


for tomorrow!!!
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Oh, and Thank you everyone for the Birthday Wishes.

Deb: I'm not really sure what I'm going to do tomorrow. I don't have any plans. Don't know if the family has any or not. I'll let you know.



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Debbie you are the bomb!!!!!!!! Congratulations on making goal.

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!1

I'm back in town but have my week coming up! We have everyone in the state come to meetings that I am in charge of. Also, I have to travel all week. I will try to check in with ya'll later but just could not wait to say CONGRATS TO DEBBIE
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Motivation Monday:

If you would achieve greatness and know success, live
well. Enjoy the sunrise, work hard, speak your truth and
have the courage to share your knowledge, insight and
wisdom with others. Laugh a lot, and play hard. Earn
some money, and save some to pass on to your children.
Sing in the shower, and embarrass your kids by hugging
them in public.

Make a difference. Leave footprints that others will be
proud to follow.

Philip E. Humbert, PhD.

Debelli: Once again, congratulations. You have worked really hard to reach goal and I think your attitude about the additional 5lbs. is great, whatever happens, happens. Your suppport is forever appreciated.

Gatorgal: I'm with you on losing this site, it would be awful! Continue to be faithful to the plan, it will show if not in weight it will be in inches.

Nance: I'm glad the lasso we used to tie you into the wagon is holding! Your on plan and I can sense your determination is back. I think Deb's accomplishment is just what you needed to see that it can happen for all of us. Your weekend with your sister sounds delightful. Have a wonderful time.

Sef: I'm glad that you are safe, but hope that the water will discipate soon. At least you still have electricity and can communicate with us! I won't pray for a drought, but I will ask for it to dry up enough for you to get around.

Froglover: Your braclet sounds beautiful. Under 150, you're doing great. Remember the weight that comes at TOM usually drops off if you keep your eating under control.

Catlover: I hope the rains aren't washing you away. May the Lord dry the skies for a few days and let you and Sef have a chance to dry out a little.

I'm feeling better, the dr. thinks he got all of the infected tissue, so now I take my antibiotics and hope this awful taste in my mouth subsides soon. Probably eating too much sf icecream, but find that it soothes my stomach some as the Biaxin can be nasty stuff to the stomach.

Deb what information can I email you to help me figure out my calories, carbs/protien/fat. I really could do it myself, but haven't found a good site to determine what my calories should be. Suggestions?

Beachfan: Glad to know you are getting a chance to check in. We miss you, you know. Speaking of which where's Lisa and Ann?

Hubby rented a movie "Pay it Forward" so I'm headed off for the night. Finally did a 15 min workout this morning, going to do it again tomorrow. I have to remember it's just like my morning shower, it has to be done.

By the way, the "l"dblond, is a little "L" stands for Lara.

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Old 06-12-2001, 12:35 AM   #25  
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Default Hello

Good Evening to all

Deb----WOW, You could go all day with out saying a word--the motivation for the rest of us was just hearing about what you have achieved. Great going, and congrats....

Frog Lover.....Happy Birthday (a few minutes belated) to you.

Cheri....Hoping that you had a great birthday. It is so great to see things are going good. Happy Birthday!!

I am so happy for those of you in the South, the water is going down and the weather is moving out. I hope all won't need to much cleaning up. Ya'll are in my thoughts and prayers.

I am feeling so much better. I went swimming ( well--floating around with an occasional kick) last night. And today I was able to do my three miles on the treadmill, then again the "swim" for an hour. (Atleast I am moving my limbs move in the water than I would be sitting on my bottom, watching TV.

I am wishing all of you the best of days on Tuesday and all the strength it takes to stay on program.

Keep Smiling.
SB since 10/27/00
Port Charlotte, FL

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Good Tuesday Morning Everyone!

Was able to get out today at 6:30 to go for my walk. Legs are still feeling heavy for some unknown reason, so I really didn't get but a tad of jogs in, but at least I did the usual 4.5 miles I purposely got myself out early so I'd have time to get in a post before we got on our merry way today.

Ia anyone else having trouble with these new pop-up advertising banners? I keep getting script errors and it's driving me batty.

Forgot to give you the latest DADDY UPDATE He got out of the hospital on Sunday and was already driving my Mom nuts by Monday morning-meaning, he's back to normal!!!! They found no damage to his heart whatsoever, thank goodness. Thanks again for all your good wishes for him.

CHERI, I hope you have a wonderful birthday today, please know we'll be celebrating with you in spirit

BEACH, glad to have you back and to know you had a good time, though you seem to have come back to what appears to be a very busy schedule. Thanks for the congrats-I was looking forward for you to see that I FINALLY MADE IT I can finally say I am in the same class as you now. Thanks for all your support when the going got tough, being that you've been in the shoes I was walking in, you understood more of what I was feeling. Your support as well as the rest of the gals on the board got me to where I am today, and again, I want to say THANK YOU!

