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BOB--Yep, itís the same Whole Foods that we were in before when you were here and we had dinner at my place. The Outback is in the same shopping center, and is to the right of WF as you walk out the front door of WF.

Debbie--as you can see, Outback is VERY close to Whole Foods, and is in Winter Park. It is about 8 minutes drive from the downtown quaint brick street, central park, shoppes and lakes part of Winter Park. There is a Jacobsenís in downtown Winter Park, along with a Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and lots of other semi-exclusive shoppes. There are, of course, one owner stores that are very arty, including some home interior shoppes and art/jewelery stores. And, natch, lots of cute bistros and places to get something to eat. I think many of them have menus posted so you can see what there is to eat before you go in. And--there is a Starbucks!!
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Thumbs down Saturday night

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

I just fixed some BBQ chicken for dinner, green beans and sweet potato fries (baked, of course). It ws yummy and a had a couple of cheese cake cups for dessert.

For those of you who might not use SF jello--the original recipe was for chocolate-mocha cheese cake. You replace the SF jello with one cup of boiling hot coffee and one packet of knox gelatin. Add one oz of unsweetened bakers chocolate to the coffee creme cheese mixture and viola! The amounts for agava (or spenda) and creme cheese remain the same. I'm going to try that sometime and I'll let you know. I suppose you could use any flavor extract you'd like with the water and gelatin.

I went to a Vacation Bible School preview this morning--I can't believe it is time to start planning for that. It is making me long for summer and warm weather. I was in Dillards this afternoon just staring longingly at the shorts... sigh.

BOB--I can't sit still for the Olympics. After I watched the igure skating Monday night, I just haven't been able to watch. I usually love the winter olympics (better than the summer games). I did the avacado and egg salad for lunch today--major yum!

Deb--hang in there. See what your body does without the agave for a little while. I've cut way back on my sweetners. I've learned to drink my coffee black and so the only sweetner I'm using is what I bake with--and I don't bake very often. BTW--the muffins were quite good! I quadrupled the recipe and made 12 muffins. 3= one serving (one slice of bread, one egg, 1/3 cup milk, etc). I keep them in baggies and they are very handy to grap and take with me if I have to leave the house early. I'm taking a group of girls to Birmingham on Monday and will take some muffins--stop and get a cup of coffee and I'll be set!

SEF--my HFS has agave for 2.99 a bottle. They order small quantities--I should see if they can get me a case. I bought three bottles a few weeks ago and have 2 1/2 left, so I'm not worried. They told me they'd have more this week, so I'll rpoably go get a couple more bottles.

Rosalie--let us know when you put that cookie recipe on the board. Like I said, I don't bake often, but I like to have a stock of recipes so that when I go to getherings where there will be lots of evil food, I can take something that is OP.

OK got to go--it's sat night and I actually have some work I have to do. ick.

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BOB - I plan on going out tomorrow to look for the 80% chocolate. If I find it I will definitely pick some up for you.

Fillise - I have posted the recipe for the oatmeal cookies.

I'm going to go pour myself a glass of red wine and go to bed with my book. Hope I can stay awake long enough to read a couple of chapters.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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Good Evening (or should I say good morning) everyone!
Had a busy day today. Some friends from New Jersey are in Orlando seeing Disney for the week. We went down there to meet them for dinner. Went to a restaurant in the Wilderness Lodge at Disney. They served this pan of bar b que stuff (huge turkey leg, beef brisket, sausage, chicken, ribs, corn etc) It was gross - cold and greasy and $22.00 per person. So needless to say I didn't eat much - they took it off our bill though, so that was good. The bill was $14.00 for 2 drinks (soda and ice tea) and a kids meal. Rosalie - take lost of $$ if you plan on eating in Disney!
Anyway- just remembered I have a hair appointment on 3/9 at 11:00. I will try and call and change it to earlier if you think we are meeting early in the day - since I have to be back by 4pm. I am only about 45 minutes from Winter Park. What time does Outback open?

