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Old 01-13-2003, 07:46 AM   #1  
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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 1/13-/1/19

This is the
where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please take some time to check out our extensive recipe boards. Our RECIPE BOARDS can be located at the link below:

We have SEVEN INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often!!! The boards are listed below as well as the link that will take you to the boards:


We also have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on which is located on our weekly support board:

Then there's our latest addition to the SB BOARDS which is called OFF THE EATEN PATH This board is for everything NOT related to SB. You can use this board to post questions or comments on just about anything (okay, within reason). A book you recommend, a cleaning tip, a great website deal, etc. etc. Here's the link:

NEWBIES! (aka new members) If you would like to REPLY to any of our threads, please hit POST REPLY not NEW THREAD, then type your message in and hit SUBMIT REPLY. If you need to edit your reply, just click on edit located in the body of your post and make changes as you need to, then hit SUBMIT NOW.


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Will try to get in a post later today, as you know the gals are still here til this evening and we're going to try and get what we can crammed in to today before they leave, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM:


True commitment is serious and it is powerful. Commitment is not just saying you'll do it. Commitment is doing it. True commitment is not conditional, for to be committed means to be absolutely committed.

Commitment is more than doing just what is convenient or comfortable. Commitment is doing what is necessary. Commitment is making the sacrifices and tradeoffs that are required to uphold it. Commitment is more than just wishing for the right conditions. Commitment is working with what you have.

Commitment is not easy. Commitment does not back down or run away at the first sign of trouble. Commitment perseveres until the goal is reached. Commitment does not waste time and effort whining or complaining or seeking to find blame. Commitment adjusts to reality and moves forward.

Too many people have been deceived for too long, and have come to expect that they can know fulfillment without the gritty effort of commitment. They are sadly mistaken. Real, solid commitment is real work. And well worth it. The evidence is overwhelming -- it gets results like nothing else can.

-- Ralph Marston

Whether your goal is to be healthier, more financially secure, or
more confident, it all begins with how you think about yourself
and your happiness._ Not only must you believe that you deserve
to be happy, you must also believe that you are capable of
creating this happiness for yourself._ If you can't see yourself
living your dream, then you won't take the necessary steps
towards your goals._ That is, in order to achieve a goal you must
believe in your goal and in order to believe in your goal, you
must believe in yourself._ This means overwriting the negative
scripts we have in our heads about what we can and cannot do with
positive beliefs about our abilities and backing this up positive
action towards our goals.

by Edel Jarboe

Have a wonderful day, and a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Default WDW Run


You are my Monday Motivation! Sorry I couldn't be with you, you did GREAT!

Hope your tootsies (and the rest of you) feels OK today,

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I second Mel's sentiments, Deb! Way to go! You did fabulously! We are all so proud to know you!

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Height: 5'6"



Happy Monday!

Can't wait to get all the details from the big weekend. Sounds like it was a ball.

Did great with my eating all weekend. Happy to report 2 whole weeks w/o any wine or anything else. And that's with going to about 4 or 5 parties/dances.

Saturday I was bored so I did the Walk Away the Pounds 3 mile tape. It goes so quickly. I see now she has 3 new tapes out. They are Walk Away the Pounds Express. Supposed to help you lose quicker. That figures, I buy the tapes and then they come out with something new.

DD goes back to college today. Sad to see her leave, but glad in other ways. Those late nights these kids keep drive me crazy.

Hope everyonehas a great day. It's a new week so let's everyone strive for a OP week.

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Old 01-13-2003, 10:22 AM   #6  
"I'm working on it!"
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Exclamation I'm in TOTAL agreement!


Way to GO, DEBBIE! We are so proud of you! What an amazing pace you had to get such a great time.

Sounds like the FLORIDA get-together was amazing. I can't wait to hear more about it and see the pictures!

I did ok with eating this weekend. So far I've kept those 2 lbs out of 5 I had to re-lose off--maybe even more! We'll see on WIW.

I've got sore muscles today--Yesterday we worked on our other house--installed new kitchen cabinets and hauled out the crappy appliances that were left there.

I've got a busy day ahead. I have to clean out my appliances to take over to the other place and tomorrow I get brand spankin' new ones At least it's cool here (all right, it's down right COLD with the windchill) so I can put the stuff from the fridge into a cooler and leave the cooler out on our enclosed porch.

