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Thumbs up CC Valentines Day Challenge /New Years Resolutions

CC Valentines day Challenge/New Years Resolutions


It's time for a new Calorie Counters' Holiday Challenge!

Everybody did great on the Christmas DAY Challenge.
Some of us met our goals, some of us only got partway there,some went the wrong direction, but we all put in a great effort, learned some lessons, made new friends, and supported each other... and that's what these challenges are for. Now, we're ready to set our sights on a new challenge, new goals, and the next 7 weeks of this journey!

Here's how it works... Set a goal or goals that you would like to reach before Valentines day , Febuary 14th, 2010 . Your goals can be anything: pounds you want to lose, a smaller clothing size or outfit you'd like to fit into, sports or fitness achievements, or just a goal of keeping food and exercise on track. Whatever gets you excited about working your plan over the next few weeks, is the right goal for this challenge. You can set as many or as few goals as you like.

All are welcome! If you're not sure what your goal will be yet, but would like to join up and find some weight loss buddies, get and give support, please jump in, and you can post a goal later, when you think of something. Our main purpose is to motivate each other to keep the food on plan, keep exercising, keep getting leaner, more fit, and healthy.

ADDED NOTE: Thought this would be the perfect time for all us calorie counters to also write out our News years Resolutions for the year 2010~you can wait until New years eve or day Or do it now...Or not at all....Just thought maybe we could look back at it next year or throughout the new year to see what ones we have accomplished.

I may not be able to check in daily,Since I am a mom of 3~ But I will do my best too. HAVE A GREAT CHALLENGE EVERYONE & HAVE A HAPPY VALENTINES DAY WHEN THAT DAY COMES & A HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

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Don't Give Up!
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Thanks Lori for starting another challenge! Good Luck Everyone!

My Goal for 2010 will be to reach 212 by February 14, 2010. So that's about 3 LBS a week for 7 weeks. My new year's resolution is to get to my goal weight this year of 130.

12/26/09 SW: 234.4

02/14/10 GW: 212

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OK~since we have 7 weeks and 1 day I wanna lose 7 pounds from where I am as of this mornings weigh in. I was 169.8~Dang Christmas food! LOL
I was down to 166.8 ~so that is 3 lbs up....UGH~All that work to make Christmas goal and now 3 pounds back up....Thats ok I will get it back off.
I ate pretty good It may just be nearing TOM for me.
I always gain some right before That.

As far as my news years Resolutions

1) ~To get to my goal this year of 150 Or less Not sure until I get to that amount~AND MAINTAIN IT!

2) ~To have a super year with Hubby & my Kids

3)~To get a real bike (AND OLD SCHOOL STYLE One~ Sky blue In color~ Is what I have my eye on~saw one at walmart)Anyways....I wanna get it For the summer & ride it at least 1 or 2 times a week. Weather premitting since I have breathing problems in certain weather.I haven't rode A real Bike for years ~so that should be exciting.

4) ~To get my teeth fixed Or pulled and false ones~that was one I had last year~And didn't accomplish....So COME ON 2010 BE MY YEAR! I need good teeth to go with the new me so I feel like smiling more.

5)~To Save enough money up with my hubby to get either another car or a motorcycle.

6)~ To get a family vacation in this year ~even if We only travel an hour away from home.

7) ~To hike alot with my hubby In the nicer weather.~I did that last year with him & the kids 2 times and LOVED IT.

8)~To Plant many more flowers this year In my flower gardens. LOVE FLOWERS!!!

9) To Be here & to continue to have CC HOLIDAY CHALLENGES THE REST OF THE YEAR!!!

10) Last but not least......To visit My fathers grave more often. I felt so guilty I didn't get out there for Christmas...Cold weather is so hard on my breathing so I know he understands but I still felt guilty~The cemetary is just 10 minutes from me...UGH!


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I would love to join you. I am in a program at work that begins Jan. 4th. This will be good reinforcement.
My goals for Feb. 14th!
1. 10 pound weight loss.
2. 30 minutes of elliptical 6 days a week.
3. Increase my fruit and veggie intake.
4. Fit back into my ski pants so I can go skiing on Anniversary the following week!
5. To encourage and support anyone who needs it.
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In the desert...
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Right - I'm signing up again! Christmas challenge wasn't bad, but I missed it by 0.8lbs (per my weigh in yesterday). Still, that's 4.2lbs less than I weighed when I started so I'll take that.

