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Good Monday Everyone!

Hope the start of your week has been good thus far.

Woke up feeling just as crummy as I did all night long. Felt nauseaus and can't figure out why. Between that and terrible gas (Eli says I'm nauseaus due to lack of oxygen from the terrible gas fumes I'm emitting!), I haven't been feeling up to par. Needless to say, I did NOT get in my Monday morning walk-and this is one I NEVER miss! I crawled right back into bed instead. Feeling a bit better now, but still not 100%-tired.

I think the nauseas may be due to too many sugar grams. Even though I'm not cheating on non-SB LEGAL FOODS, I think too many "SB LEGAL GOODIES" have flooded my system with too many grams of sugar which I am not able to handle, it seems, and for good reason! Also, I think it's probably effected me in such a manner because being OP 100% for almost 2 years has changed my system to a point that maybe I can't handle these types of amounts like I used to before SB-again, not bad-but I wonder if I had cheated a bit along the way, if I'd be feeling the same-makes you wonder!

So, with not feeling up to par, I'm thirsty, but not hungry, so I will venture to drink water moreso today and definitely whatever I eat will be totally OP without any SB LEGAL goodies! I'm going cold turkey for a while with the goodies, I don't care if they are legal or not!

AND, I did NOT weigh myself this morning and I am NOT having withdrawls!!!! Let's see what I decide come WIW!

Board seems slow today-unusual for us!! Well, at least it will let me play catch-up!

Geez, it's not 6pm and I can't believe I've gotten to my first reply! Okay, I've finally got some computer time...

QUILTER, so you did the fluff and cut for nothing? MIL does sound like a hoot and you are so lucky to have a good relationship with her-it's unusual I think, esp. nowadays. I get the WHOLE FOODS brand of triscuits and though I rarely eat them (I think the box I currently have unopened has passed it's exp. date), they are good for nachos. I think I like to bake ONLY SB legal stuff, not that I'd bake anything but that these days since I know if I did I'd certainly eat it. Not sure if those cookies are making me gassy or not, but whatever it is, it's staying with me!!!

DARAMUS, maybe all this coffee is what's causing you to lose sleep at night? My opinion on the JAMBA JUICE, first, good that you've only had this twice in 6 weeks, second, the carbs are high and much of that is from the sugars in the fruits they must use. If you can curtail that to only once in a blue moon and you REALLY want it, then I'm sure it's not going to be a big problem, but personally, I wouldn't drink it. I'd much rather have the fruit. The calories are high as well-but then again, you don't seem like you are eating much to begin with.

BOB, what time would you leave on Friday if you got off early from work? I'll let you know next week, have to see what all is going to be planned for the weekend. Was thinking about maybe trying to do a lunch like we did at SOLS house, but at the eating area at the hotel, which is nice-have to see what they say about it-any thoughts? Eli has not even heard about that frapp. you mentioned! He says you must be confused!!!!!!!!! LOL! Has he got you pegged???

SHEANN, did you eat enough today? One day won't kill you, but don't make a habit of it othewise it's going to be counter-productive and you won't be doing any happy dances! Interesting sub. you made with the cookie recipe.

FROG, sounds like a great friend to make everything SB LEGAL with you in mind!! As you probably read above, feeling tired, but otherwise fine-just wish I could find out for certain why. Eating is great today, but I'm getting hungry now and night is the worse time for me.

SOL, hop Mrs. Meister is feeling better today! So when was his sex change operation?

RED1, sounds like you are going to be hosting a great party for your GD! Are you going over to Vegas for your son's wedding? Are they getting married at a casino or a chapel? On the veggie question-I'm one of the guilty ones that doesn't add veggies to their menu enough-I hate cooking them as they always come out crappy and Eli says they taste like hospital food, but it's a good way to fill you up and get in the nutrients you need PLUS the fiber. What are you putting in your yogurt smoothies? Also, are you sure you are eating enough? That could be a problem if you are stalling, but if you've loss a lot of weight in a short period of time, could be your body just giving itself some time to play catch up.