Ok, to all you experienced SB's. Please bring me anything legal (I will pay you) you think I would like because I am a big cheater and need legal things to keep me on track. I have no will power!! I do good for a day and then bad for a day. Also, what is Whole Foods, I think I've asked before but don't think I got an answer. Is it a health food store?
BOB- are you bringing Agave?

Well its late, so I will go for now. Check with you all tomorrow. My dh will have the race on all day so I'll have to entertain my son.
Nitey Nite
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Default Happy Sunday Morning

Hello Everyone! Can't believe it's already Sunday. Time is flying by so quickly. The Orlando get-together will be here before you all know it.

I've had a busy weekend. Yesterday met my cousin at a mall for lunch and a movie. We saw Gosford Park. It was fabulous!!! For all the Brit lovers out there, you must see it. There was a familiar face whereever you looked. Maggie Smith is so good in it. And Stephen Fry was hilarious. I would like to go again, because I know I missed stuff at the beginning as I tried to figure out who went with who. Also, loved Helen Mirren's performance in it. She's so great.

After that went over to MIL's house. DH had gone there in early afternoon (and taken Maddie with him) to install Mommy's brand new iMac computer. Whew it's a beauty!!! We met her on Friday night at the computer store so that she could be advised as to what to purchase. While there I got a GREAT deal on a case to carry my laptop. I had been looking for a padded sleeve type thingy to put my laptop in and then carry it inside my briefcase. Well, I found this wonderful bag that kind of looks like a humongous purse and it has a sleeve in it. There are all sorts of compartments and I think I can get rid of my purse and just use this bag. It's so nice and get this . . . it was on sale for $14.13. I about fell over when I saw the price. There's at least $14 worth of zippers in it!!!! So I was thrilled. Now I have to change everything over from briefcase to new bag.

MIL took us out to a chinese buffet place on Friday night. I wasn't too thrilled about that because 1. it didn't look very clean and 2. I usually eat the wrong things when I go for the chinese. She told us yesterday that Paul's uncle who was also along that evening was throwing up yesterday. Yuck! I sure do hope that wasn't something from that restaurant that will hit the rest of us. So far, I don't feel any grumblings down there.

Today we are going into my office. DH is putting in a wireless network in there for us and we want to get started today while nobody is there. Then tomorrow he is off from his job and will go in with me and we'll work more on it. Busy, busy, busy. The girls in my office love DH and call him their boyfriend. He thinks we are all nuts!

I'll respond to everyone after I finish reading. Better go and try to rouse that big slug in the bed. He's still sawing logs in there.

Take care.
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Wink Look what the cat dragged in!

I'm still alive and slightly less busy this morning. This weekend has been packed! FIL is here visitng. He and DH wen grouse hunting in the NC mountains yesterday which meant spending Fri night up there. Soooo I spent all day Fri doing the cleaning that really needed to be done, Fri night went to the gym, dinner with a friend, then we rented Legally Blonde. Sat I got up early and went to Wal Mart before the crowd, boxed up my Mom's presents, stood in the 30 min. line at the post office, went to Target and Fresh Market in the next town, came back and went to the gym. About the time I got out of the shower DH and FIL were coming in the door tired and hungry. Just out of breath! WHEW!

Have to tell you about my PEANUT DEBACLE as I have come to call it. I've been drinking some protein shakes that have corn syrup in them and I think they may have boosted my sugar cravings a bit. Anyway, Thursday, after constantly seeing chocolate everywhere, I gave in and purchased some chocolate covered peanuts and almonds. Friday morning I couldn't stay out of them! AWFUL! Needless to say I felt like CRAP on Fri night. Bought some legal chocolate yesterday!

Have manged to stay on track with workouts for BFL and may add one today to see if I can undo some of the damage from the peanut nightmare! Just need to see how day unfolds with FIL here.

GOOD NEWS for DH!!! I am happy to report that DH was the lucky recipient of a nice bonus based on his performance and what is left after Uncle Sam gets his portion will be put to good use. I am so proud of him I could "bust!"

