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Old 02-14-2002, 10:27 AM   #61  
Clay Girl
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Angry Happy V Day!

Good morning all!

Thank you for confirming my sanity (scales mania) - or perhaps we are all just drinking from the same "crazy well"?

Since many of us seem to be going into the TOM (and some of us are crampy, bloated, PMSing, pimpling, and more), I wanted to ask the board, what you think about DIUREX. I use it when my TOM gets really nasty, to get rid of bloating and it also helps me with cramps. I know it is not the healthiest thing to do, but if someone knows anything better - I am eager to find out!

ALSO - Is anyone doing BODY FLEX? I did it once for 2 weeks (irregularly) and saw some really good results. But since it is difficult to do, and it does get a bit boring after a while, I stopped. I am trying to add it to my exercising routine, since you are all sporting such good success against the PHAT MONSTER!

SOLSHINE - Good for you and your HB! Nice present! Now you can give him good vibrations any time you want! I live in Winter Park, about 7 minutes away from Aloma Whole Foods (Eastbrook). I used to live in Casselberry - Reflections Apartments. I have my own house now. Actually, me and the bank ! As far as the ENEMY goes - I had/have an electronic one, but it was showing too much, or too large of jumps, and being a weighing veteran I knew something wasn't right! The thing had to go! My mechanic scales are now stuck behing the toilet, so unless I get into a frenzy (as in feeling half starved and so skinny I need an immediate confirmation), it'll be safe there!

ROSALIE - I'm sorry to hear about the cookies. I love oatmeal cookies, and the more natural they taste, the better. Actually, I am a bit of a "natural tasting" nut. I also have known about all the bad, bad, stuff in the foods for a while, so I have had time to develop an aversion to sugar. It actally burns my tongue! I can't even eat certain icecreams, because they taste spicy to me! SOOOO - if you need a safe home for your cookies, a loving and caring environment - I'll send you my address!

ZANNE - I hope this day goes better for you. I know how it is to have uncotrollable cravings! Before you know it, your hands are moving without the consent of your-self, and before you can say "STOP" your teeth are sucking the forbidden food! I had a piece of my birthday cake the other day, and it put me on such a sugar crave, I had to eat nuts and go to Whole Foods for some low carb chocolate!
Perhaps if you make yourself exercise after you snack, you will think twice about doing it

SLAPHAPPY - I like your new abbreviation. It truly is anything but subtle LOL!! A bit naughty even?

FROG LOVER - Good going for flowers! My DBF asked me yesterday If I expected anything for today, and was generally perplexed with the whole idea of the V Day. So I had to tell him that I wanted sweet attention, flowers, etc. He said the only thing he had planned for me, was to wish me a happy V day. Then he took me to a scrumptious and quite expensive dinner !

RED1 - I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS! It is my dream to get an M.F.A.! But here in Orlando, we don't have a program I could attend. How long has your son been doing pottery? Is he going to college, or to get a graduate degree? I have sold some of my work, but got frustrated with the unreliable working conditions that are a norm for public studios. They can't help it, they are doing the best they can, but the artist isn't in control, and that unsettles me. So I am going to buy my own kiln, and we'll see!

DEB - Thanks for that article you mentioned. I read it and it makes sense. I sort of knew that stuff, but wasn't aware of how much difference water makes. The article also breaks down the aquisition of fat quite nicely. It explains why I can eat like a pig for a while without gaining, and then all of a sudden get the pounds I can't shake Another article that you put up was the one about the sugar. WOW! I also have some vegetarian friends, who by and large only eat brown and unpurified sugar, nevertheless, there are so many store bought products with the POISON in I have told Rosalie, I can taste white sugar as a burning spice if it's in a high quantity - e.g. all those fruit yoghurts, YUCK! I have tried eating them long before this WOE, and couldn't (24g per serving????!!)
I teach at Edgewater High School - we have a pretty good ceramics department. Well equipped too!
Walking - I went really fast last night, and I think I did my mile under 15 minues. I wish I had a buddy to go to Cady Way with me (local nature/exercise path). I usually only do 2 - 3 miles there, because part of the path goes by some shady looking apartments, and I am just not comfortable going by there by myself.

