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Default EweWho's Introduction

I have been lurking a while, reading as many of he posts as possible while absorbing as much information as I could so I wouldn't ask any questions that had already been covered. I've decided is time to introduce myself.

I'm Regina, live in Tulsa, OK (going on 10 years), am soon to be 55 (July) and am currently into my third week of LAWL. I am on the Red Plan with Lites. After half-heartedly giving lots of other lifestyles a try, I feel I have finally found one that is balanced and nutritious, which is what I've been searching for these many years. My contract loss with LAWL Center is 105 pounds, but I hope to continue on for at least a total loss of 140. I will make up my mind about that when I reach the end of my contract.

I have 9 grandchildren, 6 living in California, 2 living about 30 minutes away, and 1 that lives at home with us as well as his mama. I care for him while his mama works and goes to school.

I enjoy gardening, crafts of any kind, and needlework, primarily cross stitch, sewing, and knitting.

It seems that this group is very friendly and knowledgeable and I hope to integrate myself into it.
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I'm Kate, from Ontario, Canada! Just joined LAWL!
I'm almost 24 years old, single, still live at home! I like reading, going to movies, working out, bars sometimes, hanging out with friends, the usual! I have 70lbs to lose...and really want to lose it!
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Man, everyone's in so WA. Anyone from Seattle??

Helloooo...I'm Allie. And I love LAWL!

I just turned 20 yrs old, I live in Philly during the school year and Seattle during the summer....and I've been fat my whoooole life. I have been able to lose, but never on my own. Just when I was shipped off to fat farms.

I joined in early February and I've lost 36 pounds to date (June 21st).

ummm...what else? I'm in college pursuing a degree in Education (ESL specialization). I'm a singer/songwriter and I play the acoustic guitar. I get up the nerve to do open mics every now and then. I've done a cappella for the past few years, that's another love of mine. AND most recently I started studying hip hop at the Koresh studio in's awesome that I can keep up the pace. Something I never could have done at nearly 250lbs.

Anyway. keep the faith everybody! I'm glad I found this board!
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I've been lurking for awhile just trying to get more info and put it into my lifestyle. I've just started LAWL (red) and am looking forward to losing more than just my mind these days.

I'm 38, have 7 children at home (combined family) and work full time. Eat all the time. I'm an emotional eater. Doesn't really seem to matter what the emotion is. Happy, sad, stressed, bored, unconscious.

I weigh 170 and don't like it much. I'm rather on the short side 5'4" in shoes and I'm on my way to losing 25 lbs. I'm wanting a breast reduction and as it happens, the surgeon would rather I loose 25lbs too. So, since I've been unable to loose this for the last 7 months on my own, I'm embarking on a new road.

Look forward to reading more and checking in with my future progress.

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Started LC 1/1/12
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I should have introduced myself before i posted. My name is Mary Ann and I have been with L.A. since April. To date, I have not lost anything. I am on the Gold Plan and I am scheduled to see a Dietician. I am 53, live in Pa. I am married with 3 kids, 1 still at home. I also work swing shift and have 1 weekend off a month.

Mary Ann
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I am new here, I just started the 3 day xpress diet yesterday. I am going to go on the Gold plan when I am off this one, I like the food selection a little better then the rest. I am at 191.5, and would be happy at 150, but would love to be 140, like that will ever happen, LOL. Anyway. Anyone who has ideas or suggestions for me please help. I did not go to the center, but have the plan from ebay, it has pretty much of everything. How often do you guys exercise, etc? Thanks and look forward to being a BIG LOSER, with everyone...

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Welcome CableGirl! You will be Karen #3.... There is me and RustyWallaceFan. Come over to the monthly thread!
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Hello I am Crystal and I am 29. I am 5'9" and have a large frame. My starting weight is either 243 or 242?? I was married for almost nine years until my ex left me and our wonderful girls (ages 5 and 1) at Walt Disney World last may. It was devastating but we have moved on and our divorce was final in September. Since then he has lost weight and I continued to gain. He decided to take the kids for two weeks and it is KILLING me!! I miss my babies and since they were gone and I don't work during the summers (get to that in a minute), I decided to join LA Weightloss. Well, that was last week and I have lost 4-5 pounds so far. My goal is 175 and I pray that I can be that by my 30 birthday.

