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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 3/11-3/17

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, I do think it's a keeper


Things which now come easily and naturally to you, at one time seemed difficult and even impossible. You found a way around those obstacles which once were so daunting. You found a way because you had enough desire to find it. You found a way because you had the commitment to find it and to make it work.

When you need to, or want to, or must, you can find a way to move past whatever is blocking your path, toward whatever you desire. The difficulty of the challenge is not nearly as important as the strength of your commitment.

What do you sincerely intend to do, and what do you truly expect to do? These are the things that will get done, because you will find a way. The efforts probably won't be comfortable, convenient or easy, but then nothing of value ever is. That's why commitment is so crucial, because it will get you through what you must get through.

You're going to get knocked down. With enough commitment you'll get back up. You're going to become sidetracked and blown off course. With enough commitment you'll quickly get back on track.

Your previous priorities and commitments have brought you to where you are right now. Commit to the best, the brightest, the most positive future you can sincerely imagine. Make the commitment, and you'll find the way.

-- Ralph Marston

Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

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Good morning all!!

I have decided to join the other BFLifers here and start Day 1 today! After I get all kids off to school it's off to the gym for an upper body workout.

Meliris was kind enough to talk to me on the phone last night (in the middle of her dinner) and reassure me that BFL was possible. I have worked with weight machines for years but never with free weights, so my first few sessions should be interesting, to say the least.

I plan to adapt the BFL eating to SB; it should be pretty easy, just leaving out corn and potatoes mainly.

Will let you all know as the week progresses!

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Hello all Sugar Busters,
Yes, I have been MIA for several weeks. I have been very busy with LIFE, and when I do get to the board, there are so many people and pages that I'm finding it nearly impossible to keep up with what is going on. One Monday early afternoon I logged on to find 2 pages already posted. I can barely keep up with the last page posted and have really been out of the loop. Don't misunderstand; I'm not complaining and am happy to see all the interest and support for this SB board, but just explaining why I have not posted in a while. I have been lurking a little, reading at least the last page posted. Usually, though, that is page 9...or 10... or 11!!

Fruitloupe, I was happy to see that you are still posting. I saw your pix on the photo board. You're cute! Was that a beer in your hand!! And hello to my board friend from Auburn Tiger land--Fillise. We still have good memories of our trip there, parking in your church parking lot.

I missed the Orlando get together this weekend because I had an all day meeting on Saturday. I thought of everyone boating on our beautiful chain of lakes, going through the narrow canals connecting them, while I was giving a talk to the group where I was. The weather was beautiful here on Saturday, so they had a perfect day. I was beat by the time I finished, so I just hightailed it home. Perhaps Sol and Vesnoid and I could get together some day for a leisurely lunch. I'd love to see SolShine since she has started preparing for the half-marathon. Debbie, have you registered?

I finally have to start getting in shape for a hiking vacation we have planned for the end of Sept. and first of Oct. in Vermont. We will be with a small group, hiking for 5 days and staying at B & B's each night. The shortest hikes are about 3 miles, with the longer ones about 7 miles. So, I guess I will have to start wallking. Oh no!!!

I have been losing slowly, but I think it is the synthroid that has been helping. I'm taking a pretty low dosage, but my latest blood work shows that it is the right dose. I hopped on the scale yesterday to see that I was up 2 pounds after being really good, and I was so upset about it that I went out and had an ice cream cone!!! That'll show'em.

Does anyone remember SparkleSkamp? She was such a good writer on this board. Can anyone remember the URL for her web site. I thought it was Debbie, can you confirm this? Anyone--do you remember? Anyway, I've missed her and so I thought I'd check out her web site, but found that Sugar Shakers was now no longer in existance and the domain name was up for sale. I hope Sparkle--**** on Wheels--is OK.

We will be going to Cuba the middle of April. Still haven't heard many details about that trip, but am looking forward to it. Have to get one more Hepatitis shot before we leave.