LDBLOND, WONDERFUL Motivational Monday thought! Thanks for sharing it with us Glad to hear you are almost "back to normal" with your mouth. That Biaxin makes me sick-hope you don't have that problem! Eat what you are able to, when you are 100%, you'll be able to go back OP full force. Lara, just let me know how active you are, do you exercise? I have your stats on hand, so I can figure pretty much the other stuff out from your stats. Then, it's easy to figure out how much you should be eating. I can tell you, as you get closer to goal, it just takes longer to lose. I figure that it will take me about 10-14 days to lose a pound now, without any other factors weighing in like that TOM that likes to come and mess things up!

LAMAP, thanks for the congrats. You too should be congratulated, look how far you have come-that's no small accomplishment. I know the place you are at, that's the weight I was at my highest 17yrs ago, and I know where you want to get to, you'll get to, it may seem like it will never come, but it will, I can attest to that! Keep up the great work!!!

Okay gals, time to hop in the shower and get ready to go. I'll check in with you all when I get home, and again, don't forget CHAT IS AT 9:15PM EST

And of course, do I have to remind you that TOMORROW IS WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!?! I hope the scales are kind to us all

Have a wonderful day!

SB since 3/22/00

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Deb - congrats. you are living proof that it can be done. An inspiration to us all and especially me.
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Cheri and Froglover this ones for yall
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Good Morning Gals! I have my coffee and am ready to post!

I agree about the sadness if we lost the wes-site. Maybe Debbie can find out where we could do a financial donation? If that would make a difference, I'm there!

The only Brittish comedies I remember seeing on t.v. out here was "Faulty Towers"...I hardly watch tv though, so can't say for sure. The cucumber sandwiches sound delicious! I want to make some now! As far as the gardening "zone" out here, it's "CACTUS ZONE" Seriously, I forget the number I want to say 13? I'd have to break out one of my books. I just buy whatever says "takes full sun" cause that's what we get 365 days a year!

Thank you for all your support. You are definately my mentor! I think Lara is right in saying that by you reaching goal, it has helped motivate me again! I hope I didn't just "
kinehora myself! I too go nuts with those script errors. I thought it was just more bad luck with the computers in our house! I'm still having gaseous-ickeous problems, can't figure out why...seems worse after lunch. THANK GOODNESS I have a private office. You'd see me standing there feverishly waving folders to air things out!:LOL: Dan hasn't evicted me yet, but he did request the other night that I try to "refrain" myself until after he finished his ice cream. Like I have control over the situation! By the way I bought the Bryers Sugar Free ice cream. Boy is it good. Like you said, nothing else to consider! How come you can't have rye bread with "preservatives" on SB???? Glad to hear your Dad is safe and sound and at home! The only plans I have with my sisters are ones that my Mom has made. She wants to go to the IMAX theater, with the whole family, and see Cirque du Soliel "Journey of Man"...never mind that I've seen it 3 times, I'll be going again, and enjoying AGAIN! We'll just be swimming, talking, making Starbucks runs, talking, and oh did I mention talking???

I can see you are taking advantage of Debbie's weight loss celebration to AVOID my questions, but the GNAT is buzzing, and will CONTINUE buzzing until you start talking!!!

Which Jane Austen film did you think Robert Shaw was in? The was a priest in Emma, but that's the only movie I can think of, well heck, let me just go grab the box 2 feet away from me.....nope, doesn't say his name on the box, now you got me wondering! Sorry to hear about all the flooding..what a mess that must be. Glad things are relatively o..k. at your house!

When you said "Don't forget about us" I was laughing and felt loved ARE YOU KIDDING...this will be an opportunity to post MORE!! Time off from work, with my favorite bunch of'll be hearing from me 3 times a day probably! Since you like Robin Cooks books, do you also watch the FBI files and Crime Sceen investigators on TV? One of the morbid shows I like watching! I think my husband was a little bit nervous wondering who he married, but I love when they solve a murder on hardly any clues!

Were is Gardner located? I used to date a guy who lived in Quincy...we had a bi-coastal relationship before I met Dan the Man. I love your state, some beautiful country out there!!! I've been out your way 3-4 times, and loved it everytime, but never was there in the winter!

I see you are down 6 lbs.! That is awesome! SOrry about I.M. at work, sometimes I jump on line quick, and then I hear the bossman walking towards my office and have to jump ship! Hope you understand!

Carowinds sounds like lots of fun. I love rollercoasters! Don't let this "Spewer" chick rain on your parade! You KNOW you are a better person and can rise above it. She probably has a real low self-esteem, and therefore needs to put people down in her own special style. She's probably jealous of you!!! Now let's talk about moving the "BIG WEIGHT" on the scale.....That is a HUGE moment! You should be proud girlfriend....I can only fantasize about that right now!!!! The closest I ever got was about 4 years ago when I got into the 170's and I was overjoyed, but to move into a whole new category, that's BIG TIME!!! Congratulations! Bracelet sounds neat. That husband sounds like a keeper!

