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Arrow CC New Year's Challenge!

Hey hey hey! I'll kick this one off! We did great on the Halloween challenge, it's time now for another.

How about a New Year's Challenge? We've got now until January 1st - 8.5 weeks to meet our goals. Let's get a jump start on things and get ahead of New Year's resolutions!

So watcha want? Whether it's weight loss, fitness or health goals - this is the place to meet and discuss them. Any and all are welcome.

Post yer goals, check in and talk about it! Ready, set... GO!
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S/C/G: 204/187/140

Height: 5'8


My goal is to loose 15 pounds - get to 175.
Also, I would like to get up to 900 minutes of exercise per month.
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I would like to join this challenge. My goals:

1) To be in a consistent exercise routine (I am starting small w/3x week)
2) I would like to be at 195 by New Year's. Not a huge loss but between the 2 big holidays, I think it's a good goal for me. Baby steps...

Looking forward to this challenge!
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needs constant reminding
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S/C/G: 164/maintenance since 8/08

Height: 5'4"


My goal is success in maintenance. I get a little concerned when I think about MY WHOLE LIFE. So, like the five pound challenges, this seems more manageable.

My specific goals include mileage of at least 22 miles per week and keeping accountability with tracking calories.

I will take you up on this shorter term challenge.

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Abe's Mom
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S/C/G: 196/142.8/125

Height: 5'4"


lets see i want to continue to keep up with the workout schedule i've been doing for the past few weeks ---i'm hoping if i can keep this up to new years then i should have made this whole fitness thing a definite daily commitment--- i hate it when i miss a day of working out and if i can make it that long without quitting then i'm sure i can keep going---

also i would really like to have lost these last 5 lbs to get me to where i was at when i found out i was pregnant -about 155lbs-- as baby will be just shy of a year by then --- i want that weight gone---i would definetly want to lose more than that but since its holiday season--- i'm going to aim for 5 lbs and maintaing my current loses-- i dont want to keep seeing 160 every few days---
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Height: 5'7"


I am shooting to lose 11lbs by then. I am so hoping to lose more than that but I think i will try to set it where I can reach it!
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S/C/G: 180/154.5/125

Height: 5 feet 2 inches


Hi, ho. January 2 is the day I started losing weight so January 1 will be a full, complete year I've been losing this weight. I've got 46 pounds gone and by January 1 I'd like to weigh in at 138. Two of those pounds will belong to the Halloween challenge and the rest for the New Year's Challenge. And I want to be able to fit into my new size 12 blouse by Christmas and New Years. This is just great! I love it. What a great one year anniversary this will be.
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NEVER EVER going back
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S/C/G: 377/240's/150

Height: 5 feet 5 inches


I would like to be under 320 lbs by new years. That would put me at having to lose 23 lbs in 9 weeks or 2.5 lbs a week. I can do that

Continue drinking 2 L of water a day and walking 3-5 times a week.

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S/C/G: 210/210/174

Height: 5'4"


My goal is to be down to 180 by the New Year, I also would like to be down more than that but I feel this is obtainable. I also want to make a goal to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, 4 times per week, whether it is walking, or doing exercise dvd's.


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150 by my 50th!!!
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S/C/G: 341/261.4/150

Height: 5'7"


My Goal is to be 241 (100 pounds lost) by New Years and to commit to consistently exercising 3 days per week...I can do it! I started Couch25K this week but I just had a medial meniscectomy a couple months ago and I just am not ready for any running yet. So I have committed to recycling through my stack of exercise videos for now....I will try the Couch25K again once I get around 225.

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Here We Go Again
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S/C/G: 256 / TICKER / 140

Height: 5'3"


I want to lose 20lbs by then, and be at 210. Maybe I can be in Onderland by February. !
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S/C/G: 229/206/1??

Height: 5'2"


1. ONEderland!! I need to lose 17 lbs
2. Continue my workout schedule
3. Try at least one new food or recipe each week.
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Go Cubs Go!
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S/C/G: Too/Effing/Much!

Height: 5' 7"


I would like to see how close I can get to 300 by the New Year. I don't think I can get there, but I am going to take a run at it.

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Height: 5'6"


Hi everyone. I've been gone for a while, sort of on an experiment with maintaining, but I'm back to the weight loss now. I didn't make my Hallowe'en goal nor did I even try for the most part, lol, so I'm at a starting weight of 143. By January, which is not only my birthday but will be a yearlong anniversary to when I began on this journey, I want to be at my "goal"; wherever that may be. I wish you all the best of luck!
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S/C/G: 182/132/135

Height: 5'7"


OK, so in terms of weight loss, my New Year's goal is pretty small -- just 6 pounds. However, that 6 pounds will get me to my GOAL, and I am trying to lose this last bit of weight sloooowly. I want to keep it off, and I don't want my skin to freak out as happened last time I was this thin (Maintained 45 pound weight loss for four years or so pre-babies). That time, I had teenage acne for almost a year after I first lost the weight.
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