And BOB--sorry I missed you when you were here on Saturday. Hope you got lots of good shopping done. I'm not much of a shopper, myself. It wears me out. So I'm always amused and interested in hearing about your latest shopping victories. I did read your post about how you still pulled for all the SEC teams except UF. I thought you said it was just SOS that you did not like, but I see that all those years of us beating UT's b*tt during the Peyton Manning years plus more just got to ya, huh! LOL Now all you other gals, just keep calm here. BOB and I are just doing a little SEC trash talkin'. BOB, I really would have loved to see you again this weekend. Sorry I was unable to come, and hope to see you the next time. I've appreciated all the e-mails.

I notice that the board no longer will take gifs or jpg's or whatever attached to the end of a post. I looked for a notice about that from Suzanne, but never noticed it. I found out the hard way when I was rudely "zapped" when I tried to post one. Consequencely, I lost my whole post. I hate that, and I normally just don't repost anything. That was yesterday (actually, Friday), so I'm typing this (Sunday night) on my word processing application, and will copy and paste it in tomorrow morning when I hope the board will still be at page one!!

BTW, there is something weird going on when I copy and paste. I use Helvetica font, which is really common, and when I past onto the respond page, everything looks normal. But when my page is actually posted, all the apostrophe’s look weird. Like this: i’ve you’re there’s etc. ‘ ‘ ‘
Now, since I’m trying to get this to mess up and am typing it and then pasting it, it probably won’t mess up. But if it does, what’s up, Debbie. This has only been happening for the past month for me, and at first I thought I just mistyped.

Have a great week, all.

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Happy Monday all.

Well, it's Spring Break here and what a delight not to have to make sure the little darlin's were up and ready to go to school this morning before I left for work.

Had an interesting week-end. I went to a family reunion on Saturday in East Texas (4 hour drive). Saw people I hadn't seen in about 30 years. Just my mother and I went (along with my 10 y/o son). I think it meant a lot to her to see some of these people. Unfortunately, the food got the better of me. I felt so awful driving home (physically). When we got up yesterday morning, I told my husband we needed to get out of the house and do something. We ended up driving to a State Park and going on a 4 mile hike. We had a great time and I felt so much better. I really was re-energized and realize the importance of jumping immediately right back on that old wagon and not getting run over by the wagon.

I hope all of you guys had fun in Orlando for your SB week-end. Gotta run now. It's definately going to be a Monday.

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I decided that today I'm going to re-focus my attention on losing the pounds! The last couple weeks have been OK (in that I didn't cheat) but I have had too many starchy carbs, coffee, and not enough water! So, I'm going to really start trying to improve my water intake! Also, I want to start working out again. I injured my leg about 4-6 weeks ago, and I have yet to resume my treadmill workout. *sigh* This week is spring break, so I will have more time to keep up with the boards. I was supposed to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled this week, but, uhhh.... I decided to wait a bit. I have never had a tooth pulled much less 4 at once! Duh! Oh, and I hit my short-term goal of getting under 200 pounds the other day, so I'm happy!!!

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Good Morning everyone!

It sounds like some of you had a great get together this weekend. Wish I was in Florida so I could have met everyone.

Daramus--Glad to see you back with us. I have never had my wisdom teeth removed. I have plenty of room for them and they don't give me any problems. Does that mean I have a big mouth

Fruitloupe: We must be twins. You said that you are a portrait painter. Well, I am by no means an ARTIST, but I really enjoy painting landscapes. I am still feeling crappy with the cold. I can breath a little bit better though. Hope that you feel better soon.

The wind was really howling here in Michigan the past few days as well. We have some roofs damaged and some signs down. Our electric went off and on but thankfully we didn't lose power for long.

Hope everyone has a great Monday.

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Thumbs down Good Monday Morning

Good morning everyone! It is gorgeous here is Auburn, though a bit cool. The bradford pears are in full bloom and the azealas will be popping out soon. I think we are due for some storms tonight, but for today it is beautiful and I am thankful!

