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Default Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 2/11-2/17

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM-IT'S A GOOD ONE!:


Lots of things can knock you down, yet nothing can stop you when you're determined to keep getting back up. Success belongs to those who can endure enough disappointments and setbacks while staying positive and committed to reaching the goal.

The way to build strong muscles is to lift heavier and heavier weights. In the same way, the strength necessary for achievement comes when you quickly get going again each time you're knocked down. The setbacks are not really setbacks. They're opportunities to take your efforts to a higher and more effective level. The disappointments are not really disappointments. They're experiences that will strengthen your determination.

When you have the confidence to get back up, there's no need to be stopped by the fear of being knocked down. Even if you fall short, it's just one more step on the way to certain achievement.

Everyone knows disappointment. Winners are those who acknowledge the disappointment but who refuse to accept it as the final result. Keep getting back up, keep getting back in the game. No matter how many setbacks may come your way, each one is a golden invitation to get back up and move on ahead.

-- Ralph Marston

Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

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Oh my goodness - weekends are the toughest things to get through - WOE wise! I always find myself with food in hand and open mouth before I realize that I shouldn't be eating it!

I went grocery shopping this weekend and got even more depressed! Not only is it hard to find things to eat, but it's also expensive! I have to buy the normal food for dh and then all the sugar-free/fiber diet food for me. I wish he'd change his eating habits a little so I wouldn't have to cook two seperate meals!

Saturday I did pretty good - it was my bro's b-day party and they all had BBQ and I ate a grilled chicken breast with mixed veggies. Then on Saturday night went out to eat at a mexican restuarant and realized all the things I couldn't have. So I ordered fajita's and didn't eat the tortilla's. Sunday was bad, I had a piece of veggie pizza!!!! I know, I know - shame on me!

Exercise wise - I did 1 hour of Yoga on Saturday and 30 minutes on Sunday. Had to work outside on Sunday. Had such a bad ice storm here about a week and a half ago that we are still cutting and picking up branches.

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Talking New from Orlando

Hello everyone!

I started SB last week on Wednesday and have been hanging around SB message boards since. I saw Debbie on SB Sweet Talk, talked to her, and she suggested I joined. Here I am!

I am sure you all agree that SB is the happiest WOE ever. I am never hungry (as long as I remember to bring a snack), and never bored with my food. I have been dieting all my life, even though I was never much overweight. Just not happy with the way the pants and/or skirts fit - not to mention the swim wear!

This WOE is also bringing me and my boyfriend a bit closer together, because now I can eat his precious burgers and grilled chicken breast, without feeling guilty! Or, opting for something less dangerous, like a baked potato!

If I only think about all the misconceptions we carry around about food, I shiver!

Now I get to eat beef , avocado , and nuts

Let's just say, I am one happy camper and leave it at that!

You all seem like you are enjoying it too, so here's to SB!!

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"I'm working on it!"
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Default Checkin In

Boy, the board is quiet today. Was it down?

DH's shifts have me in a tizzy, so I haven't had too much time for the board. I still have to read thru most of last week's board.

I wrote down everything I ate yesterday, and just by having to write it down helps me to make good food choices. I was really tired yesterday and had almost talked myself out of my workout, but sitting watching the TV, I guilted myself into doing it. YEAH ME! It may not have been at the intensity I'm used to, but I did the workout. I had already used Friday as my "free" day. So now I've done my workouts for 2 weeks straight.

Went with DS and his class on a field trip. On the way home, the bus broke down. Poor driver had taken in his bus for service this morning and they gave him this one. It was ok going down, butas soon as we started to go home, oil was burning and the motor was grinding--not good. Driver had checked it out in the morning and had it running off and on while we were inside and no problems. Had to wait about an hour stuck on a bus with 38 4 and 5 year olds until another bus came to get us. Needless to say, I'm pooped.


WELCOME VESNOID and any other new people I've missed.