I work at the university as a secretary on a nine month contract, which means I am of during summers. However, I still get the crappy pay and benefits through the summer. As I said, the pay is bad but I do get to go to school for free so it makes up for some. I am learning to be a single mom and so far it is ok. I need to lose the weight so I can feel better about me. And I have started to walk two miles around my neighborhood. It is a great time to think. I am actually enjoying it but I do need to get some better shoes and will do that tomorrow.

Well, enough for now. Good luck to all!!

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Another new person here!

I am Michelle (age 37) and have successfully lost 35 lbs on LAWL in 2002 (after DD#2 before DS). I really believe this diet works and have seen the results when I stick to the program!

In 2004, I gave birth to #3 (DS) via c-section and moved from NJ to England with the entire family when he was 8 wks old. DH had already started working in the UK, so I was left to shut everything down, sell the house and coordinate the move while pregnant with a 3yo and 4yo. Looking back, I also had vertigo problems which I thought would be solved by EATING --- so I ate and ate and ate and ate....... I ended up gaining over 55 lbs; but baby and I were both healthy.

I now have my head around the idea of living in a foreign country and the baby is also 1 year - so it is now time to focus on me. I know that this will be my last baby - so I am ready to get my body in shape before I turn 40.

I currently live over 3 hours from a center (yes, there are centers in the UK); so at least I can get the bars however I don't get the support - that's where I am looking to you ladies!

Jan 2 '05 - 193

Jul 4 '05 - 170.5

short term goal - 155 by Sept 5 (in time for a black tie)

Goal -- 135

So excited to have found this board!

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Norissa on LAWL
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My name is Norissa. I am 33 years old. I live outside of St Louis Missouri. I have been married to the man of my of dreams for 11 1/2 years now, we have 3 beautiful children DD 8 1/2, DS #1 5 1/2, DS #2 4. (yeah, I know I am corney )

I have always had some sort of issues with weight, in high school I wasn't exactly thin, but I was happy enough with myself ... then I started college and being out more on my own and eating lots of fast food ... so I quickly gained 30 lbs. Then came married life, which actually I hovered around 165, and me being only 5'3 is pretty chunky, but then again I do have a big frame, and I held my weight somewhat good. Then came preg ... it was between #1 and #2 that all my weight came on ... (I had 2 miscarriages and lots of depression) I reached 200 after my 2nd was born, and that is where LAWL comes into play, I had dramatic results with it I went from 190 down to 140 in 8 months, but we had another surprise blessing on the way, and I put back on about 35 lbs, and kept it for the past 4 years ...

So here I am once again, pulling out all of my old info and trying to get the motivavtion to get the results I had 4 years ago (gosh has it really been 4 years?)

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Hello all. I joined LAWL on Saturday. Just did the Express Take off on Sunday and Monday and started the Gold Plan today. I'm 5'7" and about 186# and plan to lose 30#. I've been trying to lose weight the last couple years and just have had no success. I'm hoping this will help me. If I can get down to 155 again I may even want to lose more, but it's been so long since I've weighed that I don't know what it looks like anymore.

Of course I went in after a day of the Express and it wasn't down yet - of course it would be that TOM week to kick off the weight loss. Hopefully, it will be better when I go in on Thursday.

More stats - I'm 35 years old. Have three boys. Married. Work full time. Looking forward to losing this weight once and for all.

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Hi there! I joined LAWL 9 weeks ago and am happy to say that I've lost 18 lbs! I'm currently breastfeeding my 6 mth old DD and NOT using the lites so they put me on the red plan (red plus? I get an extra starch and fruit everyday.) Once she starts eating more solid foods, they'll change my plan (any day now . . . sigh.)

I'm 5'10" and want to lose another 52 lbs (to put me at 180.) I remember feeling fat in university at 175 lbs but I look at pictures now and would kill to look like that again! After just losing this 18 lbs I feel soooo much better about myself - I can't imagine what losing that much will feel like.

A little bit about me . . . I've been married for 10 years next month and have 3 kids. I'm on maternity leave until January but I was working in social services.

I've been lurking for a few days now and thought I'd join in. I hope I can keep up with the July thread - you guys move fast!

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S/C/G: 228/228/135

Height: 5'7"


welcome staceyd! 18 pounds in 9 weeks is great. I would love that!
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My name is Nissa. I am new here to the forum and website.

I started LAWL May 15th and have lost 23 lbs so far and 9 inches. I have 77 lbs to go. I am glad I found this forum. I like the individual support and attention from the counselors at LAWL, but it would be nice to have others who understand the program, struggles, and SUCCESS to talk to.
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Welcome Nissa and congratulations on your loss!

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