Scale has crept back up two pounds, but that is water retention due to delayed TOM. I've been like clockwork for the past few months--but for some reason it is taking it's sweet time this month. Scale will go right back down a couple of days later, my eating is good, so I'm not worried.

Darimus--sorry about the female talk, I hope we don't gross you out. Sorry about the leg injury--I've had two injuries this year that have kept me out of the gym--one to my knee last summer and now my neck. I have a followup for the next in the next two weeks, so I'm hoping to get the all clear to go back.

Trish--enjoy spring break! It's good that you got right back OP after a slip. You will probably not notice much effect if you keep right to the program. Way to go with the hike!

Gator--It's great to hear from you!!!!! I've been wondering where you had gotten to. It sounds like you have been busy and doing well. I know what you mean about the busy, busy board--if I miss a day, I feel that there is no way to catch up!

Laura--good luck with the BFL! You and Melf and FRog will be our advertisements for pumping iron!

Deb--I hope you get rested from your trip--it sounds wonderful. Same for BOB, and SOL, and BK's mamma, and vesnia, etc.

Have a good week everyone!


--ps, if you get a chance check out the black bean soup recipe I posted on the rescipe board last night. It is a good protein source without a lot of fat. Oh yes--it tastes good too!
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Sheann - Well I don't know that anything is wrong with my teeth, per se, it's just that dentist nowadays are trained to recommend wisdom teeth removal right after they are taught to say, "Now this might sting a little." I understand why they recommend it and all, but that still doesn't make me want to have teeth ripped out of my mouth, especially when they are not causing any pain, coming in crooked, etc.

Fillise - Female talk doesn't bother me at all. It's just that I can't really contribute or personally relate to some of the conversations, especially when TOM is an issue.
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Good Monday Morning Everyone!

I've been having trouble getting on the site and was happy after shuting the computer down twice that I somehow was able to get on here.

I'M BAAAACK!! What a weekend! I've said it before and I'll say it again, we have a wonderful bunch of women on this board. I so enjoy each time we get together, whether it be a one-on-one meeting, a small group or a bigger gathering, it's always surrounded by a positive feeling during and after the time we spend together.

I'm sure I will reiterate much of what was said, so bear with me through this. BOB and I met up at our hotel around 4pm, we arrived within minutes of each other-good timing. Anyone who's met BOB in the past can tell you she's a HOOT and just fun to be around!! It was just the beginning of enjoying the weekend together! Never a dull moment when BOB'S around.

After getting settled in we scooted over to ITALIANNI'S to meet SOL & VES, who were already there hitting the booze, I mean the wine Dinner was delicious, though the service sorta sucked, the waiter we had was not good and I think he knew afterwards that we didn't think that much of his waitering skills.

SOL looked like her radiant fun self. For those of you who've met SOL, you will understand when I tell others that she has an infectious smile that lights up an entire room, a great voice that holds so much enthusiasim when she speaks and just a great all around person to be around.

VES, oh my, this girl is a doll! I so enjoyed finally meeting her. She's so cute! When you meet her you feel like you've known her forever, just like the rest of the group. Of course, my first impression of her was that she was very pretty, second was, what weight is she wanting to lose, she looks great! Nice and tall, lucky booger!

BOB intruduced us to what the DIRTY MARTINI was. I'm not a drinker at all, so I didn't try it, but it had green olives stuffed with feta or blue cheese and THOSE were delicious! So when SOL decided to order one, we asked for extra olives-YUMMY!!

After dinner, VES and SOL went their seperate ways to prepare for our get together on Saturday morning. BOB dragged me shopping, her favorite past time. She was so thrilled with some new sneakers she found at the REEBOK OUTLET STORE, she was floating on air. After the outlet mall we strolled around DISNEY MARKETPLACE until about 11pm when I started to feel the fatigue hitting me from being up since 5:30am and having run that day as well, so we headed back to the hotel to try and get some rest.

