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I introduced myself on the main board but I thought it would be fun to fill out one of these surveys, especially since I joined 3FC specifically because they had an "alternative" board.

User name/name: Rachel/Joyra

AGE: 27

MARITAL STATUS: Living with my boyfriend, been together 2 years

TOP WEIGHT: 173 (Day before I moved to Korea, 08/19/08)


GOAL WEIGHT: 100 .. might not be reasonable but I just want to reach it and see how it feels ... definitely will be happy around 110, which is what my mom, a marathon runner, has weighed all of my life.


HAIR COLOR: The only blonde I see all day

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: traveling, music, writing, environmentalism, hiking, photography, movies, TV, politics, comedy

OCCUPATION: Elementary School teacher

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: South Korea by way of the American Midwest

FAVORITE FOODS: Mexican, Indian, Thai; Black beans, avocadoes, cheese, all things that are difficult to find in Korea!

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Dance Dance Revolution on my Wii & walking/hiking. I live by mountains and ocean, guess who still stays home on her butt (but still plays DDR a lot? )

FAVORITE BOOK(S): David Sedaris

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Royal Tennenbaums, I Heart Huckabees, Rock N Roll High School

FAVORITE/GROUP: Right now I like electronic/dance/dance punk/drone. And 80s New Wave.

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: PORTION CONTROL! If you can make a whole package, I will eat the whole package! I also often choose hang out with my skinny underweight boyfriend and drink beer over exercising.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: No idea. I'm obsessed with this website and I can't wait to have a ticker to tick tick tick down to 100 lbs and to put up my new skinny pictures and feel fabulous. Also, I'm in Asia for a year, maybe two, I'd like to come back looking amazing.

POLITICS: Very very liberal. In fact, am sort of glad to be hiding on the other side of the earth in case McCain wins.
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