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Default Can I join up?

I just stumbled across this thread today. Can I join up? I've just recently become a walking junkie. I've been doing aerobics and weights and treadmill and elliptical machine at the YMCA but when the weather started getting nicer I started going to the park. Now I'm hooked. I've really missed it this week. I injured my lower back somehow earlier this week and I've been out of comission. I'm hoping to take a leisurely walk tonight to work it out some. About 2 weeks ago I did 3.5 miles but I think my typical will be 2 miles. I'm doing a walk benefiting alzheimers on September 11th and its 3.8 miles. Do you set a certain mile goal for the month? I've been reading up on the posts. Ya'll sound like a lot of fun. How do you put a picture in your posts? I'll be checking back in with you all later - Amy
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