MEL - Sounds like we've all had food probs lately huh? No weighing? WOW! Saw your success post on BFL! Terrific!!! At the end of week 2 I am seeing results but want them faster!!! I want the fat at my mid section to magically melt away following each workout!

RED1 - Welcome and hope you're recovering from the wedding!

SOL - Glad Vince is feeling better, hate that you aren't! Are you sick too? The countdown continues and registration will be here before we know it!

BOB - Love the "wave" icon!

THUNDER - Hope morning sickness is better soon!

BUSDEB - Love Outback! YUM! What was that part about the caloried free dessert? Hmmmmm?

QUILTER - Meant to tell you this Fri, there is a Trading Spaces marathon this weekend on TLC.

DEB - Congrats on getting faster with your walk! Regarding your post about being a "role model." Girlllll, you are even more of a role model in that you also make mistakes and bounce back from them. And that you share them with us and tell us about how you're able to get through the road blocks. If you were always perfect in your approach to this WOE I would probably look to someone else to be an example, because I know I can't be perfect! So thank you for continuing to show your human side and setting an example for me to follow when I goof up, and for reminding me that we still need to have some portion control with the legal stuff!

SEF - You've been busy!! Sounds like you're having fun though!

Well, need to go see about some breakfast! Have a great day! Will check in later!

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Hey all,
Hope everyone is fine....I will try to post more this afternoon just wanted to respond to two folks.

Solshine......I hope to meet you and any others in April....we can work out the details later.

Frog.......somehow I knew you would be the one to catch the calorie free dessert one else seemed to notice or else choose to ignore it. LOL .....Have a great day!!

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B..E...A..U..T..I..F..U..L day over here on the WEST COAST OF FLA!!! Temp is in the low 60' the windows open with a good breeze blowing in from the GULF...
Bought myself one of those new CLORAX cleaning machines and am getting ready to do the bathroom and the kitchen. I HATE CLEANING...BUT SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT!!!
I've got a pot of HOMEMADE VEGGIE BEEF SOUP on the stove as we speak and it smells GREAT!!!
Still have some laundry for next week to do, but that won't be anything and can do that while I'm in the other rooms doing my cleaning.
My grill has gone kapooey and have to make a trip out to the HOME DEPOT to pick up another one..I like the ELECTRIC CHARBROIL PATIO CADDIE ...don't have to wait for the fire to get hot...just plug it in and get to grillin!

SUSAN...I'm going to try your recipe, but I'm going to use ORANGE JELLO ...I bet that will taste just like a CREAMCYCLE Y U M - M E!
I knew you would like the AVACADO
and EGG SALAD idea...

SLAP...I'll call around to the three stores and see if they have any AGAVE did you want me to bring you some? I would say that WHOLE FOODS has it there...WHOLE FOODS is a WONDERFUL HEALTH FOOD GROCERY STORE and they have EVERYTHING..Don't worry, Debbie can show you just what to buy..I did some shopping there the day we were in ORLANDO last year, and then when I went down to Miami to visit with her and ELI, we were out and about doing our STOCKING UP

GATOR...I believe that someone mentioned your birthday in the past tense the other day and that's where I got the idea that I had missed it...
Are you going to be able to join us on our little jaunt ??

This T.V. will not give me a ROOTS is on...

FROGGIE Did DIXIE go with the guys on their hunting trip? How's she feeling?

QUILTER...Please make that your last trip to a buffet...You must have missed my post on the findings of 48hrs when they had the food tested from several differents places in NYC....UGH!!
Tell "them" women to keep their paws off of PAUL....he belongs to the SB BOARD WOMEN!!!

Better get off here and get to my won't get done by itself!

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Default Sunday already????

My neck/sholder/arm are still really giving me problems, but today seems a little better. I hope I'm turning the corner after two doctor visits and 3 different prescriptions! Typing at the computer has been really uncomfortable, so I waited until today to catch up on all the posts.

