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Default WIW

Good morning, afternoon, whatever it is by now. Congrats to all you losers! Sounds like this was a good week. Personally, I am NOT getting on the scale until I've finished the BFL challenge I'm doing. At least that's today's resolution. I'm getting so much more muscley- and I was muscley to start with, that I'm sure my scale weight is either up or the same. That just makes me cry like Deb's cartoon, or sends me into a tailspin, so I'm better off staying away from the darned thing. Easier said than done! Any way, I'm in the middle of week6, so 6 weeks to go. I'll be done the week I go to Florida and will take that week off from BFL, go back to straight SB, then start a second BFL challenge the following week.

Pooh- What a great hubby! Mine just laughs at the thought of diamond earrings. He has 1 pierced ear and TWICE I gave him a small diamond stud for Father's day or his birthday and TWICE he lost it- once in a pool (we tried to bribe all the neighborhood kids to go "diving for diamonds" but never found it, and once by ripping off a snorkel wighout thinking in 30 ft. of water in Hawaii. Didn't bother to try to find it there! I keep telling him I'd be MUCH more careful, hint,hint

Vesna- Your scale mania sounds like mine. Until this week, I've weighed myself at least once a day and it sure hasn't done anything for my state of mind. I think my weightloss would have been much faster if I only weighed once a week; I know my moods sure would have been better. BTW, don't let Deb's walking times intimidate you! I think she's adding a lot of jogging and calling it walking to spur the rest of us on!

Nascar- Congrats on the loss! I know you've really been struggling. Maybe you're over the slump and the fat's thrown in the towel. Have fun cheering this weekend.

BOB- what in the world is a blepherplasty?? Did Skeeter win Best in Show? Did you see that movie? I thought it was hysterical, but hubby hated it. If you haven't seen it and love dog shows, you gotta go get the tape! Personally, I think standard poodles should always take Best in show, but without that stupid continental clip. I keep Cleo in a "sporting clip" and she looks so much more like a dog!

Hi Deb- Glad to hear you are back to yourself today. You sounded really down in the dumps and exhasted the last couple of days.

Sol- take care of that foot! Take it from the injury queen, let it heal or you'll end up with a falling apart body like mine. Glad Vince is feeling somewhat better- makes it easier on you!

Hi everyone else, welcome new folks if I've missed you!

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Evening All

It's been a good day of eating thus far, but with the night time rolling in, this is when I tend to go downhill and overeat. I made a really good butter bean dish I love, but haven't made in a while-it came out GREAT and I ate the entire amount (halved the recipe, not that it matters). Poor Eli! Me and beans just don't seem to go together anymore-I can hear him cussing now!!!

I hear there's been a bigger stink about what happened with the skating. Very surprised they say there's no way to over turn the decision even if they find there were indeed problems. I think something should be changed to let a ruling occur if it is.

NASCAR, I'm SURE you'll be in DAYTONA with a big ol sign that says HI to us all-won't you?????? Good luck, hope your driver wins!!! You truly are big fans to come down to Daytona to cheer him on-we need you to come to the WDW Marathon in January next year to do the same for us, unless you'll be walking/running with us, then someone else will be cheering you on instead

