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My first challenge was quitting smoking. My next one is losing weight. If I can do both, I can do anything!!!!!
If your gf sees you doing this, it will encourage her. Just let her quit smoking on her own time.
For me, eating was so easy to substitute for a smoke. Now I just have to substitute exercise for dessert!!! haha
Have a great weekend!
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Default Back Again

Just came back here for support. I had to take care of my mother and lost all my motivation and even gained back what I had lost. I came here for some new motivation.

Thanks rosie
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Hi! Just joined the group today. I joined LAWL in Aug 08 and have lost 23 pounds so far. I still have a long way to go, but I am trying hard! I am a married mom to four children. I live on the east coast of Canada. I am off to check out this great site!
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Default newbie!

so i just joined LA weight loss on monday and today was my first weigh-in 2.8 pounds in 2 days yay! next weight in is on friday. and the one after that will be tuesday of next week. hopefully i dont fall off the wagon on thanksgiving (im from ON, Canada) anyways im excited to be here and offer/receive support!
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Hi!! I'm new to this site, fairly new to LAWL. I joined in July, and have slowly lost 14 lbs. Found this site, and am so glad because my center is closing. I'm so bummed. I can use all the support I can get.

I'm 28 years old, single, and have been struggling to lose weight for a couple of years. A friend turned me on to LAWL, and I've been happy with it so far. I live in SE MN, and I work as a speech language patholgist for a small school district in an elementary, middle, and high school. For fun I spend way too much money on yarn and fabric as I'm an avid knitter/crocheter and quilter. No kids, but I get to spoil my 3 nieces (5 yrs, 4 yrs, and 4 mos) often.

Look forward to getting to know people here, and losing more weight!!!!


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Default lookin for support

hi there! i've surfed the forum for a while now.... thought it time i joined in! i look forward to watching you all on your journey!

i started a blog... just a little bit about me.... hopefully it'll keep me accountable!! but i can't post it yet apparently... but for all you smart folk... it's at and it's watchmeunfold

ciao for now!
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Kim - IP 9/10
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Welcome Jennifer and WatchMeUnfold!

Most of the chatter happens in the weekly Friends and Losers thread - come on in!
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on Changing Sizes plan C
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Thumbs up

Hello All - another Jennifer here!

I also lost my center a while back (I hope sweetiepie19 vbmenu_register("postmenu_2400644", true); center did not close in CA - I read about the closures in eastern Canada). My mother lives in Alberta and has been getting vibes they are in touble there as well.

Anyway, my bio: Live in Arizona, two grown kids, a pround Military Mom (one air force brat, who is now home from Iraq and finished in the server - thank god - but is thinking of going back in as he can't find a job stateside!)

Joined LA 1 year ago, and had good success, but fell out of the habit and quit - by the time I wanted to resatart, they closed. Started @220ish, currently 179 (actually lost 1 pound the past 3 days!) and have a goal of 140-145.

Look forward to meeting you all and supporting eachother!

Jenn from AZ
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My name is Dawn, I am originally from MI but I left there 6 weeks ago to travel with my husband who drives a semi. I realized that since I left I needed to get back on track and LA is easy enough to do on the road. I found this site on accident and I think it will be a good place to get and give the support we all need.
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Default New to 3FC but old pro for LAWL

Hey all,

I recently signed up for my 2nd bout with LAWL.
My first try I lost 60lbs but after a bad break up I gained 45 of it back....I started back up 2 weeks ago and have dropped 15.8bs ()

I'm hoping to lose 100lbs by the end of 2009!!!
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Hi, I'm also on my second go-round with LAWL. I think maybe this time I am motivated to give my health a shot. I am going to try to focus on being healthy, making good food choices, excercising, etc. I started last Thursday and am already down 2.2 pounds. I plan on being very active on this thread.
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Hi there! I went to LAWL when I was 14 years old and lost about 12 pounds, but I cheated and quit shortly after. I'd like to give this plan another try but cannot afford to go to the LAWL center and they are closed the times that I'm available. So anyways, I may need your help if I have trouble along the way! I currently weigh 220 and would like to lose at least 75 pounds.
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Hi everyone. It is my 2nd go round as well. Last time I used it to lose those last 15lbs and it worked. Well I got lazy and 65lbs later I am trying again. I am on my second day of the purple plan w/ lites and I promised myself I would do it this time.
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Default Lauren from Louisiana

Hi, my name is Lauren and I am from Louisiana. I'm 20 years old married to my hubby since October 07. On my wedding day, I weighed around 200 pounds. I felt beautiful that day, but around 6 months later I knew something had to give. I set up an appointment with LA Weight loss and started the program on March 11, 08 at 208.6 pounds. It was an expensive program for two college newlyweds to undertake, but it has been entirely worth it. I lost 50 pounds in 6-7 months. I have been about the same weight since September, fluctuating back and forth because I haven't been very disciplined through the holidays and need to get back on track. I went into my center yesterday and found out that they are closing. It is kind of a relief to not have to drive out to weigh in with my busy schedule, but I know at the same time that it may hurt my weight loss because I won't be held accountable anymore. I wll have to hold myself accountable for what I eat! Nonetheless, I still have 10-15 more pounds to lose and need to get in gear to exercise and diet like I did at the beginning of my program! I found this board today with other LAWL clients and was so happy! Can't wait to meet everyone and hear their stories.
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Hi Everyone!
I found this forum a few months ago and finally decided to join. I have been overweight my whole life and thought I always would be as I have tried to lose weight many many times without success. In March of 2008 I joined the Biggest Loser Club online and lost 15 lbs over a couple months, then stopped. In August of 08 a couple friends recommended LAWL, they were on the program and it was going great for them. Since August I have lost just over 26 lbs. Not quite the 2 lbs per week that I am "supposed" to be losing, but I am happy with it and am excited to be only 10 lbs from my goal!!

I am looking forward to meeting everyone, and sharing advice/stories.
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