MELIRIS - Thanks for the boost. I stuck the BEAST behind the toilet! There! And yes, Deb admitted to not quite walking the whole way - hm - and now I have the URGE to wobble a bit faster too!

Have a lovely Valentine's day!
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Old 02-14-2002, 10:30 AM   #62  
SUPER CHICK aka Moderator
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Good Thursday Morning Everyone

Don't have but a minute to post-will be back on later, have to run out to do a few errands. Just wanted to wish all those who celebrate VALENTINES DAY a wonderful day!



SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Old 02-14-2002, 10:50 AM   #63  
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Hello everyone.

I'm so excited today. I have on a pair of pants that I have not been able to get past my hips in at least a year (probably longer)!

BOB: I may be too new here to get away with a good natured jab, but I'm going to anyway. I don't know whether or not you follow your Lady Vols excellent basketball team, but our Lady Longhorns came into town and won the other night. They hadn't done that since 1988 or something like that. They were pretty excited. Tennessee has a terrific basketball program. Of course I'm sure I'm not telling you anything that you don't know.

I need exercise help. I dislocated my shoulder in October and now have 2 pins in it. I'm doing physical therapy but don't have near the range of motion that I had before. Does anyone have an upper body workout that I can do that's not going to put too much stress on that area? I've been walking which has really helped the lower body, but I'd like to start doing some work on the upper part as well. Short sleeve weather is coming and those "bye-bye" arms are out of control!

Happy Valentines Day all. Stay away from the goodies (unless of course they're the legal ones).
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Old 02-14-2002, 12:46 PM   #64  
"I'm working on it!"
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Default Rosalie

Marie, I picked up 2 loaves of the Stonemill Bread. The Loblaws at Centerpoint carries it. I got multigrain and walnut. I'm going to have to be careful cause the walnut is really tastey! They were just opening up the boxes the bread was delivered in, so I got really fresh loaves.

Thanks again for letting me know about the bread.
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Old 02-14-2002, 05:45 PM   #65  
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SOL...I'll be can count on if it snows, I won't try to make it down I-4 but if the weather holds, I'll slide right in with Deb!

SUSAN...I'm with you on the BAH HUMBUG for VD...I think it's totally a money sucking day...NOW...SADIE HAWKINS DAY is another thing

TRISH...I'm not a basketball fan, but I do in fact know the LADY VOLS ARE AWSOME!!! I'm a die hard FOOTBALL fan though and you'll see come the fall of the year, it's sure not the falling leaves that I'm watching!

I'm off to fix a little dinner...I'll check in later....

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Old 02-14-2002, 07:52 PM   #66  
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Hi Everyone

I was thinking about valentines day while driving home from work to-day. I remember when my kids were in school I thought it odd that they would be expected to take valentine cards for each other. And people sending cards to moms and dads and friends and aunts and uncles, and everyone else on the planet. Where I come from we only ever sent valentines cards to someone we were romantically involved with (or would have liked to have been). So I was pleasantly surprised when my son came home and presented me with a dozen yellow roses, with a card from my two ds's, dil and grandkids. It was particlarly touching as my dh passed away a year ago to-day.

Trishaloo - Way to go on the pants. Isn't that a good feeling to be able to get into something that you haven't fitted for a while.

Vesnoid - Too bad I couldn't send you some of the cookies, but in spite of what I said yesterday most of them are gone! They actually tasted a little better this evening than they did last night. Although next time I will try them with the sgww pastry flour. I wish I had the same problem with sugar.

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Old 02-14-2002, 09:02 PM   #67  
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Good evening everyone,

Well I didn't make it to the doctor today. I woke up at 3 am with morning sickness and it didn't end until 9am. They are just going to have to wait until the morning sickness ends. That should be sometime in the next week or so. If I had tried to drink that glucose drink I would have throwed it right back up.

Deb I would like a recipe for a whole cake to slice up for the freezer for these sweet cravings. Or a pie recipe would be nice to. I just need something with spice to satisfy these cravings thats legal.

Hope everyone has a great nite!

Started SB July 1, 2001
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Old 02-14-2002, 09:24 PM   #68  
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Hey all,
We just got back from Outback....DH took me there for Valentines Day. We had a little wait but we enjoyed our visiting time.

