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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 5/13-5/19

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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We have NINE INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often!!!





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

Want to post your weigh in results, we have a MONTHLY WEIGH IN BOARD at the link below:

We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on:

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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM:


The great thing about accomplishment is that it sets the stage for even more accomplishment. Larger successes grow out of smaller successes. Even the little goals are important, because when you achieve them you create a positive momentum. Once you're moving forward, there are many great places you can go.

To initiate your own momentum, start with a small goal and do whatever is necessary to achieve it. No matter who you are, there is something you can set right now as your goal and then achieve, so find it, do it, and put momentum on your side.

Set a small goal and reach it, then build on that positive momentum. You've just achieved something, and you know you can do it again, and again and again. Set a more ambitious goal and with your newfound confidence, achieve it. Get yourself to the point where success becomes a habit, where moving positively forward becomes a part of who you are.

Expect more of yourself, then live up to those expectations, then raise them even higher. Momentum is indeed a powerful force and you can put it solidly on your side as soon as you decide to do so. Start with small achievements, continue to build upon them, and soon nothing will be out of your reach.

-- Ralph Marston


Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
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Unhappy Monday Morning

Well I had a sad Mother's Day evening last night. I guess I was putting into practice what we were all being thanked for during the day....mothering and nurturing. My 6 year old son's budgie died and he was heartbroken. He is a sensitive lil guy and just adores animals.
I noticed the bird was on the bottom of the cage with his feathers all puffed up about 8:30 pm. The kids were all in bed and I was just shutting things down for the night. I took him out and realized it was very serious but I don't have any experience working with ill birds. I called a number from the newspaper that I had kept of a man who sells hand raised budgies. He gave me a few ideas and I was hoping and praying I could get this bird healthier during the evening. Well...he died.
I went to my son and had to tell him, it was just terrible. He cried. I cried. We prayed. Of course hubby is away so we called Grandma in Ontario and then Daddy in Ontario too. Needless to say it took a long time of hugging and comforting. I was reminded of my very first hamster and his death when I was 7 years old. It was tragic to me and my heart just went out to my son as I remembered how it effected me.
I have no idea why he died but the other budgie, my daughter's, is just fine. Sad thing is, the one that died was the nice one! We will get him another one from that breeder this time and since they are hand raised they should be friendly.

Back to SB reality for some of us today! I hopped back on the wagon and was pleased to see the scale wasn't as evil to me as I thought it would be. Always a bonus! That is my personal motivation today. I didn't wreck anything, I can just keep on keeping on. I also read some diet propaganda on my AOL homepage that was talking about carb restricted diets. I thought it was going to bad mouth them as usual but instead it was promoting the 40/30/30 lifestyle that SB advocates. That was nice to see!

Have a great Monday everyone!
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Default Monday

Hello everyone!

Down to 152 this morning! And I bought size 8 pants on Saturday. They are the cute stretchy kind, and they look very good on me. When I started this WOE, I was busting out of 12!

Not many bad things for me yesterday. My Dear one cooked lunch and he made the most delicious hamburgers (grilled) I've ever tasted. I have one with me today for lunch.

I did eat a lot of icecream though, and I made oatmeal cookies (YUM).

I tested my kiln and did my very first bisque firing. Now I have to buy one or two more shelves, so I can do glaze firing.

I couldn't sleep while the bisque was happening - had nightmare that the kiln broke down, got stuck on certain temp....ARGHH! Of course it fired lowly, 13 hours and 6 minutes for slow bisque.

MY computer internet connection broke down during the weekend, so I felt like my eyes have been shut off! The cable guy is coming today to fix it.

DEBBIE - You butter dishes will be done very soon now. Oh, how good it feels to control that aspect!!!!!!!!! To KNOW when things are going to be done.

DARAMUS - good going on your loss. Pamper yourself a little. Go fit something you could never have worn before! I am sure you look much better now than you looked before, and you should give yourself some credit.

DDRUMMER - welcome. We all love this WOE, and I am sure you have figured out by now, it's quite successful.

