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Hi everyone! This is the year that I am finally going to lose the weight! I've told myself this many many many times before, but it's never happened.

All my life I've been concerned about weight, I can remember as far back as seventh grade thinking that I was fat. I attribute this to negative feedback from my dad, he meant well... he just wanted me to avoid the problems that my mom had faced with being overweight. Looking back, I wasn't really overweight until my mid 20's when I started gaining into the 130 range. In 1993 I weighed roughly 110, I am 5'0 so this was an ideal weight for me.
I was drawn to LAWL because of a friend that is almost at her goal and has lost 100 pounds on LAWL, she is inspiring! When I started LAWL the 1st week of February '08 I was 185, I set my goal at 135, but have since decided that I think I can make 125. If all goes as planned, I should meet my goal in August/September timeframe.

In the short time I have been a member, the LAWL plan has really changed my life! Already in week 9 I am down 20 lbs and have not felt a need to stray from the plan. Generally speaking, I do really well with rules and checklists, so the fact that all the rules are layed out for me has been a big plus! I am excited to continue onto my goal!

Personally, I am married (11 years) and have 3 children. I work full-time and recently got my bachelors degree.
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Welcome Heidi, Tiffany and Jewlz and to all the others I may have missed. This is a great forum and everyone on here is more than willing to help. Just ask a question and someone will be able to point you in the right direction. Come over to the Friends and Losers weekly thread and join us in a chat there.

Welcome again!! Looking forward to getting to know you all better.
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Hello, all,
So happy I came upon this site. I've always been the big girl. Heck, I was almost 11 lbs when I was born. I'm tall (5' 10") and I carried the weight well. I quit smoking early in 2007 and just got on this total health kick. I'm a single mom with two kids and a full-time job. It was always easier to swing through a drive-thru on the way home from work than to go home and cook after working all day. That was my downfall.

I started LAWL in March of '07 at 263 pounds. My original goal was 171, just a number I got off some website that said it was ideal for my height and age. Well losing was too much fun so I decided to keep going to be able to say I lost an even 100 lbs. I hit my goal in Feb of '07. Then I got this attitude that, hey, I can eat whatever I want since I lost 100lbs! Wrong!! Luckily, LAWL educated me enough to know what I need to eat. So now I'm back on track. I'm not going to the center anymore because of pressure to buy so much, but I'm using Luna bars instead of Lites and being just as successful. I've started doing some Tae bo at night for excercise and have more energy than I've ever had before. My kids like to excercise with me so it's kind of a family thing now. My son has even lost 15 lbs! I'm so glad I decided to make this change in my life and also glad I found this site to offer me some support.
Thanks, Julie
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Default Hi Everyone! Been lurking forever, just joined the board today.

I joined LAWL at the end of Jan. 08. What can I say besides I've struggled w/ weight all my life. Different diets, but never keeping the weight off for too long. I had lost 30 lbs. on WW when I was 18 & kept it off for 5 yrs., then I met my husband LOL! Never liked the group setting of WW so the one on one counseling @ LAWL works better for me. The smallest I've ever been was a size 14 (but not a 14 plus). I was thrilled w/ that & would be happy to be that size again!

My husband & I moved across the country from PA to AZ about a yr. ago & it wasn't an easy adjustment (leaving all my family & friends). Was in a huge depression but now thanks to medication & therapy I am in a much happier place & was finally able to make the decision to do something about my weight again!

