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Oh yeah? Just watch me!
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It's taken me a while to read the Bios. You guys are fun to read!
Anyways, I figure I'll make up my own Qs and start from there...
Name? Missy. Yeah, its a nickname, short for Melissa somehow.
Statis? Wife and mother (by choice)
Occupation? nothing that I get a paycheck for
Age? really? who comes up with these? 37 Virgo, year of the Dog
Weight loss plan? Medifast copycat Wonderslim
Howzit going so far? Awesome!
Hungry? Yep Frustrated? Uh huh Getting a grip? yeh Is it worth it? YOu bet!
what do you like to do? I love to hang with my boys, Sol 6 and Tony 3. They are a riot. They both have had mohawks, love to get "tattoos" and play their guitars like rock stars. Now they're both growing their hair out, the floppy little tykes. I love doing henna, when I sport both hands and arms I feel like all art and beauty surround me. I LOVE DISNEYLAND! Not disney, Disneyland! (Ok, I love the cartoons too.) So, I LOVE DISNEYLAND & watching Mickey mouse cartoons. I could live at Disneyland, I wanted to work there but blew it all at 17 by going and getting my first tattoo. They dont hire the inked.
I love burnt popcorn.
I love to knit, I started 2.5 years ago when I quit smoking, it rocks to be able to create warmth and style. I love to shop, and I love to find bargins.
Pets? yah, 1 little dog Poppycock, (poppy, popcorn, popsicle, poprock) She's a little 5lb mix of Pom and American eskimo... big white puffball. We just rescud her from PAWS.
Religion? **** yes! I love God. I like to think that God thinks I rock it with my creativity, and respects my inquisitivness, and laughs his a$$ off at my "irreverence" (huh, cant say that word here...) You go God!
Almost done? nope
Music? Well, like most good little alternachicks I started out the raddest New Waver Seattle had ever seen. Clove cigs, shaved one side of my head, junk jewlery, trenchcoat and Fluevogs. I loved all that junk like crazy. Ultravox, the Smiths, The cure, P-furs, Depeche Mode, Alphaville, Blancmange, Heaven 17... you know all of that old New Romantics then to Bauhaus, The Cocteau twins, then to Ministry, Nitzer Ebb, Liabach, Thrill Kill Kult, Then to ALL dance music at the gay clubs, (Nah, not gay... (phag hag #1)) (Then went alittle with the local punk scene but it was too dirty and depressing for me and not in a good way, a gross way... I liked my pink hair without nits thank you very much) then dance then dance then dance and trance, now anything I used to listen to and anything that makes me happy and dance!
Now almost done? almost...
T.V./Movies? Jsyeah. (I didnt have a tv for about 2 years in my early 20's) Now, I cant imagine living without my dvr and netflix. *lol* I love reality tv, i love to laugh at people and be amazed by how stupid the world really is. I miss 6 feet under, wah. I bawled at the end. I love family guy, ha, it is soooooo bad. Banana splits, Peoples court, ANTM... Movies, I love Lord of the rings triogly (the books too) the West side story, All Jet Li films, realy, any movie.
Books? you bet, when I get the chance... mostly knitting books, theology, and the classics Ive always wanted to read but never did... Wuthering heights, Watership down, Cannery row, Animal farm, Tolkien and C.S. Lewis series... Bathroom readers. Oh, I just finished the Pullman series His dark materials, It rocks!
Done Already? Yes! thanks for letting me go on and on and on and so on... (sorry I ramble) Theres way more, right? We could all go on... anyways, Im glad you all are here. Im stoked to chat! Missy out
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