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Good morning everyone, can't believe I'm up and hardly anyone has posted. Get out of bed you all... Its rained here all night and is still raining. Guess this means we'll have lots of wild blackberries this July. Hope I'm able to pick and freeze a bunch. Need my little grandson here he's the berry picker...

Debeilli-Your motivational was good this morning and also want to take the time to tell you what a wonderful job you do on this board. You take allot of time and are there for everyone. Thank you from me...

Gracious- I feel so bad for your sons little bird. I can still remember when mine died and when you're young and sensitive thats so hard. I'm sure a new one will help. Six is such a precious age. Glad you're back on the wagon. LOL with me right beside ya...

Vesnoid-Big CONGRADULATIONS, I get so excited when I hear of someone getting a new size clothes. And a size 8 must have felt like a dream... What a good job you're doing. I'm so glad to hear how your new kiln is doing. I can't wait to see some more of your work...

Well guess I'll head over to my e-mail. I wrote this once refreshed the page and lost it all. Silly me!!! Talk to you all later when I get some groceries in this house....

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Good Monday Morning!

Whew! Up and out of bed early this morning, was dressed and out the door before 7am and it was already 80 degrees out there. I was thrilled to get out and get in my 4.5 miles in 44:59 and feel like this was a new week with renewed feeling of being back OP after yesterday. I know if I start my week off right, every day after is going to be easier (or at least I intend it to be as such).

Scale is up a tad today, to be expected after my eating yesterday, as well as TOM looming overhead. Should be here already, so I'm anticipating it's going to come at any time-esp. when I felt lower back pain as I was jogging this morning

GRACIOUS, sorry to hear about DS bird. LAUREN had a love bird named Tweety that died a few years back and she was heartbroken over it-her first real experience with any type of death of a loved one. I'm sure that once DS gets his new bird, it will take away that pain of his loss. Did you bury him in the back yard? On a better note, glad to hear you've hopped back onto the wagon with me, it should be a fully loaded wagon today, I think!

VES, CONGRATS, down on the scale AND the pant sizes! Your Mom won't recognize you when she comes!! Dying to see those butter dishes, you're keeping me in anticipation. I have some great ideas for some, we have to get together and get these things out there!!!

TONI, yes, there are some SD BREADS made with refined flours, but what makes SD okay to eat even when it's made with white flour is the way it's fermented. If you look at the FOOD INFORMATION BOARD you can read the explanation on there. BUT, there are SD BREADS out there, made with white flour, BUT they don't have other junk in them, that's what is important not to have in them, the other "junk" AND then there's the healthy SD BREADS you can find, the ones make with whole grain, or cracked wheat flours-those are really the kind of SD BREAD you want to find, or even make yourself. They are out there, esp. if you live near a food HFS or a Trader Joes Thanks for those kind words, you and the rest of the board make this a labor of love

BIGK, sounds like you had a nice Mother's Day-breakfast in bed AND it was SB LEGAL-what a great family you have!!! How's Jeff's knee doing?? What's going on with SZUSZU-when is she due???

I heard from SLAPHAPPY (Sue) she said she's be back on the board soon. Also had the chance to speak to QUILTER and RED1 on the phone over the weekend-always nice to chat one-on-one

Well, I must run-have to do a few things today. My blowdryer blew AGAIN yesterday-pisses me off royally, was only a few months old, and I just threw away the receipt and box! Also have to call a parent who I'm worried may not show up for proctoring today. Have a meeting tonight at the school starting at 6:30pm, so may not be able to get on tonight til late, but also depends on the kids and the computer.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and a great week!


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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"


Happy Monday Gang!

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!. Both DD's went to church with me (miracle in itself), then out to breakfast. Then got to go to the grocery (fun thing) LOL Then planted flowers all day and then out for dinner. Yes, it was all OP. My only cheat for the weekend was fried fish 2 nites in a row, but I had only had 1 carb for the day so I figured the breading could count as a carb. Only eat 1 piece of bread and took my ww bread with me. Did have a few vodka and grapfruit juice. Hopefully that wasn't too bad. Don't think I really have to worry about it as around 10:00 last nite, the big "D" hit and lasted for 2 hours. So I'm sure I lost everything I ate or drank.