This board has given me alot of helpful info. So I thought it was time to stop lurking & finally join, so here I am!
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Hi Everyone!
I had been wanting to join LAWL for a while but never did – one morning last week that all changed. I got up in the morning to go to work and my pants that I bought two weeks prior (and at that time cried about the size that I had to buy) were too tight. I called LA right away and went in for a consultation that afternoon. My starting weight was 164.6 and my goal is 120, but it is about so much more for me. I want to be able to feel confident again. I want to be able to wear a bathing suite or even a tank. I just want to stop eating and start living. As soon as I finished take off and got into my plan I set a personal goal of reaching 120lbs and maintaining it for a year & booked a trip to Jamaica for exactly one year from the day I joined!
I am doing Plan 3 (not sure what color that is?) without the lites and I love it. As of today (exactly one week since I joined) I am down 4.4lbs and my energy and confidence are already on the rise.
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Smile HIYA! New to LAWL

I guess I should post a bio... you people are truly an encouragement to me. I am a mom of 4 girls that I love to pieces. I am married 11 years this summer. I stay at home but teach music on the side. I never struggled with weight before and this is all new to me in the last year. To make a long story short.. it has been a REALLY stressful season but I am on the other side. Now that the dust has settled, I have an extra bunch of poundage I am lugging around. I have had 4 kids and the lbs have always come off easily. This time I tried to up the exercise (usually works and I got down to 175 on my own but was stuck) but made the mistake of cutting my calories to under 1000 a day. I think I screwed up my already messed up metabolism. A friend of mine went through LAWL from our old town and I thought I would give it a try as I was tired of trying everything else. I LOVE the program and as much as it hurts our budget, it is worth it and DH supports me. I am making many sacrifices but am SO happy! I am doing this one for me... maybe that is why it is so easy to stick to plan. I am seeing lbs go.. (7 in a week) and it makes me want it even more. I deserve my old body back and the energy I used to have, no matter what anyone has done to me or what life has brought me. I also want to look good for my man and model good eating and exercise habits for my 4 little girls who used to ask me why I was not eating lunch... (the same reason I don't have a scale is those girls.. i try to measure with my clothes) This is a new start for me and I can't wait to bring the new me for a statement of how I can not only live through ****, I can defeat it! I have not told anyone that I am trying to lose weight, I just want my actions to speak louder than words.

I am shocked at the amount of food we are allowed to eat (remember I was eating little and then sometimes binging.. I just never knew what my body really needed). I am doing the lites as I have a huge sweet tooth and I find it curbs my cravings.... Thanks for your honesty and good luck with the road to a healthier, more confident YOU!
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Smile Newbie

Glad I found this forum. I am from New Jersey, Married with 2 kids. I work a full time job as a police dispatcher. I joined LAW in 2004, loved the program, hated the center! I lost about 35 lbs then, and managed to find it all within a year of leaving the COD!
I kept all my diet info from the center and have recently gone back to it, minus the bars of course. I work shift work and have managed to follow it as best as I can, hopefully this time I can take it off and keep it off!

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Hello, I am a stay at home mom to 2 little girls. I have done LAWL off and on for about 3 years. I love the plan and I especially love the take off and the 2 day take offs. I have learned to weigh myself once a week because if I see weight gains I usually end up quitting. I like the plan but need to learn a little variety in my meals which is another reason why I tend to fail. I hope by joining this site I will learn new recipes that my family and I will enjoy and to get support that will motivate me to keep going.
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Default New to LAWL


I just want to say first, that this is a great board. I have learned so much in the past few days of joining. Weight loss and a (somewhat) firm body is something that i have dreamt about for many years. This year, i decided that i am going to make it my goal. At 44, i am begining to feel the reality of being overweight with little exercise and believe me, it does not feel good. I have seen others just a few years ahead of me become old because of their poor diet, lack of exercise amongst other things.

I have joined LA weight loss and will be aiming to lose 30 lbs to about 128. But, in honesty, if i hit 140, i will be happy. I would rather be a taut 140 than a flabby 127!!!

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Hi everyone. Nice to join you.

I am Tanner. I am 35 yo and live in Alberta, Canada with my dh, 2 dd and 2 ds. my kids are ages 3, 5, 9, and 17. I am a SAHM.

I have been working out on a regular basis for 2 years and not an inch or a lb has been lost. I work out hard and sweat mucho . I ate pretty well but nobody is perfect. I had my thyroid checked and that is not the issue.

