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Hi guys! Iíve been writing a few posts here, so I thought I should introduce myself:

Iím 36, a psychology grad student (went back to university 4 years ago), single, no children, no pets.

dieting/food: Iíve been overweight most of my life and a yoyo dieter Ė and this time Iím doing everything *slowly*. I lost 35 pounds a year and a half ago, and then maintained the new weight until I started up with a new losing-weight-period this April. This weight-loss-period will last 6 months (April-October) and in November Iíll go back to maintaining the new weight. I donít follow a specific plan: I count calories (keeping to 1500 calories a day/10.500 a week), try to eat healthy (whole grains, lots of fruits and vegetables, etc). Exercise every day: jogging 2-3 mornings a week, lifting weight 3 times a week, some hiking, Pilates, yoga.

books: Iíve been a reader all my life, but after going back to school l donít really read much anymore. Itís been mostly non-fiction and psychology books for the last 4 years. I look forward to finishing school and start working, so that I can go back to enjoying fiction again. Favorite authors: Jane Austen, Margaret Atwood, A.S. Byatt, Iain Pears, Connie Willis, Neil Gaiman, Toni Morrison, Jorge Luis Borges, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Octavia Butler, Umberto Eco, William Gibson, Janet Frame, Marge Piercy.

comics : I've also been reading comics and graphic novels all my life. Present day favorites: The Sandman, Y: the last man, Fray, Fables, Preacher, Promethea, Gloom Cookie Ė but also some of the writers of classics like Wonder Woman (yey!), Batman, The Justice League.

movies : I'm a sucker for good stories. Strangely enough most of my favorites are sci-fi: Terminator, Alien, Aliens, Dark City, 12 monkeys, 5th element, Jacobís Ladder, the Matrix.

TV: X-files was my first and longest TV-love-story, but ended badly (where I pretend the last 2 seasons didnít happen). Josh Whedonís trio is my second: Buffy (weak finish too Ė but nowhere as bad as X-files), Angel (oh man. Iím still grieving the cancellation of Angel!), Firefly (ditto). Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Simpsons.

computer games : Periodically obsessed with Sims and Sim City. Eagerly awaiting Sims2.

I have been a lurker at Alternachicks for a while Ė and just want to say that you guys rock!

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