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Default Checkin In

Boy, the board is quiet today. Was it down?

DH's shifts have me in a tizzy, so I haven't had too much time for the board. I still have to read thru most of last week's board.

I wrote down everything I ate yesterday, and just by having to write it down helps me to make good food choices. I was really tired yesterday and had almost talked myself out of my workout, but sitting watching the TV, I guilted myself into doing it. YEAH ME! It may not have been at the intensity I'm used to, but I did the workout. I had already used Friday as my "free" day. So now I've done my workouts for 2 weeks straight.

Went with DS and his class on a field trip. On the way home, the bus broke down. Poor driver had taken in his bus for service this morning and they gave him this one. It was ok going down, butas soon as we started to go home, oil was burning and the motor was grinding--not good. Driver had checked it out in the morning and had it running off and on while we were inside and no problems. Had to wait about an hour stuck on a bus with 38 4 and 5 year olds until another bus came to get us. Needless to say, I'm pooped.


WELCOME VESNOID and any other new people I've missed.

POOH Don't beat yourself up over a slice of pizza. Sounds like you're doing very well and getting right back on track after a wee setback. I've been cooking WW pasta and DH says he doesn't notice a difference. My family eats brown rice and I think--someone please correct me if I'm wrong--parboiled white rice is legal. Maybe gradually convert your DH one or two things at a time. Maybe he won't notice the difference or he'll come to like it.

Gotta scoot. Things to do. I'll be back when I can.

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