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Default Catching up on things....

Elisha- thank you again for the quotes & questions- you have no idea how much it is appreciated! Now, if we can just pressure some others here to jump in & take a more active part....right? Seriously, thank you for doing so much for all of us.

Amber- welcome aboard! Make yourself at home Wow, your walking looks great. I hear ya on the diet soda....people will have to pry the diet coke out of my cold, dead hands- I've given up just about everything else- I need one vice!!

Lisa- you're going to give me a swelled head. I think we all needed the fresh start- it's always a "boost" to have a clean slate and chance to buckle down more.

Mary- We're always going to be here for you- no matter how many times we all re-start, re-focus, it's the keeping at it that makes us successful. Check in when you can...good luck trying the new program- let us know how it works. Want to do an exercise challenge again?

ok...the Daily Question: What healthy thing do you do that helps you the most?

I think it would be a tie between the water, and the exercise. The water, though, I can do unconsciously. The exercise takes effort, and only once I have things moving smoothly & make it "routine" can I make it look effortless. LOL. And I always feel so much better after I exercise- 5-10 minutes afterwards, when the endorphines kick in...I need to bottle that & remind myself why this feels so good. Great question!

I'm going to go get a journal entry posted with the link to the challenge, and then I'll peek back in after lunch. I have to run out & pick up a few supplies for a cross stitch project I started during the hurricane (wasn't anything else to do for 4 days) and it's STILL raining here. Got to love south Florida.
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