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Thanks for the Birthday Wishes and Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! We're going to do a little more house hunting this afternoon and then going out to dinner this evening. Have a GREAT DAY!!
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Donna, Kai and SamCat are definitely twins separated by species. Kai hasn't eaten without coaxing since the dental cleaning. Yesterday refused completely and got so disoriented from the low blood sugar. It was sad. I did get her to eat breakfast but I was starting to call her SamCat. I think she has the belief is she never eats again her teeth won't get tartar and she'll never have to have them cleaned again. I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your Aunty Ann!

Deelee, my DH's garage can be a money pit as he has loads of restoration cars. But, he's also frugal and hates spending money. Good thing it's not me and a garage or we'd be in bankruptcy. I have no frugalness.

Rie, Dave is definitely a keeper. I was darn lucky I met him. And my parents were so wrong. And THEY even admit that now. And how glorious to be the tiny one!!!!!

Gayle each time you get back on the wagon is one less day that doesn't have you gaining weight. So no matter how many times you fall off, you always climb back on. Because once you're firmly in the wagon's saddle, you are going to have less of a path to travel to your ideal weight.

KarenFL, does it really take an explosion to get a kitchen make-over? I think not liking purplish cabinets would be enough. Especially if you have a large kitchen. I'd love large and loads of counter space. Your DH gets a big kiss for the red roses and tulips. He did good.

Mary, if you're logging your foods, you will see the numbers come down. Think of it as a competition with the log. You are a strong woman and I know you will win the battle. Mary, take all your stuff to the customer service counter at Costco and change your membership to the lower price on that has no rebates.

KarenMO, cuddling with the pups and an afghan is the perfect cure for exhaustion and stress. No way the house sale process isn't stressful.

Rosey, there's a new Baldacci book??? YEAH!!!! I know my fave Vince Flynn has a new one out today I believe. DH and I were going to wait to listen to it until we went to Utah on a ski trip at the end of March, but the trip got cancelled. So now I think we'll listen separately. We also listen to Baldacci together. Is it the former secret service characters? I really like that series.

on the weigh in. And you are allowed to worry. I assume Ted is your DH?!?! Of course you'll worry about chest pain and shortness of breath. Who wouldn't? Other than a man...

Bobbi, I was thinking about Nancy last night and I got really MAD at her ex-SO. I have to have a colonoscopy (joys of 50) and I was thinking back to last summer when SHE did the nasty prep eating stuff with her SO so he couldn't feel bad and deprived. Jacka$$ then treats her like that. I'm still MAD as you can tell.

Freda, I definitely can see Sandra Bullock as Stephanie Plum. Perhaps they should have had you cast the movie because who they chose just seems wrong.

Carol Sue, great news the incisions are finally healing.

Zoe, your DH needs a refresher course one what the house-husband is supposed to be doing. If you need Rosey's rolling pin, I'm sure she'd share.

Miss KarenMO: :celebra te:

I have a diagnosis and hysterectomy tnetatively scheduled for March 6th. I was a little shell-shocked yesterday so I didn't feel like posting. Big mistake as is takes hours to re-catch-up on the GG thread. DH are meeting for lunch since it's heart's day and we wouldn't see eath other otherwise. We exchanged gifts last night. Him power tools. Me my hearts desire - a drum roaster for green coffee beans. Tonight I read the manual. Usually wouldn't do that but I have NO idea how it works. And I need to exercise. Dear Doggies and I hiked this morning and I sang them sweet valentine's songs. Blissful puppies. I figured the singing wasn't bad as the for huskies didn't break out into howls as they do with the fire siren.
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Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your day. I baked and decorated LARGE cookies for my DD & SIL. Tomorrow is her birthday.

Still working hard with my course. I should be back online some time next week.

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Marie...I thought I was the only one still mad at that jerk, someone needs to take a bat to his knees. (or other places)
was thinking about Nancy last night and I got really MAD at her ex-SO. I have to have a colonoscopy (joys of 50) and I was thinking back to last summer when SHE did the nasty prep eating stuff with her SO so he couldn't feel bad and deprived. Jacka$$ then treats her like that. I'm still MAD as you can tell.
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Hola, All...

Hope you've all had a nice V'Day! I'm going to celebrate with pancakes, ham, and eggs for dinner. Now, do I know how to live... or what???

Bobbi - I so agree about Nancy's SO. If you all will remember, I pretty much hated him from the beginning... and after the bat procedure, I'd like to use the tweezer and pull that little thing out and cut it off! I wish she'd update us... I wonder if she's replaced him yet? She said she "can't live alone and needs someone to take care" of her. Bah, I say... bah!

Marie - did I read the correctly that you're having a hysterectomy in March??? You were so low-key that I almost missed it. Well, for what it's worth, it was the best thing I ever did, getting spayed. Just please pay attention to the lifting restrictions (and that includes hauling the pups around by the collar!) and REST. The better you take care of yourself, the quicker you'll heal. You'll wake up in a few weeks and say "OMG, but I feel GOOD!" You'll have lots of Golden support!