VESNA, LOL! You want to talk about a scale obsession-ask any one of the gals on the board and they can tell you I'm the guiltiest one of the group! I am totally obsessed with my scale-it's a love/hate relationship! You have to read WHY THE SCALES LIE which I believe is on the RECOMMENDED READING BOARD, if I'm not mistaken. You have to understand the fluctuations the body goes through, even throughout the day. I didn't understand that in the past, before SB. When I saw the scale go up, even though whatever diet I was on,I was following it to a T and not cheating-I'd get sooo discouraged, start to cheat, gain and go off the diet. Little did I know that if I would of been patient, the scale would of gone down again-I know this now. I've gone up as much as 8lbs in a week-I just know to be patient and it will go back down. My original goal was 129, which I met last June 10th, 2001, since then, I've gotten to a low of 118 about a month or so ago, but my real "goal" is to stay between 119-124 now, which I was able to do until about 2 weeks ago when I saw a big jump on the scale-but once again, patience paid off and I"m back within my safety zone. In May I started to try to put little bursts of jogging into my walks-it was hard and I thought I'd pass out after a few feet-now, I can jog 4 of my 4.5 miles, or about that-not sure of the exact distance. If you look back, I think of last weeks board, possibly the week before, you can see where I was and where I am now Good going on your walk with Ricky!!!! 15 minutes is a good time. For me to just walk, if I really try, I can do it in an hour I did the wheel in HS, but never have done RAKU, but I have bought 2 pieces are shows. What grade do you teach???

RALY, I was able to hit 118 last month, but my intentions are to stay between 119-124 from now on. My weight for my height, age and build is 115-129, 122 is in the middle, which is what I had been averaging more or less til the past couple weeks.

ZANNE, when you get those cravings, try eating some nuts, like Brazil nuts, or almonds even, that may help. If you MUST have chocolate, try what I did, put a piece of SB LEGAL CHOC. on some wax paper, nuke it til it's soft and spread it thin. Let it cool in the fridge and put a thin layer of pb on top and eat it-should help, at leat I hope it would! Hope you can get into the journaling-it def. helps!

POOH, CONGRATS! 3lbs for the week is awesome, give yourself all the credit, we're just overseeing your process Hubby gets brownie points, for sure! We love hearing about great DH's on the board-so when we finally meet them, we like them even more!!! If you can't find the agave you won't have to beg for one of us to ship it out to you-just try to do it ASAP as I'm not sure when the supply will be depleted.

FILLISE, nope, the meeting is NEXT month, March 9th

THUNDER, CONGRATS! Another 4lbs, wow, and with being pregnant, that's awesome! Good luck at the Dr. tomorrow-please update us when you get back. I'll try to see what I can find as far as an apple cake. Let me know if you want a recipe with pieces, a pie, or what you have in mind.

MEL, I'm sure when we finally meet next month I'll recognize you immediately, you'll be the buffed chick! LOL!

Okay, I've caught up, so I'm outta here for now. Will try to check in later, otherwise, tomorrow morning. I hope all of you who have a SO enjoy your VD tomorrow-wish we all could get diamond earrings like BETH-with or without a guy!


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Hi All...

Congrats to all the losses. Even though I didn't loose in LBS. my clothes are bigger. YA!!

Deb - My husband is eating SB with me, makes it easy at home, but there are times that he doesn't feel like eating,so he says. He isn't loosing anthing and wakes up feeling full. Do you think he isn't eating enough and is putting himself in a starvation mode? Also, I basically feel great but lately have been feeling very tire in the afternoons. Am I missing somthing? Help

Vesnoid - My son is a potter. He is going to northern CA to get his bachalors degree in art. Do you sell any of your pieces? I can relate to the nicknames if you will that you potters are called. When someone hears me say that he "throws pots" they look at me so funny. Then I have to explain.

Pooh - I guess ther is still hope for me. I have mentioned several times in several years that I would like diamond earrings. Maybe this year.

Everyone have a great Valentines!!!

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Red face WIW evening post

I have been running myself ragged and am wiped out! Begged DH to leave work early (we ride together from about 25 minutes from home) so I could get some sleep. Worked yesterday straight through lunch, stayed up late and got up early! Too much of that is making me a zombie.

WIW report, down 1/2. Hope to be building some lean muscle in addition to burning some fat. Went to the gym after dinner last night and again before breakfast this morning.

DH sent roses to me today since I won't be in the office tomorrow. Hate to say it, but no 30 minutes before they arrived several of the women in my office (self included) were talking about getting flowers. I reported that I RARELY get them, even the grocery store bunches!! Well, he did good!