GATOR - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Hope it was a wonderful day with many, many more!

DEB - your willingness to tell the board what you struggle with, even after reaching goal, is great. If only the losing the weight was the hard part and that once it was gone it is gone for good I'm sure everyone on the board has "been there, done that!" As I was trying to get through some magazines that have been sitting around, I found this article in Prevention. I know you get this magazine, but when I read this, it really reminded me about your past comments about how unhappy you are about your legs and arms:

What about Aerobics?

Although aerobic exercise is essential for strengthening your heart and lungs, alone it is not the most effective way to get lean. And aerobic exercise may be uncomforatable if you are very overweight. Even walking can be difficult, because your joints may start to ache and you can become winded quickly.

If you focus only on aerobics, your overall body shape will stay the same, even if you burn fat. For example, if you are pear shaped, you will just look like a smaller pear if you do only aerobic exercise. And your body will still be flabby.

But the exercises in the "8 Minutes in the Morning" Workout will help you burn fat and improve your body shape. You will tone your shoulders so that your waist looks narrower. Your arms will be smaller as well as firmer. Your abdominal muscles will not only be leaner but also stronger, and as a result, they'll provide better support for your torso.

That's not to say you shouldn't do any aerobics. Prevention recommends that you do about 30 minutes of aerobics every day to keep your heart and lungs strong. Plus it helps to reduce your stress level.

The above is from the November, 2001, issue from an article entitled Fat to Firm in 8 Minutes in the Morning.

I'm not preaching at all because right now I'm neither OP or exercising (but that is changing tomorrow!). Just some food for thought if you haven't tried another type of exercise program besides walking/jogging. I thought the most interesting point from that section was with aerobic exercise you keep your same shape, but it can get smaller, whereas with an exercise program you can actually change your shape. I'm really an apple shape, so when I do lose weight it can be pretty noticeable 'cause it comes from a more specific area, and I know that my arms will be flabby even if I lose a lot. If I want my arms to look good, I will have to do some type of strengthening/toning exercises.

Hope it's a good weekend for everyone! Sorry I'm not responding much to anyone these days. I try to keep up on the reading, but I'm feeling really guilty that I'm so off program and have been unable to pull myself back up. Tomorrow is another day so, along with all of you, I'll be trying my best!

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Default Just a quickie


I have been cooking and baking for the past 2-3 days. Busy, busy.
Is granulated brown sugar legal? My best friend made chocolade cake, which is basically 70% cocoa, (and she is a health freak, so I am pretty sure I am safe), but she used brown sugar. If it is not o.k., we can try to bake it with AGAVE, and if it works, I will post the recipe.
LADIES - out of this world yummines!!!!

Deb - I tried your cheescake recipe and... oh boy. I so totally understand now what you mean about not being able to stop. I used to think I had a pretty good self-cotrol, but...! I actually called my friend today and promised the last two pieces to her, just so I wouldn't eat them. I spent the last two days cooking and baking - I made 3 or 4 batches of cookies and now have a great oatmeal cookie recipe - no fat!

Sol - I went to Cady Way with Ricky today, and couldn't really walk with all the distractions. Also, my stupid little radio refused to transmit FM, so I was trapped between Spain and Disney radio. There's just so much Britney an adult should be required to take. Did you make it to Whole Foods? I baked so much, I ran out of AGAVE again. I am actually getting ready to send some cookies to my mom! They are just so nutritious and good for you, how can I not do it.

Gotta run. Will write more on Monday morning.
BTW - I am still looking for a good PROTEIN BAR RECIPE. The store bought are just so expensive!!!

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BOB - Dixie did not go hunting with the guys. Grouse hunting is extremely tough due to the hilly, thick-brush terrain. That type of hunting is also more suited to a pointer rather than a retreiver, so she stayed here and protected her mommy. DH and FIL had a guide with a pointer that was a hunting machine! Dixie is not in shape anymore for the terrain . My FIL reported that they will be getting another Lab in a few weeks when they get back from vacation. I'm glad for them, the sadness and guilt have been too much for all to take.