POOH Don't beat yourself up over a slice of pizza. Sounds like you're doing very well and getting right back on track after a wee setback. I've been cooking WW pasta and DH says he doesn't notice a difference. My family eats brown rice and I think--someone please correct me if I'm wrong--parboiled white rice is legal. Maybe gradually convert your DH one or two things at a time. Maybe he won't notice the difference or he'll come to like it.

Gotta scoot. Things to do. I'll be back when I can.

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Hiedie Ho All!!!!

Or should I say few. Board is slow.

Went to Nh this morning, back to exercise (reduced the weight and seemed to do okay), then to store for milk...which means I wind up getting a few other things too!!! Expensive milk!!!!

POOH - I buy very little special "diet" foods. There is plenty out there if you read labels. Many things do not contain sugars, starches, corn syrup etc. I do buy ww pasta which family will eat and brown rice. Of course, I do buy some form of sweetener and SFSGWW bread. Basically the special things I buy are ww pastry flour, agave, sgww flour, that are for baking. Veggies, meats, fish and seafood are all normal foodstuffs. Get in the habit of reading labels. it may seem hard to decipher at first but you soon get the hang of it. Don't make it hard for yourself as this is the easiest woe I have found!!!!

VESNOID - Welcome. You're right about the food choices, I hope Pooh reads it and sees that more than one of us eat "normal" food. Lots of nice people here. I have learned a lot being here.

ZANNE - Sounds like a fun bus trip. Over my years as a GS leader I had three such adventures, one with a charter bus (in the parking lot of the Museum of Natural History in NYC after closing time), one with a car and one with a bus sick girl that really had appendicitis. She had surgery three hours after our return from Harrisburg, PA.......I had no clue as she did not have the normal symptoms, turns out her appendix was not in the right place!!!! Those kind of things are harrowing when going through them, but then you look back and can see the silly things that happened etc. Then think "I survived!"

One of the things that probably makes the Board slow for the girls in the south is Lundi Gras and Mardi Gras. To go to a grocery store now is like going just before Thanksgiving or Christmas!! Everyone is either shopping for supplies or cooking those supplies!!!!

Still have to get things done between Olympic events!!!!!

Take care. sef
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Good Monday Everyone!

Hope the start of your week has been good thus far.

Woke up feeling just as crummy as I did all night long. Felt nauseaus and can't figure out why. Between that and terrible gas (Eli says I'm nauseaus due to lack of oxygen from the terrible gas fumes I'm emitting!), I haven't been feeling up to par. Needless to say, I did NOT get in my Monday morning walk-and this is one I NEVER miss! I crawled right back into bed instead. Feeling a bit better now, but still not 100%-tired.

I think the nauseas may be due to too many sugar grams. Even though I'm not cheating on non-SB LEGAL FOODS, I think too many "SB LEGAL GOODIES" have flooded my system with too many grams of sugar which I am not able to handle, it seems, and for good reason! Also, I think it's probably effected me in such a manner because being OP 100% for almost 2 years has changed my system to a point that maybe I can't handle these types of amounts like I used to before SB-again, not bad-but I wonder if I had cheated a bit along the way, if I'd be feeling the same-makes you wonder!

So, with not feeling up to par, I'm thirsty, but not hungry, so I will venture to drink water moreso today and definitely whatever I eat will be totally OP without any SB LEGAL goodies! I'm going cold turkey for a while with the goodies, I don't care if they are legal or not!

AND, I did NOT weigh myself this morning and I am NOT having withdrawls!!!! Let's see what I decide come WIW!

Board seems slow today-unusual for us!! Well, at least it will let me play catch-up!

Geez, it's not 6pm and I can't believe I've gotten to my first reply! Okay, I've finally got some computer time...

