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In the interest of committing to being here, here's my lovely bio.

Name: Amanda

Age: 32

Location: SE Michigan

Status: Married, one preteen male child.

Pets: Many. Three dogs, five cats, three parrots, plus the kiddo's pets, two rats and two fish.

Degree/Job: I'm finishing my BS in zoology/ecology right now, and then it's onto grad school. For the time being, I've been working in ecological restoration and most recently, managing the animal and volunteer ends of a nonprofit animal sanctuary. I've had a lot of interesting science-y jobs along the way while trying to figure out what I want to commit to.

Books: Mostly nonfiction, anything relating to ecology, evolution, animal behavior...along with a healthy dose of Augustin Burroughs, David Sedaris and the like. Occasionally, I dabble in chick lit. Right now, I'm reading The World Without Us.

Music: I listen to a pretty wide range of genres, but my fallbacks are 'alternative' rock and what I refer to as 'punk lite.' Some favorites: The Decemberists, Regina Spektor, The Used, Rise Against, Violent Femmes, Liz Phair, Green Day, System of a Down, The Killers...

TV: I love TLC, Bravo, and Discovery. I also got sucked into Grey's Anatomy, What About Brian, and Brothers and Sisters.

Movies: I love Tim Burton and anything he touches. I usually watch goofy comedies because I feel like real life has enough horror and drama, but I love a good dark artsy film once in awhile.

Interests/Hobbies: I love outdoorsy stuff. Kayaking and hiking are my favorites. I also knit when I get the free time. I love trying new hobbies, but rarely stick with the for long.

Dieting: From a high of 189 a year ago (and again about six months ago), I'm down to 160-162. My big goal is about 125. I really don't like to think much about the dieting for weight loss and prefer to focus on just eating for good health.

Religion: I consider myself an agnostic atheist. I don't believe in any gods, but I don't think anyone can prove it either way. Spiritually, I find nature to be awe-inspiring and I find it strange that anyone would need more than the wonder of the real physical universe around us.
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