Off to make some dinner and watch the Canadian's get the medal they so deserved! Hope all have had a great weekend and have a nice week ahead.

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I've loaded up the wagons and I'm pickings everyone up...Listen for all the noise...You'll hear us coming before we round the corner!

FROG...I'm with you on the MEDAL CEREMONY I think it's on at 10:45 p.m. Bob Costas was talking about it this morning..I'll be tuned in..

I'm off to eat my dinner....

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Default Checkin' In

Hi All!

Had a couple of minutes and thought I'd come here.

I've been staying pretty well OP. Went to a friends' place last night and brought hummus and triscuits. I did have 3 little potato chips, but that was it! I've been trying to write down what I'm eating and it helps me a lot. I do have to try to NOT eat so much fatty stuff (nuts, cheese, cream) but I'm eating more OP so I'll just have to work on fine tuning it.

I had a chocolate craving the other night and stayed OP by brewing up some coffee with some cocoa and a bit of cinnamon in with the grounds. added agave to sweeten and some cream and I thoroughly enjoyed it and had no more craving.

I've been doing the BFL exercise plan for 3 whole weeks now! I really like it. I'm enjoying the weights a lot more than I thought! I've noticed my biceps are bigger and when I was shaving my legs I noticed my calves are getting harder! So something is working. I'd love to have the fat melt off my middle magically, but I'll just have to keep working at it.

We're still trying to make plans on our reno. We're going to be nearly doubling the space we have now! So much of the behind the wall stuff to figure out, but I think we're getting there.

DEBELLI Thanks for answering the mandelbrot question. I also wanted to say THANKS for sharing with us your trials and tribulations. As someone else said (sorry! I can't remember who to credit) this makes you a wonderful role model. We can all see that you're human and stumble and create some "learning experiences" like the rest of us. But as you posted from Ralph Marsten you "Get Back Up". I sometimes think that my typed words don't come out in the way that I feel or I can't quite put into words what exactly what I want to say. So I'll just give you ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) and say thanks so much in sharing such personal stuff and support to help the rest of us to learn how to change our WOE to a healthier one. You are truly an

TO EVERYONE ELSE I need to give you all ((((((((HUGS))))))))) to. We all learn from each other and the support on this board is the best! Like I said to Deb, I can't always find the right words to write, but you all are important to me. Thank you s

I have a quick question to anyone doing BFL or other weights: I've noticed a lot of veins around my bicep. I don't remember seeing so many under the skin before doing the weights. Anyone else experience this???

I have to go now! have a great evening!
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I just heard from Missy and wanted to share with you what she said. I'm sure that she won't mind if I just copy her email to the board.

"Hey girls!

Just wanted to let you all know that my surgery went well. They didn't
have to make the big incision - was able to get everything out with just
the laporoscopy. The reason I was having so much back pain is because
the endometriosis was embedded in my ligaments in my back - so that
explains the pain! Well, all is well and I'll be heading back to work
on Tuesday if I'm feeling up to it! Thanks for all the prayers!


Hope everyone is enjoying this GEORGOUS's abou to come to an end and it's back to the SALT MINES tomorrow...

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Evening All

(The following was started Sat. night)

I am POOPED! Pooped and pissed out-literally. I must of hit every URINATION STATION between here and Broward! On the way to take Lauren I had to run into McDonalds, had to make another pitstop at Michael's Craft Store and Publix-hit Carbolite, went there-I was non-stop today!!!!!!!! Don't know what got into me today, but I sure know what went out! LOL!!!

The day went by fast, thankfully. I ran around to all the stores I haven't been to for a while, including the Indoor Flea Market where I got fruits and veggies.