QUILTER, so you did the fluff and cut for nothing? MIL does sound like a hoot and you are so lucky to have a good relationship with her-it's unusual I think, esp. nowadays. I get the WHOLE FOODS brand of triscuits and though I rarely eat them (I think the box I currently have unopened has passed it's exp. date), they are good for nachos. I think I like to bake ONLY SB legal stuff, not that I'd bake anything but that these days since I know if I did I'd certainly eat it. Not sure if those cookies are making me gassy or not, but whatever it is, it's staying with me!!!

DARAMUS, maybe all this coffee is what's causing you to lose sleep at night? My opinion on the JAMBA JUICE, first, good that you've only had this twice in 6 weeks, second, the carbs are high and much of that is from the sugars in the fruits they must use. If you can curtail that to only once in a blue moon and you REALLY want it, then I'm sure it's not going to be a big problem, but personally, I wouldn't drink it. I'd much rather have the fruit. The calories are high as well-but then again, you don't seem like you are eating much to begin with.

BOB, what time would you leave on Friday if you got off early from work? I'll let you know next week, have to see what all is going to be planned for the weekend. Was thinking about maybe trying to do a lunch like we did at SOLS house, but at the eating area at the hotel, which is nice-have to see what they say about it-any thoughts? Eli has not even heard about that frapp. you mentioned! He says you must be confused!!!!!!!!! LOL! Has he got you pegged???

SHEANN, did you eat enough today? One day won't kill you, but don't make a habit of it othewise it's going to be counter-productive and you won't be doing any happy dances! Interesting sub. you made with the cookie recipe.

FROG, sounds like a great friend to make everything SB LEGAL with you in mind!! As you probably read above, feeling tired, but otherwise fine-just wish I could find out for certain why. Eating is great today, but I'm getting hungry now and night is the worse time for me.

SOL, hop Mrs. Meister is feeling better today! So when was his sex change operation?

RED1, sounds like you are going to be hosting a great party for your GD! Are you going over to Vegas for your son's wedding? Are they getting married at a casino or a chapel? On the veggie question-I'm one of the guilty ones that doesn't add veggies to their menu enough-I hate cooking them as they always come out crappy and Eli says they taste like hospital food, but it's a good way to fill you up and get in the nutrients you need PLUS the fiber. What are you putting in your yogurt smoothies? Also, are you sure you are eating enough? That could be a problem if you are stalling, but if you've loss a lot of weight in a short period of time, could be your body just giving itself some time to play catch up.

JRED, CONGRATS on 2 more pounds down the drain!!! I'm sure I don't have a thyroid problem, at least I didn't last year-nope, I'm sure it's a combo of eating too many SB LEGAL GOODIES, not enough wayer and hormone havoc! Just have to be patient and let my body decide on it's own when it wants to unleash those extra pounds.

BUS, I don't think even April would allow me to sleep in her stable the way I've been lately!! Loved the picture!!!!!!!!!!

BETH, I second that WOO HOO! 5lbs down is awesome-WTG! I too am proud of how you handled that awful food at the party-isn't it nice to not have food control you, but you control the food you eat!?! I guess you could have Slim Jims (not sure what's in them) and Pork Skins, but do you REALLY want to eat that stuff??????? I'd much rather go for something more healthy and satisfying. If you think about it, say hypothetically a SJ has 150 calories and 3 grams of fat, just for that little stick of so-called meat. I'd much rather have 3 ounces of chicken breast which is about the same calories and fat. Just my opinion I'd suggest trying the WW SPONGE CAKE, or the BLUEBERRY BUCKLE. If you can find the FEARN CAROB or SPICE CAKE MIX, that's really easy to make and all you need is agave, water, 1 egg, and oil-but I found substituting sf applesauce for the oil amount, then adding 1tbl of oil still makes a great cake! Very yummy! There's lots of easy recipes on the board that doesn't require much-there's one for PECAN BARS which I think are good, and easy!

HAPPY, samples of agave will be in the mail to you tomorrow-going to the PO to personally put it in there-let me know when it arrives!!!!