Didn't feel like eating this morning, dragging some, so I just ate a piece of toast and a fruit smoothie. Hopefully, it will settle down by lunch time.

Finally caught up on all the posts I missed over the weekend. Sure I missed some, but have to get to work now.

Have a great day everyone.

Gracious, My DH goes to Dolphin Canada. He says it is a whole int he wall. It takes them 26 hours to drive and they drive straight through. Makes me crazy. How heartbreaking for your son on losing his bird. Death of anything is hard for a child. Hopefully he will be better when he gets a new one. Did you have a funeral service. I hear that is helpful for a child.

Nance, I was born and raised here in Louisville. I do hae a sister that lives in Lexington. That is where all the horse farms are with the rolling hills, etc.

Fruit, I am so jealous that you are going to Bourbon Street. I simply love it there. We have visisted NO at least 3 times and it is one of my favorite places. Last year we visisted during Mardi Gras, It was too wild for me. Sort of scary. I love the sights (if you know what I mean)! LOL

Country, WTG on meating your goal of under 150. That is a big milestone. I hope to see it one day.

Monet, 70 roses? I bet they are beautiful.

Bob, It always seems that when one thing breaks down, everything follows. I just got anew washer. Hope nothing else breaks.

Deb, Loved your MM today. I have been thinking of setting small goals. I think Tranquil does it and has succeeded so well. But momentum can be a bad thing if it is going in the wrong direction. Hopefully the small goals will keep it going in the right direction.

Vesnoid, Congrats on the new low and new size. an 8! WOW. That is exciting. Are you close to goal?


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Default I'm Back!

Well, I'm back and feeling better about things. Last week was a trial. You all know about my son Jordan's struggles in school. Well on Monday, he got pretty upset about some things that were happening with school and took off. We didn't hear from him until about 10:30 that night. He's done this once before, about a year and a half ago. At that time, he wasn't driving, so he ended up walking about 18 miles through the countryside and called us from the next town over. This time, he just drove and drove and thought things through. Well, we had a long talk that night and he and DH stayed home on Tuesday and worked some more things out. He is a terrific kid and we're really proud of him.

Eating was ok last week, but not great. We did go out Saturday night with some friends to our favorite Cajun restaurant. Had shrimp creole, sans the rice but I did have a few bites of bread pudding.

I'm not even going to try to post individually except to BOB, send the wagon my way!

Have a great day everyone!

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Deb You'll be glad to hear that I managed to get up an exercise this morning. Dan and I went for our walk around the park, which awas good, cause when I got back home I got some of my water in! Glad you had a fun day with the girls! Is Lauren a shopper like her Mommy? Nadia and Faris both gave me cards...first time Faris actually went to the store and BOUGHT me one...real cute! Hey, I made your P-nut Butter cookie recipe and thought they were real good! First batch was too low in the oven and got a little brown on the bottom, but the rest were delicious!

Well.....I feel like I blew everyone else this weekend (well not EVERYONE!) Had apiece of CORN last night with dinner, and I had this legal garlic bread from Costco, and ate TWO pieces....
We didn't end up going out of town as planned....everyone was too TIRED and wanted to take naps!! I didn't mind, mainly wanted to take my Mom out of town, cause I know how much she hates the heat!

Who was it I was talking with about "Frontier House" on PBS and they mentioned about Victorian House???? I saw it yesterday, and wish I would have caught it from the beginning! Same kind of feeling like Frontier House.

Wednesday will officially be ONE MONTH for me sticking to SB!! I was hoping to loose 10 pounds in a months time, but I think it's going to be more like 7-8 pounds. I'll take it! Will be interesting to see what happens staying OP and EXERCISING for a whole month. Hope it makes a big difference, and of course I know I'll feel better!

