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Takin back the old me!
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Hello My name is Felicia.

I just joined LAWL yesterday and I am looking forward to getting all this weight off once and for all. I am 28 years old, married and we have an 8 year old son. I gained most of my weight from pregnancy but after having him and dealing with the day to day life I guess you can say that food has just become a good friend.

My highest weight ever was 267 lbs and in May of 2005 I decited to make some changes. I started dieting but not exercising and I lost 45 pounds. I am no longer as motivated as I was and I just can't seem to get with it. So I decited to get some help because I am so tired of starting programs and not finishing them or not getting the results I should.

I think LAWL is the lifestyle change for me and I am sure I will kick butt. I look forward to getting to know all of you.
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Hi all! Guess I ought to introduce myself. I'm Sally, 37, former teacher and now stay-at-home mom in Tennessee to a 13-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son with Asperger's (a form of autism). Once upon a time, I was a skinny mini who could eat whatever and never gain weight. Boy, are those days over! When I got married I weighed 110 lbs. I'm 5' 2" and have a small build. After two big babies (8 1/2 lbs and 9 lbs), I went up to a size 12 (from a size 7-9), but when my son was about a year old suddenly my weight started to balloon. At my heaviest, two years ago, I was 186. That was while I was caring for my father when he was dying from lung cancer. I am a stress eater. I began watching carbs and lost down to 176, but have been stuck there since. I've lost 5 lbs in my first week and a half with LAWL and I am thrilled!

I appreciate all the support and advice y'all have given me so far. This board is definitely a blessing!
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Hi Sally and welcome! Congrats on your quick loss thus far. I love TN! We were in Pigeon Forge 2 years ago on a cabin getaway. The mountains and trails in TN are so beautiful.
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Hi all! My name is Nancy. I just found you today and love what I see. I started LAWL 2 weeks ago and so far have lost 5 lbs. I have played with losing weight for years and decided it was time to get serious. A friend of mine (male) did LAWL and saw great success. He has been at goal weight for over a year. Anyway, I am in sales and sit way too much! Eat out way too much and just cannot seem to stay motivated. Can't wait to talk to all of you....this seems just what I have been looking for!

More info: Married 9 years to Craig--met in the Air Force and have known him for 17 years. Have 1 son who is 15 (great kid!) Other than my weight, I am a happy person--would like to be a thinner, happier person!
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Hello everyone!

My name is Kristina and I am 20 years old. I just started LAWL almost 3 weeks ago and I have lost almost 13 pounds so far. (I am sure most of which was water weight.) I really do like the program so far... I would like to get down to 165, I have about 40 pounds left. I thought this forum would be a great motivator- everyone seems so nice, encouraging and full of information. Hope to get to know all of you soon!
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lucky. come over to the monthly thread and join us there and meet the rest of the chicks
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Default Hello Everyone!!!!!


I have been reading and posting on LAWL Friends and Losers for about a month and then took the time to look around and found this. Let me introduce myself. My name is Nikki, I live in Idaho. I have been married for 8 1/2 yrs and I have 2 kids. My daughter is 9 and my son is 1 1/2. I work part-time (30 hrs wk) and go to school part-time. My husband owns his own business. We are pretty busy people

I started LAWL a little over 4 weeks ago and so far have lost 11 lbs. In high school I had gotten down to a size 7 and was happy with that. I got preg with my daughter and gained about 50lbs but lost that fairly fast since I was so young. When I got married we ate out a lot and i finally ended up at a size 20. YIKES!!!!!! After a few years struggling with an unstable marriage and a stressful job, my husband and I split up for about a yr. Durning that time I dropped about 40lbs. We got back together and I got preg with my son and still maintained the weight pretty well. Then I stopped watching what I was eating and have gained some of the weight back. I finally decided that I wanted to be lighter and needed some help to do this-- so here I am. I really do like this forum, I think that I get more support here than at the ctr- even though I have had good luck there. Everyone has good ideas and is soooo supportive.
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Hi! My name is Melanie, I am 24 (25 in December). I have been married since the middle of May and I am a sales/use tax accountant in East Tennessee.

I joined LAWL on 10/18 and have lost just over 16 lbs as of 11/11. I knew I needed to lose weight but the final straw was when I couldn't fit into a formal dress I bought last year and hadn't had the chance to wear. I finally had the chance and it was too tight, very upsetting.

My husband is very supportive but has a hard time eating what I'm eating, I'm trying to get him there so it isn't quite as difficult on me.

