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I found it very depressing last night that the Canadians did not get the gold. I think they deserved it. I also find it disappointing that anyone would think that the collision on the ice before the skate could have been deliberate. Accidents do happen and why would someone do that deliberately when they are likely to injure themselves and affect there own skate. JMHO.

BMK - Yes I would very much like you to get me two cases of agave if you don't mind. If this is too much for you to get just let me know and I will ask Deb to get me one case. I was hoping to get a case from a Canadian on line site but they are out of stock and who knows if they will get any more. Looking forward to seeing you all next month.

Gotta run - have to leave for badminton in a few minutes.

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Default Hello and Happy Happy Tuesday night!

I have to say that I will not be on long tonight and will probably miss the chat. I am totally 100% addicted to the Westminster Kennel Club show. I am already bathed and pajamaed and have taken up residence on the couch in eager anticipation. Yes, Iíll admit it . . . Iím totally gaga over our doggy friends. Hereís a little secret, Maddie thinks she is going to win Best in Show. But she will win at this house.

Before I forget . . . I got email from our Viv and she said to send you all her greetings and best wishes for a wonderful week. She is so busy and has NO TIME to get on the board. She apologizes and says sheíll try to be back on board ASAP. Also said to tell you that sheí s been OP like a good little SBer.

SOL---Hope your honey is feeling better soon. Tell him Iím sending some special good wishes with an extra dosage of vitamin C. I laughed at the name of your podiatrist! Hope you liked him better than his name.

DEB---Hey, chick!!! Sorry to hear that you donít have any of the ďget up and goesĒ! Iím so proud of you that you got out there and did your morning ďthang.Ē You are awesome. Are you getting emails you donít want? I wonder if you can put a block on specific addresses.

PRAVDA---WTG on the first TEN POUNDS!!!!! Awesome job!!! You are doing really well. Keep it up!!!!!

BETH---Hey, girlfriend, I feel your pain. Hope that old TOM heads on out of town as quickly as it came rolling in. I donít remember having a change in my period after starting SB. But perhaps some others can shed light on that question.

TRISHALOO---WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME. So glad you decided to join us and let us meet you. I think you should be jumping for joy that youíve already lost 12 pounds in less than two months. Thatís really GREAT!!! You must be doing it right.

BOB---So did you perchance get to meet any of those groovy looking Mounties as they passed by their house. The neighborly thing to do would be to invite one or two (of the best looking ones) into your home for a bit of nourishment. Yes, Maddie and I are watching. Canít wait for the Skeeters and the Maddies to strut their stuff.

ROSALIE---Hope your badminton goes well. I forgot to thank you for your kind words from last week. You are always so sweet. Are you getting so ultra excited about the big vacation??? Iím getting excited for you.

Okay, everybody, itís time for the sporting group. Oh, I could just squeeze that golden retriever all night he/sheís so adorable!!! Gotta go. I like to pretend that Maddie and I are trying to pick out a little brother or sister for her. Yes, itís weird, but good clean fun.

Everybody have a wonderful Wednesday. Oh my gosh . . . I almost forgot to tell you that the Bee went sooooooo well today. Everybody had such fun. You all absolutely would NOT believe some of the incredibly difficult words that these people spelled today. I was so thrilled with everyone and their enthusiasm. Not sure exactly how much money we made. But more than money, hopefully, some people will be inspired to become volunteer tutors. Thatís what itís all about!!!

Good night, Friends!
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HEY....TREE.... Do you feel these eyes that are glaring attcha right now????? Totally disagree on your reasoning, but that's what we do best on here....right???

OH>>>>MY>>>>GAWD>>>> did anyone see that cute little white Spaniel???? She needed a blepherplasty soooooo bad!!


OH...LOOK AT THE SUSSEX SPANIEL....looks like a long haired Bassethound

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Hi Everyone
Well my relative finally went home and I have my computer back! I am dead dog tired from staying up too late entertaining him.

