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Talking New from Orlando

Hello everyone!

I started SB last week on Wednesday and have been hanging around SB message boards since. I saw Debbie on SB Sweet Talk, talked to her, and she suggested I joined. Here I am!

I am sure you all agree that SB is the happiest WOE ever. I am never hungry (as long as I remember to bring a snack), and never bored with my food. I have been dieting all my life, even though I was never much overweight. Just not happy with the way the pants and/or skirts fit - not to mention the swim wear!

This WOE is also bringing me and my boyfriend a bit closer together, because now I can eat his precious burgers and grilled chicken breast, without feeling guilty! Or, opting for something less dangerous, like a baked potato!

If I only think about all the misconceptions we carry around about food, I shiver!

Now I get to eat beef , avocado , and nuts

Let's just say, I am one happy camper and leave it at that!

You all seem like you are enjoying it too, so here's to SB!!

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