4 Ways to Cook with Olives

Cooking with olives for a healthy meal is an excellent way to spice up your lunch and dinner options. Olives are quite nutritious when cooked properly, and there are a huge variety of different types of olives in order to keep you interested and to give you lots of opportunities to try different dishes.

Olives can be included in a wide variety of entrees and appetizers both. Many people traditionally serve olives by themselves as a snack or as an appetizer, but you can also include them in many other dishes too. Read on for a brief guide to just a few of the best ways to cook with olives. They provide an excellent source of healthy monounsaturated fats and Vitamin E, making them a great addition to virtually any diet.

1. Olive Tapenade

Olive tapenade is a common application of using olives that features an easy to make recipe. Olive tapenade is a type of spread that can be used on breads, toasts, certain vegetables and many other items. It generally consists of diced up olives mixed with certain spices and small other ingredients for flavoring. It is commonly used as an appetizer or as a dip at parties and other social gatherings, and it can also be a great a nutritious basis for a lunch when paired with healthy whole grain bread and vegetables too.

2. Olive Soup

Olives can be cooked into a soup for a rich, satisfying flavor. When used in soup, olives retain much of their health benefits but may lose some. Be careful not to overcook them for this reason. Also, consider adding other healthy ingredients to the soup, like whole grains and other vegetables. By using olives in your soup, you’ll provide a set of nutrients that most other soup ingredients do not normally provide.

3. Olive Bread

If you bake your own bread at home, consider baking it with olives as well. Mixing in a few diced olives in with the dough of your bread will give it a distinctive flavor. This is also a great way to change from normal varieties of bread to try something unique and interesting, and it can be great if you’re looking to incorporate olives into your diet but you aren’t a big fan of eating plain olives by themselves.

4. Pizza

Olives are excellent toppings on pizza. Generally, black olives are the most popular choice for pizza toppings. However, other types of olives will work exceptionally well in certain cases too. If you are planning to use green olives for a pizza topping, consider basing the pizza on a white sauce style pie. The contrast of the white sauce with the slightly sour taste of the olives will be a perfect pairing of flavors.

Check a cookbook for more information and ideas about how to cook with olives for a healthy and unique addition to your meal, and don’t forget to use olive oil for many of the same health benefits too.


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