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Thumbs down Cookies, cookies and more cookies!

hi everyone,

well the dreaded girl scout cookies are in my living room! my little darling has sold over 150 boxes of the sugar, calorie filled things! but I WILL SURVIVE! i am going to make a sugar free alternative of some kind tonite. and on my day off tomorrow have scheduled a day of beauty to keep me out of the house until sarah gets home from school to deliver the treats. i am going for a new "do" and maybe a manicure to celebrate my improved way of eating!

the football banquet at the university of central florida went very well. the food was o.k. chicken, salad and vegies were legal. of course the stuff i could not have looked wonderful, the rolls, cute little roasted potatoes and to-die-for new york cheesecake BUT again I SURVIVED! i managed to stay sb legal, who would have ever thought? the big guy looked so nice in his new duds, and even nicer when they announced during the award presentation that he was the scout team offensive player of the year! tears filled my eyes , i was sooo proud of him, the head coach later told us he expects big things from him and that he hopes we will be able to watch him play on sunday afternoons and monday nights in the future! he also made the dean's list for the last semester (not bad for a kid who almost flunked kindergarten!) needless to say i am a very proud BIG KNIGHTS MOMMA!

hope everyone who has not been feeling well has a better week,
am looking forward tochat tomorrow night with my new nails and hairdo!

take care, welcome to the newcomers!

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