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B-Herbal tea and dark chocolate pudding I made with a dash each WF chocolate and WF caramel syrup, pinch of salt & a little liquid splenda--put some ice chips in it and crushed it all together in my Ninja Prep and it was so fulling and yummy.

L--Crispy cereal pancakes with WF syrup, salad with 2 oz grilled chicken and mushrooms in it, the rest of my veggie (1 cup) jicama I made in my Pampered Chef microwave chip maker (sprinkled Stevia in the Raw and cinnamon on after they crisped up)

D--6 oz filet mignon, 2 cups thinly sliced (mandolin slicer) jicama spread out on large sheet with cinnamon/sweetener, baked at 300 for 45 mins

S-SW cheese curls
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