My weight was the same on Wednesday as last week so I guess that is good ...... at least up any.

We are supposed to have a nice weekend so you all know where to find me.....if you don't ask and I will tell you....LOL.

I must run now. I am helping DD study for spelling test tomorrow. Also DH and I are having desert in a little while ......NO CALORIES INCLUDED!!!!!

I wish I had time to personally respond to all but I will just send out a big HELLO to all.

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Old 02-14-2002, 09:40 PM   #69  
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Good Evening all!
Hope you all had a nice legal Valentines Day. I've been browsing through the recipe boards taking down some recipes to try if I ever get a spare moment! A girl at work is trying the SB way of eating. I am going to try and get her to come with me to Orlando to meet all of you. Am I right to assume from the email that we will be meeting in Casselberry? Would you like me to bring a cheesecake (legal of course)? There is a store in Ormond Beach called Heavenly Cheesecake and they make a no carb cheesecake. Let me know if you want one!

Deb: I received the Agave today - Thank You! Now I just have to figure out how much to use in my coffee. If I use 2 splendas, how much agave would I use? You mentioned bringing us things that we may want - what kinds of things? I haven't been on this long enough to know what kind of things I want. Can you get whole wheat hamburger/hot dog buns?

Vesnoid: Have you tried vitamin B-6 for your bloating and cramping. I'm sure it would be much safer than Diurex. Those over the counter diuretics are dangerous - can cause drop in BP, congestive heart failure, etc. Also, water with lemon is a natural diuretic. Good Luck!

Thought I'd be watching ER tonite, forgot about the Olympics, I guess it will be weeks until we find out if what's his names brain tumor is back

Sol: whereabouts in CAsselberry do you live. Do I get off I-4 at 436? I know where Sam's is and of course Altamonte Mall. Have you ever gone to Kobe Steak House on 436 in Altamonte? YUMMY! but they serve to much rice, pasta, potatoes to be legal!

Well all, have a great Friday, I'm going on a field tomorrow with my sons Kindegarten class to the Zoo.
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Old 02-14-2002, 09:42 PM   #70  
Little Engine That Could
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VESNOID--I used to live in Winter Park. On the street right across from Lakemont Elementary School. I live in Maitland now, right near the Greek Orthodox church that you can see from I-4. I have an all-day meeting on the 9th so will have to miss the lunch get-together. But I may be free that night. What restaurants in WP do you think the group would like? When I eat downtown WP, we usually go to the Café de France, so I don't know what the food is like in all those other restaurants down there. There certainly are a bunch of them.

BOB--Are you only a football fan. UT plays other sports, you know. The mighty Gators are tops in so many sports it is hard to choose which one I like best. The football season is fun because of the tailgating and the hoopla that goes along with it. But BBall is great too. We call it Billyball because the Gators play such up-tempo ball and do very well. We've even gone to tennis matches up there and loved it.

Cat Lover--I'm now officially playing golf--still on a par three course, though. I have a lesson scheduled for this Sat. I've been playing once a week with a freind.

Gotta go study French. Take care, all.
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Old 02-14-2002, 10:18 PM   #71  
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Thanks all for the lunch tips! I went through some old recipes and found one which basically tosses diced avocado, slightly pureed tomatoes, olives, and onions in with sunflower seeds and a dash of pepper. Not too bad, and at least a change in pace from regular salad. It also said to add shredded chicken meat but I didn't have any.

Not to beat a dead horse, but my original message re the canadians said
<Frankly, I believe they deserved the gold - they were perfect. >.

The thought crossed my mind whether it was a deliberate collision. It made me wonder if the judges thought it was a deliberate collision, and judged based on that. History (Harding/Kerrigan) has shown that come competitors want to win above all else.

Now, it looks like the judges were in collusion (not collision ) with each other on rigging the scoring. Such a shame.

BOB, thanks for the sympathy note. I knew I'd be in for it by making that statement. Yes, the canadians should have won the gold - maybe the olympic commitee will make it right for them. They certainly showed grace under fire, and held their outrage in check while the media bombarded them with the fact that they didn't win the gold.