Deb:So what so far are the Orlando Plans? My son has t-ball in the morning (which I guess I could skip, if its just practice) but I have to be back in town by 4pm because of my niece's 1st birthday party! Are you staying over Friday night or Saturday night? Ever gone to eat at the melting pot? It's a fondue restaurant in Longwood (yummy). I am anxiously awaiting the sample of Agave - what should I do with it? Cook, Bake, coffee???Also, you mentioned Starbucks coffee - I have never had starbucks coffee. I have only really started drinking coffee in the last 6 months - used to use Vanilla creamer but not anymore! Now just half/half and splenda. So I guess my order is for plain since I am somewhat a coffee virgin !

All you now experiencing TOM: how bizarre, me too - what's up with that? Good thing we don't all work togeter!

Pravda: Congratulations on your 10lbs!!!!!!!!! I can't wait until I can say that! Keep up the good work. Hope you enjoyed the cake and ice cream

BKM: Are you going to be the Agave queen and bring us all some? I have never tried it, but looking forward to. Do you use it just like sugar? Congratulations on your sons honors! I'm sure it feels good to be a proud mama!

Trish: Welcome to this site. You will certainly enjoy everyone here. Congratulations on your 12lb loss! That is great. Any questions you have, just ask and you'll get many replies!

Quilter: Enjoy those dogs!

Sol: I had to laugh about the Docs name - There used to be a gynecologist in my town name Dr. Hand Now wouldn't you just love to go to him!

Ok all, well have a good night and great day tomorrow!
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Evening All

Want to get this on the board before my time alloted is over.

Thanks to BUSDEB & FROG for coming in for chat. I know you are all glued to the boob-tube, so I'll forgive you THIS WEEK!

QUILTER, on behalf of all of us, we forgive you for watching so much TV this weekend, we understand Maddie needs some quality time as well and has HER shows to watch. How did the Spelling Bee go??? How did your eating go???

FROG, did you win at Keeno?? You're going to HAVE to teach those of us who haven't a clue, how to play in NC!!

RED1, wish you'd known about us too-we've been around for almost 2 years now. Your yogurt smoothie sounds fine-so enjoy! Okay, many of us eat hummus on this board-so welcome to the stinky crowd, but making a pizza out of it, that's a first! Our family eats hummus probably 4 times a week-it's a staple item in our house. Where are they having the wedding in Vegas?? Sounds like a blast! Many of us live in the South, with many of us living in Florida. We just got together Jan 5th and are doing it again March 9th to go see ROSALIE who's coming for vacation from Canada. I will drive as far up as Orlando to meet any of the gals who come down, like FROG did from NC last month. I've been fortunate enough to meet 11 gals from the board so far and look forward to meeting more next month-and THEN I get to meet MEL at the end of the month when she comes down from PA to the county only an hour away-it's always a blast to meet others-check out our PHOTO ALBUM BOARD to see some of the pics from past get togethers. I have also been out to CA. to meet LDBLOND & NANCEMEISTER, who so graciously opened her home up to Eli and I for 4 nights!!!! We are planning a SB GET TOGETHER in OCT. 2002 in North Carolina-hope you can make it!!!!! FROG is getting us a house to stay in on the beach up there!!!

SHEANN, cookies couldn't of been all that bad if the family liked them. I'm sure as you get more familiar with baking the SB way, you'll find something that suits your fancy

SEF, are your panties in a wad over the Canadians being robbed??

SOL, I can't see VINCE easily agreeing to stay home and away from work, so he really must be feeling icky! How did the visit with DR. FUNK go? What a name!!!!!!! LOL!! Olive Garden, icky-don't like that place-just MHO When will the Ebay auction end-tell Vince GOOD LUCK!

MEL, you just have to wear that hat when you come down here, you'll feel right at home! Broward has more Canadians than Floridians it seems in the winter!!!! Hmmm, interesting on that SB promo-he hasn't heard a thing about it-it's odd.

