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Dance - only because I come from the same angle as he does, I dated with kids, I can give my honest opinion. The only thing I see a problem with is him not wanting to tell your mutual friend Sarah. Everything else seems pretty on pace for how long you have been dated. I usually dont even tell ANY of my friends about a new guy until we have been dating for 3 months. I just dont want the reputation of a compulsive dater. And family...that is a whole other story. If you guys didnt meet on a dating website, if you met at a bar, things might seem fishy but since you guys met through a a valid place, I think he is moving at a perfect pace. It may not be the pace you like but when you have kids you think so much differently. My friends who were single often told me how odd I was for my "timelines" when it came to dating but now some of them have had kids and and are newly single and they come to me and say "I get it." If you are still being hidden after 3-6 month (6 months max), then it is time for a discussion. However, if you feel there could be better opportunities, maybe you should put it in his ear that you should date other people because you miss having company around more frequently. That could either back fire on you, he will be ok with it, or it will put some fire under his butt to maybe be a little more commital. Just my two cents.

Today was a HORRIBLE eating day. I woke up with a tape worm and as of lunch, I have consumed 1900 calories. Fortunately, lunch filled me up and I am hoping to just have some egg whites for dinner and be done with this day. I am still doing my crunch challenge with burgundy so I got in my 40 crunches. Then Ill do 30 DS later today, I walked 15 flights of stairs earlier today and plan on doing it again at 3 pm and am hoping to also do P90x kenpo x to burn off my abundance of carbs.

I will probably check out until Monday so I will see you girls then. Have a great weekend!
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