I am on the red plan with the lites, I got the 10 week bulk and don't know whether I'm going to keep them after that is up. I know they help w/ my sweet cravings but I just get so tired of the few flavors that I like.

Good luck to everyone and I'm glad I found this site!

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Default Hi from Fabulous Las Vegas!!

I just have to start by saying that since joining LAWL a week ago I found this website and have been inspired by everyone here. You ladies are truly amazing. A little about me, just turned 24 last friday and am originally from NJ. I have been living in Las Vegas for 6 years. I will finish my MPA this summer and am currently working as the Director of Development for the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. My mom did LAWL a few years back and absolutly loved it, so for my birthdya this year I decided to make a change. I look forward to many interesting conversations and a great support squad!!
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I just finished my MPA in August of '04, went back to school to get my MSW though so I still have another year until I am done with that. Great job though, I really couldn't finad anything i liked, that's why I went back to school.

Join us on the monthly thread
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Hello everyone. I just registered today after "stumbling" upon this site looking for library recipes. I have to say, I am really impressed by how motivating everyone is! I'm please to join this great group. Anyway, I joined LAWL for the 2nd time in August. So far so good--I've lost 25 pounds and ten pounds away from my initial goal. But honestly I think I may make my goal a little lower b/c I could still stand to lose a few pounds. Anyway. I'm currently in library school in the DC area. I love LAWL and look forward to being a part of this group. I love the recipes by the way. Tried to make the pumpkin pie tonight. :-)
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Hi Library Girl,
Welcome to the forum. Come on over to the Losers and Friends thread and meet everybody!! Katie
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My name is Dana. I am 25 years old and a two time cancer survivor. I had Ewing sarcoma (bone cancer in 1996) and was diagnised with Leukemia (A.L.L philidelphia chromosomal positive) last december. I was attending teacher's college at the time of diagnosis. I underwent a Stem Cell transplant, my brother was a perfect match which is VERY VERY rare...He is my hero! So where I am at right now, I am about 10 pounds over my Ideal, i gain a good 20 during treatment, so I am trying to lose the last 10! I love this site and I come here at least once aday everyone is sooo awsome here!
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Talking Hello!

My name is Amber. I have been on LAWL for about 8 weeks. I have lost almost 10 lbs. but I am in desperate need if this support group I just happened upon! I have 3 kids and I am a SAHM. I am very, very busy.
I just read Dana's thread and I am so happy she is doing good! My baby had to have a Bone Marrow Transplant in Jan. of 2003 with her brother as a perfect match too! It is a miracle! She had a bone disorder called Osteopetrosis. She was in the hospital for 6 months w/ lots of complications. She was 4 months at the time and I didn't get to nurse her much and I was sooooo stressed out I gained about 20 lbs. on top of my baby weight! Now she is blind and I am still stressed out! I am here almost 3 years later trying my last resort to get it off. I love LAWL if I stick to it! I am hoping that this group will help me. I have already read some threads, and I feel a lot more motivated!
My life is so busy, I tend to throw things to the back burner when I am overwhelmed! I spent too much money to fail at this! I am so glad you are all here as inspiration to me! Amber
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Hello, everyone! This seems like such a wonderful group! May I join you?

I just joined LA Weight Loss on November 26th. The center that I am attending is in Hamburg Pavilion, Lexington, KY. I have been so frustrated with my weight but the final straw was on Thanksgiving! DH and I when got on the scales that day and weight the same amount… I just about died! And then to make it even worse, I went to my lovely mother’s house who asked me if I had any Christmas parties to go to & I said yeah around the 15th – she said “Well, it looks like you’ve got just about three weeks to get all of that weight off!” PURE AGONY!!

So, I figured that I need a plan and to be held accountable for every morsel that I put in my mouth…and that’s what LA offers. I started on Sunday. Monday, I went and weighed in and lost 3.4 lbs. This morning, at home, I weighed and have lost probably 7 pounds (9 by my scale – but that is in the morning, in my birthday suit.) Is it just water? Even if it is it’s a start! I haven’t told anyone except for DH and another gal here at work I just want to silently drop the weight. When I lose 15 lbs, I plan on joining Jazzercise which I did a couple of years ago before the weight.

I believe that this type of support group can help me out! Like, I need to know alternatives to's only been 3 days and & I am already tired of them. I can't afford to buy the LITES, so I need help with that, too.
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