Gotta go and ket dh do some work for an online class!

Need to get my beauty rest too! More tomorrow!

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S/C/G: 242/ticker/175

Height: 5'6"

Default LOL!

DEB - I didn't get the diamonds... POOH did.LOLOL!! I actually got diamond earrings (round cut though, and 1/2 carat) the year I had my youngest son. I was due Feb 25th, but had him Feb 18th... and that Valentines day he bought me the earrings and told me they were nothing compared to the gift I was giving him in just days... How sweet is that? He's wonderful. Actually, he took half the income tax return and went shopping tonight... not sure what I'll have to report tomorrow night!! FINGERS CROSSED!!

I've had a CRAPOLA eating day today. Started well!! Bowl of Shredded Wheat with agave, then mid morning snack of a tangerine... then I snacked on some biscotti, and some SB legal chocolate thanks to TOM, and then more snacks... never ate lunch, but devoured waaaaaaay too many calories in "legal JUNK". Shame on me... but tomorrow is another day I'll blame good ol' TOM, and not feel bad about it. Good news is my Schwan's guy comes every 2 weeks, and I've been on SB for 3 weeks... today when he came he remarked about how much smaller I looked... so it MUST be working!! (HE's doing Slim-Fast.. UGH... I'm trying to talk him into SBing with me )

There's a girl at work who's trying to lose weight the healthy way while still breastfeeding. I'm taking her my SB book tomorrow. If she wants to try it... I have plenty of resources to help her out with from you guys.

Hope everyone had a great WIW... I'm considering buying a scale tonight... and I just might. I just know I'm the type to obsess over it and step on the damn thing EVERY day, EVERY time I pass it. I'll have to tell DH to hide it and only get it out on WEDS mornings!! Then again, maybe I don't need a scale!!

See all you beautiful people tomorrow
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Default Well, it’s weigh in Wednesday and I didn’t weigh.

Okay, I’ll admit it, call me an ostrich with my head in the sand. I’m WEAK!!!! I have to now wait til the second week in March to get my pap done. So I cannot wait that long to weigh. So next Wednesday will be my day to come clean. Promise!!!

Hey BOB---I loved your smiley face with the protruding over bite. He’s got a great smile!!! Just like yours!

HAPPY---So glad to hear that you’ve got your computer back and that you are now able to get with us when you want to.

DEB---Thanks for cutting me some slack about this weekend. You are as always, gracious to the core. The Bee was great. Thanks for asking. I had a blast, but I was soooooo tired by the time I got home. They did have eats there, but I was manning the timeclock and had to be at my post the entire time. I did run back to the table at the break and snag a few veggies and dip. Oh, and did I mention that one tiny piece of chocolate???? God, I’m pathetic!!! You can smack my hands. I need it.

SOL---Happy to hear that Vince is feeling better. You warn him to take it easy or the darned stuff will come back with a vengence. Thanks for your excitement about WDW. You are really starting to wear me down. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to come. I love papillions. I’ve never actually met one, but I think their faces are just plain old kissable. I remember that one who won a few years back. He was adorable. I love having Maddie, and you will love having your little one whenever you get it. But I do have to say that they really tie you down. There are nights when Paul and I could just stay downtown and grab a bite for supper, but we have to get home for our girl. Don’t think that I’m sounding sour grapes, because I dread the day when she won’t be here to welcome us home. I absolutely love how she’s always around. Napping at my feet. Sometimes she gets bored with us and jumps up on our bed for a soft snooze. It’s really cute. BTW, I thought you were a dog person. We are a special breed ourselves.