Nothing to report. Tomorrow I'm off, so I'm meeting a long-lost friend for lunch. I'm so much looking forward. Otherwise, status quo........

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!!
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A little lovin' to the Golden Girls!

Happy Birthday, Karen!

Haven't got time to do personals as I'm up to my neck in kitchen cupboard doors. There's more work to this than meets the eye. The doors and frames have to be thoroughly cleaned, lightly sanded and wiped down with a tack cloth before a lick of paint can be applied. Of course, all the doors, handles and hinges have to be removed from the frames. I'm becoming quite the expert with the drill and screwdriver, lol.

BTW, 454 grams = 1 pound for those of you wondering about Jenye's loss. She's lost almost a pound.

OK, gone to do more sanding.
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Karen and many more. and Happy Valentines day to us all just got back from town. we went to get flowers and choc for mil and when we got there she was still sleeping so will go later. i guess at 90 she can sleep all she wants nothing new going on,ttfn rosey
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Howdy all....ahhhhh it was so sweet this morning Dh and I exchanged cards and would you believe they are 2 different cards with the same message. That shows what a long history we have!

Marie....Like Donna I missed the hysterectomy line and flew back to reread. OMG gal you'll be like my DD 20 minutes post op she was singing "I feel good!". Best advice by Donna already and you know you have to listen to her or else.

well almost set the kitchen on fire....had meat in the broiler and the pan caught fire, Had hellvatime getting the flames out. Opened every door and the smoke alarm didn't go off. Dash would have left home. Oh, he says to tell Kai to eat because he needs husky singing lessons.

Mary....after reading all you won I signed up for a sweepstakes and wasn't an instant winner. Actually drove me batty. I refused to put in cell number and it rejected me...added n/a...rejected typed in 000-000-0000;....accepted! Now i remember why i hate those things.

Gayle...sounds like you are started your very own program and will become for famous. I'll be thrilled to tell everyone I knew her when.

Weather is warming up and nursery called that our myers lemon tree is in. Dh will pick and plant tomorrow. Glad the cold front is gone. hugs k3
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Hi Goldens. Had very busy couple of days and I’m pooped.

Rie - congrats on your NSV - Non Scale Victory - being the small one to get into back seat, yay!

Freda - Who did you cast for Morelli? Nice to take your DGD ice skating.

Karen - Congrats on your bridge! You play in the big leagues. Roses and tulips are wonderful.

Marie - I have a couple areas of relative frugality and some areas where I’m NOT. And DH has more areas of frugality and some where he is NOT. He used to have more areas of frugality but has gotten over the “sticker shock” of a lot of things. Professional sports tickets. I pay a lot for my hair coloring, (my colorist is an artist!) and have bought more clothes now that I’ve lost weight. I told him, “I deserve it.” He said, “You do.” I am mostly a jeans kind of gal so it’s not bad at all. And I find trying on cloths exhausting so I don’t shop often. I did indulge in 3 pairs of boots this year - but there was a sale at Macy’s and one pair was practically free.

Freda - Yes, Sandra Bullock would be great for Stephanie! Any ideas for Morelli?

Happy Birthday Karen!

Oops. Gotta go. Happy Valentines Day everyone!
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Hi everyone i had a great day hope your was too. maryea it so sweet of you to worry if im getting enuff vegies etc. and you are right its the surg. we are suppose to eat protein 1st.then vegies and fruits. all my meals are small. cant eat more than 1 cup at a time,anyways i have to take 2 bariatric vitamins,2 B12,niacin,calcium,vitamin d, and fish oil. so thats suppose to help. i feel great tho it doesnt help with the cravings lol. rosey


1/2 turkey sandwhich

coffee mocha
almonds and grapes

moose polish sausage
1/2 c bushes baked beans
beet pickels
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Hi everyone! These days seem very busy for some reason! Went to the gym and then did a little shopping for a new filter for the kitchen faucet and also one for dh's bottle he takes to the gym. We bought new bottles with filters and he made the mistake of putting an energy drink in his and it clogged it up. I could have done the same thing myself, just decided to drink mine out of the little bottle instead. Who knew?!! I also went to Bed Bath & Beyond and got my 20% off my blender. Still liking this one even though I still haven't done any experimenting with anything other than my mochas. I'm learning how to make it just as I like it though. Today I added more milk, 1/2 banana and PB for a Funky Monkey, except the recipe actually calls for only 1/3 c milk or water, but for breakfast I wanted to get more nutrition. After we got home dh wanted me to transfer the songs from his iphone to his ipod touch. Got in itunes to do that and they suggested an update to his phone OS and I realized I never did do that when I did mine, so I did that instead and that took a long time (then I remembered why I didn't do it before!). By the time I did our budgeting, and finally got his tunes downloaded to his ipod, it was time for a break before dinner! So there went my day!! Of course I did get involved in a little sweep entering easy to get distracted when online! So no housework done again today!