In case your lurking, glad to hear you got back on track!! Way to go. It's amazing when you do the right thing and stay on plan isn't it? I'm trying to get my brain to realize that!!!!! Have you heard any more reports from the newreporter about how she is doing on SB? Was she supposed to do a follow up story?

How are you doing?? Hope we can meet for lunch this week. Are you still on normal 1 hour lunches, or has that changed yet? I went to 3 health food stores on Sunday and they were all closed. You'll be proud of me though, I rode my BIKE to one of them! Are you going to come in and pick up some samples of Protonix and give it a whirl? If we have lunch, I will bring them to you! Sound like blackmail? It is! I miss you!!!

Well, need to get off line and go scrub-a-dub-in-the-tub!
Catch up with yoiu fearless women later! Hugs, Nancita!

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Hi Everyone….
I’m human again! Got the internet back! While you may think this is all for personal reasons, it’s not, I DO use it for work, okay! LOL!!!

Must clear up a discrepancy – I guess I wasn’t thinking when I typed it, but I do NOT eat carob covered RAISINS!!! It’s PEANUTS!!! Yikes, what you all must have thought!!!

I am now below my pre-Florida weight, at 134. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, nerves, and it really squelches my appetite. I hate the end of the school year, I get so nervous about my kids’ classes and teachers and classmates for the next year. Unfortunately there a lot of manipulation that goes on around here and for those of us who want to play it straight, you’re at a disadvantage. It’s very very very nerve-wracking. Anyone have a similar experience?

My Ils are coming up for Father’s Day…..They haven’t been at my house inover 3 years so I am getting it ready for the “inspection”. You know what they say, “those who live in glass houses…..”. My MIL has blue carpeting and purple walls and yet thinks she can critique my house. So I’m gearing up for just a negative few days, dealing with the school issue, the inlaw visit, etc…..Ready for summer!

DEB – I congratulated you last nite but here is an official CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you! I hope you do the celebration worthy of this great accomplishment. I agree, some before and after pics would be great! Glad Dad is doing well, can’t say the same for mine, he is having a very hard time with recuperation and the emotional issues between him and his wife are getting in the way. So, more stress. Agave nectar in coffee? Really? I am going to have to try that, I really need sweetener in my coffee and have been using half-packets of sweet n lo, never thought of agave! LOL re the Kinehora, my MIL always says “Kinehora, poo poo poo”….

Nance – another Peter Mayle fan! Did you know he has a new book out? I read about it when I was in SF, need to get it from the library. I’m reading the Ladies Auxiliary now, really enjoying it.

Sef – those floods sound terrifying. We’re thinking of you, so hang in there… all that rainwater bad for the poolwater, or does it give it a good flushing out? (is that a stupid question, well, I don’t have a pool!).

Sol – Hey, I’ve got a friend who wants to move to Orlando area. He went down for a house/apt hunting visit and because he is used to the bucolic New Englandy, treed, landscaped public areas he was surprised at the difference, say, in Winter Park or Altamonte. To me, those areas just look like Florida and I like them, I think I’m used to them and they are just “Floridian” to me. I think he’s being a little silly, but anyway…Can you suggest any areas he could look in that are more “suburban” in look and feel, I know the Dr. Phillips area is nice but that is super $$$, right? Any other ideas I could pass on to him? For me, just give me a backyard with a palm tree and I would be happy. For perennials, have you ever received the WhiteFlower Farm catalog? It’s an excellent nursery here in Litchfield County – they ship nationwide and their catalog is extremely detailed with zone info, etc. The have a website, - for some reason I can’t bring it up right now, but I suggest you order the catalog – it’s absolutely beautiful. Wish I could send you some of my Black Eyed Susans and daisies!

Karen – I feel your pain about all that house upkeep. It never ends, does it? We need to stain, do the roof, windows, etc……yuck.

Tigger – my issue at McDonalds are the shakes. I just love them. 360 calories and like 9 grams of fat, not to mention the sugar. So I just need to stay away from there!

Frog – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good going on the Tiffany bracelet, that’s good for a few brownie points for DH, I bet! Love those Spewer stories, unfortunately I have a few acquaintances like that myself….And congrats on the under 150!

Laurie – have you ever tried swimming with a kickboard? That way you can get the lower body workout without really exhausting yourself.Pre-marriage I got down to 113 (!) swimming and doing laps with the kickboard, first on my stomach, then on my back, like a sit up in the water! I also did crawl laps, but found the kickboard really helped tone my legs, butt, hips and abdomen. Oh, I wish I had a pool!!!!!

Gotta get to work, girls. So glad to be back, I’ll do my best to post regularly now…it is hard on the weekends, but during the week, I’m here!

Since Feb ‘01

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