VESNOID, glad you found the fitday site-many people use that site-I personally like doing a paper journal-hey, whatever works! It's a great site. You are correct on the breakdown of fat/calories/proteins on SB. You can up the carbs 5% if you want and lower either or both the fat and proteins by 5% if you see you need a little more carbs. I think for being a NEWBIE you did very well. Just try to up your carbs a little and lower your fat some and you'll be great-good going on the fiber too, it's not up to what you should have, but it's a lot better than the 11gram average Americans get each day. I love pottery and wish I could find time to do it-would love to see some pieces you've done-do you do RAKU? I use STEVIA and nothing else. The best one I found is WIDSOM OF THE ANCIENTS brand called STEVIA PLUS, it has no maltodextrin in it, as others do.

RALY, glad to see you back-was wondering what happened to you! No yelling at you, just happy to see you

PRAVDA, WELCOME BACK!!! CONGRATULATIONS on losing your first 10lbs-that's awesome!! Just think, 3 more pounds, you'll be under 250-another great milestone!!

FILLISE, I'm sure you'll do fine during Lent. Eli gave me a LENT LESSON in the car today Nex time, put a note on your hotel door saying in lieu of donuts cash would be appreciated instead!!!

BETH-I can only say that TOM was never regular until I lost weight! And if it still holds true, mine is due on Thursday I think if you can get the agave locally it would be best to do it that way. Shipping is $9, I think, and with the cost going up a bit it seems, you're better off getting it at home-but if you need it, just let BIGK or myself know. The last time I got it it was $2.59 a bottle, with 10% off for case pricing, so let me know!!! I think it may come out the same price as BIGK can get. Hope the cramps subside.

BIGK, seems there must be a run on the agave! You are still getting it at a better price than I can though.

TRISHALOO, WELCOME TO THE BOARD!!! Glad you finally have decided to join us CONGRATULATIONS on doing so well so far on SB, that's a great loss. I think your choice for choosing SB over Atkins was a good one, sure will have lots more foods to chose from & lots let expensive. Glad you liked the Cheesecake recipe-I think it's a winner Please, don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have-we're all more than happy to help!!! We have a few Texans on the board as well, so you are in good company. Again, WELCOME!!!

TREE, hmm, how about these hot packs, Rubbermaid makes them, you nuke them and then stick the food and the pack in an insulated bag and it keeps foods hot for hours. Just trying to give you some more options before you turn into a head of lettuce!!!

LDBLOND, you put all of that so nicely. THANK YOU! It's very true, you have to look out for #1, which is you! You can't worry about who's on this journey with you, but more on you making the journey safely while learning along the way. Anyone who wants to come along on the journey with you will (like us) and those who don't will take a different path. Whether their path is the right or wrong one, you can't worry about it, it's your path and the way you decide to get to your destination is all that matters.

BOB, so you are lucky, a test market SB-will relay the message to your Sweetie!!

ROSALIE, seems the whole board is agonizing with you-I am too, even if I didn't get to see what happened! I haven't forgotten your e-mail you sent, will work on a reply tomorrow.

HAPPY, envelope went out this morning, let me know when it arrives-remember, this is less sweet than the old agave! Will let you know about final plans for Orlando-def. do try to come at least for lunch-better than nothing. Like late morn, early afternoon. Not sure about Friday night-still have to get with BOB to make plans, first have to check schedules with kids, Eli, my Mom to see if I can swing it. I would say the agave, just in a drink-only sent 2 small packets the size of ketchup-even on some WW pancakes, it's delicious! I'll bring you some house blend Starbucks. I once in a blue moon drink coffee and it has to have lots of milk-just never liked the taste of it.

Time's up, gotta run-I wish you all good luck with the metal monster and TOMORROW'S WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!!!!!


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S/C/G: 242/ticker/175

Height: 5'6"

Default WIW ....

