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Hello gang. I'm back from vacation with the boyfriend. It was amazing. And I'm so excited because we are taking another vacation in 4 days to do a 3 day weekend for NYE with 3 other couples who are our friends.

I'm definitely up for this challenge. My weight goal is going to be 17lbs. That should be doable and then some. I am really going to step up my exercise and diet in January. I have my weight loss goal that I really want to make for July, and my boyfriend is going to be training for a triathalon in May, so we will be able to motivate each other to keep it up.

So here is my goal and new year's resolutions:

1) Reach my goal weight in 2010.
2) Buy a new wardrobe once I meet goal.
3) Visit my family at least once this year.
4) Continue to be committed to a happy and healthier new me.
5) Reconnect with my faith and spirituality.
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I'm in...

Lori, I know what you mean about going up after meeting goal. I'm up 3 lbs too. I'm going to drink my water, today I ate mostly soft foods, to rest my digestive system. I slept almost all day. Way to recuperate.

This morning's weight 173.2

New Year's resolution. Stick to my CC and exercise regime. Work hard at the challenges even when school is in full swing.
Lose 10 lbs by Valentines Day.
Lose 2 inches total off love handles.
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grapevine fires!
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Count me in as well. I had sucess with the Christmas challenge and now hope that it will carry on with this challenge. Good luck everyone and thank you Lori for starting yet another challenge!

Starting Weight: 153 pounds.
Goal for Feb 14: 141 pounds, putting me at a normal BMI! Close to 2 pounds per week.
Goal for Dec 31, 2010: 125 pounds - reach final goal, 28 pounds less than current weight. Mantain it or lose more if I reach it before the end of the year.
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Carpe diem
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Count me in for the V-Day Challenge!

My goal is to start counting my calories again! I've been very lax in the last couple of months about it and have basically stalled in my weight loss (OTOH, I've learned how to maintain, which no doubt will come in handy!).

I wrote in another thread that I want to go tramping at least once a month, track myself better, replace diet coke with water, write a list of what I need at the market and plan my meals out for the week, and treat myself as my best friend, not my worst enemy as my goals for the New Year.

So... for my Valentine's Day Challenge (just about 6 weeks away), I want to:
- lose 450-500 grams a week (I lose turtle slow!), so that's just about 3kg (which will put me around 82/83kg!)
- track 90% of my month's food intake using MyFitnessPal
- complete the couch to 5K program (on week 5 already, out of 9 weeks)
- go for at least 1 bush walk in January and 1 in February (might be after V-Day, or it might be for V-Day!)
- be completely weaned off Diet Coke and coke in general (Warning: this may involve some caffeine withdrawl)
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keep on truckin' momma
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Good Morning,

Someone please take my scale(lol) it keeps going up,ugh. I started back on track saturday but the darn thing isn't cooperating Maybe i should listen to my dh and put the thing up and only weigh once a week...

Im with Jendiet drinking alot of water,gotta flush out my system( i hope thats it)

Shan-YOU LOOK FANTASTIC in your new avatar! Love it!

Hello to everyone! bbl
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My goal is to hit 185 by Feb 15, 2010 (my birthday!) That is about 2 lbs a week.

My new years resolution is to get to my goal weight of 165. DH and I would like to have another baby and I don't want to be unhealthy and overweight.
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In the desert...
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Glad I'm not the only "dork" who likes charts and numbers 'n' stuff.

DH just told me that whatever we decide to do for a vacation in 2010 should require me to be in a bathing suit for at least half the time - I presume he feels that suggestion is motivating. Either that or he just wants to sit his butt by a pool and drink foofoo drinks all day!

I got an iPod Touch for Christmas and downloaded the Lose It! app yesterday. I haven't used it yet but it looks pretty cool as a portable calorie tracker. I have a GoWear Fit that I use also but if I log my food on the iPod, I can just plug in total calories on the GoWear site and it'll give me the same info. I am a gadget junkie - now to put it all to good use!
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I am in for this one.

GW...199.5 (I am going to get to Onderland)

2010 Commitments:
- ReJoin gym (maybe even start subbing again)
- Sign up and run a 5k
- Stay committed to plan & cc to reach my goal.
- Wear size 10 jeans or smaller
- Don't become discourage and quit when things aren't working that day/week/month.
- Throughly clean my house room by room

MissPriss, just give it a few days and things will be fine. You are back on track so that is all that matters.
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Shan~~you look like a zillion bucks in your new avatar pic~with your man~SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE TOGETHER Y'all are..............

A BIG HELLO TO EVERYONE....Got to go to town...My kids are keeping me busy ~they do not return to School until january 4th I think...So my post will be short. I did start TOM So It was reason for the weght gain I think..I am now back to 168.0 This morning...So I am just 1.2 over my ticker...Which is normal during tom. Anways.....TAKE CARE & Please do not think I am being rude Keeping my post short...I am a busy momma.


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Hey guys I'm new to this and I saw your thread and was very excited about the challenge! I have a few goals now, and will add more later.
1) lose 7lbs by Feb. 14th.
2) Work out 4 days a week
3) keep the weightloss up
4) Graduate school

I've wanted to find people who are motivated and helpful, I need the support and love to give support to others. I was down 4lbs before the holidays, and this morning i got on the scale....i gained those 4lbs I'm going to start fresh and try and motivate my boyfriend too!
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Yay for 2nd chances!
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I am in. I have a vacation coming up the 17-27th so hopefully the challenge will keep me on track while I'm off having fun. In light of the vacation I'd like to hit 189 by 2/14. I've gained a bit over the past few days so the ticker is wrong. This morning I stepped on the scale, it was mean and told me I was back up to 197. I'm truly hope some of it is just water weight.

new years resolution.

to be 155 pounds by Dec 31st and maintaining.

Good luck everyone!
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Ok, I'm new here! This will be my first challenge.

My Valentine's Day Goal will be 10lbs. I think I can manage that.

My 2010 goal will be to reach my goal weight. 100lbs to lose, that's almost 2 lbs a week. That's not too bad.
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the camera adds 10 lbs
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my 3 daughters got me a wii fit for christmas!!! hope all are well see you next monday
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HEY EVERYONE! I'm in too! As I just posted in the Christmas challenge forum, I did not lose a pound! Buuut, atleast I didn't end up higher than where I started! LoL I really think it had something to do with TOM, because both today AND yesterday, I was back in the 180s 189.2

Vday Goal:
*7lb loss (182.2)
*Exercise every day (even if it's just an ab workout)

New Years Resolution:
*Be at 170 before beach vacation in Mid-June
*Be at 154.5 by 12/31/2010...NORMAL BMI...

With almost 7 whole weeks left til 2/14, I'm setting my goal at 1lb/week...with previous challenges I've always set my goal slightly aggressive, knowing that I usually only lose 1lb/wk when I'm on track...but, it's getting old NEVER meeting a goal...soo, w/this challenge, I'm hoping to reach goal OR maybe a little more so it will help me mentally! I can finally say "I MET GOAL" hahaha

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Lori and Misspriss- Thanks ladies for the sweet comments. I knew you guys would notice the new picture.

I'm still a little relaxed this week as far as food and exercise go. Today is Tuesday, and we are supposed to leave for our New Year's Eve weekend vacation on Thursday so I don't feel like stocking up the fridge on food that will probably go bad while we are gone. Anyways, work is really driving me up the wall right now. Lots of complaints about the way things are run and people not doing their job is bugging me. I want to make those complaints and I do to my direct supervisor, but nothing ever seems to change. Oh well. I hope everyone is having a good week. I'll check in with everyone again before I leave on Thursday.

Love from South Korea! ~Shannon
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