SEF, trust me, ask my kids, they'll tell you really how bad my cooking is. Though I do enjoy baking since I've discovered the agave-and I've enjoyed what I've made a wee bit too much, so will have to cut back a little bit on that. I'm not ready for menopause! I think hitting 40 wasn't a big deal, but to have this so early, I'm not liking it if this is the start of this all, not liking it one bit!!!! Only thing I will like about it will probably be not worried about getting pregnant! Never heard of LUNDIGRA!!!

POOH, I think weekends are harder for most because we are home more and around the fridge more-unlike weekdays for those who work and keep themselves occupied mentally and physically. Honestly, this WOE should NOT be much more expensive than eating the old way, not drinking soda, eating frozen meals, etc. etc has let me buy other things in return. I do spend a little more on this WOE, but you can do it with spending a little or a lot. Many people just don't have certain foods available to them in their area that would make the variety bigger, so they do with what they have and really don't spend much more than average-certainly, compared to those on Atkins, we save $$$ big time!

VESNOID, WELCOME TO THE BOARD!!! Glad you've joined us and certainly glad to see ANOTHER FLORIDIAN ON THE BOARD!!! Okay, I keep thinking there's something in the water here in Florida, being we have so many from the Sunshine State on the board, but now I'm thinking it must be something in the water up near Mickey Town!! there's 6 of you from the central Fl area now. I have to say, one of the reasons I chose SB over other diets was because I could eat nuts, olives, avocados, etc, unlike other diets. I too love this WOE and what it's done for me. Please, don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have, not matter how stupid or insignificant they may seem-this is a learning experience and we are all still learning but willing to help answer your questions with the knowledge we've all learned thus far. Hope you will be able to join us in O-town come March!!! Once again WELCOME!!!

ZANNE, yep, board is unusually slow, but hasn't been down, not sure where the heck everyone is on this Monday. Good for you for getting in your exercise despite being tired-wish I could of said the same-hoping tomorrow will be better for me.

Time for me to skiddadle and start dinner for the kids-frozen manicotti-can't screw that up, or can I???

Please remember, TOMORROW NIGHT IS CHAT AT 9:15PM EST Hope to see you all there. I do have a meeting tomorrow night at Michael's school, so just in case I'm not home on time, I should be home sometime soon.

Hope you have a great evening!

SB since 3/22/00
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Thumbs down Monday night

Wow--where is everyone? I disappear for the weekend and everyone else disappears too. I guess there is simply no use signing on if I'm not here! Well I'm back, so everyone can come back now!

Did everyone see Tiger fly during the OLympic opening ceremonies Friday night? Tiger is Auburn's beautiful Golden Eagle. Word got around town last week that she was going to fly and she was great! WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!

I wasn't so good this weekend. One of the candidates left a box of a half dozen Krispy kremes in front of everyone's door in the hotel, both saturday and sunday mornings. Those things are evil . I'm afraid I will have much to repent from on Wednesday!

But Lent begins Wed and that is a serious commitment for me--so I'm ready!

Got to go--time to watch the iceskating--and oh yes--make some dinner.

Have a good evening everyone!

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Thumbs down Cookies, cookies and more cookies!

hi everyone,

well the dreaded girl scout cookies are in my living room! my little darling has sold over 150 boxes of the sugar, calorie filled things! but I WILL SURVIVE! i am going to make a sugar free alternative of some kind tonite. and on my day off tomorrow have scheduled a day of beauty to keep me out of the house until sarah gets home from school to deliver the treats. i am going for a new "do" and maybe a manicure to celebrate my improved way of eating!

the football banquet at the university of central florida went very well. the food was o.k. chicken, salad and vegies were legal. of course the stuff i could not have looked wonderful, the rolls, cute little roasted potatoes and to-die-for new york cheesecake BUT again I SURVIVED! i managed to stay sb legal, who would have ever thought? the big guy looked so nice in his new duds, and even nicer when they announced during the award presentation that he was the scout team offensive player of the year! tears filled my eyes , i was sooo proud of him, the head coach later told us he expects big things from him and that he hopes we will be able to watch him play on sunday afternoons and monday nights in the future! he also made the dean's list for the last semester (not bad for a kid who almost flunked kindergarten!) needless to say i am a very proud BIG KNIGHTS MOMMA!

hope everyone who has not been feeling well has a better week,
am looking forward tochat tomorrow night with my new nails and hairdo!

take care, welcome to the newcomers!