No scale But I'll be weighing as soon as I go over to my MIL's house this week and I'll chime in

DEB - I called around here and I can get a case of 8oz bottles for 2.69 a bottle (including 10% case discount) So I don't know if it's any cheaper to do it that way... I guess it depends on how cheap BKM can get it. I ordered a case from both HFS just so one wouldn't get too awfully suspicious. They asked me what I needed a case for... I told them I'm gonna be doing baking with it, and 8oz is only a cup, so it one bottle only does 2 recipes. I told em I don't like my kids to have sugar, and I have blood sugar trouble... neither of which was untrue... now the baking part, Well.. We'll have to see

TOM is settling down some.. I can live with it today. I have GOTTA get more water in me... I was doing sooooo well, only to slack off to 60 oz the last 2 days! I'm gonna do at least 100 today! Starting NOW!

Hope everyone has a positive WIW!
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Default 15 DAYS!!!


I hope everyone is considering registering for the WDW Marathon, Half Marathon or Cheering Section for next January! I want so many of us here that we have to spill out of the house into the back yard for our brunch!

Meister is feeling a little better, but still sleeping in the sick bay. He did get up this morning to go to mandatory disaster training on how to handle major attacks in the area. He has to go to court tomorrow about a robber he caught and tackled - it's taken over a year for this to get to court - the jerk has been running free this whole time. I hope he gets the maximum sentence which would be 5 years. (Of course I think he should get more for assaulting an officer of the law - especially such a cute one! )

GOOD NEWS!! We have a new person starting on Tuesday!!!!!! Yeah!!! Hopefully this guy will catch on quickly and start taking some of the work off the rest of us. I'm tired of working all the time.

WIW I'm happy to report that I'm back down to 197.5. And I'm an official member of the TOM club this week....well, I will be in a day or so. I've been on the pill since I was 18 so I've never been irregular which made it a little more difficult to diagnose my PCOS. I also think my body is shrinking in that pooch just above the hips and below the waist so that it's not registering on my tape measure....and hence....adding to my frustrations when the scale doesn't cooperate.

DR. FUNK is young-ish and very nice. He sentenced me to 3 weeks in my tennis shoes with new inserts and said I had most likely sprained my ankle a while back and never given it the chance to completely heal up. Now I'm overusing my muscles and that's aggravating the problem. I have to cut back on my distance and speed for a while. So, I'll be checking out the big butt bike at the gym and the rowing machine to make sure I get all my cardio time in. I understand and will obey, but, geez! I was really getting into my walks.

DEBBIE He's bid on a Bianchi racing bike and the auction is over on Saturday, I think. We're the high bid, but the reserve hasn't been met yet. He put in for proxy voting and has a ways to go to reach the top of what he's willing to pay. The funny thing is I set up the handle so it's - solshine999 - Poor guy! He's solshine on e-bay!

TREE - I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you on your assessment. The judging should be on the actual performance and not the 'peripheral' situations. All Olympic athletes have overcome major hurdles, injuries and whatnot to make it there - that's what makes them all so spectacular. The two performances were not even close to being equal in quality. If another team had totally rocked even though they weren't in the running for a medal - the medal contenders had fallen all over the place - and the 'average team' had come up with the medal would the teams that are normally the best have been robbed because they are the best during the season? Would the guy with the best time in the speed skating be robbed of Gold because the guy who has set all the world records through the season came within .01 of beating the fastest guy's time? But, like BOB said, we can disagree pleasantly on here.

BKM Glad to hear you're surviving the cookie avalanche at your house! CONGRATULATIONS! to the BIG KNIGHT!!

BOB and QUILTER - I'm sure none of those doggies match up to the quality of MADDY and SKEETER! One of my co-workers has 2 Papillions (sp?) - so I was glad to see one win last year. They are very cute doggies. I'm looking at maybe getting a Boston Terrier one day, but gotta convince Meister that we can handle the responsiblities and time required - and right now we can't.

I'm sorry, I selfishly have to end this post with having done nothing but talk about myself.

Hope WIW is good for everyone!
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Just got in from my jog/walk-first time in a while that I got up like my old self and felt like going out today. I did my 4.5 miles in 44:43, my new 3rd best time now! So with that, I'm happy today

IT'S WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY TODAY!!!! and I hope you all have done well. Personally, I can't complain, I'm back to my safe place, within my 5lbs cushion even though it's the higher end of the spectrum and still up 6lbs from my all time low! I guess I should be happy since TOM is due probably TOM.