I even bought a pair of pants today-They had a size 2 and a size 6, no size 4-but they looked like they ran big, so I took them both in-I just about died when the 2's not only fit, but were a bit loose. Now don't you all get excited, I am NOT a 2. These are Calvin Klein pants and I am a size 6 in jeans (at least the last time I tried them on). I do believe they were either a) mis-sized or b)run very big-cause I'm no more a size 2 than the Queen Mum! You'd think one would be happy to see herself get into that size 2, and it's nice to see, but then again, when you are trying to find something that fits, it makes it all that much harder! You don't know what to bring into a fitting room anymore! In some things no even an 8 will fit me! Go figure. I still think the fashion industry needs to make womens clothes sizing as they do for me-they have it sooo much easier!!!!!!!!! NOW, the big thing is trying to find a top that will match the pants-otherwise, these babies go back!!! I don't care how good of a deal they were!


Hey All!!

Don't remember what happened that I wasn't able to get my post done last night but I'm ready to get this on here now!

The day started our WONDERFULLY! I got in my walk in this morning and BEST NEW JOG/WALK TIME EVER!!!!YES! I BEAT MY BEST TIME OF JUST THE OTHER DAY!!! I did it in 43:28!!! At first I thought I'd just beat it by 4 seconds and then realized it was by 10 seconds! I was thinking, most people wouldn't think even 4 seconds was such a big deal but then I thought, hey, if this were the Olympics, 4 seconds would be a big deal and here I was with 10 seconds less-what a surpise that was!!! What a natural high I got!!!

Today I went to the COCONUT GROVE ART FESTIVAL, it's one of the largest in the US. Eli wanted to go to church, so he dropped me, the kids and my Mom and her friend off and we all went our seperate ways and looked around-it was one of the best shows yet-lots of new and exciting artists-it was a wonderful show!

Afterwards it was off to Ole Ole (of course) and then Carbolite -which I had yesterday and today We stopped at Penneys where my Mom's friend bought 2 pairs of Clarks shoes for $11.99 after my discount and sale price-she was thrilled-the savings on the receipt was $125.92 (from reg. price).

I have to tell you, I stepped on the scale today. After pissing like a race horse yesterday I just HAD to step on the scale-and boy, was I happy to see 122!!! The last 3 days I've been totally OP and haven't had an SB LEGAL GOODIE other than the Carbolite. What a difference I feel when I'm totally OP and not over-indulging on SB LEGAL GOODIES!!!!

I wanted to mention an article for those of you who have PCOS that's in the newest issue of WOMEN'S DAY What I found interesting from my perspective was the main symptoms of PCOS are things I experienced before PCOS was even a word I'd ever heard of about 20 years ago. The article says:


Some women have only one or two symptoms, while others have an array. This is what to look for:

Irregular or absent periods (I had both)
Trouble getting pregnant (went to a fertility Dr.)
Miscarraiges (I had a few)
Overweight or obese, or difficulty losing extra weight (all 3 for me)
Excessive amounts of facial hair, or thinning hair on head (I had a beard and had to have electrolysis!)
Acne (I had zits)
Diabetes (thank gawd this is one I didn't have-except gestastional when I was pregnant)
High blood pressure, cholesterol or triglycerides (who knew, was too embarrased to go to the Dr.)
Dark skin patches around your inned thighs, armpits or neck (thighs)

So I think waaay back then I had PCOS-don't know for sure, but looking at all my symptons I think a self-diagnosis seems safe to say. Just thinking how weight loss has changed so much of these things, and I no longer have them! Anyhow, the real reason I mentioned the article was that I thought those of you who suffer from PCOS may be interested in getting a copy and reading the article

Okay, time to respond to you all....

SOL, are you feeling better? Hope so!!! Hey, when you get a chance do you think maybe you can get some copies of menus for the places in the area you mentioned so when we are at your house we can look them over and see if there's something we can all agree on beforehand??? ALSO, if they could accomodate our group.

LAMAP, LOL! How did you even figure I'd be the kind of person to save chocolate bar wrappers? I DO! I have them and will be more than happy to bring them so you can take a gander. I haven't a clue what you have in your area-don't worry about bringing anything in particular. I'm sure whatever you decide to prepare will be just fine. Again, you have not idea how happy I am that you are coming to O-town-you'll be kicking yourself for missing the ones in the past when you get to meet everyone!! Hope you had a great swim!!!