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S/C/G: 242/ticker/175

Height: 5'6"

Default HIyas :D

See.. I'm quiet for a day and the board is slow... told ya it's my big mouth

Today was hectic... I did find 4 more bottles of Agave today and bought it!! It's $2.99 for 8 oz... can you get it any cheaper Deb.. or at least comparable with s/h? If so DH said I can buy a whole case... he tasted it and he LIKES it, so I'm gonna be using more than I thought... I have 8 bottles.

Got some more Aunt Gussies Biscotti... they were out of almond, so I got Hazelnut.. it's not bad, but I'd rather have the almond... but that may be a good thing

I went out today and bought some Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Baking Powder, Almond Extract.... OK... do you see how LITTLE I've ever cooked before? I couldn't bake ANYTHING on the recipe boards because I did'nt have ANYTHING!!!

Forgot the Cream Cheese, and the Pumpkin for the cheesecake and the muffins... and so I still have yet to cook anything because those were the things I was gonna make. Go figure

OK... I have a quick WOE question... Deb - in answer to you.. I like pork skins..LOL, so I'd rather have them sometimes than a chicken breast (it's the redneck girl in me, sorry) If we find something, like sandwich meat or really anything, and it has sugar on the label, but it has less than 3g per serving, than it's legal (assuming all other ingredients are legal)? I'm just confused on that... what is and isn't legal even if it has sugar/dextrose/whatever word they use.
I also have a hard time with what are good/bad carbs.

What is a starchy carb?? I know we should limit to 2-3 starchy carbs a day.. but what is that? Is my Shredded Wheat cereal a starchy carb? Triscuits?

OK... I've asked enough to keep everyone busy and the board hopping....

Oh yeah... My son (he'll be 10 in March) was working on a drawing for a contest, and the art teacher pulled the best 2 artists out of each 4th grade class for extra art classes this week to work on their contest drawing... and my son was the one in his class to get pulled!!! (He's a straight A student too!!!) SO anyway... small brag And so the youngest doesn't feel left out.. He'll be 5 next monday, and he wrote me a valentines card all by himself yesterday... and spelled it all right... so small brag for him too

BTW - A little info ya didn't ask for, didn't need, might not want, but I'm gonna give ya anyway.... TOM finally came today... and I was still down that 5 lbs... sooooooo, after it goes away I'm expecting a great WISaturday (since that's the day I have access to a scale..lolol!!)

OK.. I'm really going now
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BOB has been switching back and forth between the dogs and the sledding...waiting for the CANADIAN skaters to come on here in a minute...FINGERS CROSSED THEY CAN WIN A GOLD MEDAL!!!

DEB...I'm closer than you are, so we can time our arrival, or what ever...What time would you leave??? early??? or noonish???
You tell ELI that I'm not loosing my mind...I get PLENTY of OXYGEN thank you
Oh....DEB....Ann is coming to the beach with us!!!!
This is twice now they have previewed new drinks...The MOCHA COCONUT FRAPACHINO along with the ORANGE CITRUS FREEZE is available at BOTH of my STARBUCKS
Lunch if fine with me...if they say no to the dining room, if this is an ALL SUITES hotel, we should have a dining room many people are coming?

BETH....Don't you worry...I LOVE FRIED PIG SKIN!!! I'm a COUNTRY GAL TOO!!!