DEB again---You are kicking SB booty again. Way to to on your super fast time. Should we start calling you the white lightening???? And I’m so happy that you can breathe a sigh of relief at being back at your cushion. That’s great!!! Your hard work has paid off. Oh and one more thing . . . about this week’s poll . . . you forgot one that I would have to say . . . something to the tune of it’s none of their ***************, *********, ********* business!!! LOL Lying doesn’t even enter in. But I do have to say something along those lines. When I had to get my new drivers license in November, I decided to bite the bullet. I lied LESS on the weight section. I decided that it might be dangerous to my health. If I was in an accident and the paramedics read my license, they might not give me enough medicine thinking that I was a measily 140 pounds. Of course, they would only have to take a good look at my arse to know that somebody was in deep denial. LOL

NASCAR---Enjoy the race this weekend. Hope your favorite takes the checkered flag!!! Most of our family are big fans of the racing world, but that’s one sport we’ve not gotten into . . . yet.

ZANNE hon---So sorry that you are up two today. I’ll wager that if you got on tomorrow, you’d be down a pound. But I am not encouraging you, just speculating. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} The name of your old gyno made me LOL for at least an entire minute. That was TOOOOOOOFUNNY!!!!!

FILLISE---Sounds like you are feeling better. I sure hope so. Isn’t confession good for the soul . . . and hopefully for the waistline. I should do more of it.

Hey FROG---Me and my honeybunch also ride into work together. Ours is only a 15 minute drive on a good day, but it still gives us a nice little bit of quality time. I think I drive him crazy because I usually don’t shut up the entire way in. He’s so quiet and just ask DEB and NARDA . . . that’s not how I am!!! Glad to hear that you got some roses. What a sweetie. And I sure do hope you get some rest tonight. Turn off the phone, take a nice warm bath, and snuggle up early. Hmmmm, that sounds so good I think I’ll do it right now too! Well, better finish this post first!

Well, everybody, I think I’ll take the advice I gave to FROG. I love to read in the bathtub. Did I tell you all aboutthe bath salts I made a Christmas? Got the recipe from dear Martha S. Anyways, they were a bit hit on the gift circuit. But for me I just stand over the tub and sprinkle each item directly from the container . . . no fancy recipe for me. Then I bought some wonderful essential oils that smell so wonderful and soothe the skin. It’s truly a slice of heaven.

Sorry I missed some of you. BKM and ZSU . . . how are you gals. Hope the recovering life was good today. Are you two being good? Better be. LOL

Good night everyone!
Take care.
Sweet (sugarfree) dreams.

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Hi Guys!
Happy WIW. I forgot to weigh- I use the scale at work and was so busy - so I guess I'll Weigh in thursday! Ok, now I have an idea for a new internet abbreviation. Zanne cracked me up with the name of her gyney so from now on instead saying we're going to gyney or for pap smear etc, we should say we are going to see Dr. Krotch It can be code for pap
Ok enough of that!
Does anyone know if Natures Own makes Sugar Free Whole Wheat hamburger and hot dog buns? I have looked everywhere around here and can't find them. But this little hick town I'm in has never heard of Agave either. By the way how do you pronounce Agave? I thought maybe I said it wrong. I was prounouncing it "ah gave".
I've been doing well in the day and slipping off the wagon at night. Wish I could stop that!

Nascar- have fun at the 500. When you're in Daytona, you're only about 15 minutes from me!
Well all have a great losing day tomorrow!!
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Default Evening!

Had a bit better day today. Still indulged in the chocolate and salty snacks but no where near as much as yesterday. Gotta be hormones!

DEBELLI-Glad to hear you're within your cushion. Thanks for the ideas to curb my cravings, but I read them a little too late. But I'll keep them in mind! (Hopefully I won't have to use them!) I found your recipe for Mandelbrot and thought I'd try that for the sweet cravings. Might help in the crunchy cravings too. One thing tho, the recipe says that you cut them and turned on their sides in the oven for 2:30 minutes. Is that 2 and a half minutes or 2 hours and 30 minutes. I made mandelbrot many years ago and if I remember correctly, when it was cut it went back in the oven at a low temp for a fair amount of time. Just wanted to make sure since I'll be using the precious agave.
ALSO Thank you for reposting the "Get Back Up" I really needed to read that today! I've reread it several times already. I've printed it out and put it on the fridge.