I had to thank BOB'S Mom out loud for having her make sure that BOB packed her FART SPRAY as BOB NEEDED IT!!! Sure wasn't me this weekend that was blowing in the wind. Luckily, the ear plugs I brought didn't have to be converted to nose plugs, though I didn't think up until now, I could of used them as butt plugs for her! BOB & I figured we can easily travel together, as long as she carries her fart spray and I my ear plugs. I didn't even miss Eli, I thought he was snoring in the next bed!

Next morning we went to check out the breakfast buffet that came with our room. Boy, what a spread. Not your typical Breakfast Buffet! I wasn't going to eat anything but ended up having some bacon, a tiny piece of fish and tea-did I forget anything BOB?

We headed off to go pick up ROSALIE at her hotel. She was waiting outside with her daughter who wanted to make sure we weren't serial killers or some oddities. ROSALIE is a doll, and once again I'm here thinking, how can this woman weigh nearly 200lbs! She doesn't look it at all and carries her weight wonderfully! She has such a nice British accent, though I have to admit sometimes I had a hard time understanding what she would say, so I had to listen carefully to make sure I didn't miss a word.

So, off to SOL'S we headed, and we headed right into bumper-to-bumper traffic! Here it is, Saturday morning and there's traffic?!? After 45 minutes of not going all that far, the gals can tell you I was getting really pissed. We called SOL and VINCE gave us alternate directions to get to their house. Felt like it took forever, well, it did, almost 2 hours! I was ready to bite someone's head off. I don't like being late anywhere and we were late. Luckily, only VES had showed up thus far.

Our HOST & HOSTESS had everything set up and ready to go-gosh how I wish they'd come my way so I had a good reason to clean up my house-theirs looks immaculate! Shortly afterwards BIGK arrived along with the family who were dropping her off for the day. As it's been mentioned, her son is definitely a BIG BOY and she's mentioned him and posted pictures of him in the past-but not until you get to meet him in person do you see the magnitude of his size. He had to bend his head down to get into SOL'S doorway. He's definitely a gentle giant though, you can see that. SARAH is a cutie too, a very sweet littl girl. We got to meet BIGK'S hubby too-the entire family!!!! HAPPY & her friend Anita arrived last and it was nice to finally be able to put a face to her name. I didn't know what to expect, so of course, when the two of them walked in I didn't know who was who. It was nice to meet them both, definitely partners in crime Hopefully meeting the rest of us, ANITA will take some time and join us on the board.

All the foods looked wonderful-of course, there was just way too much food! SOL & VINCE must be in heaven not having to cook for a while-no wonder she loves having it at her house-look at all the wonderful SB BENEFITS she gets!! The table looked like a feast ready for a King & Queen. The foods were delicious and I made sure to try each and every dish. Of course, you all know that DESSERT is my favorite, so I made SURE to leave room for that. Actually, being the glutton I am, I took one of VES'S chocolate almond candys and ate that before anything else. She made them with bakers chocolate and agave for the sweetener-she'll have to post a recipe, very yummy!!!
Anyhow, I think I was the first to dive into dessert. I'm surprised that no one already said what a pig I made of myself with the cheesecake I brought! You are all too kind! It may of not looked pretty with the cracks, but damn, it was GOOD! I ate more than anyone else, that's a given! The zuchinni loaf cake that BIGK made minus the oil was delicious and ANITA made a apple crisp type of dish that was very good as well. I don't know about everyone else, but I ate waaaay too much, but yes, it was all SB LEGAL Oh, I think it was BIGK (if not, it was HAPPY) that brought some of these new SNYDER brand OAT BRAN PRETZELS as I had. When I stopped in Port St. Lucie looking for a urination stations I went to Publix and found them there (mine doesn't carry them), so I brought some-they are delicious ladies!!!!! They taste a little like graham crackers-will make a GREAT CRUST!!!!