Let's hope the rest of the olympics will be uplifting.
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Old 02-14-2002, 10:24 PM   #72  
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Default Hello

Hi, I know that it had been solong since I have posted, and that I always say that, but work has had me out straight and I have been just trying to get my exercise in each day, and then fall in bed. On Monday, I managed to swin 3/4 and it really felt great. For the past two pay peroids at work I have had over 35 hours of overtime. The checks are great, but I am tired. I took tomorrow off , just for some time for me. time to regroup and get thing back on course, and yes that does mean me. I have been doing get with the exercise but the eating has been not great. I have tried, but when i get tired things have a way for finding my month so much easier.

I am really looking forward to meeting so many of you in a couple of weeks. I got the time off and I will be there. Not sure of my plans, I might bring my 80 yr old Mom with me, as a traveling companion, not sure but might only stay up there on Saturday. Bringing Mom woould only be if noone has a problem with this and I will surely understand this. Just let me know how you all feel about this.

I would really like to stay and chat, but I am so tired and need to sleep, but will check back over the weekend. Have a great Friday. Laurie
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Old 02-14-2002, 10:41 PM   #73  
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Default Hi ya'll, Yes, I'm still alive! LOL

Thought I'd drop in to wish everyone HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY even though it is a little late in the day. Hope everyone had a SUGAR-FREE day. I sure did, probably more so because we busted it at work all day. Benn doing alot of OT at work.

Weight is still playing yo-yo. I was back down to my goal weight this am, at 135. I'm anxious for some warmer days soon so that I can start back walking. Have been trying to get some exercise on the stationary bike, but most days I'm just too worn out after work.

Sorry not to address anyone else tonight, but I just have not been able to read at all this week. Did notice that there are several new names on the Bio page, so Welcome to all the new kids on the board Just a play on words. Glad to see that you'll have joined this great group of ladies. They are great encouragers & motivators.

The other reason for dropping in tonight is that I want to say
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GATORGAL . I know it's not till tomorrow, but have a full day tomorrow, so didn't want to miss wishing you a GREAT DAY!
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Old 02-14-2002, 11:36 PM   #74  
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Red face Thursday Evening

Did anyone see NBC news tonight? Their fleecing of America story was about the Sugar Industry. It seems they have lobbied Congress to support the industry with artificially high proces to keep out cheap foreigh sugar. The upshot is that American consumers spend some 2 billion dollars more a year then they should on sugar (and that's not counting the tax money that is used to subsidize the sugar growers). We have a real simple solution to that--STOP CONSUMING SUGAR!

Having recently read Dufty's Sugar Blues, I view the sugar industry as only a little better than drug pushers. Dufty makes the point that in every civilization where sugar is introduced into the diet, new diseases are soon follow--diseases that occur because people are consuming empty calories instead of nutritional foods. Then because we are not getting nutrition from food, we have to spend lots of money on vitamins. There are points in Dufty's book where I think he is a little hysterical, but the overall point seems sound. Sugar is as much a drug as cocaine or herion. How many of us have been through the cravings and the withdrawal? How many of us have just needed one more fix before we give it up forever?

I went through the grovery store tonight with a chip on my shoulder. Why does sugar have to be added to kidney beans? vegetables? tomatoes? peanut butter? If they are hidden in our foods we don't even know that we are becomming addicted?

I spent most of today with a bad headache. It's the same one I get everytime I let sugar back into my diet. it takes a few days for it to work out and I go trhough a physical withdrawal. You'd think I'd learn. I'm declaring war on the sugar industry! I don't want your poision anymore!


see, I told you I was snarly today!
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Old 02-15-2002, 08:14 AM   #75  
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Got this in my email this morning and wanted to share this little


A factory chicken is not allowed any exercise.

It is kept inside a cramped cage, 24 hours a day, and fed so much that
it gains over 43 times it's initial weight within 8 weeks. (Gulp)

Humans (that's you and me and anyone else with a valid credit card) are
not factory animals. We're free range!

We have the freedom to move around whenever we want.

Do we make the most of this freedom?
I'm afraid not.

So just like a factory chicken, we're getting plumper, fattier, and less
healthy. (Squawk!)

In other words, we've become factory chickens with credit cards.

Everyone have a good day....

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