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Height: 5'9"


Name: Tami

Birthday: March 18th

Marital Status: Single

Top Weight:

Current Weight: 184

Goal Weight:

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown

Hobbies, Interests:

Pets: My little Siamese cutie

Location: Canada

Favourite Colour:
Dark teal

Favourite Food: Not going there

Favourite Exercise: Swimming

Favourite Movie(s): American History X, Good Will Hunting

Favourite TV Show(s):
The Daily Show, South Park

Favourite Band/Music:
At the moment, Elliott Smith

Problem in Weight Loss:
The occasional binge.

Difference this time that will make you successful:
I decided to do this and I'm doing it.

Weight Loss Plan:
Low carb, exercise

Religion: Agnostic

Politics: Left

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