We went for the boat ride, which I think we all enjoyed-I surely did, very relaxing and nice to see homes I can only dream about living in! As you all heard, VES sure can whistle and those peacocks would of loved getting a hold of her if they could of!!!

Shopping in Winter Park was nice-VES pulled me into an ice cream shop where they make their own without presevatives. Of course, after making a huge pig of myself at SOL'S one would think I wouldn't have room for ice cream! LOL, yeah, right! I got a coffee ice cream. I haven't bought real ice cream anywhere while being out since starting SB-it did feel odd, but tasted great! Wish we had more time to spend down there, it was just pleasurable to be walking with friends and shopping.

A trip to WHOLE FOODS was next and as it was mentioned, we scattered in all different directions. Of course, I was sniffing out the chocolate that no one else noticed in the corner of the store, some CHOCOLOVE 77%. There were others, good prices, even better than my WHOLE FOODS down here, so of course, I made some purchases!

Dinner was at OUTBACK, it's just a good place that pleases everyone. VES & I split the salmon plate-yummy!

We all disbursed and went our seperate ways from there. We took ROSALIE back to the hotel, but making some stops along the way.

Sunday morning BOB & I got our crap together, headed to the breakfast buffet where I had taken my cottage cheese and raspberries down with me and had some bacon again-delicious!

We met up with VES at a flea market a bit north of where we were staying. Of course, stopping at STARBUCKS along the way and passing the FRESH MARKET that was not yet open for the day. Strolled around with VES as well as her boyfriend TOM who we got to meet. Yes, the place was enormous and we didn't have enough time to get through even a small portion of it. We all made a purchase or two.

As the day was getting on we finally had to go. We said our goodbyes to VES & TOM and BOB & I heade back over to the FRESH MARKET and then off to lunch-back to ITALIANNI'S before we left-it's that good! I spoke to the Mgr. just to express my disappointment of our service, not the actual meal, on Friday evening. She said the food was on her-boy, BOB & I sure were happy! We left the gal a really nice tip and I'm sure we were all happy afterwards.

BOB & I parted ways, hmmm, around 5ish or so, BOB, can't remember! Anyhow, I took a roundabout way home instead of spending $10 on the turnpike. I went through towns that are so small they aren't even listed on a map. At one point I see a man in the road and cars stopped, two-lane road in the middle of nowhere a car much of flipped and landed upside down in the middle of the two lanes-luckily no one was hurt and there was enough of a shoulder that we could go around them. As I continued on I see a police car coming, mind you, that was abouat 15 minutes away from the scene-I think the closest town was about 40 miles away from there. Boring drive, but I made it how, a little after 9pm.

The weekend was wonderful and I loved getting to see everyone and having the opportunity to meet VES< ROSALIE & HAPPY in person after all this time. You guys CAN NOT MISS THE NORTH CAROLINA TRIP, you just have no clue how much fun it is to meet others, and this is going to be the best get together we will ever have!!!

So, that's my take on this past weekend. I'm sure I've forgotten things I want to tell you that I will hopefully remember later. Of course, lots of pictures were taken and I have my roll almost done, maybe 4 pics to go, and I'll get those posted once I have them processed.

I don't have time to address all the old posts, heck, I don't even have time to answer all the e-mails in my mailbox!! Please bear with me while I get back into the groove again.

I was able to get in my walk this morning, not sure how, feeling as pooped as I am, but I did get in my 4.5 miles in 44:50 and jogging almost the entire length at that! I figured with all I ate this past weekend, I really NEEDED to get back on track. Oh, I'm at 122 today, so up from the other day, not surprisingly.

SEMMENS, good luck with BFL. I'm sure MEL & FROG will be good role models to look at and get info on it!!!