NASCAR Congrats on the big loss! Have fun at the race.

VESNOID Keep the faith and the scale will move. But the scale doesn't always tell the whole story. You said the tape measure moved, so that's a GOOD thing! Are you doing weights? That could build heavier weighing muscle.

POOH Glad you had a great WIW! And what a wonderful surprise from DH.

THUNDER WTG on 64lbs gone! You speaking of craving dill pickles reminded me of another snack I can have! Thanks. I'm not sure about fried ones tho! Hope your test is negative.

RED1 You're doing great with the clothes getting bigger! Keep up what you're doing and the scale will go down too.

FROG I hope you get a good few nights sleep! Sleep is just as important as eating healthy and exercise. What a sweetie your DH was for sending roses.

BETH What a great feeling to have someone notice your weight loss. Umm, what's a "Schwan's guy"???

QUILTER Thanks for the HUGS! Needed them. But I'm getting back up! Unfortunately rationalized tonight that if I finished off the evil food , it wouldn't be in the house any more. I'm going to arm my kitchen with nothing but good food and find a craft to keep my hands busy! I couldn't believe the name of the gyno either! But ya need something to laugh about when going there!

HAPPY I like your idea for the "code". I hope you have a successful WI Thursday.

Time to hit the hay!

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Good evening everyone!

Well, WIW was not good to me AGAIN. I am up 1.5 pounds from last WIW. I am retaining fluids though. I leave a dent in my shin about 1/4 inch deep

Glad to hear that so many of you are doing great this week. I think that I'm finally learning that if the scales go up one week, they'll go back down again soon (at least if you're remaining OP).

Have a great night's sleep and "tomorrow is a new day". Stay sugar free.

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Hi Everyone

I just made the oatmeal cookies from the recipe board. They tasted great before they went in the oven. After they were cooked they tasted kind of weird. They had a pasty taste - presumably from the oat flour. I made them exactly according to the recipe with oatmeal and oat flour. The ones I made before from another recipe tasted much nicer, even if they were a bit crumbly. It was a similar recipe except it used oatmeal and sgww flour plus an egg. So I think I will stick to my original recipe, or maybe try this one again using ww flour instead of oat flour.

Zanne - Glad you were able to pick up some agave. I was in Ambrosia on Monday after work and picked up two bottles. There was only one other bottle there so thought I had better leave it in case you were in there looking for some

Kim - Glad to hear that your spelling bee went off well. Whenever I have seen spelling bees on tv even with very young kids I am always surprised at some of the words they get to spell. Lots I have never even heard of.

Slaphappy - Were you having withdrawal symptoms when you couldn't get to the computer? You must be happy to have access to it again.

Pravda - Congratulations on the 10 lbs lost.

BKM - Congrats on your son's achievement. You must be a very proud momma.

Sol - Glad to hear you are on the way down again. Every little bit counts. Take care of the foot. I know it's hard to slow down when you are raring to go but we have to get you fit for the marathon. Glad Vince is feeling a bit better.

Deb - Happy to hear that you are staying within your cushion.

Vesnoid - I only ever weigh myself first thing in the morning - and yes I have been doing it every day. I'm afraid if I stop weighing it will creep up before I realise it but I know from past experience that if I weigh any other time of day it will be up a few pounds. And that I don't wish to see

Thunderwoman - 64 pounds lost - that's fabulous. I hope your glucose test turns out o.k.

Congratulations to all the other losers this week. And to the rest hang in there - our turn will come.

I forgot to mention I weighed in at 195 1/2 this morning. That's half a pound more than last week.


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Good morning everyone! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Sounds like several of ya'll are getting great gifts and flowers! My DH is taking me to dinner tomorrow night since we are leaving for the 500! So that is our gift to each other the race!
Thanks for all the encouragement! Ya'll are the best!