I am 5'4. I was 110lbs before my first pregnancy (but way too thin). After I was 120lbs (funny thing was that when I delivered I was 9 lbs thinner than I am right now).After my second I was 125 lbs.After my third/4th I never lost the weight. I have never been below 158 lbs in more than 3 years but probably more likely 6 years.

I joined LAWL 16 days ago. My goal is to lose 30-40 lbs and get in shape , firm up. I don't want jello arms any longer. This IS my year to shine!!

I am on plan 2 with 2 lites/day. I stay POP and hope to see some changes. I have also started water workouts.
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Default My quickie bio

Hi everyone! I'm 27 y/o Angela from Louisiana. I'm half Filipino and half Caucasian, and I enjoy exercising (I really do, I know that makes me a nerd, but getting all that oxygen in me feels good). I'm 5'1", and I weigh 154.6 as of today (May 4th). I started LAWL at 170.8 so I'm down 15 pounds or so. I should be at my goal weight, but I kept jumping on and off-plan. I called myself a "cheater" because I would cheat so much on this diet.

I'm a News Anchor, so it's part of my job to look good. Just a week ago, a viewer wrote in to me and told me to never wear plaids on television again. That morning, I had put on a colorful plaid jacket because it was warm weather and I felt like celebrating a little bit in my wardrobe. Obviously, that was a bad decision, because the viewer berated me and told me that I'm "too big to wear plaids" and I'm "too pretty to be as big" as I am. She told me to get a handle on it while I am young. Way harsh! But she called it like she saw it, and it was sort of a wakeup call that I can't get away with the excess weight like I thought I could.

The viewer didn't know this yet, but 3 weeks ago, something clicked-- I started listening to hypnotherapy tracks right before I went to sleep, and now my willpower is amazing. Usually, I'd want to eat the delicious food in front of my face. Now, I can look at that same delicious food, and feel so little desire to eat it. It's amazing the difference it's made.

I was getting a bit bored with the diet, eating the same foods over and over, but now I have a magic weapon in my arsenal-- "The Hungry Girl Cookbook." I am a huuuuuge proponent of this book! It has done so much to make me feel satisfied and happy with what I eat. Everything in there might not be exactly on plan, but it's close enough. I will admit that it's slowed down my weight loss, but it hasn't stalled it. And I believe that eating these delicious, feels-like-I'm-cheating foods have kept my resolve strong and helped me to not cheat.

I plan on reaching my goal by September at the latest. Wish me luck! But I'll NEVER wear plaids on television again, you mark my words!
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3FC is a great support
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Default In the MidWest w/o a scale!

okay. I moved to Iowa, joined LA Weight Loss. I lost a bundle of weight. My center clsoed and chubby is right around the corner.....I need the scale I am so glad to have found this place....I have two boys and two cats. I also have one husband who is constantly asking "Is that on your diet".....aaaaahhhhhh.
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This is exciting!
I stumbled upon the website yesterday while looking for some LAWL recipes. I am from eastcoast canada and after successfully loosing 30+ lbs last year and unsuccessfully gaining them back I decided to join LAWL because it is working for a few friends of mine! I was always athletic and I am looking to get back into shape.. Hopefully this will help me on my journy! I have been there for a week now, down 3 lbs and no complaints yet!
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I too am so glad I found this site. I am 29, married 3 years, no kids and work in higher education. I have been overweight most of my life, but it got worse when I was in graduate school. Almost 2 years ago now, I joined LAWL and committed to loose 50 lbs. I did it in 6 months. I was VERY strict with myself and never ate food that was off plan. after maintaining for a year, I have gained 10 lbs back. I am so disgusted with myself but feel much better after reading posts here.

My biggest struggles since hitting goal have to do with everyone's view that since I am "no longer on a diet" I can eat whatever I want. This has been a huge stressor, particularly with my inlaws, and I have simply given in too often. I also am a stress eater and my DH was laid off 4 months ago and the job market in the area is very slow.

I started take-off today - and hope that this site will help me keep on track, now that I am no longer going to the center.
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