GATOR, sorry you weren't able to make it this past Saturay, it was fun and you would of loved meeting the new gals and seeing the old ones. I can't tell you about the trouble with the fonts, but you could e-mail SUZANNE if you continue to have trouble.

TRISH, glad to see you are right back on track after the weekend, like myself. I have a friend that lives in what I think it considered SE TEXAS, a tiny town called ZAVALLA, about 30 minutes from LUFKIN I believe. Do you know of it??

DARAMUS, congrats on meeting your mini goal!! Glad to see you are going to work on the water, it definitely helps!!!

SHEANN, sorry to hear you are still feeling under the weather-hope you feel better soon!!!

FILLISE, trying to get a little rest after I post. I will definitely check out your recipe later, I do like black beans!!

Okay, this is it for me, for now. Going to go lie down for a little bit, I'm just wiped out!

Oops, forgot to mention, Saturday marked 9 months since I met my goal weight

I'll check in with you all later.


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Default Hi all!

It's been a full week end for me, starting with an Associational Mission's Banquet Friday night with several others from our church. Food was good too, they served chicken breasts in a mushroom sauce that was soooo delicous, green beans with almonds, & green salad. Passed up the wonderful looking desserts.

Saturday, went to a Mary Kay party & had a really nice time.

Sunday, we had a full church with CMA, Christian Motorcycle Association members from all over the state show up for a special service along with some local bikers. Our pastor is a CMA member & it was part of our Mission's Emphasis program. Then they had Blessing of the bikes, dinner, which almost EVERYONE stayed & ate with us, then Biker Games which was fun to watch. They also gave rides to those that wanted a spin around the block on the bikes. Our pastor, however took a spill on the wet driveway Saturday & was on crushes. He already needs surgery for his knee & this really put him in alot of pain. Thank goodness it was hsi bad side he fell on & not his good one, which would have really put him in more pain.

Anyway, we had lots of food for all. I made the carob cake with cream cheese icing, then grated some carob chips on top. Was reallly good. I also made the lemon jello cheesecake cups They were awefully good. Got some good compliments on them. Made a casserole with turkey ground meat & eggplant which also turned out well. I managed to eat OP, but tooooo much...

Debeli I really like your motivational message this morning. Soooo true! Reminds me of sometime I read last week & jotted down. EVERY STORM WEATHERED WITH DETERMINATION BRINGS US CLOSER TO SUCCESS You are so right about the degree of committment we have making all the difference in our winning or loosing the race, or in our case, the weight lose.

Sounds like all you FLA ladies had a great time. Debbie, you are so right about SolShine's smile being radiant. She is such a doll & really knows how to make everyone feel special.

GatorGal, sorry you had to miss the gathering, but it does sound as though you are really busy with some fun things. The hiking sounds like it's going to be lots of fun, as does the trip to Cuba! I know what you mean about being overwhelmed with the posts lately. I can't keep up either, so just trying to post when I can which has not been too often lately.

Well ya'll, I've got to get going. Have a jury summons for 1:30 & need to get there early to find a parking space. Bringing a book to read to keep me from going to sleep. Had not had a chance to finish reading Desecration so I'm taking this time to read it before the next book comes out in July! Have a few days off, so if I'm not choosen for jury duty, which I'm praying that I'm not!!! then I'll be checking in again tonight or tomorrow. Have a sugar free day all!
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Testing to see if I can get the apostropheÕs to goof up. HiÕs youÕre itÕs Ō nowÕs yearÕs
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Yep!! Debbie! That's how it looks. Bad, huh! How do I get Suzanne to see what it looks like?
BTW, do you remember what SparkleScamp's website was?
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Sounds like you all had an excellent weekend! Noticing many of you are starting Spring break, something those of us on the west coast won't see until the 1st week of April.

Deb, this week's MM is just perfect! Reworking daily life to incorporate the things I need to be doing. I may even do a little "chore" schedule until I get things rolling more smoothly. Went to make the oatbran muffins last night and discoved the box with the recipe on it had been ditched - yikes! I'll be doing some web surfing today, trying to find a new one.