Beth Was laughing while walking...thinking about you...and the "grapefruits"...really enjoyed having my shorts rise up right in the middle of my thighs, real attractive to be yanking them down every ten feet! Tomorrow...sweat pants...don't care how hot I get! Also thought I'd "shave" to get ready for bathing suit season, and thought I'd have to get out a 3-d mirror to get the job done. I just console myself that one day, it won't always be like this! I live in a community where most woman seem to be a size 3...get maincures and pedicures regularly...don't have any of those calluses/dry cracked heels...and run around in clanky little sandlas. I just stick to my Target sandals and feel like cavewoman half the time.

Well....I better get ready for work! Talk with you folks later!
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Morning, everyone. Had a nice weekend, all in all. Went with Dan and his son John to see Spiderman on Saturday. Enjoyed the movie very much – more than I had expected I would, so that was a nice surprise. Had to laugh a little when Dan put John to bed, though, as John was worried about spiders (he’s 8). Dan solved that problem by telling him the only spider he had to worry about was the “California Barking Spider”, which sneaks up behind people and makes rude “farting” noises. My ex-husband used to *ahem* break wind, then say “Oops, stepped on a barking spider.” So I got that from him, and Dan jokes about it now. John thought it was pretty funny.

Sunday was nice, too, although it was cold and rained a little bit. I was out working a booth at the Twin Cites Race for the Cure from 5:30 to noon, then rushed home to shower before meeting Dan’s family for a Mother’s Day early dinner.

My Future Mother in Law did say one thing that made me feel better… Dan was passing out cards to his grandmother and aunt, and FMIL remarked that “Jennifer has been a wonderful influence on that boy!” Apparently, Dan wasn’t the best at giving cards to the family. That’s always been a big deal in mine, and I’ve insisted that he start giving them. I guess his mom noticed!

Gracious – sorry to hear about your DS’s bird. It’s always difficult to explain something like that to a child, and it does hurt very much. Good luck with the new bird. Are you getting it soon?

Vesnoid – Size 8! Congrats! I have a pair of “goal” jeans that I used to wear, in size 8. *heavy sigh* I’ll live vicariously through you for now, ok?

Debelli – Thanks for the info on Subway breads. Subway’s been our Monday dinner for a while now. I’ll have to try one of their salads instead.

Jack-K – hope you’re feeling better soon!

Back to work.

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Hi All: Well, back to work after being so sick...lots to do here at the office - piles of files thrown all over my desk while I was out - so spent my morning sorting through.... Almost lunch time and I will be running errands to catch up on things.... Last night I had Spinach Fettucine tossed with a little olive oil, garlic and parmesan - and I the Spinach Fettucine made with spinach and 100% Semoliona legal??? I bought it at a HFS. TOM has me puffy so I am up 2 pounds since last Wed...but I am not worried - I am pretty sure this WIW will be fine.... I will have to get back into the groove of exercise again! I feel bad about not having walked for a week now!!!

Well back to work - Sabrina
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Hey everyone!
Didn't do to well this weekend I was down to 149.5 last friday and I hope I didn't ruin it. This means I made my mini-goal!! I'm going to try to get down another pound this week but it'll be hard. I always get nervous before vacations and I don't want to wear myself out. Surprised my mom this weekend by dropping by. She couldn't believe how good I looked. She's really proud. Unfortunately, she's getting older and finding it harder to lose. Doc things it's the hormones..I think this as well since she eats so well and exercises 3 times a week. I also think that her stomach is large because when she had operation for endometriosis (sp?) they cut her stomach muscles. Now her belly sticks out. I feel bad b/c she didn't grow up heavy, so she's just getting used to the idea that she's no skinny minnie anymore. I wish there was something I could do to help. I guess she just needs to accept herself on her own, like I have.

Tranquil- I though semolina isn't legal..deb would know better. I'm sure WIW will be better for you as well. Cross our fingers

Jenn- Glad things are looking up with your FMIL. Mine apparently said to evil wench FSIL "if she has a problem with you I'm sure she has a good reason. One thing you can depend on with Quirine is her HONESTY". This is funny because Evil wench FSIL is very manipulative and dishonest. Glad to hear her standing up for me

Nance- Well, at least you cheated by eating a non-legal vegetable, not a Death by Chocolate cake

Trish- School is hard on some kids, and a plain nightmare for others. I think that if he's smart and driven, he'll do whatever he wants and he'll do it well

Jack-k Nice you had such a great mother's day! Hope you feel a bit better!