ROSALIE, can't wait to see the OATMEAL COOKIE RECIPE-though I promise I won't be making it any time soon! You know that story!

BOB, yep, as GATOR said, it's the same store we stopped in and you and ELI had a good time with the olives! The one near me has even more of a variety now. Wish you'd of been down with me yesterday too-could of gotten into some major trouble!!!

SEF, once again, reading your busy schedule has me tired!!! Hey, my Mom keeps telling me about these MUFFELTOS-what the heck are they exactly??? Are you going to order a case of agave-still a decent price-SRP is $2.99 a bottle. Shouldn't be any tax, it's a food item-then again, maybe your state taxes on food??

BOB, funny you posted that recipe, last night I made YOGURT AND CUCUMBER for Eli and it's basically that recipe without the oil, pepper & vinegar! He loves it!!! Thanks for posting that site-will check it out later!! Please let me know how you like that new clorox cleaner-have thought about getting it but haven't. I even have a $5 rebate for it! Thanks for the update with FRUIT-tell her my thoughts are with her. Glad you two are keeping in touch!!

GATOR, sounds like a nice area to be-asked SOL to check out the menus if she gets a chance-would make it easier. Thanks for the Starbucks heads up-I'm sure we'll be stopping at one at some point throughout the day!!

FILLISE, I have so many sweet potatoes that I bought with intentions of making sweet potato fries, but haven't-wish you were here to make them for me!!! I think I could make that recipe you mentioned with my own gelatin and with lemon juice? I would definitely get some agave by the case if you can!!!

HAPPY, I KNOW you are going to change that appt-you're giving them 3 weeks notice, they shouldn't have a problem with changing it for you-no excuses-you HAVE to be there!! We'll do the brunch at SOL, but I think we'll be going out to dinner after you've left. I think we are going to met at SOLS house around 10:30am, so keep this time in mind. Yes, WHOLE FOODS is a HFS and we would like to make a trip there on Saturday at some point. If you like WW pita, I can bring you some of that. FEARN CAKE MIXES, carob and/or spice flavors. What do you like-I have a ton of things you could use but not sure what you like!

QUILTER, I heard GOSFORD PARK was good, so was glad you suggested it. I think someone else, possibly ROSALIE mentioned it as well. Guess I'll have to put it on my must-see list. I heard that this new movie IRIS is suppose to be good too, but it's only playing in 1 theater in all of Miami at this time. Good price on that bag Miss Bargain Finder! Hope you didn't get sick from that Chinese place-nasty!!!

FROG, okay, what the heck is a GROUSE???? You have me stumped! We must of been thinking alike again-I went to the [color=greenFRESH MARKET[/color] yesterday as well. Got some of their Sourdough Pretzels. Okay, what the heck were you thinking of when you bought those choc. covered peanuts? Just like, what was I thinking of when I made that carob cake the other day!!! Tell BP congrats on the bonus!! Thanks for making me feel better with such kind words-believe me, I share EVERYTHING with you all-no holes barred!! Oh, I'm definitely human-that's for sure!!

KAREN, I hope things get better with you-pain sucks! Thanks for posting those past PREVENTION articles. I love that magazine and read it from cover-to-cover but always tend to forget what I've read. I know I have to change my routine or add to it to change some of my body shape-just have to find something I know I will do.

VES, nope any sugar, brown, green, blue-it's all not legal-sorry. You sure have been a busy beaver-I hope you have better self control than I do. Glad you liked the cheesecake recipe!!!

ZANNE, glad to see you are journaling again and it's helping-me too! Thanks for the {{{HUGS}}} and the nice words-you guys are the greatest!!

Well, tomorrow is a new week and a new board. Please remember it's MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY tomorrow so if you have any good words of wisdom, quotes or stories you'd like to share, please, try to post them tomorrow.

Have a wonderful evening!

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