Valentine's Day challenge - I'll go for 10lbs. I need to lose 40lbs total so 10lbs in seven weeks is reasonable. January through April is my busy season at work - I'm an accountant working for Big 4 (not taxes, but all the year-end reporting and audits are in the first three months of the year). So my health and fitness goals for 2010 are:
1 - work out 3x per week minimum
2 - run multiple 5k's and at least one 10k (I know I can do the 5k, but the 10k will be my first real running challenge)
3 - if the knee holds up, run a half marathon (on dr's advice for this distance)
4 - log my food every SINGLE day and be honest about it

I also want to get away in the summer for a week with the husband - we haven't had a real vacation in a few years, due to various things. Not necessarily an indulgent trip but one away from home, doing something we haven't done before. I'll think some more on that one...
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Day 1 back on plan...
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I sooo love Valentines Day Lets hope the treats from this next holiday doesn't throw me off track as much as halloween did...It was pretty much all down hill from there it's so easy for me to get side tracked when it comes to chocolate

My goals for this challenge are to GET BACK ON TRACK Once that happens I know the losing weight will be the easy part. I did okay today but there are still so many BAD treats in this house. Got some new toys (wii fit & some exercise games) for Christmas that should keep me out of the treats for a while

I'm not sure on the new year resolutions..May have to come back for this. Getting get back on track with weight loss is all I can think of for the year ahead.

Lori.....Florida is a great place for a family vacation hint hint LOL Just giving ya some ideas since you don't have any plans yet
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Sounds like a great challenge I like to join in too!
My goals: 10 pound loss by valentines day
Follow my diet program (Lean for Life) strictly
2010 goal- to have my cholesterol and blood sugar numbers
in the good range.
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hot mama!
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Default I'm in!

Hi all! The Christmas Challenge really helped to keep me motivated. While I did meet my goal, it was short lived- so I'm definitely in!

Valentines Challenge goal... I'd like to get to 140 +/-2 lbs
. That's another 6-8 pounds, depending on that day's fluctuation. Haha.

I'll have to add my New Year's goals later. Mostly I'm going for consistency and organization in my life in general. it's a tall order, but never too late!
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hey guys, i'm going to join in with you all here!!
I'm starting CC on monday, my lovely hubby got me all the neccessary supplies (i.e. journal, cal. book, food scale) for christmas.

My V-day goal is weigh-in at 234 lbs. and complete a 5K (the week before v-day).

My new year's resolution(s):
~Quit smoking
~Keep house clean/organized
~Graduate!! w/3.8 or better
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I'm in! My goal is again to get to 115, but this time that only means losing 6 lbs in 7 weeks, so that sounds a little more reasonable than my last goal, lol. Then after that it'll be time to figure out if I want to maintain at 115 or go lower.
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I'm in. I weighed this morning. 260. I am going to lose 1 pound a week and be no more than 253 on VD.
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I am a dork - or an accountant, which may cover both "accountant" and "dork" if you know a lot of accountants. Anyway - I made a chart in Excel (there's the accountant side of me!) to track my daily weight. I weigh in every morning but only count once a week as the "official" weight. Daily weigh-in's seem to help me stay on track as when that number goes up but I know my food intake was OK, I know it's because I didn't drink enough water. And knowing I'm tracking daily makes me think twice about what I'm eating - sometimes it doesn't stop me from eating it, but at least I'm thinking about it!
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~Got a quick second on the computer.....LOL~had to be sneaky around the kids but got it~
Anyways...Welcome back to everyone & Welcome to all the new!!!

Sounds like everyone has great goals.

~ Florida sounds lovely....But I gotta warn ya the hubby might move us there if we come there for vacation!!! I am an annoying neighbor~One of those happy go lucky type that always has a stupid goal & would want her best friend to join in on all the lousy fun of them LOL!!!!

jules~means I am a dork too then~always wanted to be an accountant but started a family early and settled into this life(which I love do not get me wrong.) Anyways I am a real organized number freak....LOL~But that works to our advantage I think.

EVERYONE ELSE.....Sorry I missed an individual Type one on one with ya.
In a hurry...The kids have spotted me on there computer(LOL~Mine but they have took it over ~DANG IT!)

Oh had a .2 loss today Not much but a start. 169.8 to 169.6 LOL

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Short dresses here I come
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I would really love to join if that's okay

My goals for Feb 14th are:

~ To fit into a loose 12 on top and bottoms ^_^
~ To eat mooooooar veggies and fruits
~ To be more easy on myself _ Because I've blocked out SO many things for the past two weeks and it's making me miserable

^_^ !
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keep on truckin' momma
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YAY A NEW CHALLENGE(ive been waiting for it)


ok...for this challenge im going to say,8lbs,thats a realistic amount for this stubborn body that will put me in the 160's (OMG, the 160's...never thought i would say that!)

I got back on track yesterday, today i did a cardio and back/bicep work. ALL IS GOOD! And i was pleasently surpised when i stepped on the scale this morning...only a 2lb gain(and its probably water) so im excited to start getting back on the wagon!

Hey to Lori and the gang, you guys rock and im looking forward to chatting with everyone!

Hugs to everyone tomorrow

Jules---im a dork too,LOL.

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