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S/C/G: 292/289/175

Height: just over 5ft6


NAME: amber alicia

BIRTHDAY: July 6th

MARITAL STATUS: in a long term relationship. not married - but living together.

TOP WEIGHT: 314 right after I had my daughter in 2006


GOAL WEIGHT: 175; or just enough not to be the token 'fat girl'

EYE COLOR: brown.


HOBBIES/INTERESTS: i love music. i love movies (bf is a Theater major). spending time with family. going to live shows. i'm an astrology nut - tell me your sign and those whom you care about; and we'll talk forever.

PETS: i have a cat named Lucious. i loved him when he was a tiny furball. but now that he has grown up a bit, and won't stop sh*tting in my closet, i wouldn't mind if he decided to get lost and find another family. *sigh* but i keep him because my 4 yr old loves him.

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: Northern California, east bay area to be exact


FAVORITE FOODS: anything mexican

FAVORITE EXERCISE: eliptical machine


FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Legend. Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. Blow. drugs or fantasy? i'm in.

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): don't watch too much TV. but i was STUCK on sopranos for a minute. we own the entire series.

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: sublime. social distortion. the horror pops. any classic rock (led zepplin, jimi,

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: i am addicted to sugar and starch. i love cupcakes, ice cream, and candy.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL:my 4 yr old daughter looked at me the other day and said 'mommy - you're tummy is way too big'. i was pretty devastated. when you're overweight you wort of learn how to avoid dealing with it by trying to pretend it isn't there. that brought me right back down to reality.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: no more sugars, starches, carbs. i'm also on the weight loss drug called phentermine. i'm not sure how people on this site might feel about that. hence why i have started at the 'alternative chick' area.

RELIGION: i was born catholic, and even got confirmed at 16. (i was totally pregnant and hoping to repent i guess lol) but either way - i grew up and sort of left religion to the wayside. i'm not concerned with it. to each his/her own.


PIERCINGS: ears. had the lip - but then it became really 'in' and i jumped 'out'. lol

TATTOOS: here and there. nada too shabby - nada too fancy.

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