Deb - I may have to be a cheerleader if I can come next year to the WDW jamboree!
Meliris - you go girl you are gonna be so fit! Remember muscle weighs more than fat. So you are building muscle!!
Take care everyone I'll check in when I get back from the 500!
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Good Morning.. By the time I wake up you all have half your morning gone. Well only one more day and my baby is gone. The wedding is tomorrow night. With everything that is going on in the next few days I won't be around. I'll be back next monday. I am hoping to stay SBlegal as possible, but with the wedding cake. YAK !! I'll have to make sure someone else cut the cake. Then I won't be so tempted.

Got to go. You all have a great weekend.


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Okay, I know you’re wondering, “What’s gonna happen after registration day for the marathon?” I’ve thought long and hard on this….and I’ve decided……Countdown to the marathon! You could still get ready by adding ¼ mile per week to your walks and be in good shape for the half-marathon in January.

I bought Meister a vibrating silent mode cell phone package in camo colors for V-Day and was so excited about it that I gave it to him last night. I bought him a card that says, “When I first met you I wanted you for my friend…….(inside)But then decided to keep you for myself.” I did try to set him up with a couple of my friends when we were just friends. It was too funny. He said I’d get mine tonight, but I did get a big bar of SB legal chocolate from him. He said he was at Whole Foods and kept thinking about that commercial where the guy is asking girls what they want for V-Day and they kept saying chocolate and that one girl at the end with the word association game “NUT CLUSTERS!” He’s no dummy!

DEB – Glad you’re feeling better and back to your comfy cushion!

PRAVADA – Congrats on the 10 lbs! My wedding ring is finally getting a little big on me – I love it! ‘Course that probably means it’s just back down to where it was before I had to have it enlarged.

TRISHALOO – WELCOME!! You’re definitely in the right place for support!

TREE – I bring a little playmate cooler to work and find that it keeps things pretty constant temperature until lunchtime. Yesterday I nuked a sweet potato before leaving for work. I double wrapped it in aluminum foil and a kitchen towel. By lunch time it was still a little warm. There’s a Mandarin Orange Chicken Salad recipe and a Greek Chicken Salad recipe on one of the recipe boards – they are yummy and can be eaten at any temperature.

LDBLOND – I liked your post. I consider this WOE and exercise now a “Life or Death” situation. A bit extreme, probably, but with so many people in my family morbidly obese and struggling with adult onset diabetes and heart problems I know that if I don’t get serious now I will be forced to later – and with more problems to have to deal with as well. I also tend to want to ‘fix’ things for others, but have to remind myself that it’s not available to do that and that people have to want to ‘fix’ their own situations and if they don’t, then there’s not really anything I can do to help them. One of my teachers once said, “I can’t motivate you. I can only motivate you to motivate yourself.” That’s what we do here. We share our victories and struggles and support each other – we’re here because WE want to fix OURSELVES. I used to forego exercise because I needed to ‘fix dinner’, ‘do the budget’, ‘clean the house’, etc….. Now, I exercise and if some other things don’t get done – then they don’t get done, or someone else does them. I’ve rearranged my priorities so that everything else falls into place AFTER my exercise. (‘Course that’s a bit easier to do since I don’t have kids. )So glad you’re here!

BOB - ALLS I can say is…..MEISTER AND I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU!!! ….even if it means we don’t get your share of coffee. He’s asked several times if you’re going to make it to the O-Town week-end. What the heck is a blepherplasty ????

HAPPY - You’ll be at our gathering, too, won’t you?? Glad you have your ‘puter back! I know I go through withdrawals. Dr. Hand? Knowing me, I’d probably pick him thinking his name meant his destiny was to be a good Dr.!