Deb- Ouch, lower back pain..I know that well. Might want to do a bit more low impact exercising, and make sure you are stretching. Also, if this is a regular problem, think about building some muscles in your back and abs. If you can take a pilates class, even better.

Toni- loved picking berries at my grandparents place when I was a kid. Bet they're tasty.

Vesna- WOW! Jealous. I'm still a small 12, although I was busting out when I weighed 162lbs. Hoping that I'll be a 10 at 142-145. Congrats on the loss..I'll bet you look amazing!

Gracious- THat is should've seen my BF when we lost Mr. Fish..I know, I's just a fish, but it's always hard to let go of things you get used to. Mr. Fish was a friend for over 2 years and survived a move from florida. The other fish committed suicide the night before and ended up on the kitchen floow. Guess he wasn't up to living in the big city Not to make light of your situation...I hope things get back to normal soon..
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Default Wooptie

I am back for a bit.

As opposed to many of you, TOM is time of joy for me, because I always drop that pound I’d been trying to loose before hand. Something just lets go, and voila, off with it! I have realized that is my pattern, so I now patiently wait for the next occurrence, knowing if not before then, that will be the time when I finally loose. Strange, huh?

Also - I did Spinning class on Staturday. I felt like crap before the class, really hot and run down. So I walk into that room expecting 45 minutes, and all the while thinking how there's gonna be a lot of water under that bridge, before I attempt 60 minutes. Well, I should have guessed from the way the instructor was going on about how many calories you can burn in one hour. 800 to 1000 she said. Cool, I thought. Perhaps when I go to one hour class... Then 40 minutes came by, and she said to increase the pressure on that bike, as opposed to...let's slow down now...and I almost fainted. After that, I spent some time contemplating escape, but some really cool music came on, so I stayed. Oh, well. AND I SURVIVED!!! HA HA HA HA! (and felt pretty good afterwards. But oh, boy, did I suffer.) Well, I am not going back soon. 45 minutes it's all I can take right now.

NANCE – There was a whole series on Victorian Style and Houses on Do it Yourself Network – Program number 127, 128….. Really nice programming. You can go on the internet and check it out. Don’t hit yourself over the head too bad about eating. Yes, acknowledge what happened, but then –if you do digress, make sure you enjoy every morsel of it and make it worth the guilt! Also, 7- 8lbs in one month is AWESOME! Girl, I’ve been on this WOE since February, and I lost 13 lbs! Do your math. You are doing great!

JENN – I am glad your MIL notices your good influences. Barking spider, huh? If I stepped on a spider of that kind, it would have to be either a Wheezing, or a Peeping spider. Yes darling, go for the visual…! Let me stress, that size 8 fits me when it stretches, and also runs large... but it sure feels good regardless. My goal weight is 145, and perhaps 18% body fat. I am at about 23% now.

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Default Hello all

Guess it must be a month now since I haven't posted cause it was a month yesterday since my nephew got killed. It's been a rough month & have not felt like posting or even attempting to read the board. Have missed all of you, however.

My weight has been bouncing up & down. Some days my eating has been really bad. I went as low as 133 after the funeral, then all the way up to 140, & now stablized at 136. Talk about emotional eating!!

Vacation is just around the corner & I'm really looking forward to it. Bought a new swim suit, size 10. Didn't want to risk an 8, even though it fit, I didn't want to feel it would be too tight & then I would have been too uncomfortable to wear it out in public.

I really need to get back to this WOE. Need to get back to some type of NORMAL living again. Thought that maybe if I get back here, all those other things might fall into place. I hope it hasn't been too long that most of you might have forgotten about me

Hope you all have a great day!
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Melf: I am so sorry to hear about your nephew. I missed that somehow and don't know what happened. I am sure that such an event can totally turn your world upside down {{Melf}}.
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