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Barb, you might want to either switch to flex for the week you will be camping, or if you will still be eating core, save your WPA for your beers. Light beer is usually only 2 points per beer so 17 light beers would be 34 points. And if you get in some activity points, you could also use those as well.

Paula, the Go for the Grains casserole sounds awesome! I will have to try it soon!
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Tracie-Being a GRIT (girl raised in the south), I've always had the impression that you guys had cooler summers. Shows how much I know. BTW, I admire you for having raised those boys without their dad. I know how hard it is for me, and my DH is with me. You're super!

Barb-Flex may be easier when camping especially when you don't have control over all of the food prep. Just make sure you take your books with you, and also try to come up with some low point snacks to take as well.

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Sloan, I did see your recipe. The reason I didn't respond to it is that I honestly can't remember what my cobbler looked like. I guess I'm having a senior moment or something.

Vickie, your dinner sounds good.

Tracie,it's breezy here now,too. We may even get some rain tonight or tomorrow. We desperately need it.

Paula, I still haven't hopped in on any of the challenges. I'm game for whatever everyone decides and I'll try to get with it.

Rhonda, that's so sad about your friend's wife's passing. I'm glad you postponed your Niagra trip. You'll enjoy it much better when you're not overwhelmed with too many things going on.

Barb, I'm hoping everyone's planning, spunk, and dedication rubs off on me, too. I haven't been op much in a long time. Just a spurt here and there.
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Hi everyone, Tracie I had to laugh, 17 beers at 34 points....I thought no way could I drink that much but you know what we will be there for 3 nights and I could easily have 12 beers for that time. I know that sounds like a lot but really that is 4 beers a day spread out throughout, so really it could happen..What a lush I sound like... But honestly I really am not a BIG drinker but away you tend to do more.

My ds just fell off a pogo stick. He was not wearing a helmet and has the biggest goose egg on his forehead. I called in and I need to watch him today. I had him show his friends the goose egg so they know they need to wear a helmet. He is very lucky so far.

I weighed myself today and i am up?????? I had pasta yesterday, I bet it was the cabs.. Yes I fell off the wagon but fell off earlier this last week. Today I am going to record my food and stay away from carbs. I could still do core i just have not decided yet.. I hate, hate , hate counting points.

My DH and I went walking this morning. We have been doing that a lot lately, nice to chat and catch up. I need to start lifting weights again just can not bring myself to do it.

Need to go I am so hungry and need to decide what to eat. We are making homemade spaghetti sauce.(my DH is a true Italian,) and it is smelling great.. Need to eat. Chat later with you all.
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