I'm hoping later I'll be able to get the ice rink filled up. It should freeze in no time!

Ok, gotta go. Lots to do!
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Default Newbie with a question

I hope it's ok to ask this, even though it's motivaltional Monday. I am new to the program, have read the book- twice -and have a question.

I came across 2 products ( one was Eskimo Pie bars with NO added sugar) and they both said "not a significant source of sugar". The Eskimo Pie box did have 4 g. sugar per bar and said it's from the naturally occuring sugar in dairy products.

The other product listed 0 grams of sugar, but has corn syrup as an ingredient.

My question is, how do these products rate in terms of legality on the program?

Thanks ( and if I should post these questions elsewhere, please direct me. Many have supported me in an earlier thread and said to visit the weekly support boards.)
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Old 01-13-2003, 11:03 AM   #8  
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We are all so proud of you! You must feel so great today

You have motivated me to take my fitness to a higher level. I can't wait to hear more about the FL weekend. I'm glad you all had are having/hadfun.
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Old 01-13-2003, 11:24 AM   #9  
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Thumbs down Good Monday Morning!

Hello all! It is freeeeezing here today! Brrrrrr. I hope it is warmer next Monday as I will be outside most of the day for the inauguration ceremonies. Otherwise--I need a coat!

Down another lb this morning--that makes three since Wednesday!

I got a great surprise yesterday afternoon when I got a phone call from Deb, Melf, Yellow and Trish while they were stuck in traffic on the way home. It was great to talk to everyone. They sound like such neat ladies and the weekend sounds like it was a blast! I was told that we are ALL participating in the marathon next year, so I guess I better get by arse to the gym and start the training. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Sol--It sounds like you all had a wonderful time--thanks for the update and letting us know about our fearless leader's victiry!!!!

Monet--those peppers sound good! I'm making the split pea soup this week--it's cold and will be a good week to have soup in the fridge for lunch everyday!

Newportgirl--Welcome! You have to be your own best judge. I would porbably stay away from something with corn syrup even if it showed no sugar grams and CS is a "hidden sugar." I would especially stay away if it is one of the first three ingredients. I would be less concerned if it is way down a long lost. You will find that a lot of NSA ice creams will show more than 3 gms sugar because of the lactose--and that's OK, but you have to be careful with the novelty items, because they may contain other ingredients that are problematic. Blue Bunny has NSA ice cream sandwiches, but because the wafers are made with enriched flour, I try to stay away from them. That said, if you need an "emergency" treat the NSA eskimo bars are sure better than indulging in the regular ones--I just wouldn't do it a lot.

Zanne--you are right--Deb is out motivation today!!! Ice rink? Is this in your backyard? Do you skate?

Deb--congratualtions in finishing the race and for pulling together a wonderful weekend!

BOB--That ham sounds good. It is one of my favorte things, but since I live alone I rarely cook it because I'd be eating it for MONTHS!

I will take my camera next week and take pictures. Hopefully I can snag someone with a digital camera to take a picture and email it to me--then I can post it much faster.

Have a good day everyone!

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Old 01-13-2003, 11:38 AM   #10  
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Interesting....I see that my punishment for needing to be with my Mom was "no phone call"....AND NO, I WASN'T ON THE COMPUTER
Sorry that I had last minute priorities ladies, but my family will always come first...
I had a good eating on plan weekend, filled with ballgames, movies and good spirits...
I'll be away from the board for awhile, but know that I'm thinking about you...I'll check in periodically to say hi, but our work has really picked up and I'll be stuck at work at lot until the end of April.
I'll for sure be here on Wednesday's for weigh in reporting. Debbie had suggested that my little group at work start going to TOPS for our weigh ins...a lot cheaper than WW's. We'll be starting that in a day or two.
Glad everyone had a good time in O'town...

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Old 01-13-2003, 11:48 AM   #11  
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Oh dear Susan--You might have to go shopping again for a coat!
BOB-Sorry you will be MIA. I always enjoy your posts. Do you work in a hospital?
Welcome Newport. I agree with Susan's answer. This board has such great help on it.
Susanne-The skating rink sounds like so much fun. You are making such fun memories for your kids.
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Old 01-13-2003, 12:11 PM   #12  
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Just got back from Home Depot...gonna pack up all the Christmas stuff in new rubbermaid tubs...

