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Let someone else do the cooking, while you lose the weight. Wouldn’t that be nice? It’s very possible these days, with the new diet meal delivery services that offer nationwide delivery. The new trend in diet meal delivery seems to be fresher foods, and not the prepackaged highly processed foods by companies such as Nutrisystem. Diet to Go is a unique diet meal delivery services that offers frozen meals that are restaurant quality, yet calorie controlled so you can easily lose weight. If you are imagining Lean Cuisine, think again. These dishes are miles ahead of Lean Cuisine. They offer low fat, low carb, and vegetarian options. We were thrilled to find a vegetarian service and couldn’t wait to try it out.

I signed up for a week of Diet to Go vegetarian meals. I choose a 1200 calorie plan that offered 3 meals a day. The plan cost around $126 and that included FedEx shipping. Your price may vary depending on the plan you select, the calorie level, and the distance shipped. All orders are shipped on Mondays and usually arrive on Wednesday. My very large case of food arrived well packed with dry ice and a packet of information. I crammed my freezer full with 21 meals, and also had a box of fresh fruits and juices. I was instructed to place half of the meals in my refrigerator to thaw, and place the remaining half in the fridge halfway through the week.

I chose the standard plan without substitutions, though you are welcome to request substitutions if something doesn’t sound good. One of our forum members said she substituted like crazy because she hated any of the soy meals, but loved everything else. I decided to risk it.

diet to go pancake breakfastMy first day began with a breakfast of apple stuffed pancakes, with veggie sausage and maple syrup. The pancakes were rolled up with an apple filling, and were unbelievably delicious! The veggie sausage was large, and you honestly could not tell that it was not a real meat sausage patty! The texture and flavor were perfect. The meal came with a small container of maple flavored syrup.

diet to go pizza lunchLunch included a Mexican pizza with tomato rice and salsa. The pizza base was actually a thick, fluffy, flour tortilla. It was topped with a variety of beans, cheese, and veggies. It was full of flavor and very filling. The pizza was served with a tomato rice which was well seasoned, but also came with salsa. My only complaint is that the pizza was resting on top of the rice, which made it a little tricky to heat up. The package didn’t come with reheating instructions, so I was left to figure it out on my own. I ended up prying the pizza off of the rice and baking it in my convection oven. I then heated the rice in the microwave. Everything came out perfect. I was stuffed!

My dinner consisted of “soy patty parmesan”, served with pasta and Italian vegetables. It looked ok, but the first bite was more than disappointing. The pasta was overcooked. The vegetables were bland. The soy patty tasted like a bad school lunch. Was this TVP? I didn’t realize anyone ate that anymore. I threw it away, and had no appetite for a replacement meal. Now I knew why our member said she substituted for the soy meals.

diet to go bean burritoThe rest of the week was very satisfying and tasted very good. Breakfasts ranged from yogurt and granola, bagels and cream cheese, and even omelets with asparagus. One morning meal included a muffin which was tasty, but too small. I guess I’m spoiled by Penny’s muffins! My lunches included selections such as black bean soup with a giant soft pretzel and creamy mandarin orange pudding, spinach tomato melt with peach crisp, and even a grilled vegetable burrito with polenta! Dinners varied from delicious stuffed pasta shells to a huge plate of bean burritos with fresh salsa, red rice, and mixed vegetables. I was very full every day. I did encounter another soy meal, soy ‘nuggets’ over creole vegetables. I trusted my instincts and just said no.

I would definitely recommend Diet to Go for diet meal delivery. Despite the bad experience with the soy meals, it was still a far cry from Nutrisystem and was definitely better than Lean Cuisine. I do have to gripe a little because they didn’t include reheating instructions with the meals, and there were some meals that needed to be separated before heating. You couldn’t just pop the whole thing in the microwave.
If you choose the vegetarian option, make sure you make use of the substitution feature. Place your order, then go back to the site to fill out the substitution form.
If you prefer the low carb or low fat versions, you should be very happy with the selections. We’ve talked to people that have tried both and were more than happy with the quality and variety offered. You’ll be served Porcini Mushroom Chicken, Shrimp Mango Bisque, Thai Turkey Tenderloins, and even old fashioned meat loaf.

Visit Diet to Go to learn more or to place your order 🙂


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  • Stacia

    I was not a fan of Diet to Go. I am not a fan of peppers in general (green more than red though) and had a very difficult time trying to find out what was in each meal. They did allow substitutions, but usually got the substitutions wrong. More often than not I ended up with 9 lunches and 4 dinners and was usually missing vital ingredients. When I signed up, I was told that the meals were specifically made for me, which was a lie. I was told that I could request the meal without something if I didn’t like it; what they really meant was that if I didn’t like a meal that had green peppers in it, they would double up on another meal.

    It’s a good plan for non picky eaters, but expect lots of mistakes. I was on the vegetarian meal and they sent me turkey. Something just isn’t right there.

  • Vanessa

    I AM a fan of Diet to Go. I chose the traditional 1200 meal plan. They let me substitute and once they messed it up but then refunded me for that meal without any issue.
    Otherwise my delivery was perfect and my food has been really, really good. Lots of variety. My favorite plan so far!

  • Justin

    I am also a big fan of Diet-to-Go. I’ve been on the 1,200 low fat plan for 5 weeks and love the variety and the options available. I haven’t had any problems with substitutions and the food has been awesome.

    But then again… I love green peppers.

  • Claudulia

    Hello,does all that sugar in that huge aomunt of fruit make you fat or diabetic in the long run?also do you know where does your protein come from?