Karen3 - Had to laugh at your sweepstakes try! It's not for everyone and don't feel badly, I rarely win instants either. I used to never give out my cell number...just skipped the ones that asked for it. But we don't have a land line anymore so I do give it out and I haven't had any problems so far and it's been almost a year. Last month was a unusual winning month for me. I entered a lot and some months I don't enter nearly that much. So far I'm not entering as much this month and I have only won two prizes - a $5 GC for Little Caesars, a duffle bag and bean doll (I'll keep the GC the rest will probably go to gc if they want them), and two gift boxes of wine-a-Rita (whatever that is)..each box contains 5 flavors so I'm thinking maybe samples of their wines? I just do it for fun so anything I win is fun, but I am a bit more picky anymore only entering for things I think I want/need/will enjoy.

Marie - Sorry about your having to have a hyst and hoping all goes well for you. I had one when I was about 37. I wouldn't have done it if I'd had another solution but it helped me in some ways and it was an easy surgery and recovery for me. And I'm sure they are much better at doing it now too.
Thanks for the continued encouragement. I do track everything in Loseit. Doesn't seem to stop me from eating too much but at least i do it knowingly
Of course I think I kinda have a sneaking feeling when I'm going over anyway... So far I've done well today again so maybe I will win this battle one day!

Take care everyone...
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PT/Zoe - just saw a teaser for "The Secret Life of Arriety"... finally, a Borrower's movie! I finished reading the whole series a couple of months ago and loved them all... I can't wait to Netflix the movie!
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Gayle - I am having the same problem as you with my eating/weight issues. Most of the weight I did lose was due to losing my appetite after each of 3 surgeries, not my diligence to my diet. I am just fortunate that I have kept most of it off. In the past month or so, I have become so out of control. I was never a sweet eater (except for chocolate candy), but lately I have been eating doughnuts, sometimes 3 in one day, and cake. These are things that DH has in the house at all times but don't usually tempt me. My sugar has been so high and I KNOW I need to change this, but I'm always going to do it tomorrow. I made brownies for my grandson for Valentine's Day and I was able to stay away from them, so I did do better yesterday. I just pray that I am back on track and will not go back to the sweets. I need to get back on the diet they put me on after my heart surgery.

Rosey - What is the brand name of the gluten -free bread that you bought? It is very expensive, but if he will eat it, it's worth the extra money.

Karen31- The colors in your kitchen do sound unusual, but I'll bet it's pretty. Different is not always a bad thing. I like to make changes in my house, but I try to do it with accessories instead of doing big $$$ projects. Maybe different colors would make it look like a new kitchen without all the expense and work.

Maryea - Each time a book is mentioned here I look it up on the library e-books. No Kristi Burchfiel books on the library e-books, and there is only one Barclay book listed. There are some by another Barclay, though. I have about 50 paperback books on hand at all times. I buy they at flea markets throughout the summer and they are here for reading during the winter. Now that I also have the e-reader I get some from the library, but most of them have a waiting list so I read my paperbacks in between. My paperbacks are mostly older books, from 10 years ago or so, but if I've never read them before, they are new to me!

I agree with you on packing the wound. I think she quit packing one of mine too soon. It's healed, but it dip down a little instead of being level with my skin. I have been told that if it isn't completely healed right it can open up again. I definately don't want that! I am going to encourage the nurse to continue packing the remaining 2 even after she thinks she should quit.

Rie - I am joining you in the "not redecorating" mode. Well, except for the new stove and refrigerator, but that was because the stove didn't work! DH and I are at an age when we figure after we are gone, whoever ends up in our house can fix it up to suit themselves. I don't want to do it for them, plus they might not like what we choose. I feel the same way about selling a house. They recommend that you update, but many times the people who buy the house tear it all out and do it their way.

Karen3 - One question. Was it dark out? Are you SURE it was a hamster? LOL

You almost set the kitchen on fire?!! Weren't you the one praying for an explosion so you could get a new kitchen? Ok, so that's 2 questions! LOL

Karen31- Happy Belated Birthday and good luck on the house hunting. I wish I could go with you. I love to look at houses. I always want to go to "open houses" just to see, but DH said the realtors wouldn't like that. They want people who actually want to buy a house!

Marie - I am glad that you finally got a diagnosis. Sorry that you need a hysterectemy, but if it's going to make you feel better, then that's what you have to do. Are you having a partial, or a complete? Mini surgery or major? I had my colostomy surgery in a matter of hours but the reversal was planned weeks in advance. I preferred the first choice so I didn't have time to sit around worrying about it.
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I vote for George Clooney for Morelli.
Yes, Sandra Bullock would be great for Stephanie! Any ideas for Morelli?
Keep me Accountable menu 1,089 calories + 38 grams fiber

Breakfast - Fiber One, Caramel Cinnamon yogurt , Flax & Chia seeds,
3oz. Chunky Cinnamon applesauce

Lunch - Veggie Soup
Pineapple slices

Supper - left-over Chicken Rice Soup, corn muffins with real butter, yum!
SF Cherry Berry pudding topped with SF cool whip/½ serving dry Fiber One

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