FILLISE: It sure is cold here too! Hope it warms up by Monday for you. It would be a bummer to have to worry about getting a coat, then two days later have it be in the 60's again!

ZANNE: An ice rink in the yard would be SO cool! I used to love to skate when I was growing up in Chicago.

BOB: Hey, don't feel bad about the no phone call. I did not get one either. I am sorry that you will be so busy...just don't forget us. I will miss you!

NEWPORT: Welcome to the board! This is the right place to ask questions! The Eskimo pies are probably ok, but check the ingredients of the other item. If there is enriched flour, it is a no no. With no sugar products that are sweet, it is up to you as to whether you want to use them. Many avoid artificial sweetners, because they can cause insulin responses in some people, and it is really better just to get off the sweet taste all together for a while. Then you can do with much less, and not have cravings. Once I got off sweet stuff entirely, I was amazed at how sweet some stuff tasted. Like honey roasted turkey breast is just too sweet for me now. I even stopped using salad dressing because the taste of the veggies is so good now that my taste buds are 'reset'.

Off to go pack up stuff, and clean. I am having a group from church over for dinner Wednesday night, and my house looks, well, lets say I could pick one of the last few choices on the poll above.....

Last edited by Ellen; 01-13-2003 at 12:14 PM.
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Hanging in There
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Angry My contribution to Motivational Monday

My husband always says this and it's true enough...

You have to give up something to get something.

So what am I giving up?
*Gorging myself silly with tons of carbs and/or sugary foods

*Sitting around like a slug with the energy of one

*Going through 2-3 skirts each morning till I find one that still fits

And what am getting?
*In shape I hope
*Saving $ 'cause I don't have to go out and buy new and bigger clothes
*Feeling better mentally and physically

Yup it's worth it!
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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"


Got a minute before I dive into a huge filing job. I hate to file and I let it pile up so now I must tackle it.

I just made a HUGE mistake. I bought a bunch of NSA yogurt at the grocery and threw one in my lunch for a snack today. Just ate it. Boy was it good. Now I know why it was so good. I picked up one of those fruit on the bottoms not knowing it. It was loaded with sugar. I wondered why I had to keep stirring it. It's too late now. All I can do it get over it or make myself throw up. I will make sure I don't have anymore of those in the fridge.

Miata, Good for you passing up the dessert at the baby shower.

Zanne, How exciting all new appliances. I love new. Hope more of those pounds are gone by WIW> Have fun with the rink.

Newportgirl, if there is no added sugar tehn they are ok. the sugar listed is from the milk. I wouldn't eat these too frequently as they could slow or stall your wt loss. As occasional treat would be ok. I can't have them in the house b/c I can't control myself with them. If the corn sytrup is listed way down on the ingredient list, it is probably not much so it would be ok occasionally too. If someone thinks I am wrong, please correct me. Glad to see you join us on the board.

Fillise, WTG on losing another pound. THey a re dropping off. I think we all better get out there and start training for that marathon. If I start today, I might finish by the time for the next race.

Bob, We understand that your family comes first. I'm sure that is the way with us all. But, hey, we are family too, so don't stay away too long as we will dearly miss your wonderful (strange sometime) sense of humor. I hope the TOPS thing works out. It is definately cheper than WW. Drop in when you can.

Monet, For the last couple of years I have converted all my storage into plastic tubs. It sure paid off when my basement flooded and those items were safe.

Dawnstorm, I agree with all yur reasoning, but you forgot one. You are worth it too!. Good luck. I agree with your DH.

Be back later.

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Good morning to all............Boy it sure is COLD here in Houston !!!!!!! Well my babies are home from there week and 1/2 vacation away from mommie....It sure was eating LEGAL without them !!!!!!!! LOL..............Its the start of week 2 and i'm having to do it all over again...........I really flubbed up this weekend and am having to start over again..........OH WELL..........I did do the grocery store thing this weekend and gots LOTS of LEGAL stuff....I love yogurt and found the BLUE BUNNY brand....YEAH....Well I better get back to work.........Just wanted to say hello to all......Have a good week
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