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Hey there gang!

Mel - Happy Happy Birthday! hope you have a special day!

I just thought I better check in and let you guys know what has been going on with me. I certainly didn't make my goal for last month, don't even know right now how many miles I walked, but it doesn't really matter, I did what I could.

My grandmother, who was 87, passed away on August 10, after being really ill for 17 months. My grandfather, who is 88, had been healthy as a horse until the past few months, but we thought he was just really run down from helping to take care of MawMaw. He found out on Monday, last week, that he had liver cancer, and passed away early Saturday morning, August 28. I was with him a lot last week and I have never seen anyone go so quickly! They were married for 68 years and apart for only 17 days.

In the middle of all of this a friend of mine's 25 year old sister was killed tragically in a car wreck. I have been at the funeral home so much these past few weeks that it seems to be that my car wants to head that direction when I head out in the mornings. *sigh*

I have been busy with all of that and trying to be there for my mother too, besides everything else I normally do.

Oh the other thing is - we had a really bad hail storm on Saturday and now none of our vcr/dvd players will turn on, so I have nothing that will play my walking tapes right now. I have one of them down at a repair shop to see if they can fix it for $20, if not I will have to replace them when I can afford to do that.

But I am gonna think realyl positive here, andl set the same goal that I have been having to walk 40 miles this month.


one for every 5 lbs lost since finally getting treatment in 2004 for my previously undiagnosed thyroid problem. I take 5 grains Armour Thyroid daily to treat my low thyroid symptoms and I can finally say that I feel good!!!!!

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