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Name: Allyson

Age: 20 soon to be 21

Location: Boston

Weight & Height: i weigh 198 and am 5 feet tall

Job: right now i dont have a job/attend school but i do plan on going to cosmotology school

Music: i listen to mainly alt rock, indie, grunge, classic rock but if i started listing bands i could be here typing for a day or two lol

Books: i have a very wide range of book topics that i like but my favorite book is the perks of being a wallflower.

TV: i dont watch tv really just the hockey and baseball games lol

Interests/Hobbies: i like music, tattoos, peircings even though i dont have a single peircing myself lol, im also slightly obsessed with the suicide girls and actually was going to try and become one before i put on so much weight.

Goals: i want to get to 115-120. thats when i felt my best and was happiest with my weight.

Religion: catholic but i dont go to church the people here in my city are very religious if they do attend church and are very strong in their oppinions most of which i feel the complete opposite of.

Politics: im liberal which again goes into the chruch statement above.

Relationship Status: single lol.
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