BETH – I think I’d have told the HFS they shouldn’t ask questions, but be glad you’re giving them so much darn business buying that much agave from them - or that if it was too much trouble and they didn’t want the business I’d order it off the internet.
‘course I’m stressed and a little grumpy today. None of their business why you want that much agave. What’s a Schwan's guy? Feels good when people notice you’re shrinking, doesn’t it? That’s a good motivator for me for days!

NASCAR GIRL CONGRATULATIONS ON THE LOSS! If you haven’t already left – remember ONLY ONE SMALL SOFTSIDE COOLER AND ONE CLEAR PLASTIC BAG PER PERSON ALLOWED IN THE SPEEDWAY! They’re sending people with hard coolers back to their cars!

VESNOID - I have an electronic scale – my eyes are not good enough to see the numbers on the other ones. ‘Course if I could use unreliable and inconsistent as my excuse for the scale not moving…………. What part of O-Town are you located? I live up in Casselberry but work down by the FL Mall. Yeppers, there’s consequences for the decisions we make and we don’t always see when people get what they got coming to them, but just knowing they do get it is all we have to hang on to sometimes.

RALYNNE - No gain is good! How old are the kids? Can you take them to the gym with you? They have a kids section at our gym where kids can play, watch movies, do homework, exercise. I see lots of kids in there some nights and they seem to be having fun.

ZANNE – Don’t know if I could go to a Dr. named Dr. Kroch! I’ll bet he was good, though! I can ride along with you tomorrow. I know what you mean about journaling, I need start doing that myself.

POOH CONGRATS ON THE LOSS!!! Diamond earrings!?! HOW SWEET!!! What a great DH! I’m sure you’re showing them off today! AND roses!? WOW! I love Princess Cut diamonds, too!

THUNDER You’re doing great!! AND, fried pickles? I’m jealous! I can’t find them down here anywhere and I LOVE them! They opened a Sonic here last year, but, alas, they don’t have them.

MEL I wish I could come meet you when you’re here in Florida, but I’ll have to settle for the ‘buff’ pics that you and DEBBIE will take. I know y’all will have a great time together.

FROG Hope you’re well rested and CONGRATS on the loss! I can’t wait to see your updated ‘buff’ pics after BFL!
This post is too long! Not gonna get to everyone – sorry!

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Thumbs up Thursday

OK, I'll fess up. I'm the original valentine's day scrooge! I despise this day above all others. If I had my way, I'd stay inside and not turn on the radio or tv all day long. I can't stand the fact that greeting card companies, florists, and candy makers have consipred to tell me on what day I have to tell someone I love them. So I don't participate and plan to be really snarly all day!

If I WERE going to express my affection for anyone, my SB friends would certainly be on my list, but I think you all know how much I treasure you, so there is no need to say it.

Am I still not participating?

First day of Lent was appropriatly solomn. I was one of the leaders in our Ash Wednesday service, so I got to put ashes on people'e foreheads and intone "from dust you came and to dust you shall return." If that doesn't set the tone for Lent, I don't know what will. I had two sweet little girls in my line (7 and 5) and it just about killed me to have to say that to them. Today the mood is snarly so you all might want to steer clear!

First day of Lent was also appropriatly OP. Portion control is a big issue for me right now. When I first began SB I pretty much ate as much SB legal food as I wanted. I lost more than 60 lbs, but now I've been bouncing around the same 6 or 7 lbs for months, so portion control (OK--and no KK doughnuts) is part of my fast.

I have work to do, so I'd better get going. Enough of my snarling for one morning. The happy people may have the board back now! I'll be much better tomorrow!

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"I'm working on it!"
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Default A quickie for FILLISE

Fillise you're not alone! My DH and I don't do the Valentine's thing either. You're right, we don't need a special day to say "I love you". And heck, they quadruple the price of all the gifts! When we give each other a wee gift or go out to dinner any other time in the year, it's special cause we want to, not because, like you said, the companies are telling us we HAVE to.

I did send DS to school with Valentine cards and treats, but it's fun for the kids.

But for those who do wish to celebrate, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY
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