We ended up taking Eli's DD to lunch with us yesterday and ended up at the ME restaurant. I REALLY wanted to hit Ole Ole, but kept that to myself. Next time. Have to take Lauren up there for Bat Mitzvah to attend on Saturday so may hit it then. Carbolite was good yesterday, I hade half NY Cheesecake and half vanilla-yummy!

SOL, happy to see you are back down again! I'm sure you'll continue the downward trend, though it may be slow-remember, SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE, even though it's not a race, you get the idea Glad to hear VINCE is feeling somewhat better. I'm sure you want him to make a full recovery soon-can't be fun sleeping along When does Dr. Funk think you'll be able to resume your regular walks?? Does he want you to go back soon?

BETH, grab the case at that price-it's a good price and you won't get it cheaper!! Buy it without hesitation NOW!!!

Well, I'm sure caught up with the board this morning! Please remember TOMORROW IS RECIPE DAY so if you have any SB LEGAL RECIPES you'd like to share with the board, please, try to post them tomorrow (though any time is just fine too).

I'll try to get some pictures up after I get Lauren off to school and if I'm lucky, a few recipes to post laster!

Have a wonderful day!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01



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Angry WIW

Yea!!! Today the scale moved finally over the slump!!! 3 pounds gone! The TM walking must have kicked in!!! I'm doing the happy dance today!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been real busy. This weekend is the big DAYTONA 500!!! YEA!!! I'll be there pulling for the # 18!!! Can't wait!!
Everyone have a great week!
Began SB 10/01

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Thumbs up The scale could make me cry

Good Morning All!

I have been sort of cheating the weigh ins all week since Wednesday, because I have this fear that if I don't weigh myself at least twice a day somehow I will gain weight and won't catch it on time - so it will just be worse! Everyone has told me I am obsessed with the scale - and I admit it. It is a disease.


The enemy is at 163. Since I have been "cheating"(weighing myself), I know it was at 160 before. So now I have another thing to obsess about: was it colored greens? Was it cereal? Was it a knock on my head?
Well, the measuring tape was sort of kind, so - until next Wednesday, I need help to lock up my scales (as I am writing this I am getting a panicky reaction at the thought - no kidding! My throat is actually swelling!)
So. I need to lock up my scales until next week. It will also be my TOM time, so --- may the force be with me!

DEBBIE: Congratulations on your loss! Wow! You are now 5lb below your goal - do you have a new goal? You called it a safety cushion - are your clothes bought for 129, or 124? I was walking the 1 mile walk yesterday with my dog Ricky (the best looking mutt on this planet! ) and it took me 15 minutes. You are doing 4.5 miles in 44.43 - I am totally impressed! Are you running? 'cos that ain't no walk!
Yes I am also doing Raku - I call that smoking pots (for the general pleasure of my students), so I am also lovingly called a "pot head" because no matter what I am talking about, some way or another, the conversation ends up being about pottery. It has been very good to me, and I know that having two children is tiime consuming - but perhaps you should give it a try? (if you haven't already ) Your kids would love it, really! Thanks for confirming the stevia sweetener. I have been trying to use it, but am running out of time in the morning - coffe made, tea made, but no time to drink it!

NASCAR GIRL - Congratulations! Slumps are a horrible, mind boggling things. You did great not to loose your senses over it! Perhaps now it will go a little bit easier?

SOLSHINE - Good job on the WIW. How can you tell when the scale is at .5? The notches on mine are soooo small! I used to have an electronic one, but then I abandoned it because it was swinging about too much. Sorry to hear about Meister, everyone I know has been sick this year. A nasty flu going around. Is that the problem? As far as jerks go - I try to comfort myself that the punk will get it back in some way. All we can do is stay steady on our course and not stoop on their level. Good luck tomorrow!

I am eagerly awaiting all your successes! It's good to know some of you are doing so well!