Daramus, Congrats on meeting your mini-goal. We will be re-focusing together my friend. This week's goal is to stay out of Starbucks until the weekend or at the very soonest Friday when I'm off with my son for his medical appts. I have expresso roast at home, it's just a matter of learning how to make it right. If I can reduce my visits there the caffeine, fat, and chance of cheating with those darn muffins goes down.

I hope everyone's Monday is the wonderful beginning to a terriffic week!
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OMIGOSH! I'm soooo tired! And I missed out on HALF the festivities and SHOPPING! Must be all that food we ate weighing me down… HAS to be that 'cause I'm not gonna admit to being too old in the bones to keep up with VESNA, DEB and BOB and MARIE!

If you haven't been to last week's board to read about the escapades it's well worth the time.….okay, maybe not, but I'd show you my home movies too, if you'd let me!

Thanks to everyone for the compliments - you sure know how to make a girl's head swell. I have a few compliments of my own, but, of course, these are food-based compliments….I'm sitting here munching on BOB's AWESOME GREEN BEANS!! OMG, they are sooooo good!! I had DEBBIE's AWESOME QUICHE for breakfast and a piece of VESNA's AWESOME BREAD. Last night for supper we had SLAPHAPPY's AWESOME NACHO SPREAD with some of BKM's AWESOME BREADSTICKS. (Do you get the picture???) Tonight I'll enjoy some of MARIE's WINE - yum, yum! Vince and I will not be going to the grunchy store for quite a few days. Even if these women weren't as wonderful as they are it would be worth it just for all the goodies we end up with out of the deal. (Did I mention I also had a cup of STARBUCKS COFFEE with my QUICHE and thanked DEBBIE out loud as I put our weekly schedule up on the fridge with my STARBUCKS MAGNET.)

Did I also mention how absolutely wonderful everyone is? A true joy to be around. I'm tellin' ya - THINK NC IN OCTOBER!! And O-TOWN IN JANUARY!!

Sunday was an equally busy and exciting day. We got up bright and early to go meet some Border Terriers. We got there right on time and when we rang the doorbell you should've heard the barking going on! We came in and said HI and promptly hit the floor playing with the dogs - poor breeder was completely ignored for a little while. They gave us lots of kisses! We were there for 2 hours talking and playing. The breeder won't know if her gal is preggers for a couple of weeks, but said to e-mail her then and she'd let us know. Meister wants to meet a couple of other breeders who are in the area just for fun. So we'll line up those meetings. The dogs are exactly what we expected and now we're even more excited about getting one.

We got home in time to eat and run back out the door for a meeting. When we got home we both booked it into our spandex - Vince for the bike ride and me for my walk. I took my cell phone as promised in case I couldn't make it home. Meister planned his ride to pass me a couple of times and make sure I was hanging in there. He rode beside me for a little while - it was so sweet. He went home and I kept on truckin and made the whole 7 miles in 2 hours 12 minutes and 37 seconds - AND that's with making a potty stop behind the electrical box and palmetto trees with less than a mile to go! (The dogs are gonna wonder about THAT one!) I just couldn't wait any longer and it was dark outside - don't know what I would have done if it had been daylight. I normally walk the 3.5 mile loop in 1 hour 3 min to 1 hour 6 min. I'm sure paying for it today, though. My ankle is KILLING me! Gonna head toward home and see if I can find some dress shoes that will be comfy and fit with my inserts in them.
MELF, so glad to see your post! I miss you when you're not here! You would LOVE BOB's beans! They are soooo yummy!

GATORGAL, we missed you this week-end! You sound very busy and the hike sounds like lots of fun! is SPARKLE's website, but it appears to be down. I e-mailed her, but haven't heard from her in a while. Her profile is still on this board, I believe.

Okay, time to go! I'll try to get "more personal" with eveyrone later.
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