JRED, CONGRATS on 2 more pounds down the drain!!! I'm sure I don't have a thyroid problem, at least I didn't last year-nope, I'm sure it's a combo of eating too many SB LEGAL GOODIES, not enough wayer and hormone havoc! Just have to be patient and let my body decide on it's own when it wants to unleash those extra pounds.

BUS, I don't think even April would allow me to sleep in her stable the way I've been lately!! Loved the picture!!!!!!!!!!

BETH, I second that WOO HOO! 5lbs down is awesome-WTG! I too am proud of how you handled that awful food at the party-isn't it nice to not have food control you, but you control the food you eat!?! I guess you could have Slim Jims (not sure what's in them) and Pork Skins, but do you REALLY want to eat that stuff??????? I'd much rather go for something more healthy and satisfying. If you think about it, say hypothetically a SJ has 150 calories and 3 grams of fat, just for that little stick of so-called meat. I'd much rather have 3 ounces of chicken breast which is about the same calories and fat. Just my opinion I'd suggest trying the WW SPONGE CAKE, or the BLUEBERRY BUCKLE. If you can find the FEARN CAROB or SPICE CAKE MIX, that's really easy to make and all you need is agave, water, 1 egg, and oil-but I found substituting sf applesauce for the oil amount, then adding 1tbl of oil still makes a great cake! Very yummy! There's lots of easy recipes on the board that doesn't require much-there's one for PECAN BARS which I think are good, and easy!

HAPPY, samples of agave will be in the mail to you tomorrow-going to the PO to personally put it in there-let me know when it arrives!!!!

SEF, trust me, ask my kids, they'll tell you really how bad my cooking is. Though I do enjoy baking since I've discovered the agave-and I've enjoyed what I've made a wee bit too much, so will have to cut back a little bit on that. I'm not ready for menopause! I think hitting 40 wasn't a big deal, but to have this so early, I'm not liking it if this is the start of this all, not liking it one bit!!!! Only thing I will like about it will probably be not worried about getting pregnant! Never heard of LUNDIGRA!!!

POOH, I think weekends are harder for most because we are home more and around the fridge more-unlike weekdays for those who work and keep themselves occupied mentally and physically. Honestly, this WOE should NOT be much more expensive than eating the old way, not drinking soda, eating frozen meals, etc. etc has let me buy other things in return. I do spend a little more on this WOE, but you can do it with spending a little or a lot. Many people just don't have certain foods available to them in their area that would make the variety bigger, so they do with what they have and really don't spend much more than average-certainly, compared to those on Atkins, we save $$$ big time!

VESNOID, WELCOME TO THE BOARD!!! Glad you've joined us and certainly glad to see ANOTHER FLORIDIAN ON THE BOARD!!! Okay, I keep thinking there's something in the water here in Florida, being we have so many from the Sunshine State on the board, but now I'm thinking it must be something in the water up near Mickey Town!! there's 6 of you from the central Fl area now. I have to say, one of the reasons I chose SB over other diets was because I could eat nuts, olives, avocados, etc, unlike other diets. I too love this WOE and what it's done for me. Please, don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have, not matter how stupid or insignificant they may seem-this is a learning experience and we are all still learning but willing to help answer your questions with the knowledge we've all learned thus far. Hope you will be able to join us in O-town come March!!! Once again WELCOME!!!

ZANNE, yep, board is unusually slow, but hasn't been down, not sure where the heck everyone is on this Monday. Good for you for getting in your exercise despite being tired-wish I could of said the same-hoping tomorrow will be better for me.

Time for me to skiddadle and start dinner for the kids-frozen manicotti-can't screw that up, or can I???

Please remember, TOMORROW NIGHT IS CHAT AT 9:15PM EST Hope to see you all there. I do have a meeting tomorrow night at Michael's school, so just in case I'm not home on time, I should be home sometime soon.

Hope you have a great evening!

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