BKM....CONGRATS to your Son...Can't wait to meet are coming ....right????

SUSAN...I saw TIGER and yes...she was beautiful...Glad you're back among the living..
Feeling better????

SHIRLEY...I sure do hope you're watching's been so good..and the SKATING is getting ready to come back on...
I'm really enjoying this....

Are you watching...MARIE?????

Later Chicks,

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Hi Everybody! Well, I sat here all night and watched three straight hours of tv. Miss Maddie and I have been glued to the Westminster Kennel Club show, so that's why I haven't written. So sorry to ignore you all, but it's hard to pull my eyes off the screen and all those gorgeous doggies!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a better than tolerable Monday. Mine started a little shakey, but has leveled out nicely. Eating was really good today. Absolutely no snacking! Yippee and yeehaw!!! The weekdays are so much easier.

Tomorrow is our big event, The corporate Spelling Bee. Starts at 1 p.m. so we will be busy all morning long setting up for it. Don't know what my eating opportunities will be. I do know that we are having lots of cheese and veggies and fruit. So that sounds pretty safe.

I'll read and post tomorrow. You all be good now!
Take care.
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Red face Monday night post

Just came in from Keeno night so this will be FAST! I am tired! Got up at 5:30 to go to the gym for my lower body workout. Surprised to see how many were already there at 6:05!

Tomorrow is aeorbic day and I'm not sure if I'll go before or after work. Would really like to go before work but must go to bed now and want to watch the Olympics! Decisions!

Watching them award the snow-boarding medals now! GO USA!

DEB - Feel better! Glad that you didn't weigh! Proud of you!


FILLISE - KK donuts!

BKM and BETH - Congrats to both your sons!

Gotta go! Hope to see you all at chat!
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Hope you all had a great day!! This is great getting know all of you and getting support while I lose weight. When I tried SB a year ago I didn't know about the support boards. I may have stuck with it if I had known.

Deb- This is what I had to eat today.
B-Yogurt Smoothie (1c.Plain Yogurt,1/2c. frozen berries, a smig of milk, 1/2tsp. vanilla, 2-3 packs of splenda)
S- Handful of mixed nuts
L- Pita Pizza (spead with homemade hummas, a few pepperonis and small amout of cheese), Serving of Broccoli
S- Orange
D- Grilled chicken breast, 1/4 Acorn Squash, Salad
Sweets- Legal Apple Crisp about 1/2c.

Yes I am going to Las Vegas. It should be a great time. There will be about 30 of us there to celebrate. They are going to renew their vows next May and have a huge wedding. They are going to Humbolt State and wanted to get married before they left. They didn't want to live together not married. I can repect that.

Vesnoid - Welcome I am a newcomer too.

It sounds as if most of you live near each other and that you are planning a get together. Do you meet with each other often? Are there those that travel long distance to join. Maybe someday. I have been to FL once. It was this past December for a training class in Orlando. You have to understand when I say I missed home. I am very used to mountains and wide open space. We have alot of it here. I am not a city girl. I like to visit but only for a short while. I am hoping to get to go back in August for another class.

Well it is time to go. I guess I am getting the hang of this. I sould go on forever.

Have a good evening. To all who are watching the olympics I hope you have a great night.

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Evening Everyone!

I know it's late but I've been glued to the tv watching skating. I am so dissappointed. Canada should have won the gold. Judges put them in second. I think even the Russians who won first were a bit uncomfortable with the situation.

Welcome Vesnoid. You have come to the right place. Lots of support. Any questions? You will be sure to get your answers here.

Debbie: My cookies were not very good. I didn't put enough sweetner in them. My mom and granddaughter thought they were good though. The sweetner "Adkins Brand" is ok but very expensive $5.99 a small bottle.

Everyone have a great evening. Or should I say "Sleep Tight".

Oh, and I forgot who mentioned the pork skins. I love em too. Just had a few this evening.

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