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WIW 154 still. No gain or loss. Worked out yesterday at the gym and I tell you it's getting harder to get there. The kids have me soo busy and with doing homework every night for school, I get swamped. I need to get to 145 soon, spring is coming and I've got to get back into a size 9 comfortably.

Deb- so are you staying around 125-129 still? Must be that's your maintenance.

Well gotta go take care all

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"I'm working on it!"
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Thumbs down WIW

Morning All! Nice and sun shiny here today!

Well I'm up 2 today I've had chocolate and salt cravings (and indulging them ) and it's only midcycle! I usually only get that with TOM. This is the first cycle off of BCP so I don't know if that's the reason.

I'll really have to work at journaling cause I really think twice about what I put in my mouth when I write it down. I'll need to start having all of you sitting on my shoulders again!

Still don't have too much time at the puter. With DH home during the day, we've been busy making plans for a major addition to the house! Lots of work and research to do so we can submit plans for a permit. we want to start in the spring and need to have the plans done ASAP.

CONGRATS to all the losers!

HANG IN! maintainers and those of us up a bit. Our turn will come.

ROSALIE thanks for the heads up on the bread. I'll check out the site and see what store might be close to me. I went to Ambrosia yesterday and they only had one bottle of dark agave! I took it cause I don't mind it in my coffee or smoothies. I haven't heard any more from Galloway.

SOL I loved the name of the foot doc. I used to have a gyno named Dr. Kroch!

Hope all who are not feeling well and/or their loved ones are better soon!

If I don't get on tomorrow,

Bye for now
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Talking WIW results

I am happy to say that I went from 214 last week to 211 this week!!!! I think it has to do with all you wonderful ladies and your suggestions! Especially you Zanne!!! THANK YOU!

I got my V-day present early! My dh is a wonderful man. I went to lunch yesterday and when I got back there was a message on my voicemail that he had been here and dropped something off! I went to the front desk and there were a dozen red roses and a small velvet box! I got DIAMOND EARRINGS!!! I had been begging him for some for the last two years and he kept telling me it would probably my 5 year wedding anniversary prize. They are princess cut (square) which are my favorite style and 1/3 ct. I'm wearing them right now!!!! I love him so much! What a cool guy!

Well, I have searched around here and am unable to find agrave anywhere. There is one more store I need to check with and if not I may have to beg and plead for some of you ladies to ship me some. I'm dying to try it out in recipes.

Better go - I guess I should really do some work since that's what they pay me for!

Have a great day ladies!

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Thumbs down WIW

Hello, this will be quick, but I wanted to stop in and say hello!

First the business of the day--242. Given it's TOM and my evil ways over the weekend I'm surprised it isn't more. Oh well, I'm in full repentance mode now.

Is the Orlando meeting this weekend? I hope there will be plenty of cameras!

I hope WIW is good to everyone! When I check in tomorrow I want to see a lot of losers on the board!

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Hi everyone!!

Sorry I haven't posted in the last 2 weeks. Between the morning sickness and a virus I have been under the table. I lost 4 more lbs in the last 2 weeks so that brings my weight loss up to 64 lbs now. Looks like everyone is doing well. I have to go to the doctor tomorrow morning and start my glucose test. I had gestational diabetes with my daughter so they are testing me for it early. I don't know why I don't eat any real sugar and and pretty well staying legal. I guess its better to be safe than sorry. I have been craving dill pickles like crazy and have even gone so far as to eat a order of fried ones. This baby will come out looking like a pickle. I have been craving sweets like you wouldn't believe..I actually ate a piece of fresh apple cake sunday nite. I know I know bad bad me. I need a recipe for a legal fresh apple cake...anyone have one...please this craving is getting on my nerves. I didn't have any problems with cravings before I got preg. Now its major league cravings for something sweet. Well better get this posted. Hope everyone has a great day!!

Started SB July 1, 2001....64 lbs so far..5'5 large frame
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Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 6/11-6/17 Debelli Sugar Shakers 125 06-18-2001 06:47 AM

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